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1882-1883 Gazetteer and Business Directory
Cottonwood County Entries
R. L. Polk & Co., Chicago

A postoffice located on a semi-weekly mail route in Cottonwood county, 7 miles northwest of Windom (court house), the nearest railroad point on C, St. P., M. & O. Ry. and 155 southwest of St. Paul. It is on the Des Moines river, in a splendid wheat country. H. Eastgate, postmaster and farmer.

A station on the C., St, P., M. & O. Ry, in the southeastern part of Cottonwood county, 5 miles from Windom (court house), and 147 from Minneapolis. A Mennonite colony is settled in this neighborhood. Exports, wheat. Mail, daily. Daniel C. Davis, postmaster.

Conant & Draper, flour mill.
Davis Dan C, Live Stock.
DeWolf M T, grain dealer.
Lewis E, general store.
Luff George L, railroad and express agent.
Maxon G W, coal and wood.
Richmond O T, constable.
Taggart S O, justice of peace.

A small settlement in the centre of Cottonwood county, in a township of the same name, 8 miles from Bingham Lake Station, on the C, St. P., M. & O. Ry. Mail, twice weekly.

A postoffice in a farming community in the southeastern part of Cottonwood county, 6 miles from Windom (court house), the shipping station on C, St. P., M. & O. Ry, and 150 from St. Paul. Exports, dairy products and wool. Mail stage to Windom weekly. E. C. Pluntington, postmaster.
Derickson Cornelius, wagonmaker.
Richmond Gilbert, hotel propr.

A village in Mountain Lake township, southeastern part of Cottonwood county, 12 miles from Windom (court house), and 91 from Minneapolis. Population, 200. It is a station on the C, St. P., M. & O. Ry, with steam flouring mill, a hotel, a school, a number of stores and mechanic workshops, and exports farm produce. Settled in 1872. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. S. H. Soule, postmaster.

Clark S, boarding house.
Ewer David, grain dealer.
Goerz Peter, general store and lumber.
Goerzen Win, confectioner and grocer.
Goetz Henry, farm implements.
Graves J G, hotel propr.
Hebert David S, flour mill.
Janzen John, land agent and notary.
Kennedy John, grain and flour dealer.
Mosher J L, railroad and express, agent.
Penner Abraham, general store.
Penner Carl, blacksmith.
Schroeder & Reimer, lumber and grain.
Siemens Peter, general store.
Siemens Peter P, restaurant.
Soule S H, Agricultural Implements, Live Stock, Grain, Law and Collection Agency.
Soule & Janzen (S H Soule, John Janzen), general store.

A postoffice, beside a lake of the same name, in the west central part of Cottonwood county, 14 miles distant from Windom (court house), to which point shipments should be made via C, St. P., M. & O. Ry. Semi-weekly mail.

A post-office in Amboy township, northern part of Cottonwood county, 17 miles from Windom (court house), on C, St. P.. M. & O. Ry, its nearest shipping point, and 148 from St. Paul. Exports, wheat, flax and cattle. Semi-weekly mail stage to Windom and Lamberton. Wilber Potter, farmer and postmaster.

A special supply postoffice in the south-western part of Cottonwood county, 15 miles northwest of Windom (court house), on the C, St. P., M. & O. Ry, the nearest shipping point. Exports wheat. Mail, weekly. H. Siemund, postmaster.

Cary R, town clerk.
Hubbell W, blacksmith.
Liedke F, constable.
Seeley C W, justice of peace.
Siemund H, Supervisor.
Snyder August, blacksmith.
Trantfeter H, supervisor.
Trobart Jacob, blacksmith.

Cottonwood county. See Odell.

A Norwegian settlement in the north-western part of Cottonwood county, 20 miles from Windom (court house), 125 in an air line from St. Paul, and 8 from Lamberton,. the nearest railroad station on Dakota div. C. & N. W. Ry. Has a Lutheran church and common and Lutheran schools. Exports, wheat, butter and wool. Semi-weekly mail stage to Lamberton and Windom. O. C. Knudson, postmaster.

Anderson A O, blacksmith.
Anderson C H, justice of peace.
Anderson H, hotel and wagonmaker.
Kleven Ole O, farm implements.
Knudson O C, Constable and School Teacher.
Lund A C, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Nelson Peter E, constable.
Olsen Knud, cooper.
Peterson C P, boots and shoes.
Smith N W, railroad agent.

The seat of Cottonwood county, founded in 1871, is an incorporated village of 600 inhabitants in the central southern part of the county, and a station on the C, St. P., M. & O. Ry, 147 miles from St. Paul. It is located on the Des Moines river, which affords power to a flouring mill of 4 sets of burrs. A steam flouring mill and machine shop are in operation here, as also a feed and flour mill operated by wind power. Has Methodist and Episcopal churches, graded school of three departments, a newspaper, The Reporter, a bank, 3 hotels, a sorghum syrup factory, a number of general and special stores and mechanic shops. Windom is in the heart of a fine agricultural country, which is being rapidly settled, and is a growing and busy village. Exports, grain, live stock and Hour. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Semi-weekly stage to Lamberton and Winnebago City. Mail, daily. H. A. Cone, postmaster.

Anderson Martin, saloon.
Bank of Windom, E Sevatson Pres, A D Perkins Cashr.
Barlow Wm W, propr Hyatt House.
Besser George, railroad and express agent.
Besser Wm W, hardware and stoves.
Bigelow Lewis L, carpenter and builder.
Bosworth Mrs A H, baker and grocer.
Bowman B J & Co, lumber.
City Hotel, John Nolan propr.
Clark House ($2 per day), M Grimes Propr.
Clark Hugh M, meat market.
Clark James H, lumber.
Clark Lyman, blacksmith and machinist.
Collins S & Co, flour mills.
Cone H A, Postmaster.
Cook Wm B, wagonmaker.
Davis Daniel, saloon.
Ellis Hiram, constable.
Ellis Mrs H S, milliner.
Espey Samuel M, county auditor.
Gessell A J, mason.
Gessell Wm, boarding house.
Gillam Samuel S, shoemaker.
Gilleland Thomas W, loan and collection agent.
Greene Charles A, physician.
Grimes Michael, Propr Clark House.
Hanton James, livery.
Hoople Joseph, saddle and harnessmaker.
Hubbel Wheelock, blacksmith.
Huntington E C, justice of peace.
Huntington S & E C, Publrs The Windom Reporter.
Hutton John, general store and grain dealer.
Hyatt Mouse, Wm W Barlow Propr.
Jenness Bros, furniture.
Jenness Robert R, general store.
Johnson Seth S, flour and feed.
Klock Charles, boot and shoemaker.
Laing George M, attorney-at-law.
LeTourneau Mrs George, milliner.
LeTourneau & Gillan, flour and feed.
Leonard Edward L, barber.
Lochran James, mason.
Ludden Collins A, watches and jewelry.
McGregor Robert E, hardware and stoves.
Macomber George L, supt of schools.
May Benjamin W, sorghum syrup factory.
Moede Herman, shoemaker.
Nason Orin, clerk district court.
Nason & Halter, meat market.
Nolan John, propr City Hotel.
Patten D & Co, druggists and grain elevator.
Perkins Alfred D, county attorney and state senator.
Perkins & Sevatson, bankers.
Priest Reuben N, carpenter and builder.
Quevii Andrus, general store.
Redding John G, Judge of Probate and Lawyer.
Richards Charles E, carpenter and builder.
Riis Frithjof, register of deeds.
Ruhberg P A, blacksmith.
Seeger Paul, general store, feed mill and elevator.
Sevatson Eric, general store and farm implements.
Sherwood Burdett L, blacksmith.
Smith Mrs A, milliner.
Smith Mrs L D, furniture and undertaker.
Swenson John, blacksmith.
Thompson & Kendall, flour mill, 7 miles west.
Tilford Dr John H, physician and coroner.
Tilford & Klock, druggists.
Wilson James S, carpenter and builder.
Windom Reporter, weekly, S & E C Huntington publrs.
Woodward Samuel J, wines, liquors and cigars.

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