Free Church Cemetery Readings for Superior Twp., Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., MI
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Free Church Cemetery readings
Superior Township, Ypsilanti,
Washtenaw County, MI

Free Church Cemetery is located on the N. E. Corner of Sec. 14 on Ford Road, in Superior Twp, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., MI.

A special 'thank you' to Paulette Quartermain who donated the 1825-1940 (compiled in 1968) transcribed records for this cemetery in Dec 2001.

These names are not necessarily in alphabetical order. To activate the 'find' feature on your web browser, click on the following keys on your keyboard. For Macintosh computers: 'Apple' + 'F'. For Windows computers: 'Ctrl' + 'F'. Enter the surname of your choice and click on the 'Find' button.

BAGLEY,  Phebe w/o J. C. 9-16-1860 62y 11m
         George A.  5-12-1851 33y

BENNETT, Hannah w/o Stephen  10-15-1849 27y

BENTLEY, John E. 3-11-1849 55y

BIRDSALL, Cora d/o G & M  4-2-1868 4y

BRMABLE, Charles  3-18-1872 43y

BREWER, Abraham  no dates
        Charity  9-17-1849  76y
        Eliza  1-11-1870 89y
        Susan  11-2-1863 64y w/o John
        John  6-2-1870 70y
        Phebe  5-15-1832   11-8-1885 w/o Allen Bagley

BRITTEN, Richard  1-24-1849 84y

COLLINS, James  b. 4-17-1790  d. 3-27-1874
         Elizabeth  b. 10-13-1791  d. 8-17-1874

CHEESMAN, Jesse  b. 7-22-1821 d. 1-6-1897
          Jane  b. 3-6-1818  d. 8-5-1899

COLE, Nancy B.  10-4-1854 49y w/o Peter
      Peter  5-13-1845 45y
      James H.  b. 10-22-1853
      Addison 5-22-1861 19y s/o MT & S

COLLINS, Elizabeth J. 1832-1915
         Susan E.  1869-1881
         Hamilton A. 1829-1908

COOK, Sarah A.  1879 6y

CULVER, Lottie S.  1869 1y

FILKINS, Wesley E.  s/o A & M  9-7-1857 9y
         Deliphene d/o A & M  1857 2m

FREMAN, Gideon  10-18-1835 48y

GALE, Henry  3-27-1873 76y
      Peace  1-17-1858 60y w/o Henry

HOFF, Emeline  10-27-1865 3ay w/o Warren

KERCHER, Sarah  b. 2-5-1844 d. 2-23-1899 w/o Gottleib
         Gottleib  b. 6-24-1843  d. 4-17-1919
         George J.  b. 3-17-1876  d. 9-5-1905

KIMMEL, Henry  8-5-1865 81y
        Susannah  6-2-1871 83 w/o Henry
        Edgar  2-26-1827 10y their son
        Henry H.  2-17-1859 23y
        Lelia O. b. 6-28-1876  d. 12-5-1858 (this is the way it reads in the book)

LEASURE, L.  b. 4-1820  d. 3-1894 came to MI in 1824
         Jane  b. 7-1827  d. 2-1899

MANN, Noah  3-20-1884 84y
      Lydia  3-26-1885  78y
      Ross 188-1912

MARKHAM, Oliver b. 1-6-1837  d. 1-26-1903
         Abigail  1841-1913
         George  1910-1911

McKIM, Rebecca   no dates
       James    no dates

McKNIGHT, Hannah  8-28-1847 80y 8m w/o James

OAKLEY, Jane L. 1-2-1882  49y w/o B. F.
        Olivena B. J.  1881 14y

PARKHURST, Alexia  9-5-1887 56y
           Sarah H. MANN  w/o Alexia b. 10-8-1838  d.1860
           Mary (another wife)  d. 4-22-1861 23y
           Abie 6-23-1855 50y
           Lydia  2-24-1865 63y w/o Abie
           Julia Ette  b. 3-1-1838  d. 11-9-1886 m WM. ROW  m.  ROBERT McMATH

PHELPS, Justin  May 1834 46y
         Hannah  9-24-1863  70y w/o Justin
         Malinda Feb. 1835  22y d/o J & H
         Sally Ann w/o Aaron  b. 1829  d. 5-18-1867 48y
         Phebe Ann w/o Orselius SHARP 6-12-1870 24y

ROOKE, Robert  12-18-1869 65y
       Cassie Ann b. 5-1-1801  d. 1-18-1894
       Wm. S.  d. 1861
       Mattie E.  1858-1892
       Robert T.  Co. H. 54th MI Cav.  d. 2-23-1863 18y

RUSSELL, Lester  3-13-1872 66y
         Phebe  9-30-1888  79y
         Jonathan  1-25-1862 60y

STACY, Ebenezer  b. 1-18-1704  d. 2-6-1827

STRANG, Jacob L.  1831-1901
        Abbey J.   1835-1919
        Mary E. w/o Olin T.  b. 10-16-1868  d. 12-5-1896

THUMM, Adam  10-10-1878  57y
       Christian A.   1-19-1884  15y

VOORHIES, George Oscar  3-19-1869  22y

WHITBACK, Charles  9-20-1874  65y 10m
          Jane  4-3-1885  76y 9m

WILBUR, Henry  6-28-1872  79y 9m
        Lydia  5-22-1865  69y 11m

WHITNEY, Lyman  10-28-1871 55y
         Mary Ann  widow of Lyman and wife of  I.L. Denike  d. 8-20-1877 65y

This data, like each new piece of information, must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence & it is always best to consult original primary material for verification.

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