Military Records

Military Records

Military records often contain useful genealogical information. Copies of Veterans Records can be obtained from the National Archives. Use form NATF-80 to request a search for these records.

The following links provides names of some Becker County Veterans.

Civil War Veterans. The book, A Pioneer History of Becker County Minnesota by Alvin H. Wilcox, publish in 1907, lists Civil War Veterans who lived in Becker County after the war. Since the county was not settled until after the war, many of these veterans served in units from other states such as Wisconsin and Michigan and came to Minnesota later.

Becker County, Minnesota 1883 List of Pensioners Lists pensioners, certificate number, their address and reason for pension.

1890 Census of Becker County, Minnesota Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

Civil War Army Nurses. The Wilcox book also lists several Army Nurses living in Becker County who had served in the Civil War.

Spanish-American War. Wilcox includes the names of some Spanish War Veterans in his list of "Old Soldiers."

World War I. The Heart O' Lakes Genealogical Society web page has a list of Soldiers of WW1 from Becker County from the book "In the World War, 1917 - 1919" Compiled and Published by Daniel Nelson, Detroit, Minnesota, 1920 . This is an every name list.

World War II Casualties. Lists the 61 Army and Army Air Force men from Becker County who lost their lives in World War II.

Korean Conflict Casualties(1951-1957). Information extracted from the National Archives web site.

Viet Nam Conflict Casualties(1957-1995). Information extracted from the National Archives web site.

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