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Posted Queries

John & Diane Sat 18 Dec 1999
Looking for any info on the Robert CAMPBELL family that includes Robert, Nehemiah, Catherine, Submit, Artisma, Lucia, Rodney Morris, James and Anderson. They were in the Hayward area. Robert died 1883 in Freeborn County and his wife, Belinda WOODWARD Campbell died in Freeborn County in 1882. Thank you.

Karen Lemes Sat 18 Dec 1999
I am seeking information on Ole or Charles KITTLESON, who came to Albert Lea from Norway before the Civil War, volunteered and served in the Civil War, became a banker, was the first Secretary of the Treasury of the State of Minnesota. Ole Kittleson is found in the 1878 plat map of Mansfield Twp. as well as 1895.

Michelle Kremer Mon 29 Nov 1999
I am looking for information on William BULEY and Ella ECKERT. They are my great-great-grandparents. They had six children born in Shell Rock: May (10 Dec 1880), James Peter (26 Jan 1882), Maud Lillian (6 Apr 1886), Myrtle (12 Dec 1887), Blanche (20 Jan 1891 - my great-grandmother), and another child born around 1896. Any information is appreciated.

[email protected] Tue 9 Nov 1999
I am researching the Martin RUDEN-Mary SANDERSON family. Martin was the son of Christian Gulbrandson Ruden and Mari Elensdatter HALVORSBOLLE and was born in Iowa in 1857. He moved with his parents and siblings (Gulbrand/Gilbert Ruden, Erik GILBERTSON, and Iver Gilbertson) to Bancroft, Freeborn County around 1860. Martin and Mary had two children: Mabel, who married Mark SELIGER, and Joseph. Martin died in Albert Lea in 1909; Mabel died in Albert Lea in 1975. Any information on this family (and contact with relatives) would be greatly appreciated.

David Donovan Fri 5 Nov 1999
Looking for any death records for Daniel DONOVAN who died in Freeborn County in the 1950's. He was the owner of Donlea Feed and Coal Co. He was born in Waseca County, MN in 1874 and was married to Catherine DINEEN. They had three children, Joseph, Leo, and Jim.

[email protected] Mon 16 Aug 1999
Marriage, Birth, Death -- Looking for any information on Emmanuel FARNLOF's family, wife was Hilda GUNDERSON, daughter, Stella, and son, Clarence -- in Freeborn County around 1900-1920.

Bill Newsom Thu 29 Jul 1999
I am seeking the Daniel CARPENTER family of Geneva, Freeborn County. Daniel was 38 in 1860 and his wife, Judah, was 30. They were farmers from New York and came to Minnesota with a stop-over in Wisconsin. Their children are: William J., Sarah, Amelia, Alice, Florence S., Francis, Clara, Clarence E., Warron, and Iona. Thank you for any help.

Brian Paulson Sun 25 Jul 1999
I am searching for the parents of my great-grandmother, Josephine Christina PAULSON. She raised a family north of Canby on the way to Madison in Yellow Medicine County.
I believe she was born in Freeman Township, Freeborn County in 1873. She is listed in the 1880 census in Cerro Gordo, Lac Qui Parle County on the same page as Ole Paulson and Pauline Paulson along with a few other Paulsons. In the 1870 census the only names from that group that are still on the same census page are Ole and Pauline in Freeman Township, Freeborn County.
I estimate that her birthdate was in 1873 because of my grandfather's birth certificate, Josephine's marriage certificate, and her divorce certificate. The LDS Internet site says Josephine was born in 1875 to Bernt and Thea Paulson in Freeman Township, Freeborn County. So the question is: Was she born to Ole or Bernt in 1873 or 1875? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Ruby Coleman Tue 20 Jul 1999
Seeking information on Adelbert (Dell) MILLER, b. 1847, NY; living in 1870 in Freeborn County (PO Alden). He was the son of Jedediah and Caroline (BORDEN) Miller. His wife's name was Frances. I need to know if they had children.

Denis Taft Fri 9 July 1999
I am looking for the birth year of John WRIGHT, born in Freeborn County, the son of Bartholomew and Jane (TULLY) Wright. One source said he was born 14 Dec 1880 but that conflicts with the birthdate of a sister who was born 28 June 1880. Another source said he was the oldest of all his siblings. His parents married in 1877. I am guessing that his birthdate may have been 14 Dec 1878 and that would fit with all of his six or seven siblings. Does anyone have the 1885 Minnesota census for Freeborn County and could corroborate the birth year for members of the Bartholomew Wright family?

Jim Fredrickson Sun 4 Jul 1999
I would like information about my great-grandparents, Nub and Bertha FREDRICKSON of Freeborn County. I know that they had at least 11 children, one of whom was my grandfather, Nicholi Fredrickson, who was born in Gordonsville, Freeborn County on 5 April 1883. He died in Burke County, ND in 1965.

[email protected] Fri 2 Jul 1999
Seeking information about Evert HEEMSBERGEN, son of Gerrit Heemsbergen and Geertruida VELTJESGRAAF (VELTIESGRAFF), and his wife Marie MEINDERTSMA, daughter of William Meindertsma and Alberdena SCHIPPERS. Evert was born in Veenendaal, Holland in 1899; Marie was born in Marion County, Iowa in 1905. They married in Otley, Marion County, Iowa 2 March 1928. They had six sons and two daughters before 1947, after which they moved to Hollandale, Freeborn County, Minn. to farm and raise their children. Eventually, Evert and Marie moved to Albert Lea where they both died -- he on 19 Aug 1980 and she on 29 Jan 1988. I am especially interested in locating where and when Evert obtained his U.S. citizenship (he was a naturalized citizen when he died) although any information) on the Heemsbergens would be appreciated. Please indicate a surname in the subject line when you reply.

Denis Taft Sat 26 Jun 1999
I am continuing to work on the NOLAN family as my wife's grandmother was a Nolan from Freeborn County and I would like to hear from others who must have a lot more information than I have.

Descendants of John F. Nolan:
John F. Nolan, b. 19 Aug 1865, Bath Township, Freeborn County, MN; d. Oct 1962, Albert Lea, MN
+Alice CONNORS, b. ca1871
-- Margaret Nolan, b. ca1894, MN
-- Kathrine Nolan, b. ca1894, MN
-- Dorothy Nolan, b. ca1897, MN, +George DUNBAR (seven children)
-- Agnes Nolan, b. ca1898, MN, +Harold McDONALD

The other Nolan family I want more information on includes:
John Benedict Nolan, b. 2 Aug 1855, Woodstock, IL; d. 22 May 1942
+Ann Nolan, 17 Apr 1858, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland; m. 9 Jan 1882 in MN, d. 23 Feb 1924, Frazee, Pine Island, Minneapolis, MN [sic]. Father: Dennis Nolan; Mother: Margaret FARRY
-- Hugh Francis Nolan, b. ca1883
-- Mary Theresa Nolan, b. 13 July 1884, MN; d. 30 Apr 1966, MN
-- Margaret Ellen Nolan, b. ca1887, MN, +Edward DUDLEY, b. 17 Nov 1885, d. Feb 1973, Northfield, Rice, MN
-- Ann Elizabeth Nolan, b. 28 May 1889, MN, d. 17 Sept 1968
-- Katherine Agnes Nolan, b. 1891, d. 1986
-- Loretta Gertrude Nolan, b. 7 Oct 1892, d. 10 Oct 1972
-- Veronica Bridget Nolan, b. 1894, d. 1979
-- Benedict Joseph Nolan, b. 1897, MN, d. 1917, MN

Jerry Fri 25 Jun 1999
Looking for information on the following individuals:
-- Olive Nickerson HEMINGWAY (b. 1843) died at Geneva, MN
-- Aaron Hemingway (b. 1843) died at Geneva, MN
-- Susan BRADLEY, d. 1893, buried at Bath, MN
-- Mary Bradley, d. 1885, buried at Bath, MN

John Hansen Fri 18 Jun 1999
Searching for relatives of Lauritz and Mathilda HANSEN. Their children were Cora, Hilda, Agnes, Lillian, Herman, Grace, and Albert. Albert was born in Albert Lea 26 June 1882. Please contact me with any information.

Connie Tue 15 Jun 1999
Seeking any information on descendants, parents, and siblings of George CHAMBERLAIN, b. 22 Nov 1821, Palmer, Hampden, MA, d. 2 May 1907, Albert Lea, Freeborn, MN. He is a brother of my 2nd great-grandmother, Almira Chamberlain.

Tommy Murray Wed 2 Jun 1999
Researching my EBERLEIN and KATZUNG lines in Freeborn and Faribault Counties.
Christopher (1817-1895) and Catherine (1814-1895) Eberlein
Germany > Portage, WI > Blue Earth, MN
* Georg (died in Civil War - WI volunteers)
* Ferdinand (died in Civil War - MN volunteers)
* Edward Eberlein (1839-1926) + Augusta BOHLKE
* Anna Dorethea Lottine Eberlein (1844-1931) + Georg Ludwig Eduard Katzung (1866[sic]-after 1931, Blue Earth, MN)
* Minnie (Wilhelmina?) Eberlein ( ? - after 1931) + John RETTINGER
* Amanda Eberlein + George OBER
* Charles Eberlein (1851-1903) + Ottilie ?
* William Eberlein (1853-1920) + Jeanette NELSON
* Albert Eberlein (1853-1925) + ?
* Henry Eberlein (1856-1908) + Emma KESTNER
* Clara Eberlein (1859-1905) + C. A. BARNES
* Elizada Eberlein + Theodore HEGGERNESS
* 2 Child Eberlein died in Germany

Joseph Katzung + Margaret HOFFMAN
Germany > IL
* Georg Ludwig Eduard Katzung (1836-1915[sic]) - see above
* Valentine Katzung (1845- ? ) + Christine YOST (settled in Freeborn Co. - gave farmland in Faribault Co. to their sons)
* Bernhardt Katzung
* Elizabeth Katzung

Children of George Ludwig Eduard Katzung + Anna Dorothea Lottine Eberlein:
* Louise Wilhelmine Amanda Katzung (1862-after 1931) + ? YOUNG
* Emilie Amanda Katzung (1864-after 1931) + ? LEWIS
* Anna Katharina Katzung (1866-after 1931) + Richard CUMMINGS
* Edwin Matthaeus Valentin Katzung (1868-1964)
* Helene Auguste Katzung (1872-1873)
* Margarete Lorinde Katzung (1874-1922) unmarried
* Carl Frederick Ferdinand Katzung (1876-before 1931)
* Georg Katzung (1879-1965)
* Carl Gerhard Katzung (1883-1931)

Children of Valentine Katzung and Christine Yost:
* August Katzung
* Edward Katzung
* William Katzung
* Ferdinand Katzung
* Herman Katzung
* Fred Katzung
* Bertha Katzung
* Ernstina Katzung
* Alwena Katzung
* Louisa Katzung
* Elizabeth Katzung
* Minnie Katzung
* Katherine Katzung
I have much info on Eberlein line and very little on Katzung line.

Patt Gaetani Fri 28 May 1999
Minnie (Mrs. Herman) GALL (maiden name LUCK) died in Albert Lea, Freeborn Co., MN on 22 Dec 1926 while visiting one of her children. She was buried in Elmhurst Cemetery, St. Paul, MN. The following are the names of her children as listed in her obituary: William F. (lived in St. Paul), Herman A., Hubert H. (should be Herbert), Mrs. Henry GARBE, Mrs. Neal HORGAN (my grandmother), Mrs. Edward NOLTING, and Mrs. Roy GOODWILL. I do not know which of her children she was visiting in Albert Lea when she died. I am interested in connecting with any of the descendants of these siblings of my grandmother.

Patrick S. McCleary Sun 9 May 1999
Seeking information on the family of Armander H. BARTLETT, early pioneer of Freeborn County. He married Anna Delocie PEET. They had four children: Ida married Moses LEMONS, Jay married Viola PALMER, Eva married Charles R. BEATTIE, and Samuel C. Would like to exchange information and photographs with anyone interested in this family or descendants.

Patrick S. McCleary Sun 9 May 1999
Seeking information pertaining to twin sisters, Bessie G. and Beth D. LEMONS. They were born in Minnesota (most likely Freeborn County) in March 1898 and were daughters of Moses and Ida (BARTLETT) Lemons. Moses was born in Wisconsin to Jacob and Gertrude (PRICE) Lemons; Ida was the daughter of early Freeborn County pioneers, Armander and Ann Delocia (PEET) Bartlett.
The family appears in the 1880 Freeborn County census as residents at Shell Rock (also the location of Moses and Ida's wedding). In the 1900 and 1920 census the family has moved to Ward County, South [sic] Dakota (apparently because of Moses' job with the railroad). The only additional information that I have on the twins is that they were living in Minot, South [sic] Dakota in 1924 when their names appear in their mother's obituary and in 1937 they are listed as residents of Minneapolis in their father's obituary.
Both Moses and Ida died in South [sic] Dakota but were returned to Glenville, Minnesota for burial. I would very much like to know if gravestones exist for them or if anything at the cemetery would indicate that the twins were buried near their parents.
Would like to exchange information and photographs with anyone interested in these families.

Gary Midge Fri 9 Apr 1999
Would like any information about the MIDGE or MIDJE family in Freeborn County prior to 1950. Andrew Midje and family appears in the 1920 census. Alf Midje and family appear in the 1880 census. Would like any general info or other data anyone may have.

[email protected] Sat 6 Mar 1999
AFINSON/BOTTEN -- I am just starting to look into my grandparent's history. Oscar Anfinson was born in Freeborn County around the turn of the century. Esther Botten was born in South Dakota in 1898 and moved to Albert Lea around 1916. They married in the early 1920s and moved to St. Paul.
My great-grandmother was Anna Anfinson. She owned a farm outside of Albert Lea and later moved to Water Street in Albert Lea after her husband left her.
I would appreciate any information at all on either of my grandparents. They are both deceased and my mother doesn't know much about her ancestry other than she is 100% Norwegian! Thank you.

Patrick McCleary Sat 27 Feb 1999
Seeking any information on the GULBRANDSON family of Freeborn County, ca1820-1950). In particular, the parents of Helen Gulbrandson, b. 29 July 1849, Norway. Family appears to have come to the U.S. in 1855. She married Joseph Edgar LEMONS, 10 Nov 1871, Hayward. They later moved to Snohomish, WA with their seven children: Lotta J. (b. 5 Sept 1873), Emma/Etta (b. 5 May 1875), Francis Mable (b. 3 July 1879), Burton Edgar (b. 15 June 1881/82), Walter (b. 14 Feb 1886), Nellie Irene (b. 30 Jan 1891), Frederick Winfield (b. 1894). Any assistance would be appreciated.

Lowell LuVerne Hanson (Stein) Mon 22 Feb 1999
Looking for relatives of genetic father, LuVerne HANSON, d. ca1941, Albert Lea, b. ca1917; married 1939/40 to Martha Irene TUFTE. She was from Mower or Freeborn County. LuVerne Hanson had a number of brothers, sisters and cousins and parents in Albert Lea in 1940. Thanks in advance.

Nancy M. Newman Sat 20 Feb 1999
I am looking for information on the CLOW family. Edmund Clow, age 71, and his son(?), Francis, age 46, lived in Glenville in 1889. They had traveled together with and may be related to CASWELLs. Any help would be appreciated and I would be willing to pay whatever costs necessary.

Sylvia Burger Tue 16 Feb 1999
I am looking for ancestors of the BEIGHLEY line. Specifically, I am looking for Celia Marie KING who married George Washington Beighley. I have William Beighley buried in State Line Cemetery which may or may not be in Gordonsville, MN. I am also trying to find more about Livy JOPPA, who was editor of the "Gordonsville Village" and "Glenville Progress". His sister married Albert John Henry Beighley.

Ruth Lee-Kalkowski Sat 30 Jan 1999
I am looking for information on Knud STUGO or Anna HALVERSON, who were married in Freeborn County, Jan 1877.

[email protected] Fri 29 Jan 1999
I am seeking descendants of Louis M. JENSEN and Sarah HOLM (Siri HOLMSTEAD) of Albert Lea, Freeborn County. Louis, b. 1856, Denmark, married Sarah ca1877. Sarah was b. 1855, Norway, d. 1901, Albert Lea.
They had four children:
-- Hiram J., b. 1878, married Ida Oline ? , b. 1881; one child, Helen Ireen, b. 1900
-- Carl E. (Ernest?), b. 1880, MN
-- Louis M., b. 1885, MN
-- Chester L., b. 1890, married Lulah Claire DANIELS, ca1910, OR
Louis M. Jensen died 1939, OR, believe he had remarried.

Daryl & Nada Kilgore Wed 20 Jan 1999
Looking for information on Jens GUTTORMSON (name changed to THOMPSON when they immigrated to U.S. ca1889 from Oslo, Norway). Wife, Ellen HALVORSON and two, possibly three, daughters: Tora, b. 24 Oct 1881; Anna Theodora, b. 12 Dec 1886; third daughter, possibly Josephine, b. unknown. Anna married Lars Christian GODSKESEN (changed to GOSKESEN) 1903 in Albert Lea. Anna started writing her last name as Guttormson, then changed it to Thompson on her marriage license, so either name could be in the records.

Tina Kelly Sun 17 Jan 1999
I am seeking information on the COFOED and allied families (RASMUSSEN, ROBERTSON, MORTENSON, MADSEN, CHRISTENSEN).
Karl Ferdinand Kofoed/KOEFOED (later changed spelling to COFOED), b. 29 Jan 1872, emigrated from Denmark in late 1880's. At some point he met Johanne "Hannah" Louise Rasmussen, b. 13 June 1872, Denmark, who also emigrated in late 1880's. Karl and Hannah were married 14 March 1891, Alden, Freeborn County.
Karl's parents are unknown but Hannah's parents were Jens Rasmussen, b. 1846, Denmark, d. 1932, and Karenstine/Christina Madsen, b. 1847, Denmark, d. 1925. Both of Hannah's parents are buried in the Alden Cemetery.
In addition to their daughter, Hannah, Jens and Karenstine Rasmussen were the parents of: Mary (who married a Mortenson), Jake, and Andrew. The two sons changed their surname to Robertson.
Karl and Hannah's children, all born in Alden:
-- William P. Cofoed, married 1)Olga TOWNE, 2)Essie BAKER
-- John "Jack" Cofoed, married Gertrude BRANDT
-- Victor James Cofoed, married Melora Louise NORTON
-- Victoria Cofoed, married Arthur ROSELLE
-- Marvin Cofoed, never married
-- Marvel Cofoed, married Edwin Christensen
Karl disappeared around 1904 and was not heard from after that time.
Thank you for any help.

Wes Johnson Sun 10 Jan 1999
I'm searching for descendants of Ole Andreas OHNSTAD of Hartland, Freeborn County:
1 Ole Andreas Ohnstad, b. 16 Apr 1830, Aurland, Norway; d. 8 Oct 1918, Albert Lea Township, Freeborn County.
m. 8 Dec 1866 to Synneva Olsdatter HENJUM (Susan OLSON), b. 22 Jun 1844, Norway; d. 7 May 1899, Hartland, Freeborn County.
2 Synneva B. Ohnstad, b. 1867; d. unknown; m. ? LANGE.
2 Severine Andrine Ohnstad, b. 1869, Freeborn County; d. 1937, St. Paul, MN; m. 1881 to Herman MILLER (HOENHOUSE), b. 1865, Hamburg, Germany; d. St. Paul, MN.
2 Lumin Andreas Ohnstad, b. 1871, Hartland, MN; d. unknown; m. 19 Sept 1897 to Julia S. FARRELL, b. ca1878; d. unknown.
2 Karen Emilie Ohnstad, b. 14 Feb 1874; d. unknown; m. 7 Aug 1892 to Jens JENSEN, b. ca1864; d. unknown.
2 Oden Wilhelm Ohnstad, b. 16 Mar 1876; d. 1939; m. to Ingeborg P. Johnsdtr. ALGJELD, b. 1882, Norway; d. 1966.
2 Hilda Mathilda Ohnstad, b. 1878, Hartland, MN; d. 1919, McIntosh, MN; m. 1897 to Jens Martinius JOHNSON, b. 1874, Norway; d. 1948, Tacoma, WA.
2 Caroline Josephine Ohnstad, b. 1881; d. unknown; m. Martin THORSON, B. Owatonna, MN.
2 Syvert Johan Ohnstad, b. 1882, Hartland, MN; d. 1961, BC (?); m. 1904 to Karen OLSTAD, b. 1883, Norway; d. 1975, BC (?).
2 Nils Olai Ohnstad, b. 1884, Hartland, MN; d. 1964, Owatonna, MN.

Doug Alexander Sat 9 Jan 1999
SISTEK -- I am trying to locate descendants of the John Sistek family, a large family who came from Bohemia to Hayward, Freeborn County, about 1877. Later some of the Sistek family moved to Austin, Mower County. Many of the family members are buried in the Bohemian National Cemetery in Freeborn County; some are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Austin. Some of the other surnames in this family are: PACOOSY, ZALESKY, MOAREK, PRIZLER, CHOC, TICHY, McNALLY, PLZAK, KROC, PENKAVA, BROSH, KOS, and TINDAL.
Thanks, Shelly Tindal Alexander

Julieanne Sabbatini Wed 6 Jan 1999
PIHL, Joe and Josephine -- Looking for any information. Josephine, b. 10/6/1881, d. 7/1983, Albert Lea. Looking for the connection to Oscar Pihl family of Milwaukee, WI.

Lynn Tues 29 Dec 1998
Am searching for marriage records and/or census records for Lydia Augusta FAYE. Lydia married Robert P. STEARNS, year and place unknown. Moses Faye, Lydia's father, is known to have been in Freeborn County in 1870. Lydia gave birth to my grandfather, Archie Stearns, in Freeborn in 1881. Any help is appreciated.

Betty Wilson Sun 22 Nov 1998
I am interested in finding some information on Charles SADLER, listed as living in Freeborn County in the 1870 census index. The Charles Sadler I am looking for was a Civil War veteran and he would have moved there from Cicero, NY. My main interest is in whether his father, Giles, accompanied him to MO [sic]. I see from other queries that the names of EMMONS and PIERCE show up in Freeborn. They are also names from Cicero and Brewerton, NY and I would have some further information if they are the same families.

Tom George Sat 14 Nov 1998
I am looking for information on:
-- Henry Nathan GEORGE, b. 26 Oct 1844, Wilmington, NY; d. 2 Nov 1915, Freeborn County, MN.
-- (wife) Clarissa WESTON George, b. 8 Apr 1842, Wilmington, NY; d. 13 Dec 1901, Freeborn County.
-- (daughter) Effie Gertrude George, b. 21 Oct 1879; d. unknown.
-- (son) Earl H. George, b. 9 Apr 1870, Alden, Freeborn County; d. 20 Apr 1932, Geneva, Freeborn County.
-- (wife) Gertrude WALASKI George

Judy Olson Fri 6 Nov 1998
I'm trying to find the birthplace of my grandmother, Sophie Clara FRIED, b. 9 Dec 1881 or 1883. Her parents, Ignatz and Theresa Fried, lived in Freeborn County at one time. They arrived in Minnesota around 1875. They lived various places before moving to Clara City in 1895. I have been unable to find where Sophie was born. I'm hoping someone might help me locate that or any other information on this family. Thanks for any assistance.

Ruth Mickelson Sun 1 Nov 1998
RESOR/CRYNES/SEUSER/LAUN -- I'm searching descendants of Jacob Woodford Resor. His son, Decatur Spillman, and daughter-in-law, Sophia Resor, lived in Iowa for many years and also just across the border into Minnesota in Freeborn County (Glenville, Gordonsville, Albert Lea area). Perhaps this family is too current but am also trying to locate living relatives. The family was large and had several daughters (married names included above). I would be particularly interested in an obituary for Corliss Resor's wife, Blanche, and names of the children of Mildred Resor Crynes (d. 1970). The children were not included in her obituary.

Cathy Babbs Sun 18 Oct 1998
Need any contacts who can help me with this family:
1. James VANWINKLE, b. 9 Sept 1823, Coles Co., IL, d. 4 Feb 1876, London Twp., Freeborn Co., MN
+Nancy SUTHERLAND, b. 24 Aug 1834, IL, d. 20 Mar 1900, Mankato, Blue Earth Co., MN; m. 24 Mar 1853, Coles Co., IL
2. Alrick Alexander VanWinkle, b. 23 Nov 1855, IL; +Ida May (unknown), b. MN; m. 26 Apr 1885
2. Elizabeth VanWinkle, b. 8 Apr 1858; +Leander WILSON; m. 4 July 1875
2. James VanWinkle, b. 4 Apr 1860, IL; +Ida DERBY
2. Mary M. VanWinkle, b. 6 Fen 1863, MN; +E.J.C. ROBINSON
2. Charles N. VanWinkle, b. 29 Sept 1866, MN; +Mary J. HODGE, b. 1878, MN; m. 19 Jan 1899
2. John VanWinkle, b. 20 Oct 1868, MN, d. 8 Nov 1868
2. Hervey VanWinkle, b. 24 Aug 1870, Freeborn Co., d. 26 Apr 1951, Brainerd, Crow Wing Co., MN; +[1] Annie (WOOD) LANDGRAG; +[2] Ursula M. BACKEL, b. 10 Aug 1877, Winneshiek Co., IA, d. 24 Jan 1970, Centerville, IA; m. 23 Feb 1895

Wendy Thomas Sat 10 Oct 1998
I'm researching William McKEAN and Sadie (Jayne) McKean. They moved to the Alden/Austin area in 1900. Sadie died 26 Oct 1930 and is buried in the Alden Cemetery. I visited the area many years ago but was unable to locate this cemetery. William died in Muscatine, IA 6 May 1946 and is buried in the Alden Cemetery. The family listed in his obituary are: Mrs. Joe (Cora) MOEN, Capt. Vearle McKean, and John William McKean. Also listed were grandsons who were casketbearers: Lee ROBERTS, Roland Moen, Donald Roberts, Lowell Roberts, Burt McKean, and Greg STUDLSKI. If anyone can assist me in finding further information or contacting descendants, please contact me.

Richard Smith Thurs 8 Oct 1998
Seeking information on John C. BENSON, d. 14 Aug 1889, bur. Geneva Cemetery, Geneva, Freeborn Co. Need data on his wife
Also need birth date and place and parents of Henry CONKLIN, d. 22 Jan 1893, bur. Geneva Cemetery, Geneva, Freeborn Co.

Sue Team Sun 4 Oct 1998
Peter ANDERSON family lived in Geneva, Freeborn Co. from ca1858-1864. Daughter, Helena Anderson, last seen in 1860 census at about age 22. From Sweden 1850 to Chisago Co., MN, 1856 to Vasa area. Need death date/burial place. Married or carried off by Indians? Never spoken of again in family.

Cheryl Cummings Mon 28 Sept 1998
Seeking information on SAMPSON in Freeborn County.
The 1870 census shows:
Riceland Township, Freeborn County, 28 Jun 1870, Family 21
Sampson, Sans 37 M W farmer 1500 300 Norway
Sampson, Britta 21 F W keeping house Norway
Sampson, Anna Marie 2 F W Minnesota
Anna Marie Sampson (m. Gilbert FODNESS) was my great-grandmother. Were there any other children? What ever happened to Sans and Britta? Any information is appreciated.

Heather Brush Sun 27 Sept 1998
READ, POWERS, WOODWARD -- I am searching for Laura READ, b. 2 Jan 1803, Watertown, Jefferson, NY to Squire and Submit (PRESTON) READ. Laura m. James WOODWARD, 12 Jan 1819 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. They had 5 children before James died 11 Ove 1829 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY. Laura then m. Zelotes POWERS ca1832. Laura died 10 Sept 1884 in Freeborn, Freeborn, MN. Did she and Zelotes have children? Why did she end up in Freeborn and when did they settle there? Help with any of these families is greatly appreciated. You can get more details from my home page

Dee Naughton Wed 26 Aug 1998
JENSEN -- I am searching for information for a couple in Denmark who were related to Lars Peter Jensen and his wife, Christine Petrea Jensen, who resided on a farm near Albert Lea, Freeborn County. Lars is listed in the 1920 census as a widower. They had two sons, Christian Martinus and Holger. Christian lived on the farm with his father in 1920. Holger was superintendent in a corset factory and in 1920 lived at 210 Broadway in Albert Lea. According to Social Security records Holger died in April 1968. Can anyone give me information on this family, the farm they lived on (if it is still there), or the house at 210 Broadway? The couple in Denmark would appreciate any pictures of the home also. Info on the corset factory world be of help too.

[email protected] Sun 23 Aug 1998
Seeking relatives or information on MARTIN family. Herbert Martin, born in Albert Lea, Freeborn Co., MN 23 Jan 1902. Parents: Byron Tenneson Martin and Carrie Estella WINSLOW. Also seeking information on Byron's father known only as A. B. Martin, married to Sarah.

Sandy Hjelmberg Wed 12 Aug 1998
Looking for descendants of Anna FALK GOLDBERG. My information indicates that she lived in Albert Lea in 1867+. She was a sister of my great-grandfather, Andrew Falk. He and a cousin, Ollie Falk, lived with Anna's family when they first arrived from Sweden. Anna had a daughter, Betty. Any clues appreciated.

Jo Ellen Nervig Wed 5 Aug 1998
We are looking for information on the Wareham N. PIERCE family. Wareham, b. 1828, VT arrived in Geneva Twp. 1866-7 with wife, Celinda Rosing GREENO (originally it was GRIGNON and then GREENOUGH), b. 1832, NH/VT or OH. Children:

+ Reuben W., b. 1853, Lorain Co., OH, m. Emma HOLMES in Geneva, 3 children: Esther, Daisy, and Manfred.

+ Lucy A., b. 1855, Lorain Co., OH, m. John REED in Geneva, 2 children: Florence and Wayne.

+ Arthur C., b. ca1859, Clinton Co., MI, m. Josephine (last name unknown), may have had son, Harold. We have no info on this line and need some!

+ Mary Jane, b. 1861, MI, m. George HOLMES in Geneva, Son: Sidney.

+ Frank E., b. 1867, Geneva, m. Lizzy FRISBY in St. Charles, Winona, MN, lived in Geneva, 2 children: Hazel and Clifford.

+ Fredrich T., b. 1868, Geneva, m. Alma KNIGHT, moved to Spokane, WA area, probably early 1900s, died there, 3 children: Edna, another female, and Lyndel.

Need more info on children's descendants and ancestors of Wareham and Celinda. Wareham's father was Reuben Pierce, probably of VT/NH/MA area, mother was Lucy (last name unknown), b. NH or Canada. Celinda's parents were Daniel Greenough, b. VT or Canada, and Wealthy KELLOGG, b. VT. We think Wareham came to Freeborn County because other family was already there but cannot connect anyone. Any help appreciated and willing to share information we have

John Allen Hansen Sat 18 July 1998
I am looking for information on the HANSEN family of Albert Lea. My father was Russell William Hansen, b. 5-8-22, Albert Lea to Clarence and Glennis Ann (FARNHAM) Hansen. Clarence (b. 3-9-1895, d. 6-1984) remarried after a divorce in 1938 to Louise (maiden name unknown). They had 4 children: Roland, b. 1951, last known to be living in Minneapolis in early 1980s; Clarine, moved to California, married Warren DAVIS; Jeanene; and Garry.

Russell was married to Shirley (maiden name unknown and had 2 children: Sue Ellen, b. 1945? and John, b. 1947?. After Russell and Shirley divorced, she married Paul HENRY. He adopted the children making them: Sue Ellen Henry, last known to be married with children in Illinois; and John Henry, married to Elisa (maiden name unknown) in early 1960s, in the Navy, last known to be living in Washington.

Anyone with any information on this family, please contact me: John Allen Hansen, 2500 Miramar Ave., #108, Castro Valley, CA 94546 or e-mail me.

cherie Mon 13 July 1998
I have reason to believe that James and Ella GILLARD are related to the Gillards of Freeborn County early 1900's and late 1800's. Anyone having any info, please e-mail me. Thanks.

Maureen Sun 28 June 1998
Looking for any info about the GANNETT/CAMPBELL family who lived in the area of Hayward -- specifically, a Phillip Gannet [sic] who married a Submit Campbell. Phillip was born 1826 somewhere on the east coast. This was a large family of Campbells. There were at least four daughters. Any help would be appreciated.

Trudy Drew Thur 25 June 1998
Looking for information on my grandfather's family. He was John Raymond SCOVILLE, born Jan. 18, 1880, Freeborn Co. I would like to know who his parents were, where they came from, and are there any Scoville family still in Freeborn Co.?

Don Beaudoin Tue 26 May 1998
I am seeking descendants of John and Bridget DUGGAN/DUGAN who are buried at St. James Cemetery, Twin Lakes. Both came from Ireland and were residents of Freeborn County since 1870. Some of their children were: Michael, Daniel, Henry, Johanna, and Thomas. Any help would be appreciated.

Nancy Donald Sat 23 May 1998
I am searching for the family of Jennie RUDLER WHITE, who lived in Twin Lakes, Freeborn County, ca1931. I believe that she was born in Michigan and moved to Minnesota. Her husband was Richard White and I know that they had children. Jennie may have had a sister, Mabel Rudler PEABODY.

Norman Hjelmeland Wed 20 May 1998
Seeking descendants of Hans Hanson AAS, b. 1849, Hakedalen, Norway; emigrated to Decorah, IA, 1871; m. 1874 to Gertrude Larsdtr. LEIDAL, b. 1850, Voss, Norway. Hans and Gertrude moved to London Township, Freeborn County, MN in 1877. Children: Henry HANSON, Rose LUND, Marie HORGEN, Peter Hanson, and Emma HENDRICKSON. Hans and Gertrude were members of the Deer Creek Valley South Church and are buried in the church cemetery. Also seek information on Lars Hanson Aas, brother of Hans. Lars is believed to have lived in Twin Valley, MN. Any information appreciated.

Ronald L. Kyes Mon 27 Apr 1998
Looking for death notice/obituary for Joy KYES, who died near Albert Lea in August of 1966. All costs related to this search will be reimbursed.

SageBush Sun 26 Apr 1998
My grandfather, Charles Theodore JOHNSON, immigrated from Denmark in 1881. He was a cobbler in Albert Lea and Austin, MN and the family also lived in Worth County, IA. I am searching for the burial place of his mother. She apparently died 1909-1920. On his marriage license Charles gave his parents as Jens CHRISTENSON and Sophia LARSON. I don't know if Sophia would be buried as Christenson or Johnson. I have searched Mower County with no luck. Did Charles Johnson immigrate with family other than his mother?

Susan Harris Thurs 2 Apr 11:10 1998
I am trying to find information about the KENNEDY family in the Albert Lea area: Leslie Richard Kennedy, b. 1893, Marshall Co., IA, son of John Leslie and Diantha J. (LEWIS) Kennedy, married Ada FLANAGAN and had the following children: Milton, Lawrence "Pat", Louise LEE, Clara Jane BROWN, Fant Dean "Bud" (b. 29 Apr 1933, d. 19 May 1997, Albert Lea), and William. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Mary Thur 5 March 18:24 1998
I am looking for the brothers, sisters, parents, etc. of Mary Louise NORDLAND. She married Hans LEA. She lived in the Freeborn area from approximately 1870 to 1920. I don't know the names of any of her relatives but know a lot about her children. Any help appreciated.

Richard B. Larson Tues 3 March 16:28 1998
Looking for information on Nels and Susan (HOLLEKVE) HILL (HILLESTAD ?) who lived near Emmons in Freeborn County. Susan is reported to be from Hallingdal, Norway. Nels was almost certainly from Norway too. Children were: William, Louis, Theodore (Happy), Alfred, George, Myrtle, Cora, Arthur, and Norman. Theodore, b. 19 Mar 1874 near Emmons, d. ca1945 in Albert Lea. He married Carrie. George m. Edith. Myrtle m. John WOODSON of Albert Lea. Cora, b. 1 Mar 1882, m. Peter HASLERUD of Peterson, MN. Norman m. Clara MEHUS. Arthur died ca1917. Norman m. Clara MELHUS.

Denis Taft Sun Feb 22 12:54 1998
We'd like to establish more links for the following: Rosalie WRIGHT, born 2 Dec. 1908, Freeborn County, MN. Thomas Wright, Rosalie's father, born 14 May 1884, Bath, Freeborn County, MN. Elizabeth NOLAN, Rosalie's mother, born 9 Jan. 1880, Bath Township, Freeborn County, MN, died 18 Nov. 1961, St. Cloud, MN. Batholomew Wright, Thomas' father, born Oct. 1848, Ireland, died 2 Jan. 1909, on a farm in southern Minnesota -- probably in Freeborn County. Jane TULLEY, Bartholomew's wife, born 5 Aug. year unknowm, Ellendale, MN, died in Nov. 1940 in New Richland, Waseca County, MN. Dennis Nolan, Elizabeth's father, born 16 Mar. 1830, County Fermanaugh, Ireland, died 13 Feb. 1894, Bath Township, Freeborn County, MN. Margaret FARRY, Elizabeth's mother, born 18 June 1837, County Fermanaugh, Ireland, died 21 Mar. 1926, Albert Lea, MN.

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