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Cottonwood County Minnesota
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If you have specific resources on Cottonwood County and would be willing to help others with lookups, please mail info to Ray at [email protected]. I will add your resource and email address to the list below. Thank you, Volunteers!

Resource Title/BriefDescription/Author with Email Address of Volunteer
The 1870 Census for Cottonwood County has been abstracted and put on a webpage. Take a look at it! Londa Fosheim

I have done a fair amount of research for our local Sanborn Centennial book which included Germantown township people. I am researching the Davis family of Germantown, The William story family of Amboy, and the Jones families of Southbrook, (John, Watkins and Thomas.) Dorothy Gransee, [email protected] 507-648-3566

The information contained at the below link is a List of Pensioners on the Roll for Cottonwood County, Minnesota 1883.

(Thanks for the tip, Susan M. Gregory!)

Also, another tip... Interested in another state and/or county? Just change the "mn" in the above address to the two letter abbreviation of the state you are interested in and put the full name of the county you want where the "/cottonwood/" is and the first six letters of the county name in front of the ------83.txt to see if there is more info for you to search. If not, delete the ------83.txt and try again. If you still get nothing, delete back to the name of the county. Isn't Rootsweb Great!

I have a booklet titled Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Windom Minnesota 1874 - 1974. This booklet celebrates the 100th anniversary of First known service held in Windom by Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple. The booklet contains the names of past vestry officials, members, lay readers, names of those contributing gifts to the church and a brief description of its known Rectors. I am willing to do lookups in this book. Susan M. Gregory

Susan Gregory sends us another tip. The Cottonwood County Citizen newspaper is online and included in this online newspaper are current obituaries. I have looked to see if there is an archive of older obituaries, but there is not so it is a good idea to check on the obits a couple of times a week. The link to the Cottonwood County Citizen Online is as follows:

(Thanks very much, Susan!)

To find out the population and other statistics regarding Cottonwood or any other county in the US for the census year 2000 visit:

Thanks to Tim Stowell!

I have a 1926 Atlas of Cottonwood County Minnesota and would be happy to do lookups. The townships have information on a lot of the residents, including children and number of years in county.

Thanks to Mary Jo Neerland Youngberg!

I will look up names in the following booklet: FIRST MENNONITE CHURCH, Mountain Lake, Minnesota, 1878-1978. A Century of God�s Grace. It has a list of those who joined the church by baptism from 1876 through 1977. Also church officers and pastors. Lots of pictures.

I also have the Heinrich Janzen Account, by Lowell Teichrow, 1956. A genealogy of Heinrich Janzen, 1830, whose parents and their children came to Mountain Lake from Russia in 1876.

Thanks to Helen Pennell ! 8 April 2010

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