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For over 100 years, the Hubbard County Historical Society has been collecting memories. The HCHS was originally started in 1893. The society was incorporated and the Little Log Cabin Museum opened it's doors in 1954.  Eventually the museum became so crowded it was in need of a new location.  In 1978 the museum opened it's doors in it's present location, a beautiful Victorian building built in 1900, the Historic Hubbard County Courthouse


In 1984 the building was placed on the National Historic Register.  The building has been restored and the names of the original offices still remain gilded on the doors. The museum hosts 12 rooms of fascinating exhibits and the Ira Benham Resource Center. Our permanent collection includes Native American artifacts, farming and logging displays, quilts, a pioneer cabin and  one-room school house. We also have a large collection of vintage textiles and Civil War memorabilia.  Our collection grows daily. We host special exhibits, group programs and tours.


Having saved the original building from being demolished, the HCHS has been able to provide a beautiful place to preserve and share our counties heritage.   The Hubbard County Historical Museum provides a rich cultural and educational center, and by its location, a historical setting, in which to display the generous donations of the community, past and present.




Taken from excerpts of the Park Rapids Enterprise, 1882




PARK RAPIDS is the name of a thriving new town situated in Hubbard County, Northern Minnesota, on the Fish Hook River, centrally located on the Beautiful Shell Prairies These prairies are slightly rolling forming part of a high plateau. The soil is made of a rich fertile loam of a carboniferous character with a fine subsoil, capable of raising the very finest of quality grains with as large an average as the countries prairies can boast.


Park Rapids is situated on the right bank of the Fish Hook River. A clear, swift running stream, fed as it is by the waters of a beautiful chain of lakes, which form a natural reservoir inexhaustible in its very nature, the stream keeps at about the same level throughout the year.


A superior water power Is located here.  A dam has been thrown across the river, and a Saw and Flouring mill erected.  Good judges "men who have traveled" say of the water power "it is one of the best in the state."'


HUBBARD COUNTY lies on the western edge of the "GREAT PINE BELT" and the lumber industry is a feature of no small importance and must with the entrance of a Railroad prove a valuable factor in the Development of the country.



Excellent Water Abounds. The Alkali so noticeable in Dakota, being entirely absent.  Wells only have to be dug from 20 to 30 foot in depth.


Lumber can be bought at very low prices for building purposes, and merchandise of all kinds is sold at reasonable prices.  Fuel costs but little.


HUBBARD COUNTY comprises an industrious, clear headed and energetic people who are animated by the praiseworthy desire of "getting on the world" and helping others to do the same.


Good Schools and Churches will soon be the pride of the county and every elevating and helpful moral and social interest will be encouraged and sustained as rapidly as possible.