Dale Bryarly Jr. Biography

Artemas Ward

Harold Dale and Nancy (Green) Bryarly Jr.
by Paula Wilson-Case

Was born September 22, 1938 in Elkhart, IN. He had a troubled childhood. He grew up on
Division St. in Elkhart, Indiana. A story goes that one day, he was run over by an ambulance.
In those days they were higher off the ground, so he just lay down and it went over him. At age
16, he spent time in a reformatory.

He married Nancy Lou (Green) on April 18, 1959 in Niles, MI. She was born February 7, 1939
in Battle Creek, MI. They met in Niles, MI. Harold was a gas station attendant and Nancy
worked as an operator for Northern Bell Telephone. They met through church, where Harold's
cousin was the minister.

Nancy graduated from Niles High School in 1957. She was a tomboy. She won FIRST place in
a parade in Niles, MI two times; 7 July 1950 & July 1951. Her theme was accident victim and
then as a nurse.

Their first home was at 1014 Howard St., Niles, MI. In 1968, they bought one acre on Thomas
Rd., in Mottville Twp., White Pigeon, MI. They, their two daughters, and family cleared the
land. A foundation was put in for their trailer. While the foundation was being constructed, the
family lived in a tent. Over the years, they would add five acres and a son to the family.

Harold was at one time the president of the St. Joseph Conservation Club in Sturgis, MI. Nancy
was a 4-H leader for the Wabameme Club. She taught knitting, crocheting, and sewing.

They raised rabbits, ducks, geese, and chickens. Various animals would stray into the yard;
several dogs, cats, and even pigs.

In early to mid 1970's, a monkey attacked Nancy as she was coming out of the house. Her son
and a neighborhood girl were in the garage. Nancy got a shovel and killed the monkey. The
monkey came from a home down the road. It had been scared by a passing semi. Nancy had a
total of 9 stitches, 3 in each hand and 3 in her leg.

Harold worked in construction for 16 years. He worked for his cousin at Lee Construction
Company. Other jobs he held were semi-truck driver, RV delivery driver, and cargo trailer
laborer. He was very good at his craft. One thing about Harold was, he always went to work no
matter how sick he was.

Nancy was a stay-at-home mom for 16 years until Harold was laid-off from his construction
job. She went to work at Keene's Store Fixtures; making shelves for places like Wal-mart and
Kmart. She worked her way up to QC Inspector. She also worked at other places (sometimes
with her children): Kenco Auto Parts, and as a housecleaner.

Bud, Harold's nickname, and Nancy became involved in the pre-1840's reenactment. They

opened The Mottville Black Powder Shop in their home in the 1980's. They traveled to
rendezvous to sell their wares, always dressing in mountain clothes. This was their passion.
They made beeswax candles and lanterns, gun cases out of material, black powder pouches, and
various kind of knives with antler handles. They owned a lean-to, and then went to a teepee,
and then to a marquee. He was a member of the Brothers of the Wind, Pokagan Long Rifles and
other pre-1840 re-enactment groups. They participated in the Rocky River Rendezvous in Three
Rivers, MI.

They were active in the raising of their grandchildren.

Harold was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1996. He passed away 3 months later at his home in
Mottville Twp. His wife, children, and a friend were with him when he passed on October 27,

Nancy developed cervical cancer in 2005. After completing radiation and chemotherapy, she
was cleared. Then, in 2006, Nancy's colon ruptured. She was hospitalized at Sturgis Hospital in
Sturgis, MI. Her colon was removed. She was doing well, but a week later, she passed away on
April 22, 2006. Her sister, Mary Ann, Pam and Buddy were able to visit her before she passed.
Paula was with her at the end.

They both are interned in Sliverbrook Cemetery, in Niles. MI.


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