MN AHGP-Brown Co. Archives--New Ulm Business Directorym, 1881

John B. Arnold, hardware
Charles Bach, books and notions
B. & E. C. Behnke general store
Frederick Beinhorn, groceries and notions
Charles Baltrusch, general store
Henry H. Beussmann, hardware and farm implements
A. W. Bingham, lumber
Joseph Bobleter, drugs, books, stationery, and wall paper
Wm. Bonne & Co., farm implements
Louis Buenger, furniture and undertaker
Theo­dore Crone, general store
Edward Dunkel, mer­chant tailor
Meinrad Epple, meat market
Mrs. L. Erd, millinery
T. Freeman, clothing, boots and shoes
C. F. Held, furniture
Florian Hess, gun­smith
John Hirsch, paints and painter
George Jacobs, general store
Michael Jueuemann, harness maker
Kiesling, Keller & Co., dry goods and groceries
William Pfaender, real estate and insurance
C. W. A. Krook, general store
Henry Laudenschlager, hardware and stoves
Henry Loheyde, boots and shoes
Miller & Scherer, lum­ber
Michael Mullen, hardware and farm imple­ments
Newmann & Rosskopf, general store
Mrs. A. Aldwig, millinery
Joseph C. Oswald, boots and shoes
William Petermann, cigars
P.W. Peterson, farm implements
S. D. Peterson, farm ma­chinery
Richard Pfefferle, grocer
August Quense, harness
J. J. Redmann, general store
Carl Rolloff, hardware
Henry Rudolphi, boots and shoes
Lorenz Schneider, boots and shoes
Charles Sommer, general store
Charles Stuebe, meat market
J. C. Toberer, watches and jewelry
Charles Wagner, furniture
Frederick Wendling, baker
Charles Weschcke, drugs
Mrs. A. F. Westphal, millinery
Ernst Wicherski, boots and shoes
William Winkelmann, lime
E. Seiter, photographer
A. H. Schleuder, watches and jewelry
Haeberle & Seiter, tinsmith
A. Roden, cigars
Jacob Nix, meat market
Anton Bley, livery stable.
B. F. Welber, attorney
Joseph A. Eckstein, attorney
Lind & Randall, attorney
Francis Baasen, attorney
George Kuhlmann, attorney
Charles Berry, physician
C. C. Benedict, physician
Alfred Muller, physician
Albert Marden, dentist

There are also about thirty saloons, not listed.