Becker County, MN Cemeteries

Becker County, Minnesota

The following links contain information about cemeteries in Becker County, Minnesota. Some private cemeteries may not covered by any of these links.

The Becker County Historical Society has a Cemetery Database on their web site. **(It is currently undergoing rebuilding but they hope to have it back online before the end of April~30Mar2015KD) This index contains approximately 90 cemeteries in Becker County and is arranged alphabetically by surname, first name, middle name, birth year, death year, age, and cemetery. You can search this database by entering just the first few letters of a surnme. This may yield more responses and be helpful in the case of spelling differences. For example: Entering "Sch" yields both Schaefer and Schafer.

The publication, Becker County, Minnesota Cemeteries, compiled by Clare Gibbons, Mel Trieglaff and Nora Willprecht is a series of eight volumes about Becker County Cemeteries. Click here for details.

The following are the names of cemeteries in Becker County that can be found listed on the US Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System aka GNIS.  Use this page to search Becker county and click cemetery as the feature.  Keep in mind some of these names have changed over the years so two names can be found for one cemetery location.  It is not a perfect system but very helpful nonetheless.  If the search page won't come up, go to the GNIS main page and click on, "Search Domestic Names".

Cemetery Name
Alajoki Cemetery
Atlanta Cemetery
Audubon Lutheran Cemetery
Augustana Lutheran Cemetery
Aura Cemetery
(Finnish Lutheran Cemetery)
Bakke Lutheran Cemetery
Baarstad Cemetery
Bethany Cemetery
Billings Cemetery
(Elmwood Cemetery)
Breck Memorial Cemetery
Buffalo Lake Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery
Chilton Cemetery
Church of the Wildwood Cemetery
Cook Family Cemetery
Cormorant Lutheran Cemetery
Dretsch Family Memorial Cemetery
Egelund Lutheran Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery
(Munson Lake Cemetery)
(Billings Cemetery)
Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Eskjo Cemetery
Felker Cemetery
Finnish Lutheran Cemetery
Aura Cemetery
Grand Medicine Cemetery
Green Valley Cemetery
Hamden Cemetery
(Larson Cemetery)
Holmesville Township Cemetery
Holy Rosary Catholic Cemetery
Houglum Cemetery
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Kingdom Come Cemetery
Lake Eunice Adventist Cemetery
Lake Eunice Evangelical Free Cemetery
Lake Ida Cemetery
Lake Park Cemetery
Lakeside Cemetery
(Burlington Township)
Lakeside Cemetery
(Savannah Township)
Lakeview Cemetery
Larson Cemetery
(Hamden Cemetery)
Linnel Cemetery
Lund Cemetery
Mennonite Cemetery
Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery
Mount Calvary Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery
Munson Lake Cemetery
(Elmwood Cemetery)
Oak Grove Cemetery
(Detroit Township)
Oak Grove Cemetery
(Lake Park Township)
Ogema Cemetery
Old Lake Park Cemetery
Osage Cemetery
Palm Cemetery
Pickett Family Cemetery
Pickerel Cemetery
Richwood Cemetery
Sacred Heart Cemetery
St. Benedict's Catholic Cemetery
St. Coumbia's Episcopal Mission Cemetery
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cemetery
(part of Lake Park Cemetery)
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery
Saint Mary's Cathoic Cemetery
(Callaway Township)
Saint Mary's Cathoic Cemetery
(Two Inlets Township)
St. Mary of the Lake Cemetery
St. Paul's Cemetery
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
St. Peter's Cemetery
Saint Theodore's Cemetery
Saron Lutheran Cemetery
Senjen Cemetery
Snellman Cemetery
Spruce Grove Cemetery
Stawberry Lake Mennonite Cemetery
Strandvik Cemetery
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery
Upsala Cemetery
Walworth Baptist Cemetery
Waubun Cemetery
Wolf Lake Community Cemetery
Zion Lutheran Cemetery


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