Collins Cemetery Readings for Lyndon Twp., Washtenaw Co., MI
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Collins Cemetery Readings for
Lyndon Twp., Washtenaw Co., MI

Collins cemetery is located in Lyndon Twp., Washtenaw Co., MI. A special 'thank you' to Paulette Quartermain (now deceased) who donated the transcribed records for this cemetery in Nov 2000.

These names are not necessarily in alphabetical order. To activate the 'find' feature on your web browser, click on the following keys on your keyboard. For Macintosh computers: 'Apple' + 'F'. For Windows computers: 'Ctrl' + 'F'. Enter the surname of your choice and click on the 'Find' button.

Collins, Alpheus b. 9-24-1790  d. 5-16-1862  m. 10-31-1811
         Betsy Hall w/o Alpheus  b. 10-5-1790  d. 5-19-1861
         Selah Baxter  b. 11-12-1812  d. 4-17-1897 s/o A. & B.
         Permelia Green w/o Selah  m. 1833
         Josiah b. 5-30-1814  d. 3-5-1888 s/o A. & B.
         Mary Brown w/o Josiah d/o Talmon m. 1835  d. 5-19-1879
         Albert  d. 8-26-1828 s/o Alpheus & Betsy age 9
         Josephine  d. 6-22-1853 age 1yr 10 mo d/o Selah & Permelia
         William W. b. 5-3-1825 s/o Alpehus & Betsy
         Maria Palmer w/o William  m. 1849
         Algernon S.  b. 5-8-1826 s/o Alpheus & Betsy
         James N.  b. 11-14-1834  d. 7-1835 s/o Alpheus & Betsy

         Judson  b. 2-12-1823  d. 5-13-1852 s/o A & B
         William B. b. 7-1-1853 s/o Josiah H. &Mary Brown
         Mary Hagerty w/o William  b. 5-12-1853  d. 5-24-1920
         John  b. 4-30-1876 s/o William & Mary
         Herbert S. b. 10-29-1868  d. June 1869 s/o A & B
         Harrison W.  b/ 5-12-1816  d/ 8-11-1858  s/o A & B
         Mary Ann Ward w/o  Harrison m 9-2-1840 d. 1862 age 46
         Walter D.  b. 12-4-1817  d. 12-1-1855 s/o A & B
         Lodaneski Baker w/o William D.  m. 1847
         Isac F.  b. 8-24-1819  d. 1862  s/o A & B
         Mary A. Wolf w/o Isac  m. 1842  (dau. of Cherokee Chief)
         Esther D.  b. 8-4-1821  d. 6-10-1849 d/o A & B.
         Josiah  1852-1854 s/o Josiah & Mary
         Alfred Alpheus s/o Harrison & Mary d. 1856 age 8mo
         Walter D.  d. 1858 s/o S.L. & M. K.  age 1yr 6mo
         Mariana S.  d. 1852  d/o Selah & Permelia  age 2yr 8mo
Hagerty, Patrick  b. Cook, Ireland  b. 1826  d. 11-17-1891
         Mary White w/o Patrick  b. Killkenny, Ireland Sept. 1820  d. 2-22-1896
              m. 1849 New York City
Collins, Hattie  d. 11-9-1858  d/o W.W. & M.K.  age 9mo
Sadler,  Truman S.   d. 4-21-1864

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