Worden Cemetery readings for Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI, S

Worden Cemetery
Worden, Washtenaw County, MI ~ S

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Names Born Died
Savage, David (Husband of Dolly H.)   March 7, 1867 Age: 70 years, 3 months, 5 days.
Savage, Dolly H. (Wife of David)   February 7, 1860 Age: 63years, 3 months, 27 days.
Shaw, Mary Marjorie (Wife of Olen Cyrus) 1905 1998
Shaw, Olen Cyrus (Husband of Mary Marjorie 1903 1994
Siffel, (No first name) 1851 No date
Smith, Edwin H. (Husband of Nellie) 1880 October 1949
Smith, Frances A. (Wife of Herbert W.) 1853 1913
Smith, Garfield (Husband of Lucinda)   November 11, 1935
Smith, Herbert W. (Husband of Frances A.) 1854 1918
Smith, James M. B. (Husband of Marie Halsey) October 10, 1809 in Fairfield, New York. November 20, 1884 in Salem, Michigan
Smith, John B. 1826 1890
Smith, Lucinda (Wife of Garfield)   January 22, 1936
Smith, Marie Halsey (Wife of James M. B.) July, 15, 1811 in Fairfield, New York April 30, 1875
Smith, Nellie (Wife of Edwin H.) 1876 February 1957
Smith, Susan H. 1830 1904
Sober, Adeline (Daughter of James and Clarissa)   March 19, 1834 Age: 15 years.
Sober, Albert Jr.   September 28, 1859 Age: 39 years.
Sober, Clarissa Ellen (Wife of James)   February 9, 1888 Age: 88 years.
Sober, Hiram V. (Son of James and Clarissa)   January 23, 1854 Age: 15 years.
Sober, James Veteran of the war of 1812 April 6, 1884 Age: 91 years.
Spence, Dr. Adam Born in Huntley Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Came to America in 1833. August 8, 1849. Died in Salem, Michigan.
Spencer, Jean M. (Wife of William F.) 1907 No date
Spencer, William F. (Husband of Jean M.) 1900 1962
Spencer, William   February 3, 1962
Sweet, Carl April 24, 1892 Sgt. U. S. Army W.W. I December 8, 1976
Sweet, Cora 1889 1980
Sweet, Clyde   August 9, 1936
Sweet, Clyde Phillip 1888 1943
Sweet, Elizabeth (Mrs. Will Sweet in records) Wife of William (Will) Sweet) 1871 December 15, 1939
Sweet, Emily E. Terry (Wife of William the Civil War Soldier) 1835 1906
Sweet, Hattie E. (Daughter of Phillip J. & Rose) 1890 1909
Sweet, Louella M.   September 21, 1875
Sweet, Mae (May Thompson Sweet on tombstone) Wife of Milo J.  1872 May 12, 1951 (There's quite a discrepancy this record as it's 1950 on tombstone)
Sweet, Rev. Milo J. (Husband of May Thompson)  1868 May 12, 1951 (There's quite a discrepancy in this record as it's 1945 on tombstone)(There was one incident I remember where the husband died first and was kept in storage until the wife died and they were both buried together. I don't know if this was the case here or not.)
Sweet, Olive Clifford (Just Mrs. Warren Sweet in records) Wife of Warren) 1896 February 1947
Sweet, Phillip J. 1858 August 2, 1936
Sweet, Rose (Wife of Phillip J.) 1867 November 27, 1950
Sweet, Spencer   October 14, 1926
Sweet, Warren (Husband of Olive Clifford) March 2, 1896 (Michigan Private U. S. Army W.W. I March 6, 1974
Sweet, William (Will in records) 1855 February 11, 1935
 Sweet, William Co. H. 9th Michigan Cavalry Civil War.  
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This data, like each new piece of information, must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence & it is always best to consult original primary material for verification.

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