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Mary Ann McMurtrie was born 13 November 1825. She was the daughter of John McMurtrie (1895-1849) and Julia Ann Bailey (1798 –1871) [See separate biographies] Mary Ann was born at New Columbia in what is now Union County, Pennsylvania. On 26 September 1844 nineteen-year-old Mary Ann McMurtrie left Pennsylvania with her family. One month later the family reached St. Joseph County, Michigan.

On 1 April 1847 in St. Joseph County, Michigan, Mary Ann McMurtrie became the second wife of David S. Hale. David, who kept two hotels, one in Three Rivers and one in nearby Marcellus and was also a merchant in Three Rivers.  David and Mary Ann had many children, all born in St. Joseph or neighboring Cass County, Michigan. There is some conflict about James Hale (1848 –still living in 1880). Although he was born in 1848, which suggests that Mary Ann was his mother, he later lists his mother’s birthplace as New York, which suggests that James is the son of David S. Hale’s New York born first wife first wife. We are more certain of the remaining children: Details are given below.

Mary Ann died 22 January 1878 in Three Rivers, Michigan. She is buried at Riverside Cemetery, Three Rivers, Michigan, next to her Husband David S. Hale and near both of her parents. After Mary Ann’s death David S. Hale married Adella Kennedy.

Mother uncertain.

James H. Hale born March 1848 in Park Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan. Park Township is where Mary’s parents had originally settled. If his birthplace was indeed 1848, he was the son of Mary; however the 1880 census lists his mother’s birthplace as New York and that suggests he was born before 1848 and that he was the son of David’s first wife.  In 1860 12 years old and living in Marcellus, Michigan. In 1880 he was a farmer living in Flowerfield Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan with his wife 34 year old Alice Atkinson (1846 – 4 November 1924). They had no children.

Children of Mary Ann McMurtrie and David S. Hale:

David Hale, Jr. born 27 December 1849 in Lockport Township (Three Rivers) Michigan. In 1870 he was listed as “driving express wagon” and living in Three Rivers. He married Hettie E. Feas. The 1880 census records David, Jr. as still living in Three Rivers and working as a teamster. It notes his wife was born in Pennsylvania in July 1849. In 1900 he was living in Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan at 204 McGuigan Street.  The children of David S. Hale and Hettie include 1) Harbert (or Herbert) Hale, (December 1870 - ?) wife’s name Kittie M.; 2) Alfred Eugene Hale, (December 1872 - ?); 3) Mabel B. Hale  (July 1879 - ?)  Michigan, and 4) Lillie M. Hale (December 1880 - ?)

 Darwin Hale, born March 28, 1851.On 1 January 1873 he married Rachel Virginia Jacobus who had been born 7 September 1853. In 1880 Darwin Hale was working as a marble Cutter in Marcellus, Michigan. He had a wife “Jennie”, who was two years younger than himself, and a 5 year old son Edwin David Hale (24 July 1874 – 19 October 1914); He married Daisy Electa Kellett on 1893; their children were Inez Electra Hale (17 April 1895 – m. 1 Sept 1923 Alfred Bethke and Theodore Benedict Hale (26 October 1896 – m. 13 June 1920 a daughter Barbara Louise Hale was born 12 July 1923. Darwin Hale of Tuberculosis at age 36, 2 January 1888, leaving one son – a member of the M.P. Church.

John Hale born 20 March 1854 at Lockport (Three Rivers), Michigan. Died 18 March 1910.. Living in Marcellus with the family in 1860. On 21 July 1877 he married Emma Coup(ca. 1858 - 8 July 1897) In 1880 he was living in Goshen, Indiana, with a 24 year old wife Emma F., and working as a “mechanic.” At the time of his father’s death John was still living in Goshen. John and Emma had one daughter Bernis Hale (b. 2 January 1881, m. 1905 to August McBride, d. 15 February 1915). On 14 July 1903 John Hale married for a second time to Clara Rhine (9 March 1857 - ?). They had no children.

Edward (Elwood in some sources) Hale born Feb 1856, at Park Michigan, died at age 6 in 1862.

 Mary Freelove Hale (15 August 1859 – 2 August 1916),  she was born at Marcellus, Michigan. Mary’s middle name has been the center of some disagreement. Some sources make it “Freelove” after her husband’s first wife and use “F” as her middle initial. Other sources use “Love” and L. for a middle initial. In the 1860 census she is listed as “M.L.” Her nephew gave the name as Freelove and I will use this name.  On 8 October 1882 she married Henry Albert Weaver (1856-1912) and settled in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, just over twenty miles south of Three Rivers. Their children were Bernice Lore Weaver (1884-1939), married Vernon.B. McConnehay; Blanche Violet Weaver (1886-1939), married Rollo Frank Walters (1884 –1949); Hazel Margaret Weaver (1894-1968); married Max Hilmer. Nobel Ridel Weaver (1897-1955); Mary Katherine “Kappy” Weaver (1902-1982) who married  Paul Schneider. Harrison Morton Weaver (1888 – 1955); Howard Henry Weaver (1891- )  [See separate file for details of her life].

Frank Hale born 1867 at Flowerfield, Michigan. A note from Helen Routon says “His wife Mary Ann died in 1868. Alive in 1870.

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