MN AHGP-Grant Co. Archives--1916 Business Directory
Below is a list of businesses listed in the 1917 county business directory. They are listed by towns.



auto garage, Ashby Auto Company, Elberling Brothers
banks, Farmers State Bank, First State Bank
barber shop, L. A. Lindberg
blacksmith-shop, G. W. Hugget, J. P. Hanson & Son
dray line, J. R. Bowman, Andrew Hoff
druggist, George Peterson
dentist, Dr. R. M. Bright
elevators, Farmers Elevator Company, Northwestern Elevator Company
feed mill, Robertson Bros.
feed stable, Ben Johnson
general dealers, A. R. Sunju, E. T. Risbrudt, Paulson Bros., J. M. Lynne, Dahl & Peterson
harness dealer, A. F. Stucke
hardware and furniture dealers, Stene Hardware Company, Chris Skaar
hotels, Hotel Ashby, Hotel Kittson
implement dealer, Andrew Olson, Ole Johnson
jeweler, J. A. Kjellberg
livery, H. A. Bye
lumber dealer, Ashby Lumber Company, J. O. Western, manager
meat market, O. L. Boe, Dahl & Peterson
milliner, Julia Paulson
newspaper, The Ashby Post, L. R. Rathbun, proprietor
physicians, Dr. A. M. Randall, Dr. O. A. Norman
photographer, A. Carlson
restaurant, O. A. Running, Trondbjin Cafe, H. O. Koefod, proprietor
telephone, Ashby Telephone Company.


auto garages, Clinton Peterson, Samuelson Brothers
banks, State Bank of Barrett, Citizens State Bank
blacksmiths, Samuelson Brothers
barber, J. G. Johnson
creamery, Farmers Co-operative Creamery Company
druggist, N. J. Stromstad
dray line, J. O. Hagen
elevators, Farmers Elevator Company, Osborn-McMillan Elevator Company, Barrett Elevator Company
furniture dealer, Barrett Hardware Company
general dealers, Andrew Linder, B. M. Desnick
harness shop, Barrett Hardware Company
hardware dealers, Barrett Hardware Company, Larson Brothers
hotel, Barrett Lake Hotel, August Miller, proprietor
hospital, Powers Hospital
implement dealers, Barrett Hardware Company, Sletten Brothers
lumber dealer, M. Lund
meat markets, F. E. Nelson, J. Sumstad
mill, G. H. Gustafson
physician, Dr. F. W. Powers
produce dealer, North American Storage Company
restaurants, Edward Anderson, Albert Anderson, Mrs. Hans. Larson.


Alberts & Gilbertson, grocery and confectionery
Erdahl Farmers Grain Company
Erdahl Mutual Telephone Company
Jorgenson, Samuel, blacksmith
Markegaard, Andrew implements
Reine, O. G., hardware
Vinge, Mrs. M., general store.

Elbow Lake

Auto garage—Elbow Lake Automobile Company, Henry Smith, proprietor
Auto livery—J. O. Smith, E. C. Ackerson
Architect—A. H. Foss
Attorneys—Thomas Casey, E. J. Scofield, R. J. Stromme.
Banks—First National Bank, Bank of Elbow Lake
Barber shop— Walter Fox
Bowling alley—Walter Tobolt
Blacksmith shops—J. A. Paliri, John Nelson, Henry Smith
Bottling works—Sven Olson.
Clothing store—Harry Maftalin
Cigar factory—A. A. Downs
Creamery—Peter Storvick
Confectionery—Nels Solberg, Edward Eddinger
Cement worker—T. T. Stuverud.
Druggists—Hand Drug Company, O. G, Hanson
Dray line—Joseph Pennock, Robert Cosh
Dentists—Dr. C. H. Godward, Dr. O. Sauby.
Elevators—Osborn-McMillan, Farmers Elevator and Grain Company.
Furniture dealer—John Sether
Flour mill—Nels Bergan.
Grocer—E. P. Barsness.
General merchandise—Elbow Lake Co-operative Company, Paul Hanson & Company, Larson & Fide, Stromme & Lonse.
Hotels—The Park Hotel, R. E. Hauser, proprietor, The Haarstad Hotel, C. G. Haarstad, proprietor
Harness shop—Albert Germundson
Hardware dealers—Hauge Lumber & Hardware Company, Elbow Lake Hardware & Lumber Company.
Implement dealers—Erick Sletten, Elbow Lake Hardware & Lumber Company
Icedealer—R. Christianson & Company.
Jewelers—Hans J. Heram, W. R. Hand.
Lumber dealers—Elbow Lake Hardware & Lumber Company, Hauge Lumber & Hardware Company
Livery—Abraham Thorson.
Moving picture show—B. E. Anderson
Meat market—R. Christianson & Company
Merchant tailor—G. Hofstad.
Newspaper—The Grant County Herald H. H. Barker, proprietor
Nursery dealer—C. S. Hinkley.
Painters—Nels Nelson, L. T. Silk
Physicians—Dr. F. L. Kling, Dr. E. T. Reeve, Dr. W. R. Hand
Photographer—M. L. Holdrem.
Restaurants—Nels Solberg, Sven Olson & Son, Edward Eddinger
Real estate dealers—Tos E. Dybdal, Brown-Ulland Land Company, Globe Land & Loan Company.
Shoe store—B. E. Dybdal
Shoemaker—S. Albretson
Stock buyers— John O. Sauby, Farmers Shipping Association.
Telephone—Elbow Lake Telephone Company.
Variety store—I. A. Tasa
Veterinary—Dr. J. B. Nelson.
Wood dealer—P. A. Haggberg
Well driller—Max Lohse.


Federal Elevator Company
Hull & Harris, cement workers
Larson, C. H., general store
Mobraaten, Edward, lumber dealer
Winter-Truesdell-Ames, grain elevator.


Auto garage—W. B. Schmidt & Son
Attorney—F. C. Anderson
Banks—First National, Grant County State
Blacksmith shop—Henry Fels
Barber shops—John Newberger, Soy Newberger
Confectionery—H. T. Lesson
Creamery—S. S. Landt & Son
Druggist—A. D. Larson
.Dentist—F. R. Haley
Elevator—Farmers Elevator Company
General dealers— A. C. Harper & Company, Herman Farmers Store, Wells Hedgeson
Hardware dealer—Gust Bros.
Harness shop—J. E. Nelson
Hotel—The Pullman
Jeweler—Orrin Larson
Livery—Otto Carlson, William' Shultz
Lumber dealers—H. W. Ross Lumber Company, Standard Lumber Company
Milliner—Mrs. Hetty Warren
Meat markets—A. F. Mitchell, Frank Johnson
Mill—Herman flour mill
Newspaper—The Grant County Review, E. M. Chesebrough, proprietor
Physicians—Dr. T. M. Thayer, Dr. J. T. Leland
Restaurant—James F. Leavell
Real estate dealer—O. C: Eaton, Charles Cater, Haney Land Co., Ziebarth & Lindem
Shoe shop— J. S. Edelstein
Theater—The Bijou, Frank Hook proprietor
Tailor shop—John Weiss
Veterinary—Walter Smedley.


auto garage—Shauer Brothers
banks, Farmers State, Hoffman State
blacksmith shop, Erich Melin
barber, J. H. Flolid
confectionery, R. E. Shauer & Company
creamery, Hoffman Co-operative Creamery Company
clothing and furnishings, Desnick & Kronick
druggist, H. J. Gronberg
dray line, I. Berg
elevators, Farmers Elevator Company Woodworth Elevator Company, Lang Elevator Company
feed and fuel, J. P. Mattson
furniture dealer, H. L. Elglumb
general dealers, Anton Helland, Farmers Co-operative Mercantile Company, J. M. Arnquist & Son
harness shop,
K. Skoglund
hardware dealers, Hoffman Hardware Co., Lindhurst & Stavig
implement dealer, Eric Sletten
jeweler, Edward Stavig
lumber dealer, C. A. Willd
meat market, S. J. Ausland & Company
newspaper, The Hoffman Times, W. N. Bronson, proprietor
produce dealer, North American Storage Company
physicians. Dr. F. E. Griswold, Dr. Amly Sjolaas, Dr. H. A. Hegna
restaurants, R. E. Shauer & Co., J. R. Milne
stockbuyer, Hoffman Shipping Association
tile drainage, B. H. Malmgren
variety store, Mrs. Nora Sturgis


Behan, James, hotel
Du Frene, H. L, farm implements
Duluth Elevator Company
Farmer, W. K., meat market
Farmers Elevator Company
Felix, Edward, farm implements
Jacobson, Andrew, blacksmith
Laughtin & Johnson, general store
Lund & Selleseth, general store
State Bank of Norcross
Wolfe, G. E., barber.


auto garage, Edward Mohagen
banks, Farmers State Bank, First National Bank
blacksmith, Andrew Solem
barber shop, E. H. Shoemaker
elevators, Osborne-McMillan, Farmers Elevator Company
furniture dealer, L. C. Bergen, L. O. Sand
general dealers, E. Naftalin & Son, T. A. Boyd, Dybdal, Pikop & Skinnemoen Company
harness shop, C. N. Lillemoen
hardware dealers, L. C. Bergen, L. O. Sand
hotel, Andrew Lystne
implement dealers, Sletten & Thorsen, C. E. Stikney
jeweler, T. A. Dybdal
lumber dealer, Edward Mobraaten
livery, Nels Olson
meat market, Ben Simonson
moving picture show, C. E. Stickney
newspaper, Wendell Tribune, A. R McManus, proprietor
physician, Dr. T. P. Rothnem
restaurant, Johnson Cafe
telephone, Wendell Telephone Company.

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