Cross Cemetery Readings for Washtenaw Co., MI
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Cross Cemetery Readings
for Washtenaw Co., MI

Cross cemetery is located on the north side of Townline between Superior and Ypsilanti Twp. and across the road from the Catholic Cemetery, near the city of Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., MI.

A special 'thank you' to Paulette Quartermain who donated the 1825-1940 (compiled in 1968) transcribed records for this cemetery in Dec 2001.

These names are not necessarily in alphabetical order. To activate the 'find' feature on your web browser, click on the following keys on your keyboard. For Macintosh computers: 'Apple' + 'F'. For Windows computers: 'Ctrl' + 'F'. Enter the surname of your choice and click on the 'Find' button.

Casey, Lydia C.                d. 2-29-1850 age 49 w/o Ebenezer
       Mary                    d. 4-29-1865  age 66 w/o Ebenezer
       Elizabeth               d. 4-5-1849  age 17 d/o Ebenezer and Lydia
       Israel William          d. 1-15-1864 age 25 s/o Ebenezer and Lydia
Fulton, Daniel L.              d. 11-25-1844 age 60 and 7 mo
        Claudius B.            d. 3-7-1848 age 30
        Caroline               d. 1-4-1853 age 22 w/o F. G.,
Harrington, Lucy Ann           d. 3-17-1848 age 18 w/o Ira
Kipp, Jacob                    d. 7-31-1846 age 22
Larabee, Mary                  d. 11-6-1851 age 18 w/o S. W.
Marshall, Archibald D.         b. 7-28-1811  d. 9-25-1816  s/o Wm. R. & Eliza
McCormick, Charles M.          d. 7-10-1848 age 41
Moore, Abigail                 d. 6-29-1844 age 32 w/o David
Pettibone, Milton              d. 8-15-1875 age 75
           Elmire Eliza        d. 1-11-1852 age 24 w/o Milton
           Florence E.         d. 1852  d/o Milton & Elmire
           Edwin               d. 1851  s/o Milton & Elmire
           Hannah              b. 6-6-1802    d. 1-18-1888
           Harriet             d. 1-23-1835  age 39 w/o Roswell
           Lyman               d. 3-25-1867 age 76 and 7 mo
           Mercy               d. 9-28-1833 age 27 w/o Samuel
Roberts, Jonathan L.           d. 7-13-1874
         Thankful              d. 11-21-1845 age 55 w/o William
Spears, Edna                   d. 12-7-1852 age 52  w/o John
Swartout, Ralph                d. 2-7-1836 age 17  s/o A.R. & H.
Wheaton, Samuel                d. 5-25-1855 age 58

This data, like each new piece of information, must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence & it is always best to consult original primary material for verification.

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