Lakeside Cemetery

Lakeside Cemetery is also known as Colon Cemetery, and is located in Section 10, on Farrand Road/County Road 145, Colon, Michigan.

This is a combination of two different transcriptions both done by Josephine Reed Garzelloni.

Josephine's Introduction

This cemetery record is by no means complete. The book records begin in 1900. All burials done before 1900 are not recorded anywhere except for the tombstones of each individual grave. This is a large rural community cemetery and there are certainly probably as many burials not recorded as there are recorded. It is my hope that someone will read the tombstones before they become illegible so we will have a more complete record of this lovely cemetery. There are many blank spaces for these records and I've transcribed all that was in the book to transcribe save for the funeral director and most of the causes of death. Some of the causes of death were transcribed because of their unusual nature.. All effort has been made to make this as accurate an account as possible. Where there were obvious spelling errors, they were corrected. If I wasn't sure of the proper spelling, it was left as found.

Transcribed and typed by Josephine Reed Garzelloni
Proofed by Emilio Jacob Garzelloni
The work on this cemetery was done in loving memory of
Giovanni Garzelloni and his wife Amelia Ghezzi

As Josephine states, there are missing graves, if anyone knows of someone buried here that is missing please send me the appropriate information to add to these pages.



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