St. Clair Co, MI Marriage Records (1838-1857)

St. Clair County, Michigan



Book 1

The following is a collection of county marriages, compiled by Lois Wedge and Helen Whiting, and graciously donated for online transcription to Suzette Bromley. This collection was transcribed directly from the marriage log books located in the St. Clair County Clerk's office. These records are open to the public during normal business hours. I have noted the book numbers for those interested in viewing the originals. You will have to refer to the indexes for these books in the clerk's office for specific page numbers. There are occurances of marriages being filed many years later, so be sure to look through all the records. It is for personal use and not for profit.

Date of Marriage, Place of Marriage, Date of Record
Groom's Name, age, residence, occupation, P: parents
Bride's Name, age, residence, occupation, P: parents
Witnesses and residences; Minister/Justice of the Peace (JP)
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11 Oct 1838
John Hiscult, 17, Moore, Upper Canada
Ann Edwards, 14
Israel Carelton, JP

31 Dec 1838
Captain Stephen L. Henson, 37, China Twp
Mary Jane Rutherford, 17, China Twp
Mr. Samuel Rutherford & Miss Adelia Rutherford; O.C. Thompson, Minister

18 Oct 1838
Philip J. Tole, 27, Detroit
Janthe (?) Boynton, 15
Mr. Joseph Boynton & his wife and Miss Mary Ann Chittenden; O.C. Thompson, Minister

24 Nov 1838
Frene Marquart, 49, China Twp
Mary Ann Noak, 27, China Twp
Mr. Lewis Shirkey, of Cottrellville & Miss Mary Ann Rikert, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

18 Dec 1838
Allen Bills, 40, Town of Clyde
Leah Jersey, 38, Town of Washington, Macomb Co
A. Dumfield & Miss A., both of Town of Clyde; John H. Wesbrook, JP

18 Nov 1838
Nathan Gilbert, 40, Town of Clyde
Susan Bran, 19, Town of Clyde
J. Pulciffer & Sydney Bean; John H. Wesbrook, JP

12 Feb 1838
George Bell Johnson, 24, Moore, Upper Canada
Emily S. Donnaly, 19, Moore, Upper Canada
Mr. Hugh Johnson & John Colton, both of Moore, Upper Canada; O.C. Thompson, Minister

7 Feb 1839
Agijah Beard, 33, St. Clair Twp
Sally Carleton, 21, St. Clair Twp
Edmond Carleton Jr., of St. Clair Twp & Reed Jeromer (?) of China Twp; Rev. Alanson Fleming

7 March 1839
Alexander Callum, 27, Moore, Upper Canada
Elizabeth Wood, 16, Moore, Upper Canada
Mr. Donald Callum, of Moore, Upper Canada & Mr. Nelson George; O.C. Thompson, Minister

10 March 1839
Alanson Warner, 30, Cottrellville
Elvira Ward, 19, Cottrellville, P: Nathan Ward & Charlotte Beach
David Wilkins, John Warner; David Cottrell, JP

16 Feb 1839
James H. Hill, 22, St. Clair
Lucretia Brown, 22, St. Clair
James Ogden & Rufus Henderson; Pendleton Ogder, JP

9 May 1839
John Lozon, 19, Cottrellville, P: Seraphim Lozen & Mary Louise Moran
Archange Bouvier, 26, Cottrellville, P: Peter Meny & Cecilia Chartier; (widow of Francis Xavier Bouvier)
Moses Carmel & Julia Carmel, of Cottrellville; John P. Phillips, JP

19 May 1839
Michael Plant, 21, Clyde
Mary Ann McCullom, 18, Clyde
Herod A. Kinney & Diantha Holister, both of Clyde; Vincent, JP

19 May 1839
Francis Cadet, 23, Sombra, Upper Canada
Sophia Anderson, 18
Anthony Laborder & Florey Laborder, both of Sombra, Upper Canada; John P. Phillips, JP

17 July 1839
Titus B. Palmer, 40, St. Clair
Polly Cody, 45, St. Clair
H. Cady & H.N. Monson, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

24 June 1839
Melvin S. Hathaway, 27, Hudson Portage County, Ohio
Persis P. Beardsley, 19, St. Clair
Evert Beardsley (house of) & Oliver Beardsley; H.N. Monson, JP

1 Sept 1839
R.S. Bristol, 31, Chicago
Louisa P. Clark, 19, China Twp
John Clark & F.P. Tucker, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

14 April 1839
Reuben Smith, 28, Cottrellville, P: Gardiner Smith & Anna Shefield
Cecile Chartier, 17, Cottrellville, P: Louis Chartier & Archange Cottrell
Lewis Chartier & A.N. Smith; David Cottrell, JP

19 April 1839
William Nelson, 28, Sombra, Upper Canada
Sarian Welch, 18, Sombra, Upper Canada
John Bamham, of Sombra & Henry H., of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

28 Sept 1839
Francis Tibault, 25, St. Clair
Elizabeth Hufmaster, 19, Cottrellville, P: Nicholas Hufmaster & Celeste Sire dit Cadieu
Nicholas Huffmaster & Lambert Minie, both of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

18 Jan 1839
Robert R. Clute, 21
Lydia Caroline Ackley Farrington
C. Sanborn (home of) & Isabella Sanborn; John S. Kimball, JP

12 Jan 1839
William R. Goodwin, 37, Clyde
Marion Atkins, 40, Clyde
Alexander Atkins & Eliza D. Atkins, both of Clyde; James S. Vincent, JP

13 March 1839
James Hart, 23, P: Peter Hart & Mary
Sarah Swartout, 20, P: John Swartout & Catherine Winne
Mr. Peter Hart & Mr. John Swartout; O.C. Thompson, Minister

24 Nov 1838
Mathew Dowson, 23, Sombra, Wester District
Jane James, 19, Sombra, Wester District
Hannah Kendall & Henry M. Houton; Jacob Kendall, JP

21 March 1839
Daniel McDonald, 25, Sombra
Flora McDonald, 24, Sombra
McDough Larchlen (?) & Hector McDonald; Jacob Kendall, JP

28 March 1839, China Twp
Josiah Lindsay, 25
Betsey Fruman, 16
Oliver Wesbrook & wife & others; John M. Oakes, JP

25 Oct 1838
Mark Carrington, 23, Lexington
Rhoda Ann Butler, 16
Chauncey Dond (?) & Joseph B. Comstock; R.B. Diamond, JP

10 April 1839, Clay Twp
Miles McMillen, 28, Sombra, Upper Canada
Ann Smith, 18, Sombra, Upper Canada
Alex McIngor & John McDonald; Jacob Kendall, JP

7 Jan 1839
Vincent Pocket (Paquette), 22, Ira, P: Charles Paquette
Phoebe Chortie (Chartier), 18, Ira
Charles Chortie, of Clay & Charles Kimball, of Ira; Marks, JP

21 April 1839
Daniel F. Hart, 21, Cottrellville
Betsey Preston, Clay
Benjamin Newhall & Clarke W. Newhall; John K. Smith, JP

1 Oct 1839
John B. Wade, 26, Rochester, Wisconsin
Mary L. Whitman, 24, St. Clair
David Whitman & William B. Barron, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

10 Aug 1839
James Hugh, 23, Lexington
Hellen Ann Ellsworth, 15, Lexington
John Hags & Thompson Ashby; R.B. Diamond, JP

24 Nov 1839
Alexander Dunfield, 25, Clyde
Lydia Bean, 17, Clyde
Norman R. Smith & Margaret Donavan, both of Clyde; James I. Vincent, JP

9 Oct 1839
Peter Galino, 28, Moore, Upper Canada
Elizabeth Frazer, 19, Moore, Upper Canada
Sidney Kenyon & Mon (?) Hopkins; Saul F. Hopkins, JP

4 Aug 1839
Joseph Rowley, 28, Berlin
Elizabeth Smith
Marcus Rowley & Elias Smith; Stephen A. McGeorge, JP

4 Oct 1839
Eliza Sharp, 19, Dawn, Upper Canada
Anoelin Lipscomb, 19, Sombra, Upper Canada
Prindle Hubble & Auslem Lipscomb, both of Howard, Upper Canada; David Cottrell, JP

18 Dec 1839, Cottrellville
William Flure, 23, Cottrellville
Sophia Burges, 21, Cottrellville
Henry Cottrell & Francis Flure, both of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

2 Feb 1840
Jidediah W. Granger, 21, Columbus
Mary Baker, 19
J.W. Octoa Sheavr (?) & Charles Baker; Lyman Granger, JP

9 Feb 1840
Mary B. Carleton, 24, St. Clair
Joseph C. Cox, 22, St. Clair
Edmund Carleton (home of), of St. Clair & Charles Kimball, of Ira Twp; H.N. Vouson, JP

11 Nov 1839
Nathan Chase, 28, Lexington
Anne McClure, 22, Lexington
Cornelius Bigelow &Louisa Chadwick; Lewis Chadwick, JP

4 Dec 1839
John Hoffton, 40, St. Clair
Loiza George, 39, St. Clair
William H. Savage (at the home of) & Sarah, his wife, both of Columbus; Theodore Bathy, JP

22 Jan 1840
Alexander W. Clark, 25, Clyde
Emeline H. Miller, 17, Port Huron
Jacob Miller, of Port Huron & Vance David, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

2 Feb 1840
Herod A. Keeney, 26, Clyde
Diantha Hollista, 20
Daniel W. Hollister & Arnold Keeney; O.C. Thompson, Minister

10 March 1840
Captain Sargent Heath, 59, St. Clair
Martha Crop, 46, Port Huron
John Doran, of St. Clair & Mrs. Marilda Heath, of Port Huron

18 March 1840, Port Huron
William Weston, 21, Lexington
Ann Merchant, Lexington
Darias R. Hatch & William B. Lagon (?), of Port Huron; O.C. Thompson, Minister

1 Jan 1840
Norman R. Smith, 27, Clyde
Margaret Aitkin, 21, Clyde
William R. Goodwin & Alex Aitkin, both of Clyde; R.K. Greenfield, JP

18 March 1840, Clyde
Harriet L. Bartlett, 18, Clyde
George M. Wheaton, 23, Clyde
Horace Bartlett & Levi Clough, both of Clyde; R.K. Greenfield, JP

8 Jan 1840, Ira
Jacob L. Woolverton, 22, Cottrellville
Electra Andrew, Ira
William Hill & Joel Andrew; M. Mark, JP

16 Feb 1840, Berlin Co.
Levi Kimball, 22, Richmond, Macomb County
Susan Maria Dennis, 17, Armada, Macomb County
John A. Warner & Mylia Warner; Sylvester Warner, JP

19 April 1840
Asaph Eaton
Julia Ann Chamberlin, 18, Berlin
Alaon (?) Chamberlin & Malinda J. Chamberlin; Sylvester Warner, JP

20 April 1840
Hester Genaw, 18, Sombra, Upper Canada, P: Joseph Genaw & Cecilia Delisle
James Fisher, 26
David Stewart & Richard Peck, of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

24 March 1840, office of Clay Twp
Hannah McDougan, 20, Sombra
Hiram Little, 22
James McDougall, of Upper Canada; J.G. Streit, JP

17 May 1840, Algonac
Charles L. Poole, 36, Clay, Boot Shoemaker
Mariene Chortie, 16, Clay, Seamstress, P: Charles Chartier & Elizabeth Meny
Flora Stafford & Betsey Ainsworth; John K. Smith, JP

23 May 1840
Hector McDonald, 21, Sombra, Upper Canada, Farmer
Jane Judson, 17, Sombra, Upper Canada, Seamstress
Sarah C. Smith & Jane Smith; John K. Smith, JP

21 June 1839
Mary Rattray, 22, Walpole, Upper Canada, late of Scotland
George Fish, 25, Walpole, Upper Canada, late of England
Sarah C. Smith & Jane Smith; John K. Smith, JP

14 Jan 1840
Frederick Miller, 21, Clyde
Harriet Beard, 16, Clyde
Hiram Whitcomb & Desmond (?) Stockwell; John W. Wesbrook, JP

24 Nov 1839
Abel Stockwell, 21, Clyde
Desdemona Jersey, 19, Clyde
Asa Edgcomb & Susan, his wife; John W. Wesbrook, JP

28 May 1840, Port Huron
Joseph Andrew, 27
Docia Larabu, 25
Nathaniel Howard & Elizabeth Howard, his wife; J.I. Vincent, JP

13 April 1840
Chester Carleton
Sally Ann Leach
William H. Carleton & Persis Carleton; Carelton, JP

8 June 1840, house of Benjamin Newhall
Electa H. Preston, 20, Clay
William Cox, 33, St. Clair
Curtis Bellow, of Cottrellville & Chester Kimball, of Ira; William A. Caswill, JP

26 May 1840, Cottrellville, house of Henry A. Caswell
Samuel Stone, 27, Portland Co, Chatengue, New York
Ann Rosetta, 18, Cottrellville
Curtis Bellow & James Robertson, of Cottrellville; Henry Caswell, JP

27 June 1840
John B. Pietle, 30, Cottrellville
Esther Boshaw, 20, Cottrellville
House of Stephen Rosell, Curtis Bellows & Peter Damors; Henry A. Caswell, JP

6 Sep 1840, Clyde
John Brown, 21, Clyde
Emily Brandymore, 15
Richard Bean Jr. & Farozina Bean, his wife; J.J. Vincent, JP

25 Oct 1840
Eliza Goodwin, 17, Clyde
Moses Wilson, 22, Clyde
Norman R. Smith & Margaret Smith, his wife; James Vincent, JP

15 Oct 1840
Sarah Gould, 19, Port Huron
Joseph Bryce, 24, Port Huron
Thomas Bryce, of Lexington & Othuiel Gould, of Port Huron; O.C. Thompson, JP

22 Oct 1840
William Beard Jr., 27, China Twp
Charlotte Earle, 27
Stephen Earle & Richi Truman; M.K. Miles, JP

7 Sep 1840
Horace Cadwell, 25, Lexington
Margaret Burch, 16, Lexington
Elizah Bobbing & Eathan Burch; A. Hogan, JP

28 March 1840
Stephen Widbeck, 21, Armada
Esther Treadwell, 18
William Shirkey & Flo Crop, both of Riley; John Loun, JP

26 Nov 1840
Agnes Parsons, 16, Moore, Upper Canada
Joseph Jnard, 20, Moore, Upper Canada
Lewis Galino & Julia Galino, both of Moore, Upper Canada; M., JP

29 Nov 1840
Catherine Maria Partridge, 17, St. Clair
Marcus W. Miles, 27, St. Clair
Harmon Chamberlin (house of) & Joseph Partridge; W.N. Monson, JP

27 July 1840
Joseph McCrary, 23, Port Huron
Sarah Mariah Loseck, 22
Ruth Davies & Wellington Davies; R. Hamilton, JP

31 Dec 1840
Perry H. Dale, 26
Eliza Ann Spaulding, 18
Isaac Halsted & Laura Halsted; John J. Heath, JP

22 Dec 1840
William Shukey, 22, Clyde
Nancy Shull, 22, Columbus
William Stewart (house of) & Janet Stewart; Hugh Gregg, JP, Riley

15 Nov 1840, Clyde
John Frankie, 34, Clyde
Nancy H. Comb, 22, Clay
David Donaldson (house of), of Clyde & Clarissa Donaldson; Hugh Gregg, JP

13 Jan 1841, Clay
Samuel Russel, 27, Cottrellville
Sarah C. Smith, 20, Clay
John K. Smith, of Clay & Selden A. Jones, of Cottrellville; J.P. Phillips, JP

27 Jan 1841, China
Euphemia L. Wesbrook, 29, China Twp
Aaron G. Peer, 28, Clay Twp
Ebenezer Wesbrook, of China & Violetta Wesbrook; Phillips, JP

19 Feb 1841, Port Huron
J.R. Rice, 30, Lexington
Ann Small, 30, Lexington
D.A. Powers & J.B. Covis; J.S. Hiutt, JP

20 Feb 1841
Charles W. Rerkins, 24, London, Upper Canada
Mary Ann Montague, 20, London, Upper Canada
John Beach & Hezekiah Clark; M. Miles, JP

27 Feb 1841
Job Smith, 28
Ruby Scott, 25
Russell Baker, of Lexington & Senica Baker; Thomas Huckins, Minister

20 Sep 1840
Nathan Aldrick, 21, Armada
Louisa Ballow, 16
Abijah Fruman & Silas W. Ballow; Stephen A. McGeorge, JP

4 March 1841, Cottrellville
James Metten, 23, Sandwich, Upper Canada
Mary Ann Ward, Sombra, Upper Canada
James Little, of Sandwich, U.C. & George W. Jones, of Sombra, U.C.; David Cottrellville, JP

21 April 1841, China
Daniel (?) Lindsay, 25
Angeline Allen, 20
Josiah Lindsay & Betsey Lindsay; E.S. Crop, JP

15 March 1841
Darius Chamberlin, 40
Sarah Shuky, China Twp
John McQueen & Margaret McQueen; William Gonne, Minister

13 March 1841 - [3 March 1841]
Phinias Kenyon, 59, China - [widower]
Sirene Slyfield, 42, St. Clair - [nee Syrena Belknap Lilly, widow]
John & Martin Kenyon, of China; William Gonne, Minister
Susan Kenyon.

1 April 1841
Jacob Peer Jr., 25, Clay
Lavina Wilkins, 20
David Wilkins Sr. & Jacob Peer Sr.; William Gonne, Minister

8 May 1841, China
Andrew Garvey, 26, Moore, Upper Canada
Julia A. McKinney, 16, Moore, Upper Canada
Mons Hopkins & Jane Nichols; S.F. Hopkins, JP

8 April 1841, Lexington
Ebenezer Sheldon, 26, Lexington
Almira Schell, 14, Lexington
Hiram Reynolds & Allen A. Stevens, of Lexington; R.B. Dimond, JP

18 April 1841, Lexington
John A. Might, 26, Lexington
Mary Hydes, 21, Lexington
E.L. Smith & John Hydes, of Lexington; R.B., Dimond, JP

18 April 1841, Lexington
Darias Cole, 22, Lexington
Ann Wilcox, 20, Lexington
E.L. Smith & John Hydes, both of Lexington; R.B. Dimond, JP

3 April 1841
W. Isaac Wilson, 21, Port Huron Twp
Miss Sarah R.F. Miller, 14, Port Huron Twp
Jerauld Miller & Mrs. Alice L. Thompson, both of Port Huron; C.C. Thompson, Minister

24 June 1841, Clyde
Abraham Sprague, 28, Port Huron
Nancy Osmer, 14, Port Huron
George W. Palmer & Mary Palmer, both of Port Huron; James I. Vincent, JP

4 July 1841, Town of China
Philander West, 36, China
Justine Petit, 26, China
Alphens Earll & Urana (?) Earll, of China; S.F. Hopkins, JP

8 May 1841, Town of China
Andrew Garvey, 26, Moore, Upper Canada
Julia Ann McKinney, 16, Moore, Upper Canada
Moses Hopkins & Jane Nichols, both of China; S.F. Hopkins, JP

22 Aug 1841, Cottrellville
John Decator, 22, Moore, Upper Canada
Sarah P. Cooley, 15, Upper Canada
Archibald Cooley & Mary Ann Cooley; David Cottrell, JP

16 June 1841, Cottrellville
William Porter, 25, Port Sarnia, Canada
Mary Boyd, 16, Port Sarnia, Canada
George Lenox & Fanny Lenox, both of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

25 April 1841, Cottrellville
George W. Jones, 25, Sombra, Canada
Rose Bunviner, 19, Sombra, Canada
Seth W. Knight & Henry Ward, both of Sombra; David Cottrell, JP

23 Sep 1841, St. Clair
Samuel Ganson, 26, Port Huron
Susannah St. Bernard, 24
Ebenezer Raymond, of Lexington & John Brach, of St. Clair; S.F. Hopkins, JP

13 June 1841, house of Ira Marks, Ira Twp
Clark Worden Jr., 22, China Twp, P: Clark Worden & Irene Donaldson
Henrietta Marks, 19, Ira Twp
Porter Chamerlin & John Worden, both of China Twp; J.G. Streit, JP

29 Aug 1841, Clyde Twp
Edwin Thompson, 29, Clyde Twp
Mrs. Jane Greenfield, 28, Clyde Twp
D.W. Hollister & John A. Bettys, both of Clyde Twp; Amos G. Throop, JP

22 June 1841, Lexington
Orange Baker, 24, Lexington
Mary Stevens, 17, Lexington
Julia Baker & R.A. Carrington, both of Lexington; R.D. Dimond, JP

8 July 1841, Lexington Twp
Norton Hollister, 26, Lexington
Matilda Burtch, 18, Lexington
Jonathan Burtch, of Lexington & Elijah Burtch, of Port Huron; R.B. Dimond, JP

20 July 1841, Port Huron
Ezekiel Mattison, 21, Port Huron
Mary Armstrong, 20, Port Huron
Thomas Armstrong & Mark Mattison, both of Port Huron; George White, JP

18 July 1841
Lemuel Parmely, 36, China Twp
Sally Burham, 27, China Twp
William Gonne, Minister

4 Sep 1841, St. Clair Twp
George Bellant, 29, St. Clair Twp
Miss Sophia Reno, 28, St. Clair Twp
Charles Reno & Zemma Reno, both of St. Clair Twp; M.H. Miles, JP

23 Jan 1841
Narcisse Hardieux, 21, Clay Twp, Wagonmaker
Melanie Lacroix, 19, Clay Twp, Seamstress
John K. Smith, JP

11 Feb 1841, Clay Twp
John Baptiste Oulette, 32, Gilbert Twp, Kent County, Upper Canada
Mrs. Angeline Paeno (Preno?), 29, Gilbert Twp, Kent County, Upper Canada
John K. Smith, JP

20 Feb 1841, Algonac
Ezekiel Niles, 25, Watertown, Kent County, Upper Canada, Farmer
Miss Sarah Cryderman, 20, late of Upper Canada, Seamstress
John K. Smith, JP

11 June 1841, St. Clair County
William Kollock (Kellock), 25, Prairieville, Wisconsin
Miss Ann Hunter, 25, Clay
Henry Durant & S.F. Atwood; John K. Smith, JP

9 July 1841
Ai Baird, 63, Port Huron
Miss Martha Havenese, 19, Port Huron
James Haynes & Andrew Belknap, both of New York State; R. Hamilton, JP

28 Oct 1841
Goodwin M. Durfee, 21, Town of Columbus
Miss Lucinda E. Brown, 15, Town of Columbus
Edward Fay & Eveline Fay; Lyman Grangh, JP

7 Nov 1841
Augustus Wells, 30, Port Huron
Miss Elizabeth Farrington, 18, St. Clair
James Seymor & Robert Farrington, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

25 Nov 1841, Riley
W. Ira Babcock, 27, Town of Riley
Miss Luthana C. Wells, 19, Town of Riley
O. Rix, of Riley & Isaac B. Gilbert, of Richmond; Charles Kellogg, Minister

24 Dec 1841
Augustus Allen, 25
Miss Bridget Thistle, 18
John Davidson & William R. Goodwin, both of Clyde; Norman R. Smith, JP

2 Dec 1841, Clyde Twp
Luther H. Ward, 19
Miss Mary Harrington, 18
Mr. Harrison Case & Uriah Harrington, both of Port Huron; Norman R. Smith, JP

31 Jan 1842, at house of William Austin, Clyde Twp
Henry Corey (Corry), 27, Upper Canada
Miss Louisa Austin, 17, Clyde Twp
Mr. William Austin & Mrs. Mary Austin, both of Clyde; Amos G. Throop, JP

6 Feb 1842, China
William Cook, 23, Town of China
Miss Cordelia Lockwood, 17, Town of China
Dolphus Smith & Daniel Carlton; M.N. Miles, JP

19 Jan 1842, St. Clair
Calvin [Marsh], 26, St. Clair Twp (Calvin's last name left blank in body of record)
Miss Catharine March, 26, St. Clair Twp
Joseph H. Marsh & Aaron N. Marsh; O.C. Thompson, Minister

29 Jan 1842
Timothy Steele (?), 23, Cottrellville
Miss Arabil Lock, 17, Cottrellville
Renselaer VanAntwerp & Franklin A. Loch; Lovil F. Harris, Minister, M.E. Church

20 Jan 1842, Algonac
Reuben Mackum, 30, Sombra, Upper Canada
Eliza Howard, 20, Sombra, Upper Canada
Theodore Howard & Elen Howard, both of Sombra, U.C.; J.G. Striet, JP

2 Dec 1842, St. Clair
Leonard Smith, 30, St. Clair
Miss Mary Ann Morse, 25, St. Clair
Marcus H. Miles & William B. Barron, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

2 Jan 1842, Town of Berlin
George French
Fanny Carpenter
Samuel Carpenter & Holmes Jackson, both of Berlin; Henry Stone, JP

12 Sep 1841
Nathan Aldrich, 21
Louisa Ballon, 16
Silas W. Ballon & Abiah W. Ballon; Stephen A. McGeorge, JP

31 March 1842
William Stone, Berlin
Esther Coddington, Armada, Macomb County
Chandler P. Stone & Orville Stone; Stephen A. McGeorge, JP

7 Feb 1842
Peter Duchene, 26, on Sep 26, 1841, Town of China
Mary Berna, 16, on Feb 10, 1841, Town of China
Michael Duchene & James Berna, both of China; E.E. Carleton, JP

9 Dec 1841, Town of China
Walter Smith, 24, Cottrellville
Catherine Lours, 17, Town of China
Jacob Lours & Nancy, both of China; David Cottrell, JP

31 March 1842, China Twp
Henry Dichen (Duchene?), 30, China Twp
Louise Schreiner, 22, China Twp
Jacob Diehm & Margaret Schreiner; Fred Herrmann, Catholic Minister of Detroit

31 March 1842
Alex Fubn, 24, Sombra, Upper Canada
Miss Priscilla Lauraby, 20, Sombra, Upper Canada
Miss Sophia Moran, of Moore, Upper Canada & Agnes McDougall, of Sombra, U.C.

31 March 1842, China Twp
Jacob Diehn, 29, China Twp
Margaret Schriener, 24, China Twp
Henry Diehn & Louis Schreiner; Fred Herrmann, Catholic Minister of Detroit

20 April 1842, Town of China
Nelson George, 23, Port Huron
Urena Earl, 23, Town of China
Alpheus Earl & Moses Hopkins, both of Town of China; O.C. Thompson, Minister

12 March 1842
J.C. Seymour, 30, St. Clair
Rachel Blakeslee, 34, St. Clair
Dea E. Beardsley & Mrs. Olive Beardsley, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

15 May 1842
Benjamin Maxfield, 24, St. Clair
Charlotte Mayo, 16, Town of China
Jonathan Mayo & Elizabeth Mayo; E.E. Carleton, JP

13 Feb 1842
Samuel Stone, 49, Mitamory, Lapeer County
Miss Abigail Chillson, 50, Riley County
Lemuel Nobles & Louisa Nobles; Abel Warren, Minister

12 April 1842, St. Clair
Peter Tebault, 22, St. Clair
Miss Mary Stewart, 18, St. Clair
Jereh Hercait & Frances Tebault, both of St. Clair; Pendleton Ogden, JP

16 Feb 1842, Town of Clyde
Jeremiah Hercait, 20, Town of Clyde
Miss Nancy Lee, 17, Town of Clyde
Rufus Henderson & James Robinson, both of Town of Clyde; Pendleton Odgen, JP

29 March 1842
James Barten, 17, Burtchville
Miss Harriet Wygent, 17
Newell Smith & Joseph Barten; Pendleton Ogden, JP

3 May 1842
James Saye, 22, Richmond, Macomb County
Susan East, 19, Town of Columbus
James S. Durfee & Sarah Durfee; Lyman Granges, JP

28 Aug 1842, St. Clair
William S. Leach, 20, St. Clair
Miss Rachel Stewart, 19, China
Bray Willey & Nelson Bowen; M.N. Miles, JP

13 July 1842
Erastus R. Babcock, 34, Burtchville
Mrs. Mary Robbins, 28
Ebenezer Raymond & Nelson Potter; Larel F. Harris, Minister, M.E. Church

6 June 1842, house of Francis Harson, Clay Twp
Willis W. Allen, 36, Wayne County
Sarah Harson, 20, Clay Twp, P: Francis Harsen & Mary Cramer
Wallace Harson, of Clay Twp & Adelia Stewart; J.G. Striet, JP

11 Sep 1842, Town of China
Alonzo Allen, 24, Town of China
Miss Mary Ann Storrs, 18, Town of China
Sidney Kinyon & Mrs. Louisa French, both of Town of China; M.H. Miles, JP

23 July 1842
Wascal Granger, 20, Cottrellville Twp
Eunice Dibble, 16
Harman Granger & Jane Granger; Zale Ward, JP

3 April 1842
Thomas Tucker, 24
Mariah Rouse, 28
Jacob Buel & Israe Buckins, both of Lexington; Thomas Huckins, Minister

8 Sep 1842, Clyde
Lemuel Perkam, 47, Clyde Twp
Clarissa Perkins, 47, Clyde Twp
Moses Willson & Eliza D. Willson; James I. Vincent, JP

25 Sep 1842, at house of John Carroll, Lexington
Frederick William Leonharde, 28, Lexington
Elenor Caroll, 18, Lexington
John Carroll & Ferdinand Leonharde, both of Lexington; John Galbraith, JP

17 July 1842, house of John Carroll, Lexington
Charles Burnham, 28, Lexington
Catherine Carroll, 21, Lexington
Alis Ryan & Mary Ferguson, both of Lexington

2 Oct 1842, Town of China
Eldridge Marks, 23, Ira
Miss Amy Weeks, 22, China
Alford Weeks & Marion Weeks, both of China; E.E. Carleton, JP

No date, at home of L.A. Whitford, Burtchville
Rufus Merchant, 26, Town of Burtchville
Minerva Whitford, 15, Town of Burtchville
William Weston & Josiah Merchant; Obidah Gardner, JP

22 May 1842
Jacob Buel, 23, Lexington
Nancy Mills, 18, Lexington
David Buel & Hiram Bacon; Thomas Huckins, Minister

11 Sep 1842, Town of China
Joseph Lipscomb, 32, Town of China
Miss Philis Sorter, 18, Town of China
Oliver Recard & Hariet Recard, both of Town of China; E.E. Carleton, JP

28 Oct 1842, Town of China
Benjamin Record [Lambert Recor], 21, China, P: Oliver Ricard (Recor) & Catherine Boyer
Miss Margaret Baird, 20, Chine, P: John Baird & Margret Ramsay
John Baird & James Baird, both of China; E.E. Carleton, JP
Susan Kenyon.

20 Oct 1842, Town of Clay
Sherman S. Barnard, 35, Clay
Miss Frances L. Andrews, 25, Town of Adams, Jefferson County, New York
George Andrews & Susan Andrews, both of Clay; Luther Shaw, Minister

1 Sep 1842, home of Cyrus Stoddard, Berlin
Hugh McCollum, 24, Clyde
Elenor Stoddard, 19, Berlin
Albert Dotty & Lewis Smith, both of Berlin; John Loun, JP

1 Sep 1842, home of Cyrus Stoddard, Berlin
Melvin Stoddard, 23, Berlin
Mahala Weeks, 20, Berlin
Albert Dotty & Lewis Smith, both of Berlin; John Loun, JP

5 Nov 1842, Cottrellville
Patrick Fisher, 25, Port Huron
Miss Margaret McNulty, 15, St. Clair
Patrick O'Brien & Margaret Fitzgerald, both of Cottrellville; J.P. Philips, JP

8 Dec 1842, St. Clair
William Shinn, 22, St. Clair
Miss Hannah Perry, 17, Upper Canada
George Bathy & Henry Waterloo, both of St. Clair; Pendleton Ogden, JP

21 Dec 1842, China
Alpheus Earle, 27, China
Miss Jane Nichols, 20, China, (adopted by) P: Samuel Hopkins
S.F. Hopkins & Hampden Walker; O.C. Thompson, Minister

24 Feb 1842, house of Henry A. Caswell, Cottrellville
William Wright, 41, Chatham, Upper Canada
Mary Nobles, 25, Chatham, Upper Canada
Curtis Bellows & Philander Woolsey, both of Cottrellville; N.A. Caswell, JP

24 Dec 1842
Archibald Steward, 23, St. Clair
Polly Fleury, 15, St. Clair
Francis Fleury & Francis Chortie, both of Cottrellville; Zale Ward, JP

9 Jan 1843, Town of China
Martin Kenyon, 31, China
Mrs.[?] Sally Slyfield, 22, China
Jane Slyfield & Myron Kenyon, both of China; M.N. Miles, JP
Susan Kenyon.

Recorded 16 Feb 1843, Cottrellville
Jacob Mazless, 33, Sombra, Upper Canada
Hannah Draper, Sombra, Upper Canada
Laymen & Susanna Layman, both of Sombra, U.C.; Zale Ward, JP

21 Feb 1843, at American Hotel, Port Huron
Dr. Alfred Edmund Fechet, 2-?, Port Huron
Miss Mary M. Buel, 20, Port Huron
Mrs. Mary Buel & Gen. Groon (?) A. Buel, both of Port Huron; Sabine Hough, Minister of Pro. Episcopal Church

26 Jan 1843
Peter Revers, 28 (in 1842), Town of Clyde
Miss Scitha Wygent, 16 (in 1842), Town of Clyde
Samuel N. Hide & Nathan Gilbert, both of Clyde; E.E. Carleton, JP

8 Dec 1842, house of Weaver Stewart, Clay Twp
Benjamin Swartout, 21, Clay, P: John Swartout & Catherine Winne
Sarah Ann Stewart, 18, Clay, P: Weaver Stewart & Polly
Abraham Swartout & Amanda Landen, both of Clay; J.G. Streit

18 Aug 1842
Nelson D. Norton, 31, Port Huron
Rebecca Whitman, 32, Port Huron
John Miller, Jr. & Jess N. King; both of Port Huron

25 Dec 1842
Robert McMoran, 23, Port Huron
Isabella Cooley, 18, Port Huron
E.B. Clark & John W. Botsford, both of Port Huron; Charles Reighley, Chaplain, USA

12 March 1843, Port Huron
John Botsford, 29, Port Huron
Miss Ann Huxtable, 22, Port Huron
Amzo (?) Botsford & E.B. Clark, both of Port Huron; O.C. Thompson, Minister

3 March 1843, Port Huron
Christopher Louft, 32, Fort Gratiot
Miss Ellen Murphy, 32, Fort Gratiot
Dr. Alford Edmund, Fechet, of Port Huron & John Nixon, of Fort Gratiot

27 April 1843
Henry Robertson, 28, Algonac (widower of Jane Martin)
Miss Betsy K. Stearns, 28, China
Jeremiah Langborn, of Plymouth, Wayne County & Miss Hopkins, of China; L.F. Hopkins, JP

1 April 1843, Clyde
Nicholas Evans, 33, Clyde
Mary Chace, 16, Clyde
Cummings Sanborn, of Port Huron & Andrew J. Camfield, of Clyde

24 April 1843
Henry A. Baker, 27, Town of Columbus
Miss Miranda I. Thurston, 26, Town of Columbus
Charles Baker & William W. Thurston; Lyman Granger, JP

1 Jan 1843, house of George Palmer, Port Huron
Abner Palmer, about 26 years 9 months, Port Huron
Miss Catharine Hartman, about 17 years 7 months, Port Huron
P.F. Brakeman, JP

28 Jan 1843, office of Brakeman
Josiah H. Lewlett, 25 years 6 months, Plymouth, Wayne County
Miss Jane L. Carrl, 17 years, Port Huron
P.F. Brakeman, JP

24 April 1843, Berlin
John D. Mason, 25
Nancy A. Harrington, 20
James L. Reed & Pamela Harrington; Sylvester Warner, JP

1 May 1843, Newport
Amasa Hemenger, 50, Newport
Mrs. Lydia (Peer) Thane, 44, Newport
J.P. Phillips & Leonard Smith, both of Newport; O.C. Thompson, Minister

21 May 1843, Port Huron
George W. Pinkham, 28, Port Huron
Miss Elmira Flanagon, 17, Port Huron
Joseph B. Flanagan & Miss Jane Northrop, both of Port Huron; O.C. Thompson, Minister

18 June 1843, Port Huron
John D. Thompson, 28, Port Huron
Miss Mary Ann Lockwood, 18, Port Huron
Cephas Thompson, of Port Huron; O.C. Thompson, Minister

5 Aug 1843, Algonac
Rev. Reuben Reynolds, 23, Algonac
Miss Lucia Aurora Tucker, 19, Algonac
Dan Daniels & Luther Shaw, both of Algonac; Reeder (?) Smith, Minister

17 Aug 1843
William Hall, 35, St. Clair Twp
Miss Lovina West, 17, St. Clair Twp
Sally M. Parmely & Christopher F. Reynolds, both of China; Lemuel Parmely, JP

28 Aug 1843
Erastis Mores, 28
Miss Mariah A. Carpenter, 16
Orrin Tibbets & Anna Tibbets, both of Berlin; R.E. Gould, JP

17 Sep 1843, Berlin
Benjamin D. Thornton, 47, Berlin
Maria Collins, 31, Ray Twp, Macomb County
Amos Freeman & Maria Freeman; Sylvester Warner, JP

19 Oct 1843, house of Lewis Chadwick, Burtchville
William Austin Jr., 23, Burtchville
Miss Lydia Chadwick, 16, Burtchville
Nelson Potter & William Allen, both of Burtchville Twp; Obediah Gardner, JP

14 April 1843, house of Clift Comstock, Burtchville
John L. Gardner, 23, Burtchville
Miss Jane E. McGinnes, 20, Burtchville
John Fenner & Anna Fenner, both of Burtchville; Obediah Gardner, JP

29 Oct 1843
William Parker Beck, 27, Port Huron
Louisa Fox, 23, Port Huron
E.L. Hannah & G.V. Thornton, both of Port Huron; Elijah H. Filcher, Minister

14 Sep 1843
James Robertson, 23, China
Amy Lynn, 15, China
Henry Hammond & Ester Hammond; William B. Wright

26 Feb 1843, Cottrellville
George Blaker, 22, Sombra, Upper Canada
Eliza Burnham, 17, Sombra, Upper Canada
Leonard H. Johnson & Mary Johnson, both of Sombra, U.C.; David Cottrell, JP

9 July 1843, Cottrellville
John Fisher, 27, Sombra, Upper Canada
Mary Ann James, 22, Sombra, Upper Canada
Alexander Fisher & Angus McDonald; David Cottrell, JP

11 Aug 1843, Cottrellville
David Atkins, 21, Sombra, Upper Canada
Annis Arnold, 21, Cottrellville
Robert Little & Malum Burnham, both of Sombra, U.C.; David Cottrellville, JP

10 Oct 1843
Frederick Emige, 28, China Twp
Miss Barbary Gummd, 25
Jacob Schriner & Theobald Schriner, both of China; Lemuel Parmely, JP

23 Aug 1843
Anson Henderson, 34, Moore, Upper Canada
Mrs. Loisa Carter, 32, Moore, Upper Canada
James Henderson & Mr. Francis Baby, both of Moore, U.C.; O.C. Thompson, Minister

9 April 1843, Port Huron
Henry W. Hubbard, 23, Port Huron
Miss Harriet Howard, 17, Port Huron
John Howard & Miss Louisa Comstock, both of Port Huron; Labin Hough, Pastor of Protestant Episcopal Church

29 July 1843, Port Huron
Peter Donnaly, 24, Warwick, Kent County, Upper Canada
Miss Margaret Murphy, 24, Warwick, Kent County, Upper Canada
Christopher Louft, of Fort Gratiot & Anna J. Foster, of Port Huron; Labin Hough, Min. of Protestant Episcopal Ch.

19 Nov 1843, China Twp
Jeremiah D. Williams, 28, Webster, Washtenaw County
Miss Frances B. Smith, 24, China
Elisha Smith & S.F. Hopkins, both of China; O.C. Thompson, Minister

10 Aug 1843
Deododue (?) Sheldon, 28, St. Clair
Miss Grace Rives Abernathy, 26, Canada
Reuben Moore & Peter Smith, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

1 Jan 1844
George W. Goodwin, 24, Port Huron
Miss Sophia Morass, 24, Moore, Upper Canada
Alexander Frazier & Miss Victoria Morass, Moore, Upper Canada; O.C. Thompson, Minister

25 Dec 1843, Cottrellville
Richard Evans, 31, Troy, Albany County, New York
Miss Mary Grummond, 19, Cottrellville
Mr. S.R. Grummond & Mr. William Grummond, both of Cottrellville; O.C. Thompson, Minister

21 Dec 1843, China Twp
Jacob L.S. Andrews, 28, Newport
Miss Laura Donihoo, 23, China
John Donihoo & Joseph Donihoo, both of China; O.C. Thompson, Minister

4 Jan 1844
Marvin Wicke, 29, China, Farmer
Miss Clarissa Marks, 19, Ira, Seamstress
William T. Marks & Abram Smith; John K. Smith, JP

11 Jan 1844, St. Clair
William B. Wells, 31, Kent County, Upper Canada
Miss Mary Jane Richardson, 21, Cambden, Kent County, Upper Canada
Simeon B. Brown & John Britain; M.H. Miles, JP

11 Jan 1844, St. Clair
Samuel A. Richardson, 23, Cambdon, Kent County, Upper Canada
Miss Lois G. Hull, 23, Cottrellville
Simon B. Brown & John Britain, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

7 Dec 1843
David Knapp, 25, Clyde
Laura J. Perkins, 22, Clyde
Emeline A. Clark & Amanda M. Perham, both of Clyde; James I. Vincent, JP

12 Jan 1844, St. Clair
George Neyoes, 29, Port Huron
Miss Ann Nixon, 20, Port Huron
Mrs. Alma Chamberlin & Mrs. Ann Maria Brown, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

7 Dec 1843
Daniel McQueen, 29, Cottrellville Twp, P: James McQueen
Miss Jane Stewart, 24, Clay Twp, P: Harvey Stewart & Mary Gravereat
Aura P. Stewart & William Harsen, both of Clay Twp; Luther Shaw, Minister

13 Jan 1844
Ely Corby, 28, Lexington
Mary Katharine Hardy, 15, Lexington
Jacob Sharp & John Mattison, both of Lexington; Thomas Harkins

28 Jan 1844
William Perkins, 27, Clyde
Sarah Grimes, 26, Clyde
Lemuel Perham & Clarissa Perham, both of Clyde; James I. Vincent, JP

6 March 1844
Timothy Jerome, 24, China
Hesther Ogden, 17, St. Clair
Silas S. Hart & Sampson Stewart; William C. Comfort, Minister

12 March 1844
William Buntlin, 23
Eliza Robertson, 17
Miron Williams & John McQueen; William B. Wright

27 Feb 1844, St. Clair
Sylvester Robinson, 19, St. Clair
Miss Susan Munson, 16, St. Clair
David M. Lynn & Seates (?) Lynn; John C. Waterbury, JP

3 Feb 1844
Archibald C. Giekie, 22
Miss Sarah Johnston, 18
Archibald Giekie & Hugh Johnston; O.C. Thompson, Minister

17 April 1844
Eleazer Price, 21, Clay
Miss Mary C. Jackson, 20, Clay
John Jackson & Isaac Kleine, both of Clay; Luther Shaw, Minister

17 April 1844, house of Horace Beers, Clay Twp
Jonathan Schooley, 30, Upper Canada
Elizabeth Butler, 19, Upper Canada
William Butler; Streit, JP

16 Jan 1844, Cottrellville
Charles Garey, 23, Ira Twp
Ann Smith, 19, Cottrellville
Jacob Loomis, of China Twp & A.N. Smith, of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

12 Feb 1844, Cottrellville
Henry Parker, 26, Sombra, Upper Canada
Isabella Parker, 30, Sombra, Upper Canada
Charles D. Cottrell & Daniel D. Cottrell, both of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

14 April 1844
Chester Richardson, 24, Berlin Twp
Miss Sophrana Conger, 18, Berlin Twp
Sedley C. Bills & Thomas M. Gould, both of Berlin Twp; R.E. Gould, JP

11 Nov 1843, Cottrellville
James Cottrell, 24, P: George Cottrell & Archange Meny
Christine Marsac, 19, P: John Marsac & Christine Chepas
Joseph Cottrell & Nancy Cottrell; Antony Trapp, Pastor of St. Mary's, Detroit

8 Jan 1844, Cottrellville
John Bowman, 30, Port Huron
Sarah Huffmaster, 26, Newport
Richard LaCroix & Maria Huffmaster & Henry Cottrell; Michael Gannon, Pastor

30 April 1844, Cottrellville
Hezekiah C. Haskill, 23, St. Clair
Miss Sarah Jane Miller, 18, Cottrellville
Samuel Ward & Chancy Wolsey, both of Cottrellville; I.P. Phillips, JP

15 April 1844
Horace Hammond, 23, China, P: Henry Hammond & Esther Roberson
Phebe Fenton, 20, China
Henry Hammond & Stephen Fenton, both of China; William B. Wright

Recorded 8 July 1844
Alexander Stone, 22, St. Clair
Sarah McDonald, 20, Moore, Upper Canada
Albert & Perseus S. Carleton; Isaac Carleton, JP

23 June 1844, St. Clair
Solon (Solomon?) Storummage, 23, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Miss Margaret Davis, 21, Utica, Onieda County, New York
E.C. Bancroft & C. Westfall, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

17 July 1844, St. Clair
Simon Petit, 22, Port Huron
Miss Sophia Gerard, 21, Moore, Kent County, Canada
Ann Brown & John D. Chamberlain, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

7 Aug 1844, Algonac
Sherman S. Barnard, 37, Detroit
Mary I. Ieffords, 28, Algonac
N.W. Brooks & A. Wright, both of Algonac; L. Shaw

1 Aug 1844, Algonac
Edward Devine, 30, Newport
Margaret Fitzgerald, 24, China
Christopher Coon, of Newport & Michael Fitzgerald, of China; Luther Shaw

22 Sep 1844, China
Alfred Weeks, 36, China Twp
Lavina Walker, 19, Athen Twp, Calhoun County
Clark Worden & Eldridge G. Markel

1 Aug 1844, St. Clair
John Kemp, 25, Warwick, Canada West
Catherine Duncan, 26, Warwick, Canada West
Mrs. Alice L. Thomson & Miss Maryon Martin, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

22 Aug 1844, China
Adonoram I. Woodbury, 30, Chicago
Miss Emeline Clark, 22, China Twp
Captain John Clark & George McIntire, both of China Twp; O.C. Thompson, Minister

20 Oct 1844
Ephraim Crouch, 24, China Twp
Cornelia Cleveland, 18, China Twp
C. Lindsay, JP

3 Nov 1844, Port Huron
Elijah W. Merrill, 28, Port Huron
Mary C. Whitcher, 26, Johnston, Trumble County, Ohio
Mr. N.B. Dowlin & Saint Carl & wife, all of Port Huron; L.D. Price, Minister

3 Nov 1844
Robert Sly, 22 Lexington
Catherine Hedrich, Lexington
Francis Carmen & Alfred Hedrich, both of Lexington; John Galbraith, JP

25 Nov 1844, Algonac
Abram Smith, 25, Clay, P: John K. Smith & Catherine McDonald
Fidelia Burt, 25, Fawn County, P: () Burt & Betsy ()
James Burt & Philura A. Burt; Luther Shaw, Minister

1 Dec 1844, Cottrellville
James H. Bacon, 21, Detroit
Amanda Ward, 18, Cottrellville
Nathan Ward & David Ward; Luther Shaw, Minister

10 Aug 1844
Solomon A. Stricker, 21, Burtchville
Miss Jane Hogan, 18, Burtchville
Ebenezer Raymond, JP

9 Oct 1844, China
William Tenant, 22, China
Betsey Burdick, 20, China
Sidney Kinyon & Elisha A. Tenant; Lemuel Parmely, JP

14 Jan 1844
Sabin S. Gould, 37, Berlin Twp
Eliza Richardson, 20, Berlin Twp
Joseph Richardson & Emily Richardson; R.E. Gould, JP

5 May 1844
John McMahon, 26
Barbary Wixon, 18
Levi Wixson & Jack Wixson; Thomas Huckins, JP

29 Sep 1844
Antwin (Antoine) Dupard, 24, Clyde
Caroline Stewart, 22, Richmond
William Grinnell, of Riley & Mary Stewart, of Richmond; John Grinnell, JP

14 March 1844
Alonson Gould, 23, Berlin Twp
Miss Caroline Streinham, 18, Bunce, Macomb County
Sidney Gould & Betsey Ann Gould & Nathaniel Rider, all of Berlin; R.E. Gould, JP

19 Nov 1844
Harvey Morgan, 23, Richmond
Phebe Ann Gregg, 18, Riley
Hugh Gregg & Jacob Merick, both of Riley; Charles Kellogg, Minister

29 Dec 1844
Nelson Mathews, 27, Lexington
Amelia Granger, 17, Lexington
Miles Huckins & Israel Huckins, both of Lexington; Thomas Huckins, Minister

2 Jan 1845
Seneca A. Stevens, 21, Lexington
Roda Matilda Baker, 16, Lexington
Aaron Baker & William Stephens, both of Lexington; Thomas Huckins, Minister

16 Jan 1845
Ira Wixson, 22, Lexington
Mary Caster, 21, Lexington
John Caston & Phillip Wixson, both of Lexington; Thomas Huckins, Minister

30 Jan 1845
James Hughs, 28, Lexington
Ruth Goodwin, 15, Lexington
Benjamin F. Leur & Hiram Bacon, both of Lexington; Thomas Huckins, Minister

18 Jan 1845
William Summerfield, 23, Clay
Miss Mary Ann Chartier, 17, Clay
Angus Miller & Michael Duchene; John K. Smith, JP

27 Jan 1845
James Miller, 23, Clay
Miss Flora Ainsworth, 22, Clay, P: Dr. Henry Ainsworth & Flora (Morrison) Ainsworth Stafford
Joel Tucker & Flora Stafford, both of Clay; John K. Smith, JP

3 Nov 1844
Henry McAllen, 31, Columbus
Miss Phebe Kittrige, 26, Columbus
Benjamin Butler & Abel Kittridge; Elias Palmer, JP

9 March 1845, house of James McGill
John Savage, 29, Columbus
Sara Ann Sears, 19, Port Huron
James McGill & John Hufton, both of Port Huron; Newel Smith, JP

6 Jan 1845, Clay
John H. Stewart, 39, Clay Twp, P: Harvey Stewart & Rhoda Putnam
Mariah Harsen, 20, Clay Twp, P: Francis Harsen & Mary Cramer
Aura P. Stewart & Daniel McQueen, both of Clay; Luther Shaw

1 Jan 1845
William Leach, St. Clair
Mary Flury, 22, St. Clair
William Flury & wife; Israel Carleton, JP

11 Jan 1845, house of Azel Abel
Henry Ainsworth, 27, Clay, P: Henry Ainsworth & Flora Morrison
Maryetta Abel, 19, Clay, P: Azel Abel & Mary Regina Basney
Willis Abel & Betsey Ainsworth, both of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

19 Jan 1845
Caleb Hart, 26, Clay
Hannah Stevens, 18, Clay
Mr. and Mrs. George Hart, of Clay & Catharine Schaneis, of China; David Cottrell, JP

5 April 1845, Cottrellville
William Hunt, 25, Cottrellville
Amelia Cartwright, 18, Cottrellville
Mr. and Mrs. James Cartright & Sarah Wanzo, all of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

16 March 1845
Seneca William Baker, 28, Lexington
Mary Avery, 26, Lexington
Aaron Baker & Job L. Smith; Thomas Huckins, Minister

6 Feb 1845, Berlin
Calvin H. Smith, 24, Berlin Twp
Mariah Carpenter, 20, Berlin Twp
Arastus Mow & Amos H. Freeman, both of Berlin Twp; Norton Healey, JP

6 May 1845, Newport
William Kelly, 25, Newport
Esther Ruth, 19, Newport
David W. Ruth & William Gallagher, both of Newport; Luther Shaw

7 June 1845
Rueben Russell, 23, St. Clair
Margaret Crary, 19, St. Clair
James Crary & Hannah Mirkle, both of St. Clair; L. Duprie, Minister

18 March 1845
William Chertir (Chartier), 25, Wales
Charity Hammond, 25, St. Clair
Francis Chartier Jr. & Antoine Chartier; S. Gardner, JP

17 April 1845, St. Clair
Thomas Gilbert, 26, Clyde
Miss Margaret Conden, 38, St. Clair
Chilson Cline & Harriet Cline, of Clyde; J.C. Walterbury, JP

23 March 1845
Lucius Oakes, 39, Riley
Mrs. Elsa Bates, 29, Riley
Benjamin Babcock & George W. Chisson, both of Riley; Charles Kellogg, Minister

17 Feb 1845, St. Clair
John Shar, 27, Detroit
Miss Rachel Russell, 18
John Russell & Mrs. A.L. Thomson, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

5 July 1845, Burtchville
Thomas Busbey, 22, Burtchville Twp
Mary Ann Hogan, 21, Burtchville Twp
Norton Holister, of Lexington & Edward Potter, of Burtchville; H. Holister, JP

11 July 1845, Lexington
Charles Sexton, 20, Lexington Twp
Louisa Carpenter, 15, Lexington Twp
Charles Maskell & Michael Maskell, both of Lexington Twp; H. Holister, JP

6 May 1845, Palmer
Moses B. Morse, 26, Palmer
Miss Olive C. Barron, 25, Palmer
Timothy Barron & Miss Annette Carleton, both of Palmer; William Rhodes, Minister

3 June 1845, Palmer
Joseph C. Patridge, 24, Palmer
Mahala French, 22, Palmer
Timothy Barron & Ann Chamberlain, both of Palmer; William Rhodes, Minister

1 Sep 1845
Andrew Barrow, 24, Moore, Kent County, Canada West
Mary Jane Hough, 17, Moore, Kent County, Canada West
Benjamin Barrow & Peter Bouchamp, both of Moore, Kent Co, Canada West; Harvey Hyde, Minister

20 Aug 1845
Abraham Curtis, 25, Enneskillen, Canada West
Miss Hannah Walker, 18
Miss Ellen Curtis, of Enneskillen & Mrs. Allice L. Thompson, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

13 Sep 1845
Benjamin F. Patridge, 22
Olive Miranda Wright, 16
Henry McAllen & Sarah Buel; Thomas Huckins, Minister

1 Oct 1845, Burtchville
David C. Lewis, 22, Burtchville Twp
Lucy Burtch, 16
Ethan Burtch & Horace Cadwell, both of Burtchville; H. Hollister, JP

10 Aug 1845, Lexington
Gilbert Steel, 25, Lexington
Mary Ann Deneen, 21, Lexington
Swain Curtis & Betsey Deneed, both of Lexington; C.M. Mills, JP

13 Sep 1845, Lexington
Luke Herrick, 32, Lexington
Betsey Smith, 24
John A. Wright & Isaac Vanwarmer, of Lexington; C.M. Mills, JP

7 Oct 1845
William More, 26, Burtchville
Miss Margaret Rider, 26, Burtchville
L.W. Robbins & E.R. Babcock, both of Burtchville; Lewis Chadwick, JP

5 Oct 1845
Philander Allen, 21, China
Miss Ellenor Stores, 24, China
Hiram A. Allen & Stephen Finton; E.S. Crap, JP

13 Nov 1845
B.C. Farrand, Esq., 21, Port Huron
Miss Laura Whitman, 27
David Whitman & T.P. Tucker, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

22 Oct 1845
George V. Tuttle, 28, Ashtebula County, Ohio
Miss Martha S. Palmer, 16, China
George Palmer & Dea. H.P. Cady, of China; O.C. Thompson, Minister

16 Nov 1845
Gordon Cassel, 25, St. Clair
Miss Elizabeth King, 20, St. Clair
A.L. Thompson & Mr. Simon Ferrie, both of St. Clair

1 Dec 1845
Edward Hextall, Jr., 26, China
Miss Sarah Latham, 19, China
Joseph Latham & Otis Latham, both of China; Lemuel Parmely, JP

27 Nov 1845
Amos Hunter, 54, China
Miss Lovina A. Ludlow, 36, China
Orrison Carter & Henderson Hunt; Lemuel Parmely, JP

14 Sep 1845, Riley
William D. Chilson, 21, Clyde
Anna L. Austin, 18, Clyde
Ira Babcock & George W. Chilson, both of Riley; Charles Kellogg, Minister

2 Dec 1845
Moses C. Baker, 23, Columbus
Miss Clarissa Thurston, 25, Columbus
Hannah Palmer & Ann Baker, both of Columbus; Elias Palmer, JP

25 Dec 1845
Philip Graver, 25, Columbus
Miss Helen Hart, 19, Columbus
Chauncey R. Canfield & Hannah Palmer; Elias Palmer, JP

9 March 1845, Newport
Mathew Wesbrook, 19, Cottrellville
Hannah S. Woolverton, 19, Cottrellville
Holeand? E. Harris & Electa P. Woolverton, both of Cottrellville; W.M. Wright

9 Oct 1845, Port Huron
William Wood, 21, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Miss Margaret Boothe, 17, Port Sarnia, Canada West
William Flanagan & Miss Abigail Flanagan, both of Port Huron; William Rhodes, Minister

1 Jan 1846
Henderson Hunt, 21, China
Miss Sarah Hunter, 18, China
Permilla Williams & Alvira M. Lindsay; C. Lindsay, JP

15 Nov 1845
George Hagaman, 23, Lexington
Mary Barrows, 22, Lexington
Jacob Sharp & Eli Corby, both of Lexington; Thomas Huckins, Minister

6 Dec 1845
Swain Colin, 32, Lexington
Sarah Thomas, 24, Lexington
Fally Huckins & Candi Baker, both of Lexington; Thomas Huckins, Minister

28 Dec 1845, Berlin
James Abel, 28, Berlin Twp
Caroline Rice, 22, Berlin Twp
Elizabeth Healy & Jane Rice, of Berlin; Horton Healy, JP

13 April 1845
Edwin R. Smith, 23
Hester Ann Wesbrook, 16
Lemuel Parmely & Charles Daves, of China; W.M. Wright

24 Dec 1845, Palmer
H.W. Presson, 43, Port Huron Twp
Phebe Russel, 33, Port Huron Twp
Robert Scott & Maranda Wilcox, both of St. Clair; Reuben Emery, Minister

14 Jan 1846, Lexington
John Sheldon, 28, Lexington
Safronia Wixson, 15, Lexington
Charles Sheldon & Henry Wixson, both of Lexington; Amos Wixson, JP

11 Jan 1846, Algonac
Allen McDougal, 27, Sombra, Upper Canada
Mary Ann Laberdee, 19, Sombra, Upper Canada
Allen McDonald & Alexander McDonald, of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

13 Jan 1846, Clay Twp
William Harson, Jr., 27, Clay, P: William Harson & Isabelle McCollum
Esther Perry, 24, Clay
Willis Abel & Francis Lenox, of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

31 Jan 1846
Peter Perry, 21, Clay
Eunice Abel, 14, Clay, P: Azel Abel & Mary Regina Basney
Willis Abel & Ira Marks, Jr.; Ira Marks, JP

22 Jan 1846
Antoine Bonner, P: Francis Bonner & Margaret, of Ira Twp
Monica Chortie, P: Francis Chartier & Monica Meny, of Ira Twp
J.T. Gorham, JP

18 Jan 1846, home of James Mayo
David Mayo, 24, St. Clair Twp
Catharine Reading, 18, St. Clair Twp
James Mayo & wife; Theodor Bathy, JP

25 March 1846, St. Clair
Francis J. Clark, 26
Miss Marietta Mather, 19
Henry Mather & Mr. E.C. Bancroft, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister
Ruth Mather.

4 April 1846, St. Clair
James Curry, 23, St. Clair
Miss Leah Russell, 17, St. Clair
John Russell & Reuben Moore, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

9 April 1846, St. Clair
True P. Tucker, Esq., 33, St. Clair
Miss Mahala Whitman, 18, St. Clair
David Whitman & J.E. Kitton, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

28 Dec 1845
William Grummond, 25, Cottrellville
Mary Ann Benson, 17, Cottrellville
James McMullen & Alvira McMullen, both of Cottrellville; Solomon Gardner, JP

31 Dec 1845
Oliver Yax, 37, Cottrellville, P: John B. Yax & Regina Huyet dit Champagne, Widower of Monica Bourdeau
Margaret Tromley, 17, Cottrellville
Francis Fleury & Isaac Lester, both of Cottrellville; Solomon Gardner, JP

5 March 1846
James Cartwright, 25, St. Clair
Sarah Wonsey, 18, Cottrellville
Samuel McQueen & Cathrine Gardner, both of Cottrellville; Solomon Gardner, JP

14 March 1846, home of Louis Smith, Berlin Twp
James Shafer, 21, Berlin
Mary Ann Smith, 17, Berlin
Malenda Doty & Chastine (Christina?) Sweet, both of Berlin; Albert Doty, JP

25 April 1846, house of Joseph Sweet, Berlin Twp
Lyman H. Stoddard, 29
Malvina Sweet, 19
Joseph Sweet & Christina Sweet, of Berlin; Albert Doty, JP

1 June 1846, St. Clair
James Walker, 23, Enniskellen, Canada West
Ellen Curtis, 18, Enniskellen, Canada West
Abram Curtis & Mrs. Hannah Curtis, both of Enniskellen, Canada West; O.C. Thompson, Minister

Recorded 25 June 1846
Edward Fishpool, 28, Chesterfield
Amanda Edgerly, 22, Chesterfield
Roselth? Gorham & M?urra Ashley; J.T. Gorham, JP

31 May 1846
Robert Lyman, 24, Lexington Twp
Mary Wixson, 16, Lexington Twp
Joel Wixson & John McMahon; Thomas Huckins, Minister

11 Aug 1846
William Sealy, 22, Port Huron
Betsey Camel, 24, Port Huron
Israel Carleton, JP

3 July 1846
Daniel Bolins, 22, Phinton, Upper Canada
Sary Green, 17, St. Clair
Israel Carleton, JP

12 May 1846
Thomas Mytophim, 25, St. Clair
Mary Ann Manering, 17
Israel Carleton, JP

6 Aug 1846
Samuel Potts, 24, Port Huron
Lydia Brink, 16, Port Huron
Adison Bartlett & Betsy Potts, both of Port Huron; William Rhodes, Minister

7 March 1846, home of Robert McClure
Robert McClure, 46, Lexington
Mary Carmon, 43, Lexington
Thomas Cox & Eliza Cox; John Galbraith, JP

7 July 1846
Andrew Facer, 25, Burtchville
Jane Crawford, 20, Macomb County, Michigan
D. Cogswell & Miss Cogswell; Joseph Pettys, JP

27 April 1846
John Willsey, 21, Lexington
Lenetta Stevens
Alexander G. Galbraith & Nancy Galbraith; John Galbraith, JP

2 July 1846, Algonac
William Baird, 28, Clay, P: James Baird & Janet Merrilees
Jane Poole, 23, Clay, P: Charles Poole & Elizabeth Marie Chartier
Mr. & Mrs. William Woodruff & Mary Ann Poole, all of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

7 Jan 1846, home of C. Sanborn Esq., Port Huron
David Brice, 28, Port Huron
Mary Ann Sanborn, 22, Port Huron
C. Sanborn & M.S. Gillett; P. Baughton, Minister of Presbyterian Church

4 July 1846
Charles Lane, 27, St. Clair
Theda E. Gould, 19, St. Clair
Mrs. Otheniel? Gould & James Gould, both of St. Clair; Israel Cogshall, Minister

5 July 1846
Monroe Allen, 23, Algonac, P: Alfred Allen & Mary
Martha J. Robinson, 18, Algonac, P: Henry Robertson & Jane Martin
Betsy Ainsworth & Esther M. Smith, both of Algonac; Israel Cogshall, Minister

16 Aug 1846, China Twp
John Evens
Clarrissa Jane Fish
Henry & Esther (his wife) Hammone; G.D. Simmons, Pastor of 1st Baptist Church, China

13 Aug 1846
John Ingledew, 21, China Twp
Mariah McLalin, 20, China Twp
Levi E. McLalin & Rueben McLalin; Samuel Parmeley, JP

26 Aug 1846
Arad Ayres, 33
Elizabeth Ann Perkins, 20
James Douglass & Benjamin F. Luce; Thomas Huckins, Minister

30 June 1846
Lewis Facer, 25, Lexington
Mary Elsworth, 14, Lexington
C.W. Mills, JP

24 June 1846
James Yakes, 25, Lexington
Amanda Smith, 14, Lexington
C.W. Mills, JP

23 Aug 1846
Thomas Eloss, 30, Cottrellville
Mary Robertson, 21, Cottrellville
David Cottrell, JP

29 Sept 1846, Cottrellville
Charles S. McDonell, 29, Sombra, Canada West
Lura Elizabeth Burnham, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Gemima Ward, of Sombra & Harriet C. Cottrell; David Cottrell, JP

6 July 1846, Cottrellville
William McCubbin, 21, Chatham, Canada West
Manda M. Darby, 19, Harwich, Canada West
Harriet C. Cottrell, of Cottrellville & Hannah McCullin, of Chatham; David Cottrell, JP

8 Oct 1846
Guy H. Carleton, 27, St. Clair
Frances Hogue, 23, St. Clair
Edmond Carleton & Mrs. Hannah Hogue, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

22 Aug 1846, Ira
Isaac Wilkins, 24, Cottrellville, P: Daniel Wilkins & Susanna Brooks
Jane Hatch, 18, Ira, P: Larkin Hatch & Rebecca Ferrend
H. Butler & Edwin P. Huntoon, both of Cottrellville; Israel Cogshall, Minsiter

19 Nov 1846
John Spurn, 25, Clyde
Bridget Malone, 25, Clyde
Lawrence Malone & Eliza Darcey; William Perry, JP

24 Sept 1846, Clyde
Charles Myers, 22
Lovina Jane Shoales, 20
Solomon Kingsley & his wife; William Perry, JP

13 Jan 1847, St. Clair
Malcomb Currie, 43, St. Clair
Sarah Montgomery, 30, St. Clair
Mrs. Ann Mitchell & Christian Currie, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

26 Jan 1847, St. Clair
Stewart Johnson, 26, Moore, Canada West
Mary Ann Little, 20, Moore, Canada West
George Little & Thomas W. Johnson, both of Moore, Canada West; O.C. Thompson, Minister

Recorded 1 Feb 1847
Antoine Chortie, 21, Ira, P: "Hiacynthe" Stephen Chartier & Monica Boyer
Cadie Rose, 17, Ira, P: Stephen Rose & Mary Burt
Timothy Boyer & Etienne (Stephen) Chortie (Chartier?)

Recorded 1 Feb 1847
Peter Landroche, 26, Ira, P: Peter Landroche & Mary Ann Bouvier
Sesima Loisell, 17, Ira, P: Constant Loisel & Catherine Meruit
[Sesima m. (2) 1 April 1856, Mark Anthony Hebert, Abair]

5 Nov 1846
Franklin A. Locke, 23, Saginaw City
Martha Huntoon, 23, Cottrellville Twp
David Lester & Frank N. Blood; Solomon Gardner, JP

15 Dec 1846, Cottrellville
William Provert (Provost?), 52, Ekford, London District, Canada West
Sarah Philips, 17, Ekford, London District, Canada West
John Wrightman, of Cottrellville & David Kelly, of Ekford, London District, Canada West; Solomon Gardner, JP

3 Jan 1847, house of James Perry, in Clay Twp
Charles Perry, 20, Clay, P: James Perry & Elizabeth Ward
Amelia Phelps, 18, Clay, P: Aaron Phelps & Mary Proctor
Perry Hagedon & Peter Perry, of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

27 Sept 1846
Luther H. Dodge, 27
Wealthy Anter, 18
Solomon Kingsley & his wife; William Perry, JP

2 Jan 1847, home of Ebenezer Westbrook
Granville Smith, 23, China
Polly Smith, 16, Sombra, Kent County, Canada
Edwin R. Smith & Harris Hemenger, both of China; E. Westbrook, Minister

17 Nov 1846
William L. Cox, 22, St. Clair
Mary Ann Loucks, 20, St. Clair
Harlow Palmer & wife & D. Folinshe & wife; Israel Carleton, JP

15 Dec 1846, at her father's house, in St. Clair
Amos Hascal, 22, St. Clair
Caroline Bean, 18, St. Clair
R.C. Goodson & Hannah Esterbrook; Israel Carleton, JP

16 Nov 1846, Newport
Jubal C. Owen, 27, Sault Ste. Marie
Sarah B. Fitch, 21, Newport
Martha B. Fitch & Alba Owen, both of Newport; Israel Cogshall, Minister

25 Feb 1847, St. Clair
Alexander Anderson, 29, Moore, Canada West
Martha Havers, 24, Moore, Canada West
D. Folensky & V.A. Ripley, St. Clair; Miles, JP

25 Dec 1846, Lexington
Isaac Lemmon, 39, Lexington
Mary Ann Johnson, 32, Lexington
Norton Hollister & Edmund Chapman, both of Lexington; H. Hollister, JP

3 Jan 1847, Clay Twp
John Harson, 21, Clay, P: William Harsen & Isabelle McCollum
Fanny Perry, 19, Clay, P: James Perry & Elizabeth Ward
Capt. Perry Hagedon & Mrs. Mary Ann Phelps, both of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

8 March 1847, St. Clair
Daniel Little, 21, Sombra, Canada
Sophia Droulard, 19, Sombra, Canada, P: Thomas Drouillard & "Polly" Wilcox
Robert Little & Emily Little, of Sombra; John K. Smith, JP

1 Dec 1846
John Blecker?, 31, Algonac
Susan Burnham, 18, Cottrellville
Jane Smith & Aura Smith, of Algonac; John K. Smith, JP

23 Sept 1846
Levi Mitchell, 23
Hannah Pettiss, 18
Osker Williams & Samuel Simons; Thomas Huckins, Minister

18 Feb 1847, Algonac
Luther Spring, 21, Dawn, Canada West
Maria Pecke, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Joseph Pecke & Timothy Finley, of Sombram; John K. Smith, JP

6 Dec 1846, Algonac
Nicholas E. Rector, 21, Clay
Mary Ann Thompson, 18, Detroit
Joseph Cartwright & Willis Abel, both of Clay; John K. Smith, JP

21 Feb 1847, St. Clair
J.K. Bourn, 26, Port Huron
Martha Bean, 15, St. Clair
Amos Hasiah & D. Goodson; G.J. Shurtleff, Minister

1 April 1847, St. Clair
Henry Church, 23, St. Clair
Esther Bowman, 17
William Bowman & Alpha Chaffee, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

28 Jan 1847, St. Clair
Timothy Barron, 32, St. Clair
Annett Carleton, 24, St. Clair
Israel Carleton & Moses Morse, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

4 April 1847
Alexander Laffra, China Twp
Elanor Duchene, China Twp
Francis Phoenix & Eber Bertrand; C. Lindsay, JP

18 March 1847
Ephraim Coddington, 36, Berlin
Lucretia E. Dodge, 24, Berlin
S.A. McGeorge & C.A. Sweet, both of Berlin; George W. Brown, Minister

4 May 1847, Port Huron
Ai Baird, 71, Port Huron
Elizabeth Nevit, 32, Port Huron
Frederick Miller & Harriet Miller; J.G. Shurtleff, Minister

No date, Port Huron
Peter C. Ream, 25, Port Huron
Elisa E. Burn, 16, Port Huron
F. Glop & Henry Levitt; G.J. Shurleff, Minister

28 Feb 1847
Abram Lyman, 21, Sombra, Canada
Louisa Allen, 20, Sombra, Canada
William Bridgewater & Ephraim Youngs, both of Cottrellville; Solomon Gardner, JP

29 May 1847, Berlin
William L. Pearce, 38, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Thankful M. Herrington, 16, Berlin
Asahel B. Howell & Stephen Rice, both of Berlin; Horton Healy, JP

7 April 1847, Berlin
Theron Cole, 27, Berlin
Jane Rice, 21, Berlin
Asahel B. Howell & James Abel; Horton Healy, JP

19 May 1847, Berlin
Arthur Millspough, 27, Berlin
Hannah Shafer, 22, Berlin
James Shafer & Charles Lester, both of Berlin; Horton Healy, JP

20 April 1847
Henry Waterbury, 23, Waterleit, New York
Mary Waterbury, 26, Waterleit, New York
Mr. Tallmadge, Waterbury & Mr. Pendleton Ogden, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

7 March 1847, Lexington
Enoch C. Donaldson, 22, Dorchester, London District, Canada West
Elizabeth Willsie, 16, Dorchester, London District, Canada West
Philip L. Wixson & Eleanor Caster, both of Lexington; Amos Wixson, JP

2 June 1847
Philip L. Wixson, 22, Lexington
Eleanor Caster, 21, Lexington
John Caster & Ira Wixson, both of Lexington; Amos Wixson, JP

23 Jan 1847, Lexington
Almarin Sinclair, 21, Lexington
Betsy Medaw, Lexington
Henry Wilsey & Betsey Day, both of Lexington; Jacob Spickerman, JP

27 June 1847
Philander Lester, 21, Cottrellville, P: Isaac Lester & Achsa Stimpson
Pamelia Williams, 17 Cottrellville
Rochester Tappan & Ambrose Cleveland, both of China; C. Lindsay, JP

6 June 1847, China
William Allen, 25, China
Rebecca Rankin, 19, China
Henry Hammond & Esther Hammond, both of China; C. Lindsay, JP
Susan Kenyon.

26 June 1847, St. Clair
George Visha, 22, St. Clair
Mary Spring, 18, St. Clair
George Bell, of Canada West & Sarah Ferris, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

20 May 1847, Lexington
Benjamin F. Luce, 27, Lexington
Sarah Buel, 18, Lexington
George Douglass & Arad Ayres; Thomas Huckins, Minister

13 Sept 1846, Cottrellville
Edwin P. Huntoon, 20, Cottrellville
Cordelia W. Wilkins, 18, Cottrellville
James Butterfield & Orange B. Reed, both of Cottrellville; Israel Cogswell, Minister

10 Aug 1847, St. Clair
Josiah P. Merchant, 24, Burtchville
Martha Bishop, 19, St. Clair
Dennis Merchant & John Merchant; Francis Glass, Minister

Recorded 19 Aug 1845, Clyde
William Kelly, 30, Clyde
Martha Lane, 18, Clyde
Alexander Jacobs & Polly Jacobs; Francis Glass, Minister

10 July 1847, Port Huron
John Clark, 22, Warwick
Catherine Conner, 17, Warwick
A.E. Fechet & G.N. Buel, both of St. Clair; Francis Glass, Minister

27 June 1847, St. Clair
James G. Erety, 27, St. Clair
Caroline Spencer, 20, St. Clair
Albert Collins & Julius Granger, both of St. Clair; Francis Glass, Minister

5 May 1847, Cottrellville
William Williams, 39, Cottrellville
Eliza Lipscomb, 40, Howard Twp, Kent County, Upper Canada
Pamela Williams & Josiah? Lipscomb; Solomon Gardner, JP

23 May 1847, Cottrellville
William Brown, 62, Cottrellville
Margaret Simons, 21, Cottrellville
Abram A. Gardner, of Cottrellville & William Harsen, of Clay; Solomon Gardner, JP

8 Aug 1847
Theodore Fox, 18, on 11 Nov last, of Berlin
Lydia Sadler, 21, on 1st day of Aug. last, of Berlin
John Allen & Orville A. Gould, both of Berlin; Chandler P. Stone, JP

29 Aug 1847
William H. Olmstead, Milton, Cass County, Michigan
Ruth Parks, St. Clair
T. Waterbury, Minister

16 Aug 1847, China Twp
Frederick I. Douglas, 31, China Twp
Jane Tennant, 25, China Twp
William P. Tennant & John R. Tennant, both of China; C. Lindsay, JP

26 Sept 1847, China Twp
Allen Tappen, 23, China
Jane Williams, 16, China
Alonsah Lindsay & Alvira M. Lindsay, both of China; C. Lindsay, JP

14 Aug 1847, St. Clair
Henry W. Granger, 21, St. Clair
Mary L. Baldwin, 19, St. Clair
Dr. H. Chamberlain & Jedediah Granger, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

15 Sept 1847
George W. Goodell, 31, Concord, New York
Marthy Ann Luck, 18, St. Clair
Charles Luck & Levina Luck, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

29 Aug 1847
William Randolph, Algonac
Laure Carppen, Algonac
David Atkins & Rosally Gorham; J.T. Gorham, JP

4 July 1847, Berlin
William Gibbitts, 24, Almont, Lapeer County, Michigan
Saraph Ballow, 17, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Amos N. Freeman & Maria Freeman; Horton Healy, JP

25 Aug 1847
Orin Gibbitts, 51, Ray Twp, Macomb County, Michigan
Arternipie? Scott, 37, Berlin Twp
Lydia Scott & Amos Scott; Horton Healy, JP

15 Oct 1847
Warren Bryce, 19, Port Sarnia, Upper Canada
Millissent Wilson, 23, Port Sarnia, Upper Canada
Simeon B. Brown & J.W. Bryce; E.S. Crop, JP

17 July 1847, Cottrellville
Simeon Hamilton, 26, Port Huron
Margaret Clark, 21, Cottrellville
Edwin Huntoon & Phinias Clark; Solomon Gardner, JP

20 Oct 1847, house of Lydia Frost, in Berlin Twp
Garrison Smith, 24, Berlin
Lydia Frost, 19, Berlin
G.S. Frost & Lewis Smith; Albert Doty, JP

14 Nov 1847, house of L.H. Stoddard, Berlin Twp
Edwin R. Clark, 21, Berlin
Sarah Ann Fox, 16, Berlin
L.H. Stoddard & Malvin N. Stoddard; Albert Doty, JP

14 Nov 1847, China Twp
Michael Duchene, 20, China
Almira Allen, 18, China
William Fenton & Hiram A. Allen; E.S. Crop, JP

20 Oct 1847, Port Huron
Naumabin, 22, an Indian of Sarnia Reserve, Canada
Wausage, 18, an Indian of Sarnia Reserve, Canada
Henry P. Chase, of Sarnia & Mary L. Crawford, of Port Huron; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

31 Oct 1847, Port Huron
James K. Bailey, 21, Port Huron
Lucretia Welden, 15, Port Huron
L.L. Bailey & Alanson Welden, both of Port Huron; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

29 Dec 1847, China Twp
William H. Slyfield, 24, China, [P: William H. Slyfield & Syrena Belknap Lilly]
Phebe Ann St. Clair, 20, China, [P: John & Mary St. Clair, buried Rosehill Cemetery]
Nathan Wright & Mariah Hart, of China; C. Lindsay, JP
Susan Kenyon.

17 Oct 1847, Newport
Martin Kinyon, 31, China
Amelia Mitchell, 20, China
Elizabeth Cook & S.M. Grout; E.K. Grout, Minister
Susan Kenyon.

6 Nov 1847
John Smiley, 23, Newport
Mary M. Wolverton, 20, Newport
Elizabeth Wolverton & Mary Wolverton; E.K. Grout, Minister

13 Jan 1848
William Mellon, 33, Clay
Bridget Murphy, 18, Clay
Jacob Peer, Jr. & A. Swartout, of Clay; E.K. Grout, Minister

17 Aug 1847, China
James S. Clark, 20, China
Mary Jane Slyfield, 20, China, [P: William H. Slyfield & Syrena Belknap Lilly]
William Greenleaf & Alonzo Slyfield; O.C. Thompson, Minister
Susan Kenyon.

21 Nov 1847
Andrew Griner, Columbus Twp
Margaret McCann, Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan
Samuel Hunt & Catherine Hunt; Charles Baker, JP

22 Jan 1848
Simon Rupell, 23
Frances Congdon, 23
John Morrison & Reuben Rupell, both of St. Clair; H.P. Mastell, Minister

1 Dec 1847
Dr. William Denton, 25, Algonac
Philura Burt, 23, Algonac
James Burt, of Algonac & Dr. J.B. Chamberlain, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

30 Dec 1847
Willoughby Millard, 22, St. Clair
Morgianna Smith, 19, St. Clair
Stephen Smith, of St. Clair & James Roberson, of Newport; O.C. Thompson, Minister

25 Jan 1848
Harvey S. Marsh, 21, St. Clair
June Barbour, 16, St. Clair
Ann E. Hubbard & Henrietta Hubbard; E.W. Borden, Minister

5 Dec 1847
Zebulin Farris, 38, Lexington
Hannah C. Stephens, 19, Lexington
Baker Stephens & Joab Babcock, both of Lexington; Amos Wixson, JP

18 Dec 1848
William Sample, 22, Lexington
Abigail Wixson, 18, Lexington
John Wixson & Benjamin Wixson, both of Lexington; Amos Wixson, JP

24 Nov 1847, Lexington
Moses Lock, 24
Diadame Vancamp, 23
Nathan B. Chase & Ann Chaseall, both of Lexington; Amos Wixson, JP

21 Nov 1847
Henry Wilsey, 19, Lexington
Mary Matthews, 16, Lexington
John H. Smith & Richard Goodwin; C.M. Mills, JP

13 Aug 1848
Augustus Sherman, 22, Worth
Eliza Matthews, 19, Worth
Baker Stevens & Simon Hall; C.M. Mills, JP

19 Oct 1847
Ransom Ward, 23, Clyde Twp
Rebecca Macolly, 17, Clyde Twp
Joseph Kelly & Weldron Ward, of Clyde; Solomon Kingsley, JP

No Date, Lexington
Hial Taylor, 21, Lexington
Mary A. Carpenter, 21, Lexington
Arad Ayres & Darius Cole

28 Jan 1848, Lexington
Henry L. Hopkin, 23, Lexington
Mary A. Hill, 17, Lexington
Ormal Mills & Luther Mills; Thomas Huckins, Minister

8 Feb 1848, Lexington
Ira B. Elsworth, 21, Lexington
Almira Vancamp, 17, Lexington
Richard Schenark & Luther Freett; Thomas Huckins, Minister

No Date
Morrell Campbell, 26, Cottrellville
Susan Little, 19, Cottrellville
Lila Campbell & Manley Campbell; David Cottrell, JP

18 July 1848
Stephen B. Warner, 22, Newport
Maria Wallace, 19, Port Huron
Jonathan Graves & Frances Graves; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

24 Dec 1847
John Wilson, 25, Port Huron
Jane Blake, 24, Port Huron
Gilbert Stockwell & Mary L. Crawford; R.C. Crawford, Minister

8 Feb 1848
Aaron C. Cox, 29, St. Clair
Sarah Jane Bean, 22, St. Clair
Mr. A. Bean & John Easterbrook, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, JP

8 Feb 1848
James King, 36?, Canada West
Hannah Curtis, 20, Canada West
Thomas Caswell, Moore, Canada West & Mrs. A.L. Thompson; O.C. Thompson, Minister

30 Jan 1848
James Bushnell, 35?, Port Huron
Hannah Jane Herrick, 20, Port Huron
Truman Hubbard & Rhoda M. Hubbard; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

23 Jan 1848
James H. Haslett, 22, Port Huron
Lovicy (Lucy?) A. Partridge, 17, Port Huron
John C. Forbes & Emily Bans; Riley C. Crawford

18 Jan 1848
Asa Richardson, 23, late of Detroit
Martha Desmond, 17, Clay Twp
James Gaulton & William Miller, of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

2 March 1848
Coe Tyler, 29, Algonac
Esther M. Smith, 19, Algonac
Charles Beers & Elinor McGregor, of Algonac; J.G. Streit, JP

3 April 1848
John Rickman, 25, Newport
Susan Lipscomb, 22, Newport
Mrs. A.L. Thompson & Miss Margaret Martin, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

2 Sept 1848, Cottrellville
Edward Devine, 34, Cottrellville
Mary Thompson, 19, Sombra, Upper Canada
Charles Sweet & S. Sweet, of Cottrellville; Solomon Gardner, JP

22 Jan 1848
John Button, 34, Newport
Susan W. Osborn, 31, Newport
W. Millard & Zael Ward, of Newport; Elijah K. Grout, Minister

24 Jan 1848
Samuel Rikeman, 23, Newport
Pamela P. Harris, 17, Newport
Edward Rickman & John Rikeman & Isaac Curr, all of Newport; E.K. Grout, Minister

6 Feb 1848, Newport
Abijah Blakely, 23, Newport
Elvira McMillen, 25, Newport
James Hagerman & L.B. Parker & Isaac Wilkins; E.K. Grout, Minister

1 June 1848, Lexington
William Graham, 28, Lexington
Rachel Wixson, 28, Lexington
Joshua Wixson & Levi L. Wixson; Amos Wixson, JP

1 June 1848, at house of Henry Robertson, Clay Twp
William White, 23, China Twp
Catherine Stewart, of Wyoming Co, NY - [widowed by Wm. White, remarried Myron Kenyon, 7/1/1857]
Henry Robertson, of Algonac & Mark B. Richards, of Richmond; J.G. Streit, JP
Susan Kenyon.

31 May 1848
Charles Lecount, 20, Ira Twp
Angelick Culicke, 18, Chesterfield Twp
Antoine Abair & Francis Bonner; J.T. Gorham, JP

3 May 1848, Newport
Oliver Yax, 19, Cottrellville, P: Michael Yax & Angelica Laforge
Sarah Yax, 16, Cottrellville
George Duzenbury & Eliza Duzenbury; T.C. Owen, JP

11 July 1848, home of Theodore Buthey
Ira B. Kendrick, 43, Port Huron
Elizabeth Reeve, 21, Port Huron
Theodore Buthey & Abey Buthey; George Buthey, JP

21 March 1848, Columbus Twp
John E. Clark, Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan
Lubecca Holmes, Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan
Martin Sheavers & George A. Baker, both of Columbus; Chase Baker, JP

11 June 1848
James Putnam, 22, Port Huron
Sarah Jane Howe, 18, Port Huron
William Howe & Mary L. Crawford; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

30 July 1848
Elijah Herrick, 19, Lexington
Harriet Olds, 16, Lexington
Lewis Herrick & Betsey Herrick; C.M. Mills, JP

28 May 1848
Benjamin Howard, 36, Ray Twp, Macomb County, Michigan
Esther Stone, 35, Berlin Twp
John Codington & Charles Harrington, both of Berlin Twp; Chandler P. Stone, JP

9 June 1848, Port Huron
Reuben Proctor, 24, Port Sarnia, Canada
Margaret Taylor, 20, Moore, Canada West
William Cole & Ann Taylor, Canada; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

27 Aug 1848, Cottrellville
Peter Hart, 37, Clay Twp
Mary Cary, 36, Cottrellville
James Johnston, of Clay & Edward Kiver, of Cottrellville; Larkin Hatch, JP

22 July 1848
Chancy Clark, 18, Berlin
Mary Ann Shoesmith, 17, Almont, Lapeer Co, MI, [P: John Shoesmith & Lois Wakelin, both of Sussex, England; b. England; came to the USA in 1833, aboard Ship Champion, age 2]
John Allen & David McCallom, of Berlin; Chandler P. Stone, JP
Jane Devlin.

2 July 1848
Charles Harrington, 18, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Betsey Marthey Marietta Eldridge, 16, Berlin Twp
James Baker & Clarence Edgerton, Berlin; Chandler P. Stone, JP

27 Feb 1848, Columbus
Jules Granger, Columbus Twp
Ann Baker, Columbus Twp
P.W. Granger & his wife, Mary; Charles Baker, JP

18 March 1848, Wales Twp
Epenetis? Bishop, Riley Twp
Ester Shirkey, Wales Twp
George Carle & Lissa Carle, Columbus Twp; Charles Baker JP

25 July 1848, Port Huron
John Campbell, 22, Chicago, Illinois
Sarah A. Bagley, 22, Port Huron
Joanne Bagley & Elijah Dodge, of Port Huron

2 July 1848, Lexington
Adonijah? Crane, 23, Lexington
(Mrs.) Jerusha P. Miller, 17, Lexington
Eleazer Miller & Clarissa Baker, of Lexington; O.E. Parker, JP

8 June 1848, Brockway
Evan Wadaman, 24
Harriet Edgcomb, 17
David Meyers? & George Young, of Brockway Twp; John Grinald, JP

3 Nov 1848
Adam McDonald, 25, Moore, Upper Canada
Jane Tremell, 18, Moore, Upper Canada
Ines Eliza Carleton & Josephine Carleton; Israel Carleton, JP

2 July 1848
James Dutton, 25, Lexington
Malissa A. Weltsey, 21, Lexington
Israel Hackins & Hemon Hall, both of Lexington; Thomas Hackins, Minister

12 Aug 1848
Theodore Luvrel?, 22, Lexington
Margaret Simons, 21, Lexington
Samuel Simons & George Peck; Thomas Hackins, Minister

8 Sept 1848
Samuel Simons, 26, Lexington
Margaret A. Kiles, 17, Lexington
Sally Case & Julia Hackins; Thomas Hackins, Minister

22 Oct 1848, Algonac
Neil W. McDonald, 20, Canada West
Clarissa Anderson, 19, Canada West
Angus P. McDonald & David Cambell, both of Canada West; J.G. Streit, JP

23 Jan 1848, Riley Twp
Abram Babcock, 23, Riley
Laura Hand, 18, Riley
Nathaniel Heath & Louisa Heath, Riley; John Town, JP

10 Dec 1848
Alonzo J. Slyfield, 23, China Twp
Alice Lathram, 21, China Twp
Henry Burnham & William Hammond; Samuel J. Hopkins, JP

2 Sep 1848
Joseph Speck, 45, Clyde Twp
Mary Case, 32, Clyde Twp
Martin Gillett & Isabelle Gillett, both of Clyde Twp; William R. Goodwin, JP

2 Nov 1848
Charles Goddard, 28, Newport
Mary Ann Rikeman, 18, Newport
John Rikeman & Susan Rikeman, both of Newport; Elijah K. Grout, Minister

20 Sept 1848
Jacob Peer, Jr., 33, Algonac, widower of Lavina Wilkins
Mary Richardson, 22, China Twp
Euphemia Peer & Mary Wesbrook, both of China Twp; E.K. Grout, Minister (Grout could be Grant)

4 Jan 1849
Willis Abel, 24, Clay Twp, P: Azel Abel & Mary Regina Basney
Abigail Lenox, 18, Clay
Tobias Westfall & Henry Cartright, both of Clay Twp; Ira Marks, JP

14 Dec 1848
John M. Gill, 23, Moore, Canada West
(Mrs.) Martha Penoyer, 20, Moore, Canada West
Thomas Minton, of Moore, C.W. & Mrs. Mary Ann Gallagher, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

21 Dec 1848, St. Clair
Timothy Barron II, 29, St. Clair
Sophia Persis Carlton, 25, St. Clair
Israel Carletone & William P. Barron, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson

Married December 1847, recorded 1 Feb 1849
Henry Stanley, 21, St. Clair
Esther Butts, St. Clair
Robert Scott & Orison Butts, of St. Clair; W.H. Miles, JP

2 Sept 1848, St. Clair
George W. Blood, 25, St. Clair
Jane Rofs, Moore, Canada
Marcus Minton & Margarett Martin, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

15 Oct 1848, St. Clair Twp
George Stewart McPherson, 24, Eniskillen County, Moore, Canada West
Frances Fisher, 23, Moore, Canada West
Malcomb Lee Purham, of Moore, Canada & Margaret Martin, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

31 Dec 1848, Clyde Twp
Benjamin Kimball, 48
Catherine Carlos, 38
Sylvester Caswell & Marilla Caswell, Clyde Twp

24 Feb 1849
Henry Cartwright, 22, Clay, P: John Cartwright & Mary Theotiste Basney
Adaline Phelps, 16, Clay, P: Aaron Phelps & Mary Proctor
Tobias Westfall & Azel Abel, Jr., of Clay

3 Feb 1849
John S. Fowls, 22
Sara Will, 21
William Hill, Jr. & Sam Hill, Ira; William Marks, JP

26 Nov 1848, Worth Twp
John Lead, 29
Elizabeth Wixon, 29
Benjamin Wixon & John Wixson, Worth Twp; Amos Wixon, JP

10 Feb 1849, Clay
Wallace Harson, 28, Clay, P: Francis Harsen & Mary Cramer
Hannah Smith, 17, Clay
John Arniz & William Harson, Jr.; Clerk

25 Jan 1849, Clay
Henry Harson, 27, Clay Twp; P: William Harsen & Isabelle McCollum
Mary Laughton, 20, St. Clair Co.
Harvey Stewart, Jr. & John Harson, Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

6 Feb 1849, Riley
John Myris, 28
Jane E. Cook, 20
Daniel Jeffers & Daniel Hewett, Riley; Joshua Lampkin, JP

15 Feb 1849, Newport
Edwin Campbell, 26, Newport
Mary Burgiss, 18, Juniplan?
William Campbell & John Rilliman, Newport; H. Owen, JP

7 Feb 1849
Roderick Rice, 23, Port Huron
Miss Lathrop, 14, Port Huron
Sarah B. Owen & Minerva Rust, Newport; H. Owen, JP

30 Nov 1849, St. Clair
Malcomb Wright, 28, Moore, Canada West
Mary Monson, 28, St. Clair
James Baby, Jr. & Edwin D. Kitton; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational, St. Clair

6 Feb 1849, St. Clair
James Dunsmore, 24, Moore, Canada West
Elizabeth Gallaway
Mrs. Wastile & Miss Eliza Sara Wastile; W.P. Wastell, Minister

4 March 1849
George Bowman, 25, Port Huron
Margarete Wootium, 19, Port Huron
M.E. McNeil & Eliza Higgerson; John McNeil, JP

5 Jan 1849
Raymond Beebe, 22 (4th day of Feb.), Berlin
Maria Beebe, 19 (24th day of Dec. last), Berlin
John C. Clark & George Rutherford, both of Berlin; Chandler P. Stone, JP

25 April 1849, Clay
Charles H. Brown, 22
Elenore L. McGregor, 18
James Kendall & James Nall, Clay; Peter McGregor, Minister

25 Feb 1849
Charles H. Beers, 34
Harriet J. Kendall, 19
James Nall & 4 Beers; Jacob Kendall, Minister

6 March 1849
Hiram Irons, 21, Algonac, P: Samuel Irons & Mary
Nancy Randolf, 20, Algonac
Dan Daniels & Marietta Daniels; E.R. Groute, Minister

9 Jan 1849, Newport
Joseph A. Woolverton, 20
Cynthia Collins, 20
John Smile & William Wolverton; E.R. Grout

12 March 1848
Alexander Foster, 25, Newport
Julie Dow, 16
Marcus U. Mile?, Clerk

24 Dec 1848, Newport
Lorenzo D. Cook, 27, Algonac
Mary A. Chafie, 17, St. Clair
Alonzo Rust & David Lester; E.K. Grout, Minister

1 Jan 1848, house of Lewis Smith
John F. Frost, 25, Berlin
Amy E. Smith, 17, Berlin
Garrison Smith & Lewis Smith, both of Berlin; Albert Dody, JP

3 March 1849
Dudley Wilcox, 29, Newport
Sophia Robinson, 18, Newport
Sara B. Owen & David Robinson, Newport; T.C. Owens, JP

28 March 1849, St. Clair
A.P. Sexton, 25, St. Clair
Julette Gurney, St. Clair
Daniel Gurney & Clara Harrington; Samuel F. Hopkins, JP

5 Feb 1849, Algonac
John Sturdy, 37, Canada West
Margaret Brown, 30, Canada West
John Ritchies & John Sargents, Canada West; J.G. Streit, JP

30 March 1849
James Lever, 26, Algonac
Matilda Poole, 16, Algonac
William Baird & William Woodruff, Algonac

Recorded 28 April 1849
Edmund Valentine, 23, Wales
Caroline King, 18, Wales
Sylvester Caswell & Matilda Caswell; Hiram King, JP

21 Jan 1849, Lexington
Charles Otis (Olis?), 20
Susan Kelly, 19
John Otis & Levi Otis, Lexington; O.E. Parker, JP

3 May 1849
James Kiles, 24, Lexington
Julia Kinkson, 16, Lexington
Mrs. Sophia Kiles & Patience Kiles; O.E. Parker, JP

27 March 1849
Stephen R. Crop, 25, Columbus
Ginnet Graham, 19, Town of Corinty
Erastus Crop & Hannah, his wife, Columbus; George Bathy, JP

3 April 1849
Paul Shirley
Margaret Maskel
Credible witness at Sanilac; Eusign Hill, JP

Married 21 April 1849, recorded 11 June 1849
William Meluin
Sarah Dickenson
Credible witness; Eusign Hill, JP

11 April 1849, Cottrellville
Frederick H. Blood, 25, Newport
Electa Huntoon, 18, Newport
O.B. Reid & Martha Lock, of Newport; H. Owen, JP

8 April 1849
Joseph Yax, 24, Newport
Elizabeth E. Eby, 23, Newport
Thomas Hay & Elvira Blakesly, Newport; H. Owen, JP

2 May 1849, Cottrellville
George W. Johnson, 25, Newport
Susan Lanyell, 18, Newport
George Lanyell & Nelson Mills; H. Owens, JP

5 March 1849, Clay
James Gaulton, 27
Ann Margaret Buck, 17
Augustus Harson & Nathaniel P. Stewart

22 March 1849
John Gallagher, 25, Newport
Margaret Gardner, 17, Newport
David Gallagher & Sam Ward; E.K. Grout, Minister

20 March 1849
George B. Beels, 24, China
Mary Pyper, 17, China
Capt. Aaron G. Peir & Euphemia Peir; E.K. Grout, Minister

19 March 1849
Hiram Richardson, 27 (23rd day of Oct. last), Berlin
Emily Robenson, 16 (14th day of March), Berlin
Sabin Gould & Almona Harrington; Chandler P. Stone, JP

Recorded 8 June 1849
Henry E. Wills, 32 (28th of March last), Berlin
Anna Robb, 18 (23rd day of April last), Berlin
Thomas Palmer & John Marshall; Chandler P. Stone, JP

Recorded 19 June 1849
Almond Harrington, 21 (13th day of March last)
Emily Richardson, 17 (19th day of April last)
Sabin S. Gould & Hiram Richardson; Chandler P. Stone, JP

17 June 1849
David Gallagher, 23, Newport
Jane Ward, 17, Newport
Wales Toby & Susan McQueen, Newport; T.C. Owen, JP

28 March 1849, Riley
Sidney Shur, 24, Riley
Sarah Potter, 21, Riley
A. Welch & John A. Myers, Riley; John Lown, JP

26 April 1849, Lexington
John Kelly, 29, Lexington
Ellen Wilson, 25, Lexington
John Wilson & William Spencer; H.W. Brown, Minister

17 May 1849, Clyde
Jonas Potts, 25
Lydia F. Davison, 18
Benson Barllite & Eben Cole; Joshua Tompkins, JP

4 June 1849
Cyrus Pringle, 34, Lexington
Lucinda Shiars, 18, Columbus
Isaac Miller & Charles Shiars; ? Bathy, JP

9 May 1849, Worth
Joseph G. Witham, 18, Worth
Elizabeth Spears, 16, Worth
Comadore Witham & Marrilla Witham; Amos Wixon, JP

17 Nov 1848, Clyde
William Clark, 22, Clyde
Hester Ann Stewart, 20, Clyde
Isaac Pulsifer & his wife, Mary Ann; William Goodman, JP

3 Dec 1848, Clyde
Randall Farr, 25
Eliza Smith, 20
William Atkins, Jr. & Hiram Manning; William Goodman, JP

24 Dec 1848, Clyde
Alfred C. Weldon, 27, Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan
Mary Stewart, 20, Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan
Antonio Dupas & wife, Caroline; William R. Goodman, JP

2 July 1848, Clyde
Daniel H. Allen, 51, Clyde
Eliza Graham, 52, Clyde
David House & Mrs. Mary Martin; William R. Goodman, JP

4 July 1849, Clyde
James Rivers, 27
Margaret Freeman, 20
Richard Been & Andrew Lusey; William R. Goodman, JP

29 July 1849, China Twp
John Tappan, 33
Hannah Burdorf, 21
F.G. Douglass & James Douglas; William Cook, JP

21 Feb 1849, Clay
Angus Miller, 21
Jane Carpenter, 21
James Miller & Jane Smith; John K. Smith, JP

23 April 1849, Clay
George Wood, 22, Dresden, Canada West
Ann Elizabeth Griffith, 23, Dresden, Canada West
Thomas Henry Griffith & Jane Ann Taylor; John K. Smith, JP

23 April 1849, Clay
Thomas Griffith, 21, Dresden, Canada West
Jane Ann Taylor, 18, Dresden, Canada West
George Wood & Ann Elizabeth Griffith; John K. Smith, JP

2 May 1849, Clay
Christopher Hoton?, 21, Sombra, Canada West
Jane Clark, 16, Sombra, Canada West
Hannah Clark & Thomas Sturdevant; John K. Smith, JP

4 Aug 1849, Clay
Thomas Cadman, Sombra, Canada - [Thomas Cadwell? See next entry's witnesses]
Sarah Stewart, Sombra, Canada
Francis Winters & Sarah Jane Hill; John K. Smith, JP

4 Aug 1849, Clay
Francis Winters, 22, Sombra, Canada
Sarah Jane Hill, 18, Sombra, Canada
Thomas Cadwell & Sarah Stewart; John K. Smith, JP

20 Aug 1849, St. Clair
Joseph Booth, 22, Enniskellin, Canada West
Sarah Jinner?, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Maria C. Miles & B.W. Jenks; Marcus Miles, JP

31 Aug 1849
William Smith, 30, Moore, Canada West
Margaret Gowan, 22, Moore, Canada West
Samuel F. Hopkins & wife; H.H. Morgan, Minister

4 Sept 1849
Thomas Montgomery, 26, Fort Gratiot
Jane P. Northrop, 22, Fort Gratiot
Duthan? Nothrop & his wife; H.H. Morgan, Minister

14 Sept 1849
George Smith, 27, Warwick, Canada West
Mary Ann Thomas, 16, Warwick, Canada West
Thomas Kennard & Mrs. B.C. Morgan; H.H. Morgan, Minister

8 April 1849, house of George Wilde, Worth Twp
David Wilde, 30, Worth
Mary Colton, 29, Worth
Francis Wilde & Caroline Wilde; John Galbraith, JP

1 Aug 1849, in office at China
George Booth, 23, Canada West
Jane McKay, 18
H.A. Hopkins & Catherine Rom?; Samuel Hopkins, JP

26 July 1849, Lexington
Stephen Thibido, 23, Lexington
Chlor/Chloe Stephens, 16, Lexington
John Stephens & Warren Wile; Thomas Huckins, Minister

10 Sept 1849, Lexington
Elijah Custor, 23
Polly Huckins, 16
Hiram Punn & Josiah Huckins; Thomas Huckins, Minister

4 July 1849, Lexington
Edwin Harvey, 22, Lexington
Malvina Smith, 16, Lexington
William L. Mills & Platt Lockwood; M. Mills, JP

30 July 1849, Lexington
John Jakes, 23, Lexington
Jane Riny, 26, Lexington
Micajah Drown & Calvin Deforest; C.M. Miles, JP

26 May 1849, Burchville
Charles Cliff, 22
Charity Prak, 18
Thomas Lizuby & Richard Gravis; Ethan Burch; JP

7 Aug 1849, Burchville
Levi Begalow, 22
Hannah Snider, 20
Solomon Streeter & Jane E. Streeter; Ethan Burch, JP

22 July 1849, Clay
George Morris, 24, Cottrellville
Cynthia Webster, 20, Clay
Martin Swartout & Dennis Swartout; Ira Marks, JP

Recorded 17 Sept 1849, Town of Columbus
John Hops, 21, St. Clair
Mary Hoffmaster, 19, St. Clair
Nathan Schofield & Francis Hoyle, of Columbus; George Bathy, JP

22 July 1849, Columbus
Celethian? Butler, 38, Clyde
Lydia Herrick, 32, Port Huron
Lester Crop & Alma Crop, wife; George Bathy, JP

26 Sept 1849, home of Charles Lindsay
James H. Porter, 27, Naberville County, Illinois
Celenda Lindsay, 26, Cascola County of St. Clair?
Charles Lindsay & Richard S. Freeman, of Casco; George Bathy, JP

27 Sept 1849, Methodist Episcopal Church
Norton Hyde, 24, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Mary Jane Baker, 22, Berlin
Amos Freeman & R. Mariah Freeman, of Berlin; William McKeeley

19 Sept 1849, Berlin
Alonzo S. Beebe, 26, Berlin
Betsy Whaling, 19, of the Sarnplan?
Mary Harrington & David Beebe; Fredrick Lock, JP

30 Sept 1849, Berlin
Amasa F. Scott, 20
Almira Ballard, 21
Orrin Tibbits & James Baker, of Berlin; Horton Halsy, JP

27 Sept 1849, Worth, in house of George Wright
Alfred H. Hedrick, 23, Worth
Lydia Wright, 17, Worth
George & Sarah Wright, of Worth; John Galbraith, JP

27 Sept 1849, Worth
Asa Morrison Sly, 23, Worth
Rhoda VanCamp, 20, Worth
Thomas Sly & Robert Sly; John Galbraith, JP

20 Sept 1849, Worth
Joseph C. Chan, 24
Elizabeth Hinkson, 16
George Hinkson & Margaret Hinkson; Samuel Blakesley, JP

3 Oct 1849, China
Chauncy Ogden, 24, Green, Monroe County, New York
Maria Butts, 20, China Twp
Henry Butts & Orson Butts; Samuel F. Hopkins, JP

11 Oct 1849, St. Clair
Chris Eberts, 27, Sombra, Canada West
Maria Cole, 19, Sombra, Canada West
John Reynolds & Lydia Cole, of Sombra; Marcus Miles, JP

9 Oct 1849
Edwin D. Kitten, 25, St. Clair
Avira Rice, 22, St. Clair
Mary Rice & Mrs. B.C. Morgan; H.H. Morgan, Minister

19 Aug 1849
Henry McAllen, 42, Columbus
Mary Ann Hoyle, 19, Columbus
Francis Hoyle & Louisa Hoyle; George Bathy, JP

1 July 1849, Cottrellville
Luther Webster, 22, Clay
Sally Morris, 19, Cottrellville
Henry Chortie, of Cottrellville & Sally Webster, of Clay; David Cottrell, JP

18 Oct 1849, Wales
Abner B. Fitch, 29, Wales
Sarah C. Beuch, 20, Wales
Hiram Smith & Mary Smith; Joseph M. Beuch, JP

14 Oct 1849
Rufus Haskell, 22, St. Clair
Eunice Hunt, 21, Port Huron
Hezikiah H. Haskell & wife; Israel Carleton, JP

7 Nov 1849, China
Martin Swartout, 25, Clay, P: John Swartout & Catherine Winne
Lydia Ann Webster, 18, China, P: James Webster & Jane Schreeve
George Morris & Porter Webster; William Cook, JP

29 Aug 1849, Lexington
Darius Cole, 27, Lexington
Hannah Lentz, 17
H.W. Brown, Minister

6 Nov 1849
James Bell, 21, Metcalf, Canada
Helen Woods, 17, Metcalf, Canada
A. Bartterte & S.M. Robins; H.L. Stevens, JP

21 Nov 1849, Port Huron
William S. Sewell, 23, St. Clair
Margaret Kelly, 22, St. Clair
Henry Wilcox & Harriet Peck; H.L. Stevens, JP

25 Nov 1849, Clyde
Garret McCutt
Jane Merritt
Michael Plant, JP

1 Dec 1849, Sanilac
Alexander Carrey, 26, Sanilac
Harriet Dopp, 21, Sanilac
William Dopp & James Dopp; William Austin, JP

15 Dec 1849, Cottrellville
William M. Smith, 23, Cottrellville
Philinda Ann Smith, 18, Cottrellville, P: Humphrey Smith & Alvira Marriss
H.H. Smith & Andrew J. Smith; L.C. Owen, JP

17 April 1845
Martin Gillett, Clyde
(Mrs.) Isabella Davidson, Clyde
William Gardner & Andrew Miller; Walter Chase, JP

24 Dec 1849, house of Rufus Henderson, St. Clair
Henry W. Wolcot, 22, Danbury, Otowa, Ohio
Elizabeth Anderson, 18, St. Clair County
Rufus Henderson & wife, Elizabeth; George Bathey, JP

24 June 1849, Newport
James Forte, 30
Harriet Leach, 26
Dr. L.B. Parker & William Robinson, of Newport; Elijah R. Groute, Minister

4 July 1849
Myron Kinyon, 24, China Twp, [P: Phineas Kenyon & Polly Fuller; b. Bolton, Warren Co, NY]
Barbara Mitchell, 17, China Twp
L.T. Remer & Jebb Peabody, of China; Elijah K. Groute, Minister
Susan Kenyon.

20 Aug 1849
Amasa Rust, 26, Newport
Mariette Augusta Groute, 17, Newport
G.B. Parker & William Kelly; Elujah K. Groute, Minister

16 Aug 1849, Newport
James Lozan, 21 (James Logan? - see witnesses 2 entries below)
Mary A. Sharp, 18
James Grummond & H.H. Sharp; Elijah K. Groute, Minister

8 Oct 1849
Thomas Green, 25, St. Clair
Catherine Richardson, Cottrellville
Samuel Holiday & Joseph Richardson; E.K. Groute, Minister

16 Aug 1847, Newport
Henry Sharp, 22, Canada West
Barbara Farslow, 17, Canada West
James Grummond & James Logan; E.K. Groute, Minister

20 Aug 1849
Murton Love, 33, Canada West
Jane McCutty, 19, Canada West
Catherine Gardner & Eliza Henry, of Newport; E.K. Groute, Minister

21 Nov 1849
A.R. Chaffee, 24, St. Clair
Sarah Pyper, 21, St. Clair
A.S. Gilbert & G.J. Brink; Elijah K. Groute, Minister

27 Nov 1849
Duncan McArther, 41, China
Marie S.C. Eldridge, 40, St. Clair
Hon. E. Carleton & Jerimiah Carleton, St. Clair; Elijah K. Groute, Minister

16 Dec 1849
Joseph Leitherm, 25, China
Clara Cole, 17, China
W. Barber & William Leitheirm; E.K. Grout, Minister

30 Dec 1849
Thomas G. Butlin, 23, Newport
Minerva Rust, 19
E.K. Grout, Minister

29 Dec 1849
Peter Bazney (Peter Basney?), 21, Ira, P: Joseph Basney & Magdelene Huyet dit Champagne
Hannah M. Randolph, 16, Ira, P: Ephram Randolph & Matilda Brown
C.T. McEachran, of Buffalo & Elizabeth Bazney; J.F. Gorham, JP

16 Jan 1850
Phillip A. Chaffee, 24, St. Clair
Lucinda C. Storms, 21, St. Clair
Rinaldo Chaffee & wife; Israel Carleton, JP

3 Jan 1850, Algonac
Augrainnie Dinners?, 21, Clay
Caroline Peelette, 20, St. Clair
Nelson Harvie & Peter Dinners, both of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

25 Nov 1849, house of John Whaling
Walter Finch, 28, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Charlotte Whaling, Berlin
John Whaling & C. Wheeling; Fred Locke, JP

12 May 18-
Jonathan Johnson, 45, Clyde
Harriet Fisher, 16, Clyde
Abraham J. Palmer, Min/JP

16 Nov 1849
John Coulter
Eliza Stony
J. Johnson & Marie Johnson; H.H. Morgan, Minister

25 Dec 1849
Edward Reynolds
Lydia Cole
S.B. Brown & Anna Maria Brown; H.H. Morgan, Minister

31 Jan 1850
Thomas Cary, 25, Plympton, Kent County, Canada West
Catherine McLaughlin, 20, Plympton, Kent County, Canada West
M.B. Kean & R.R. McNiff; Reubin Warner, JP

3 April 1850
Isaac Smith, 24, Cottrellville
Jane Ann Broadbridge, 16, Cottrellville
B. Fuller & John Broadbridge, witnesses

11 Feb 1850
William Shortie, 22, Newport
Mayout Fermingotn, 18, Newport
John Robinson & Newland Smith; F.C. Owen, JP

16 May 1850
John Fay, 25
Bridget Kinney, 17
Bela W. Jenks & Henry A. Jenks; M.A. Miles, JP

6 June 1850
Orris Smith, 51
Martha Heath, 56
Dortha Northrop & Roxana Nutt; H.H. Morgan, Minister

31 Jan 1850
Joseph Farlow, 23, Kent County, Canada West
Mary Jane O'Neal, 20, Kent County, Canada West
David Robutson (Robertson?) & Mr. Kean, of Cottrellville; Reubin Warner, JP

21 June 1850
Janus (James?) Downe, 22 (19th day Dec. last), Berlin
Janets Hopkins, 16 (26th day May last), Almont
Janus? Stephens & Janus? Millien; Chandler Stone, JP

22 Jan 1850
Peter Tindal, 28, Warwick, Kent County, Canada West
Sally Cole, 19, Warwick, Kent County, Canada West
Jonathan Smith & Thirza Smith, Warwick; William Taylor, Minister

1 Jan 1850
John Tucker, 48, Port Huron
Sally Swait, 30, Port Huron
Charles Farr & Poly Farr, Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

9 June 1850
William Richardson, 34, St. Clair
Mary Ryan, 18, St. Clair
William Ryan & M. McAniry, of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic Priest

17 June 1850, St. Clair
Richard Cody, 27
Mary Kenny, 20
William Ryan & Sophia Ryan, of St. Clair

3 June 1850
John McAnery, 25, St. Clair
Mayart Ryan, 20, St. Clair
Patrick & Elenor Ryan, of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic Priest

16 May 1850, Brockway
Cornelius Spain, 25, Brockway
Elizabeth Doyle, 27, Brockway
Arthur & Isabelle Smyth; L. Kilroy, Catholic Priest

16 May 1850
William Lathrum, 26, St. Clair
Cynthia Smith, 23, Berlin
Horace Barber & Moses Carlton; Elijah K. Groute, Minister

21 July 1850
John Brickbeck, 23, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
Laura Rust, 22, Newport
Eber Ward & Amasa Rust, of Newport; Elijah K. Groute, Minister

Recorded 25 July 1850, Newport
Hugh Wood, 24, Newport
Sarah M. Bell, 24, Newport
John & Hannah Brethoy?; E.K. Groute, Minister

28 April 1850
James Robinson, Jr., 22, Cottrellville
Angeline Eldridge, 19
James Robinson & Duncan McArthur; E.K. Groute, Minister

1 May 1850
S. Muier, 27, Sandusky, Ohio
Margaret Boughton, Port Huron
Alvah Sweetzer & Mrs. Eliza Gillett; P. Brighton, Minister

2 June 1850
George M. Stewart, 28, St. Clair
Mary Louise Fisher, 18, St. Clair
Richard William, of Clyde & Betsy J. Palmer, of St. Clair; Andrew J. Palmer, JP

9 April 1850
E.W. [Edmund William] Hodgson, St. Clair, [b. Liverpool, Lancashire Co, England]
Mary Jane Fay, St. Clair, [P: Thomas C. Fay* & Mary Broderick; b. Georgetown, SC]
Richard Cole & Laura Palmer; Milton Ward, Minister
Susan Kenyon.
[*Thomas C. Fay, a native of Bennington, VT, was the first owner of a newspaper office in St. Clair County.]

18 April 1850
Albert A. Carleton, 24, St. Clair
Margaret Falkenburg [Van Valkenburg(h)?], 21, St. Clair
George W. Carleton & Ann E. Carleton; Milton Ward, Minister

25 April 1850
John Roberts, St. Clair
Jane Cox, St. Clair
John Freeman & Mather White; Milton Ward, Minister

1 May 1850
Joseph Watson, Moore, Canada West
Amee (Annie?) Jones, Moore, Canada West
Donald Morrison & Mary Morrison; Milton Ward, Minister

13 May 1850
Mark Edwards, Canada West
Elizabeth Proctor, Canada West
Henry Neal & Margaret Ann Neal; Milton Ward, Minister

18 June 1850, Clyde
Harry Sisco, Clyde
Mary Sisco, Clyde
Levi Gardner & Harriet Gardner; Michael Plant; JP

Recorded 29 July 1850
George King, 20, Moore, Canada
Julia Corsley, 19, Moore, Canada
Delamatre & wife; Israel Carleton, JP

29 July 1850, Port Huron
Daniel Flood, 25, Cottrellville
Eliza Gathury?, 22, Algonac
Maria S. Stevens & William Hall

29 Aug 1850
John Allen, 30, Canada West
Maria Allen, 40, Canada West
William Slyfield & Stephen Parthow, of China; James S. Clark, JP

25 Sept 1850
Patrick Doyle, 26.5, Clyde
Anne Gery, 19, Clyde
Nelson Pazette & Mary Gary, Clyde; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missionary

25 Sept 1850
John J. Brown, 26, Moore, Canada West
Ann McLaughin?, Moore, Canada West
William Cameron & Catherine Cameron; W.H. Milse, JP

3 Oct 1850
Harry Cady, 41, Rochester, Wisconsin
Sarah H. Whitman, 27, Port Huron
D. Whitman & J.C. Whitman; J. Baughton, Minister

21 Oct 1850, St. Clair
Dennis Wincoop, 27, China Twp
Adeline Spring, 17, China Twp
George Vishery & wife, Mary; H.H. Morgan, Minister

4 July 1851
George F. Jones, 27, Cottrellville
Mary Clark, 17, Cottrellville
Orin C. Clark & Merlin Campbell; Reubin Warner, JP

20 Oct 1850
William Bithemr?, 27, Clyde
Esther Fish, 24, Clyde
George Evans & George Fish; M.H. Miles, JP

5 Nov 1850, St. Clair
George Husel, 23
Christiana Riche, 28; H.H. Morgan

11 Nov 1850
Henry Raymond, Clyde
Malissa D. Barns, Clyde
James Scrambling & Sarah Jane Barns, of Clyde; Michael Plunt, JP

11 Nov 1850
R. [Richard] Cottrell, 23, Cottrellville, P: George Cottrell & Archange Meny (Minnie)
L. [Lydia] Newstad, 18, Cottrellville
Charles Cottrell & Mary Ann Cottrell; L. Kilroy, Catholic

11 Nov 1850
James Scrambling, Clyde
Sarah J. Barns, Clyde
Henry Laymond [Henry Raymond? See two entries above], & Melisa D. Barns; Michael Plant, JP

12 Nov 1850, Algonac
John Price, 37, Sombra, Canada West
Sarah Brown, 22, Sombra, Canada West
Daniel Campbell & Jean Campbell, Sombra; J.G. Streit, JP

15 Sept 1850
Xavier Vizina (Vesinat?), 30
Julianne Cushon, (Cauchon?) 18, Ira
B. Laponsey & F. Boyer; John Dollog, JP

28 Nov 1850
John Burnham, 29, St. Clair
Ann Furtan, 36, St. Clair
Simon Farris & Eli Daniels; U.H. Mill, JP

21 Oct 1850
Hyacinthe Belanger, 36, Ira
(Mrs.) Rose Gorham, 22, Ira, P: Anthony Lesperance & Margaret Dufete
Charles T. Skinner & Angeline Skinner; John Dallog; JP

12 Dec 1850
Peter Stovers, 24, Sombra, Canada West
Estille Hott?, Sombra, Canada West
L.T. Purner & A.G. Tenant, China; James Clark, JP

16 Dec 1850, St. Clair County
Fredrick Hersel, 21
Mary Klingler, 18
Fredrick Turnor & Andrew Hull; H.H. Morgan, JP

16 Dec 1850, St. Clair
Aaron C. Cox, 33
Phillis R. Gitchel, 20
Mr. A.E. Morse & Mrs. L.E. Morse; H.H. Morgan, JP

No date
Walter Finch, 28, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Charlotte Wheeling, 18, Berlin
John Wheeling & Clarissa Wheeling; Frederick Lock, JP

2 June 1850
Eugene White, 20, St. Clair
Elizabeth Mason, 19, St. Clair
William Leach & wife; E.K. Groute, Minister

24 Nov 1850, Clay Twp
William M. Little, 26, Clay
Catherine Harsen, 23, Clay, P: Francis Harsen & Mary Cramer
Harvey Stewart & Sarah Stewart; A.P. Stewart, JP

8 March 1851, Clay Twp
Jacob P. Harson, 21, Clay, P: William Harsen & Isabelle McCollum
Polly Perry, 18, Clay, P: James Perry & Elizabeth Ward
Henry Harson & Nicholas Little; A.P. Stewart, JP

24 Nov 1850
William [B.] Simpson, about 28, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Marie [Mariah Jane] Galloway, 25, Canada West
James Simpson & Francis Simpson; G.B. Eagle, Episcopal Minister
Lynne Ross.

26 Nov 1850
Daniel James Ke-ley, 30, Port Huron
Lucinda F. McGregor, 22, Warwick, Canada West
Ed Ke-ley & Ann Arnour; G.B. Eagle, Episcopal Minister

23 April 1850
James C. Lee, 21
Ann A. Shellington, 18
William Austin & Ann S-wall; G.B. Eagle; Episcopal Minister

10 Aug 1850, Port Huron
Edwin Cash, 28, Port Huron
M.E.D. Clifford, 15, Port Huron
S.G. Probate & Julia Fitzgerrald; G.B. Eagle, Minister

7 July 1850, Port Huron
John T. Hamilton, 23
Amelia Halstead, 19
Wellington Davis & Anna Davis; G.B. Eagle, Minister

15 Oct 1850
John Morrison, 23, Plimpton Western District, Canada West
Jane Young, 17, Port Huron
John Fergerson & Mary Fergerson & John Young; G.B. Eagle, Minister

5 Dec 1850, Burchville
William Batthram, 21, Burchville
Mary Elizabeth Raymond, 14, Burchville
John Mitchell & Josiah Pellerchant; R. Beul, Minister

1 Jan 1850, Clay Twp
Homer Rector, 19, Clay
Elizabeth Thompson, 16, Clay
John Rector & Sally Rector; John Smith, JP

18 Jan 1850, Clay Twp
Peter Perry, 25, Clay
Jane Babtist, 23, Clay
N.E. Rector & Seva Richardson, Clay

15 Dec 1849, Algonac
James Baby Lacroil, 24, Worth
Elizabeth Williams, 16, Wallaceburg, Canada West
N.D. Smith & J. Smith; John K. Smith, JP

25 Jan 1850, Algonac
Daniel Jena, 35, Casco, P: Joseph Genaw & Cecilia Delisle, (widower of Adelaide Riopel)
Angeline Roberts, 36, Casco
Henry Gill & Jane Smith; John K. Smith, JP

13 Jan 1851, Cottrellville
John Kane, 24, Cottrellville
Mary Moran, 25, Cottrellville
Patrick Kane & Mary ?, of Cottrellville; L. Kilroy, Catholic Minister

7 Jan 1851, St. Clair
Charles David Cottrell, 28, Cottrellville, P: David Cottrell & Catherine Lozen
Elizabeth Ann Leblanc, 23, Port Huron
Richard Cody & Mary Ann McNulty; L. Kilroy, Catholic

13 Feb 1851, Port Huron
David McDonald, 26, Canada West
Margaret McIlwrath?, 19, Canada West
John Saville & Hiram Robinson; G.B. Eagle, Minister

24 Jan 1851, Port Huron
Hugh Bryce, 28, Warwick, Canada West
Mary F. McDonell, 25, Warwick, Canada West
David Calvord & James Harrower; G.B. Eagle, Minister

18 Jan 1851, Clay
James B. Perry, 19, Clay, P: James Perry & Elizabeth Ward
Lydia Abel, 16, Clay, P: Azel Abel & Mary Regina Basney
Peter Perry & Willis Abel, Clay; G. Streit, JP

24 Feb 1851, Algonac
Franklin Eldridge, 21, Clay
Monique Cadat (Cadotte), 18, Algonac, P: Francis X. Cadotte & Monica Labadie
William St. Clair & Lucy Bampton; J.G. Streit, JP

1 March 1851, St. Clair
William Hoskin, 23
Elizabeth Kerth, 20
Nimrod --- & Frederick Whitehouse; M.M. Miles, JP

9 April 1851
John Dupu?, 19, Canada West
Elizabeth Rouse, 16, Canada West
S.B. Brown & George H. Hammond; William Cook, JP

9 April 1851
James R. Dutton, 19, Wales
Sylvia Lashbrooks, 16, Wales
Rebecca Cole & Cynthia Lamb, of Wales; Hiram King, JP

Married 24 --- 1851, recorded 10 April 1851, Cottrellville
Francis Boisoin, 22, Cottrellville
Harriet Martel, 16, Cottrellville
William Chortie & Henry Chortie; T.C. Owen, JP

20 Nov 1850
Peter Richardson, 22, Cottrellville
Maria Ann Brady, 21, Cottrellville
Rebecca Wunsly & John Blair; T.C. Owen, JP

17 Aug 1850
Jackson G. Stormz?
Esther Watkinz
S. Allen & Margaret Potter; Milton Ward, Minister

11 Sep 1850
William Wilez
Mary Fruman
William Fruman & Anne Taylor; Milton Ward, Minister

15 Feb 1851 - [listed twice, but with John Dunele as first witness, instead of Isaac Derrell]
John Rouse
Susanna Kitchen
Isaac Derrell & Mary Rouse; Milton Ward, Minister

25 Feb 1851, Port Huron
John Shepperd, 26, Warwick, Canada West
Jane Court, 22, Adelade, Canada West
John Anderson & Mary Ann Court; G.B. Eagle, Minister

1 Feb 1851, house of Allen Atkin
William Atkin, 23 years, 7 months, 21 days, Clyde
Margaret Atkinz, 32 years, 26 days, Clyde
John Davidson; Allen Atkinz, Minister

24 Nov 1850
John Delany, 23, St. Clair
Charity E. Loucks, 17, St. Clair
William Delany & M. ?; E.K. Groute, Minister

12 Dec 1850, Cottrellville
Alonzo Rust, 32, Cottrellville
Jane Leiff, 30, Cottrellville
Joseph & George Leiff; E.K. Groute

14 Sept 1850
William H. Slyfield, 27
Ellen St. Clair, 18
J.S. Clark & John St. Clair; E.K. Groute, Minister

22 Nov 1850
Robert Mills, 21, China
Phebe Compton, 21, China
Charles Provost & Frank Bastrand; George Clark, JP

Recorded 1 Feb 1851, Wales
Cyrus Prindle, 38, Wales
Electa Lashbrooks, 27, Wales
Nathan Lashbrooks & John Hamel; John Lamb, JP

27 Jan 1851, Riley
John Gatturer, 31, Riley
Mary Dison, 27, Riley
William Crusell, Daneity Crusell, William Dison, Asel Day & Andrew Lawen, all of Riley; Nicholas Myers, JP

Recorded 30 Dec 1850, Burtchville
William Chase, 30, Worth
Hannah Markle, 22, Burtchville
Abraham J. Markle & Murray Markle; Silas Conger, JP

Recorded 30 Dec 1850, Burchville
William Sims, 24, Burchville
Betsy Tigner, Burchville
Lewis Facer & Ezekiel Facer; Silas Conger, JP

16 Nov 1850, Brockway
Peter Murray, 25, Brockway
Margaret Keely, 16, Brockway
John Dwyer & Elizabeth Spain; L. Kilroy

15 Nov 1850
John Newstead, 21
Mary Ann Cottrell, P: George Cottrell & Archange Meny
William Cottrell & Agnes Cottrell; Israel Carleton, JP

31 Dec 1850, Algonac
Charles Wheaton, 24, Clay
Margaret Ann Westfall, 20, Clay
James Myers & Charles Lenox; J.G. Streit, JP

13 Oct 1850, Columbus
Rochester Tappen, 24, Casco
Catherine Jane Hunt, 19, Columbus
Nancy Hunt & Henry Hunt; C.R. Canfield, JP

28 July 1850, Brockway
Henry Hudson, 24, Brockway
Mary Ware, 18, Brockway
Luther H. Ward & Ransom Ward; Waldron Ward, JP

25 Dec 1850
Alexander Kennedy, ?6
Christine Chunbell, 25
John Kennedy & Elizabeth Kennedy; H.H. Morgan

17 Dec 1850, Cottrellville
Charles Gardner, 42, Cottrellville
Rhoda Smiley, 24, Cottrellville
Harriet Cottrell & Edward Winn; David Cottrell, JP

14 Nov 1850, Riley
Chauncy Futts, 20, Berlin
Catherine Youngs, 15, Riley
Stephen B. Rice & Theron Cole, of Berlin; Horton Healy, JP

11 Sept 1850, Cottrellville
Simon Andrews, 35, Lenox
Charlotte Estes, 20, Macomb County, Michigan
Foster Hart & Sarah B. Owen; T.C. Owen, JP

27 Jan 1851
James Hill, 33
Sarah D. Moore, 23
Bela W. Jenks & Louise Coyle; James Sharo, Minister

27 Jan 1851
James S. Smart, 25
Elmira Carter, 17
B.W. Jenks & Louisa Coyle; James Sharo, Minister

2 June 1850
Orson Slocum, 24, St. Clair
Elizabeth Armstrong, 21, St. Clair
M.L. French & Alonzo Allen; E.K. Groute, Minister

11 March 1851
Francis S. Wersinger, 26, Sandusky, Ohio
Cordelia Sly, 25, Lexington
Jane Luce & Fred Wells, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Episcopal Minister

20 April 1851, Riley
Andrew J. Sour, 24, Riley Twp
Ann Sour, 19, Riley Twp
William S. Chriswell & Abram Wells, both of Riley; Robert Stewart, JP

27 April 1851, China
Bray Willey, 29, China
Mary Ann Gilbert, 17, China
John D. Wonlen & James Weeks, both of China; William Cook, JP

2 March 1851, Port Huron
John Davis, 22, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mary E. Clark, 20, Port Huron
Charles Bancroft & John T. Traverse, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

2 April 1851, Port Huron
Edmund Chapman, 37, Port Huron
Jane Wilson, 29, Port Huron
Levi Sharp & Sarah A. Sharp, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

9 April 1851, Port Huron
William Tanner, 26, Warwick, Upper Canada
Ann Shaw, 24, Port Huron
David McCall, of Port Huron & James Rees, of Plymton, Upper Canada; William Taylor, Minister

29 April 1851, home of Christopher Wilson, Port Huron
John W. Harrington, 24
Eunice Harrington, 22
William T. Mitchell & Christopher Wilson; N.L. Stevens, JP

29 April 1851
William Johnson, 20, Alden, Erie County, New York
Rebecca Montross, 17, Port Huron
D.U. Corkins & John Conley; N.L. Stevens, JP

2 April 1851
Aelviram J. Bartlett, 23, Clyde Twp
Abigail Smith, 19, Clyde Twp
C. Bartlett & W. Millard; Elijah K. Crante, Minister

13 April 1851, Cottrellville
James McCarty, 22, Cottrellville
Mary Ann Marrieck, 18, Cottrellville
Abram Rikeman & Edward Rikeman, both of Cottrellville; T.C. Owen, JP

11 May 1851, St. Clair
Joseph Probz, 28, St. Clair
Anna Myre, 22, St. Clair
U.U. Morgan, Minister

28 May 1851, Cottrellville
Peter Mursburn, 22, Canada
Lydia Ailumz, 21, Canada
Alexander A. Banning & Samuel Ward III; T.C. Owen, JP

24 May 1851, Cottrellville
Valentine Saphs, 21
Mary L. Droulliard, 17
Ann Droulliard & Lucretia Machester; T.C. Owen, JP

23 May 1851
Henry Landridge, 38, Clay Twp
Eliza Randolph, 20, Algonac
Elisha Ames & Mary Ames, both of Algonac; I.G. Struit, JP

6 May 1851, home of John Goodell, Columbus Twp
Andrew Bush, 19, St. Clair
Eliza Goodell, 16, Columbus Twp
John Goodell & Betsey Goodell, both of Columbus; George Battury, JP

15 May 1851, Port Huron
John J. Harrington, 27, Port Huron
Mary Hall, 18, Port Huron
Henry Stevens & Mary Stevens; H.S. Stevens, JP

17 May 1851, Port Huron
R. Curtis, 44, Dorchester, Canada
Minerva Estle, 21, Westminster, Canada
C.W. Gluspie & Enos Estle; H.S. Stevens, JP

17 June 1851, China Twp
George Myers, 27, China Twp
Louisa Diem, 30, China Twp
Henry Barnz & John C. Otyzn, both of China Twp; J.S. Clark, JP

18 May 1851, Lynn Twp
Kimble Graves, 35, Lynn Twp
Mary Whalin, 17, Lynn Twp
John Whalin & Clarissa Whalin, both of Lynn Twp; Samuel J. Fincher, JP

21 July 1851, Port Huron
Arthur Snellgrave, 30, Detroit
Rachel McJennet, 21, Port Huron
George Murdock & Edward Gosden; H.S. Stevens, JP

26 July 1851, Port Huron
Simon Corkins, 23, Port Huron
Rodie Hilton, 17, Port Huron
Allen Ketsh & S. Morrell; H.S. Stevens, JP

13 July 1851, China Twp
John Graham, 22, China Twp
Ann Barns, 22, China Twp
John M. Richards & Olive Recor, both of China Twp; J.S. Clark, JP

17 July 1851, Port Huron
George Clark, 46, Ecorse, Wayne County, Michigan
Orpha Wright, 25, Port Huron
William Wright & Raymond Wright, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

4 June 1851, St. Clair
Henry B. Farrington, 26, St. Clair
Margaret Irupie, 19, St. Clair
Lewis W. Trumble & Allez Catherine Stewart; M.H. Miles, JP

27 July 1851, St. Clair
Moses B. Morse, 33, St. Clair
Louisa A. Soyer, China Twp
William B. Barron & Edmund Carleton, Jr., both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

24 July 1851, St. Clair
Digby Valentine Bell, 46, Detroit
Sarah Narcissa Blain, 33, St. Clair
Gustavus A. Johnson & Abrum G. Butler, both of St. Clair; Taber Fox, Detroit, Minister of New Church

16 Feb 1851, Berlin Twp
Rufus L. Terry, 25, Berlin Twp
Elizabeth Sheffer, 16, Berlin Twp
Isaac Norton & Arthur Millspaugh, both of Berlin Twp; Norton Henley, JP

28 April 1851, Newport
Patrick McWilliams, 24, Cottrellville
Sophia Louisa Schoolcraft, 16
Henry Schoolcraft & Mary Cottrell, both of Cottrellville; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

28 April 1851, Newport
Gregory Francis, 24, China Twp
Elizabeth Kobul, 17, China Twp
Joseph Francis & Theresa Francis, both of China Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic

28 April 1851
Patrick Mugher, 27, China Twp
Bridget McMullen, 20, China Twp
Thomas Garry, of Cottrellville & Anna McMullen, of China Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic

1 June 1851, St. Clair
Hiram Barnett, St. Clair
Almena Swift, St. Clair
Nelson Pratt & Rufus Swift; N. Eastwood, Minister

16 June 1851, Clay Twp
William Fish, 23, Harsens Island
Sally Slack, 25, Harsens Island
Joseph Fish & Mary Fish, both of Clay Twp; John K. Smith, JP

25 June 1851, Casco Twp
Lewis Sufert, 25, Germany
Christine Sattler, 25, Germany
John Nephath & Stephen Lunton; John Vogt, Minister

30 Aug 1851, Brockway Twp
William Jameson, 40, Detroit
Sarah Cant, 19, Wayne County, Michigan
Jeremiah Jameson, of Brockway Twp & George Smith; Samuel J. Fincher, JP

4 July 1851, minister's residence
William Fyan, 20, Newport
Nancy Kaak, 17m, Newport
E.U. Butler & Edwin Newton; E.K. Grante, Minister

20 July 1851, Newport
George H. Hammond, 25, St. Clair
Sarah Armstrong, 18, St. Clair
William Hunt & John B. Wiggins; E.K. Grante, Minister

14 Aug 1851, Town of Cottreville
Diojenuss Perry, 28, Cottreville
Ann McCauley, 19, Cottreville
J.D. Brown & wife; E.K. Grante, Minister

25 July 1851, Town of Lynn
? McPelkey, 48, Detroit
Marty Ann Smith, 19
Joel Bonny & wife, Lynn Twp; Samuel J. Fincher, JP

28 July 1851, China Twp
Francis Lozo, 28, China Twp
Angeline Bartrand, 16, China Twp
Lovis Bartrand & Sarah Lozo, both of China Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

5 Oct 1851, Port Huron
James Sherden, 22, Port Huron
Elizabeth Rodock, 18, Port Huron
Jane C. Taylor & Julia C. Taylor, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

30 Oct 1851, home of Mr. D. McArthur
John B. Webb, 23, St. Clair
Elizabeth McArthur, 20, St. Clair
D. McArthur & Mr. L. McArthur; J.E. Averell, Minister

26 Oct 1851, Algonac
Jeremiah Stafford, 23, Canada West
Barshuba Griffith, 22, Canada West
William Henderson, of Sombra, Canada West & Jane Smith, of Algonac; J.R. Smith, JP

1 Oct 1851, Algonac
Tobias Westfall, 27, Clay Twp
Marilla Lenox, 23, Clay Twp
Anna Smith & James Westfall, both of Clay Twp; J.K. Smith, JP

12 Nov 1851, Algonac
John McDonald, 20, Sombra, Canada West
Marjorah McDonald, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Duncan McDonald & William McDonald, both of Sombra, Canada West; J.K. Smith, JP

11 Nov 1851, Algonac
Alvin B. Rice, 27, Daghn, Canada West
Jane Walhn, 26, Daughn, Canada West
James Bailey & John Bailey, both of Daughn, Canada West; J.K. Smith, JP

21 Sept 1851, Newport
Francis Jacquet, 23, Cottreville Twp
Victoria Minne, 18, Cottreville Twp
Alexander Willett & Lucy Minne, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

21 Sept 1851, Newport
Dominic Minne, 49, Cottreville Twp
Elizabeth Brunette, 34, Cottreville Twp
Ambrose Gullette & Francis Carmerall, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

11 Sept 1851, China Twp
William Gardner, 18, Canada West
Eliza Hane [Jane?] Borne, 23, Canada West
S. Woodbury & Helen D. Clark, both of China Twp; J.S. Clark, JP

27 Sept 1851, St. Clair
Moses F. Carleton, 20, China Twp
Mary Latham, 20, China Twp
Larkin Lynn & Harriet Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

9 Oct 1851, Clay Twp
Marcus Caverly, 25, Clay Twp
Sarah Galpin, 24, Clay Twp
John Lenox & Charles Wheaton, both of Clay Twp; J.W. Geer, JP

31 Dec 1851, China Twp - [13 Dec 1851]
Phinias Kenyon, 24, China Twp, [P: Phineas Kenyon & Polly Fuller; b. Bolton, Warren Co, NY]
Maria Mitchell, 20, China Twp
Alice Slyfield & Rhod Hayward, both of China Twp; James C. Clark, JP
Susan Kenyon.

25 Dec 1851, Riley Twp
Zalmon Lewis, 25, Riley Twp
Mary Ann Lound, 21, Riley Twp
John Lound & Ira Young, both of Riley Twp; Albert Doty, JP

14 Oct 1851, China Twp
John Murton Richards, 27, China Twp
Catherine Schriner, 25, China Twp
Henry Folman & Margaret Schriner, both of China Twp; James C. Clark, JP

8 Nov 1851, China Twp
Alexander Frazier, 33, Canada West
Elizabeth Johnston, 23, Canada West
William Frazier, of Canada West & Louisa McIntire, of China Twp; J.S. Clark, JP

29 Nov 1851
Narcipus Paiette, 31, Clyde Twp
Lena Reoza, 23, St. Clair
John Fisher & Anna Fisher, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

11 Nov 1851
Thomas Gorman, 24, St. Clair
Johanna McCarthy, 29, St. Clair
Denis Murphy & Mary Alomson, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

11 Nov 1851
Frank LaLonde, 21, Swan Creek
Adelaide Gosselin, 20, Swan Creek
Michael LaLonde & Lewis Gosselin, both of Swan Creek; Henry Dan Benterghern, Catholic Priest

1 Oct 1851, Newport
Louis Cottrell, 22, Cottreville
Julia Jane Dickinson, 17, Clay Twp
Asa Dickinson, of Clay Twp & Mary Ann Cotrell, of Cottreville; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

1 Jan 1852
James Cass, 25, St. Clair
Gerusia Granger, 16, St. Clair
Elizabeth Arnold & R. Cole; J.M. Arnold, Minister

11 Jan 1852, Algonac
John M. Henderson, 21, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Eliza McDonald, 18, Sombra, Canada West
William Henderson & Elizabeth C. Larry, both of Sombra, Canada West; John K. Smith, JP

18 Jan 1852, Brockway Twp
Theodore S. Davis, 34, Brockway Twp
Hannah Huffman, 24, Brockway Twp
James Dwit & Joseph Smith, both of Brockway Twp; Samuel L. Boyce, JP

24 Jan 1852
Learchus W. Lynn, 23, St. Clair
Martha T. Carleton, 19, China Twp
Elizabeth Arnold & Moses Carleton; J.M. Arnold, Minister

11 Feb 1852, Riley Twp
Solon P. Spufford, 32, Almont
Sarah Ann Sage, 25, Riley Twp
Oel Rix & Joseph Sage; William P. Russell, Minister

31 Aug 1851
Edward Scoville, 21, Riley Twp
Maria Babcock, 24, Riley Twp
Ira Babcock & Jacob Cantine; William P. Russell, Minister

16 Feb 1852
Hiram Sanborn, 23, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Ann Cooley, 26, Sombra, Canada West
James Wilson & Henry Brown, both of Sombra, Canada West; M.H. Mills, JP

15 Feb 1852
John S. Kimball, 43, Clyde Twp
Clarissa M. Cheese, 23, Port Huron
Hannah Sanborn & Mary Ann Bryce; Hiram Law, Minister

15 Jan 1852
John D. Merchant, 25, Burtchville Twp
Louisa Peckham, 19, Burtchville Twp
D.D. Merchant & M.A. Merchant; W.W. Johnson, Minister

4 Feb 1852
Noah R. Farr, 36, Port Huron
Orrilla Steele, 24, Port Huron
Elizabeth Cloud & Mary Ann Bryce; Hiram Law, Minister

24 Dec 1851, St. Clair
James Graham, Columbus Twp
Isabel Barnsey, Columbus Twp
William Hall & Mary H. Hall; George M. Tuthill, Minister, Congregational

23 Feb 1852, St. Clair
Charles Edwards, St. Clair County
Mary Ann Hutton, St. Clair County
William S. Leach & Larnard P. Beardskey; George M. Tuthill, Minister

10 March 1852, St. Clair
John Thompson, St. Clair
Janet Jameson, St. Clair
A.P. Fletcher & Martha Heath; George M. Tuthill, Minister

31 Jan 1852, home of F.H. Blood, Cottreville Twp
William Campbell, Sombra, Canada West
Eliza McDonald, Sombra, Canada West
D. Lester & Eliza Ruth; Fredrick H. Blood, JP

7 Oct 1851, Cottreville Twp
Luther Flood, Cottreville Twp
Eliza A. Cooley , Adelaide, Canada West
Electa M. Blood, of Cottreville Twp & Clarissa Reed; F.H. Blood, JP

17 Jan 1852, Cottreville Twp
Matthew Reed, Sombra, Canada West
Christina McDonald, Sombra, Canada West
Simon Hamilton &William R. Campbell; F.H. Blood, JP

2 Sept 1851, Cottreville Twp
William Hunt, Cottreville Twp
Rebecca Cartwright, Cottreville Twp
Timothy Faley & Charlotte Cartwright; F.H. Blood, JP

24 Sept 1851, Columbus Twp
Alvin L. Gilbert, 37, Richmond, Michigan
Mary Graham, 23, Columbus Twp
L.S. Gilbert & F.E. Gilbert; William P. Russell, Minister

12 Feb 1851
Horace A. Lathrop, 26, Riley Twp
Elizabeth M. Gilbert, 17, Riley Twp
F.E. Gilbert & William P. Betts; William P. Russell, Minister

5 Sept 1851, Cottreville
James Pluts, 40, Blissfield, Lenawee County, Michigan
Susan Carr, 30, Cottreville Twp
John Rikeman & Abram Rikeman; F.H. Blood, JP

5 July 1851
David D. Robertson, Cottreville Twp
Charlotte L. Manchester, Cottreville Twp
Charity Wansy & Rebecca Wansy; F.H. Blood, JP

17 Feb 1852, Cottreville
James Howard, Cottreville
Nancy Robertson, Cottreville
F.H. Blood, JP

13 Dec 1851
Morry Herrington, 26, Armada
Jane Woolman, 18, Berlin Twp
Joseph Gould & Theda Gould; Thomas M. Gould, JP

2 Feb 1852, Clyde Twp
William Furgeson, 21, Port Huron
Dolly M. Atkins, 19, Clyde Twp
Allen R. Atkins & Hiram Murning; Allen Atkins, Minister

22 Nov 1850, house of David Bebee [Beebe], Berlin Twp
Lewis Payne, 28
Ellen Bebee [Beebe], 14, (consenting parents)
A.J. Ashly & Timothy Ashley; F.H. Locke, JP

18 Feb 1851, house of David Beebe, Berlin Twp
Samuel Aldrich, 28, Berlin Twp
Melissa Beebe, 16, Berlin Twp
Kimball Graves & Philco Beebe; F.H. Locke, JP

15 Jan 1852, China Twp
John Robinson, 21, China Twp
Jane Chamberlin, 15, China Twp
Aaron B. Warite & William H. Slyfield, both of China Twp; James S. Clark, JP

4 Feb 1852, Newport
Joseph Armstrong, 22
Eliza Jane Belknapp, 19
E.K. Groat, Minister

8 Dec 1851, Cottreville
Jeremiah Robertson, 23, Cottreville
Jane Cauning, 22, Clay Twp
Thomas Robertson & Robert Robertson, both of Cottreville; E.K. Groat, Minister

7 Jan 1852
Patrick Coin, 25, Port Huron
Agnes Waddy, 25, Port Huron
Walter McArville, of Cottreville & Bridget McAviler, of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

7 Jan 1852, St. Clair
James Brandymore, 20, Port Huron
Margaret Welcome, 18, Port Huron
Edward Welcome & Cecelia Bradywine, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

15 Jan 1852, St. Clair
Thomas Menton, 27, St. Clair
Catherine Kane, 19, St. Clair
Patrick Kane & Elizabeth Menton; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

22 Feb 1852, Newport
Hiram Ward, 23, Ira
Bridget Manion, 25, Cottreville
Michael Manion & Mary Grogan, both of Cottreville; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

24 Feb 1852
Henry E. Facer, 22 (15th day of June), Burtchville
Marietta Bryce, 19 (29th day of Sept), Burtchville
Nelson Gool & Luis Facer; E.P. Burch, JP

16 Aug 1850, Cottreville
Henry Parker, 33, Sombra, Canada West
Catherine Parker, 22, Sombra, Canada West
John Parker & Edwin Tempet, both of Sombra, Canada West; David Odell, JP

28 Feb 1852, Cottreville
Nelson Delisle, 50, Cottreville
Sarah Chamberlain, 30
John McQueen & Margaret McQueen, both of Cottreville; D.D. Odell, JP

22 Feb 1852, Cottreville
Hamilton Mills, 26, Sombra, Canada West
Mary McDonald, 21, Sombra, Canada West
George West & Eleanor Mills, both of Mosa, Canada; D.D. Odell, JP

11 Nov 1850, Cottreville
Charles Brown, 24, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Nickolls, 23, Sombra, Canada West
Henry Brown & Mark R. Nickols, both of Canada West; D.D. Odell, JP

11 Aug 1851, Cottreville
Andrew Rattray, 35, Clay Twp
Catherine Cook, 25, Clay Twp
Patrick McKenny & Margaret Rattray, both of Clay Twp; D.D. Odell, JP

7 March 1852, Cottreville
David McDale, 24, Cottreville
Catherine Amy, 19, Cottreville
Phineas Clark & Sarah Odell, both of Cottreville; D.D. Odell, JP

14 March 1852, house of Philco Beebe, Berlin Twp
Nelson Beebe, 20, Berlin Twp
Betsy Wilcox, 20, Attica, Lapeer County, Michigan
Alonzo Beebe & Polly Beebe; Thomas W. Goul, JP

28 Feb 1852, house of John Brooks
William Hanton, 30, Lynn Twp
Lucinda Harrington, 16
Moses Lamphere & Nancy Jane Lamphere; Thomas W. Gould, JP

18 March 1852, Algonac
Robert Robertson, 21, Algonac
Loiza C. Smith, 16, Algonac
H.M. Allen & Jeremiah Robertson; Austin Bostick, JP

26 Jan 1852, Algonac
Charlie Barney, 26, Algonac
Matilda Lacroix, 18, Algonac
Nelson Harvey & Nicholas Lacroix; Austin Bostick, JP

15 Feb 1852
Alexander Wallen, 50, Canada West
Elizabeth Furcy, 40, Canada West
William Desmond & Jestamiah Desmond, both of Algonac; Austin Bostick, JP

16 March 1852
James H. Green, 22, Mt. Clemens
Martha Terry, 19, St. Clair
Levi Barber & H.E. Arnold; J.M. Arnold, Minister

15 March 1852, St. Clair Twp
George King, 21, St. Clair
Sarah Town, 22, Cleveland, Ohio
George Town & John McCoyl; Lester Cross, JP

20 March 1852
Walter Smith, 33, Cottreville
Lucy Root, 19, Cottreville
Ezra Caswell & James V. Smith; Fred H. Blood, JP

13 Jan 1852
Cheney Clark, 22, Ira
Mary J. Rathburn, 17, Ira
Mary Gloss & Mercy W. Orvis; W. Glass, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church

30 May 1851
William Hall
Margaret Taylor
Alexander H. Bartley & Robert Goodson; Milton Ward, Minister

2 Aug 1851
Patrick Comfrey
Mary Ann Rolfe
Duncan McArthur & Grace Sheldon; Milton Ward, Minister

13 Sept 1851
Robert Fremello
Caroline Russell
Joseph Corbishly & Francis Elizabeth Roberts; Milton Ward, Minister

1 Oct 1851
Benjamin Dickey
Harriet Shotwell
Henry Jenks & Mary Rice; Milton Ward, Minister

13 Oct 1851
Henry Grey
Sarah Parker
Thomas Crosswell & Simon B. Brown; Milton Ward, Minister

21 Dec 1851
Andrew Little
Mary Baxter
Alexander H. Bartley & Hamilton Harkness; Milton Ward, Minister

2 Jan 1852
John East
Delana Collins
Samuel East & Annie Chamberlain; Milton Ward, Minister

3 Feb 1852
James Lesk
Mary Edward
Edward N. Ward & Sarah F. Lymonds; Milton Ward, Minister

21 Feb 1852
John Johnson Hordick
Jane Parker
Thomas Nilter & Jane Cortes; Milton Ward, Minister

9 March 1852
Jonathan Robinson
Anna Hale
Darcus Cole 7 Anne M .Brown; Milton Ward, Minister

25 March 1852
Joseph William Hawley
Sarah Frances Lymond
William L. Ward & Sarah Jane Ward; Milton Ward, Minister

29 May 1852, St. Clair Twp
John McDonald, 32, St. Clair
Mary Ann Cox, 27, St. Clair
Charity Delany & Miss Richardson; William Mills, JP

28 March 1852
Emery Mosher, 23, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Mary L. Hewitt, 19, Riley Twp
Francis Hewitt & Edward Sanderson; William McRuby, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church

20 March 1852
Doighty Middleton, 25, Burchville
Judith Ann Crawford, 20, Burchville
Barnard Lee & David Stephens, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

3 May 1852
John Maloy, 34, Port Huron
Ann Kinkead, 35, Port Huron
David Johnson & William Hawkins; William Taylor, Minister

25 May 1852
Alfred Brown, 24, Port Huron
Julia E. Tyler, 20, Port Huron
Manville Hyde & Amelia E. Brown, of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

24 May 1852, China Twp
Benjamin Sterling, 24, Algonac
Elizabeth Baird, 25, China Twp
John Beard & L. Recor; E.K. Groat, Minister

9 May 1852
George Hinkson, 21, Sanilac County, Michigan
Pheby Strevel, 18, Burchville
Wesley Strevel & Mathias Strevel; C.H. Wise, JP

25 March 1852, Ira Twp
Washington Ames, 22, Ira Twp
Priscilla Cobledick, 16, Ira Twp
James Marks & Lewis B. Marks; Ira Marks, JP

1 July 1852
Robert Foster, 42, Moore, Canada West
Susan Croswell, 48, Moore, Canada West
Levi Barber & H.E. Arnold; J.W. Arnold, JP

5 July 1852
George P. Stove, 26, St. Clair
Margaret Arlington, 19, St. Clair
H.E. Arnold & Lucy M. Arnold; J.W. Arnold, Minister

8 March 1852, Lynn Twp
Daniel Calvin, 23, Lynn Twp
Sarah Murphy, 15, Lynn Twp
William Walker & Joseph Brown, both of Lynn; Saul L. Rogers, JP

17 May 1852
William B. Vickery, 24
Mary Ann Grey, 15
Isaac Hubbard & Mary Vickery, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

31 May 1852
Daniel Stringer, 26
Anne O'Mara, 18
Michael Kelly & Bridget Stapleton, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

1 June 1852, Port Huron
James Lamb, 24, Port Huron
Julia Fitzgerald, 18, China Twp
Simon Peter, of Port Huron & Bridget Fitzgerald, of China Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

2 June 1852
Patrick Quinlan, 20, Port Huron
Anne Ferguson, 19, Port Huron
John Keigan & Annie O'Neal, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

14 June 1852
James Roach, 22, Port Huron
Bridget Carey, 18, Port Huron
John Keigan & Sarah McAviler, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy

20 June 1852, St. Clair
Hugh Sweeny, 32, Columbus Twp
Jane Reynolds, 22, China Twp
Cornelius O'Driscoll & Mary Reynolds, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy

21 June 1852, St. Clair
Cornelius Heffernan, 24, St. Clair
Anne Reynolds, 26, St. Clair
Patrick Kilroy, of Detroit & Mary Reynolds, of St. Clair; L. Kilroy

5 July 1852
Eugene DeMargin, 22, Port Huron
Mary Hall, 19, Port Huron
Antoine Marante & Matilda Huice, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy

6 July 1852
Anthony Dickerson, 25, Metcalf, Canada West
Mary Moore, 25, Metcalf, Canada West
Alice Taylor & E. Arnold; Hiram Lorr, Minister

3 Aug 1852
Luther Harris, 20, Erie County, Ohio
Alvira Howe, 19, Port Huron
James Putman & Sarah Putman

12 Aug 1852
Samuel Hart, 24, Sombra, Canada West
Elizabeth McDonald, 20, Sombra, Canada West
Heinrich Burnhan & Mary McDonald; M.H. Miles, JP

9 Aug 1852, St. Clair
Johial W. Savage, 54, Lisbon, New Hampshire
Lucy Johnson, 53, Bath, New Hampshire
Jeremiah Carleton & Trisanna Carleton; Israel Carleton, JP

11 June 1852, St. Clair
James Struthers, 34, Canada West
Christina Burns, 30, St. Clair County
John Burns & Harvey March; George W. Firthill, Minister

15 June 1852
Hiram Barnett, St. Clair
Christina I. Palmer, St. Clair
Mrs. Elizabeth Swift & Mrs. Susanna Boyes; G.W. Tuthill, Minister

6 July 1852
Leonard B. Parker, 33, Cottreville
June Sparrow, 22, Clay Twp
Homer Burns & Charles Burns, both of Clay Twp; D.D. Odell, JP

21 Sept 1852, Cottreville
Edwin Perry, 24, Sombra, Lambton County, Canada West
Eleanor Huff, 24, Euphemia, Canada West
Henry Clinto & Thomas Buery, both of Canada West; Rueben Warner, JP

4 July 1852
Horace Spoor, 19, Berlin Twp
Synthia Carpenter, 20, Berlin Twp
Erastis Spoor & John Carpenter; John B. Frost

30 Sept 1852, home of William R. Goodwin, Clyde Twp
Charles Atkins, 26, Clyde Twp
Almira Goodwin, 21, Clyde Twp
Allen Atkins, William Ferguson, Barbara M. Gardner, Barbara Miller & others; Allen Atkins, Minister

3 Aug 1852
Moses Carmil, 36, Cottreville
Mary Fisher, 24, Cottrellville
Joseph Rivers & Julia Carmel, both of Cottreville; Rueben Warner, JP

10 Sept 1852, house of Thomas Lacy, Brockway
Daniel Sholes, Brockway
Sophia Bames [Barnes?], Emmett
Thomas Lacy & Eliza Lacy; John Enimule?, JP

17 Oct 1852
I.G. Link, St. Clair
Eva B. Siebacher, St. Clair
J. Oldmass & A.M. Krikbiel; J. Krickbiel, Minister

12 Oct 1852, Cottreville
John Makley, 26
Harriet Whittiker, 18
Francis Remmington & Cordelia Wilkins; Reubin Warner, JP

1 Aug 1852, Emmet Twp
John Youngs, 29
Charlott Brockway, 23
Solomon Pierce & Sady Pierce; John Wisb---?, JP

29 Aug 1852, Emmet Twp
William Blackstvek, 48, Emmet
Mary Tanner, 48, Emmet
Samuel Ward & Rachel Ward; Waldow Ward, JP

7 Nov 1852, Litchfield
Uriah Sischo, 36, Litchfield
Cordelia Treadwell, 25, Port Huron
Alonzo Sischo & F.M. Sischo, both of Port Huron; James Billings

3 Dec 1852, St. Clair
Andrew Husel*
Anna Husel
John Oltman & Eunice Oltman; J. K-hbril, Minister
Susan Kenyon.
*[History of St. Clair Co., 1883, A.T. Andreas, page 722, China Twp: Andrew Husel, farmer, Section 11, P.O. St. Clair, was born at Hurnheim, in the western part of Bavaria, Germany, Sept. 1, 1831. He was married December 3, 1852; his wife's maiden name was Miss Maria Ann Klingers; she was born in Deggingen, Bavaria. 7 children]

3 Dec 1852, Cottreville
Thomas Demont, 19, Sombra, Lambton County, Canada West
Sarah Chortie, 28, Cottreville
William Chortie & Margaret Chortie; Rueben Warner, JP

23 Oct 1852, Cottreville
Mathew Mackey, 25, Sombra, Lambton County, Canada West
Mary Roney, 16, Sombra, Lambton County, Canada West
George Booth & Jane Ann Booth; Rueben Warner, JP

27 Oct 1852, Cottreville
Abraham Smith, 26, Sombra, Lambton County, Canada West
Martha Perry, 21, Sombra, Lambton County, Canada West
John Carpenter & Raphael Smith, both of Sombra; Rueben Warner, JP

25 Dec 1852, Cottreville
Samuel Durant, 35, Cottreville
Harriet Northrup, 31, Cottreville
Ezra Caswell & John Warner; Frederick H. Blood, JP

14 Sept 1852
Paul Ralph Woodward
Petamiah Desmond
Benjamin Cadotte & Sara Desmond; Milton Ward

4 Dec 1852
George Telniosse
Almira Toin
Fabian Toin & Charles Reno; Milton Ward, Minister

21 May 1851
William Alloway Salughtersiew, 23, USA
Mary M. Wells, 20
John Wells & Frederick Wells, G.B. Engle, Epsicopal Minister

18 Nov 1851
David McCall, 22, Port Huron
Julia Matilda Hopkins, 14, Port Huron
John McCall & Stephen B. Knapp, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

27 May 1852
Thomas Stubbs, 35, Port Huron
Catherine Montgomery, 17, Port Huron
Matilda Conkey & Benjamin Hull, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

No date but in with 1851 or 1852
William Chamberlain, 37, Sombra, Canada West
Gertrude Stevens, 35, Westminster, Canada West
J.B. Stewart & Mary Stewart; G.B. Engle

27 Jan 1852
Charles Marten, 26, Port Huron
Matilda Conkey, 21, Port Huron
William Downer & Thomas Stubbs, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle

13 Jan 1852
Thomas Mann, 23, Port Huron
Sarah Elizabeth Welligan, 20, Port Huron
Cornelia Welligan & Jonus F-y, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle

10 Aug 1852
William Hull, 31, Port Huron
Mary Danna, 26, Port Huron
Berry Hull & Mary Crawford, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle

2 Sept 1852
Ezekiel Sy----comb, 23, Vixburg
Matilda M. McKay, 16, St. Clair
William -ickeny & Nelson Sy---comb, both of Vicksburg; G.B. Engle, Minister

7 Oct 1852
Ruel Smith, 33, St. Clair
Catherine Cahoney, 24, Port Huron
Miss E. Edson & Anna Choney, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

4 July 1852
James Forsha, 39, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
Catheirne Donaldson, 23, Armada, Macomb County, Michigan
John Cothrau, of Berlin Twp & Lucy Day, of Armada, Macomb County, MI; Thomas Gould, JP

21 June 1852, Port Huron
William Sanderson, 31, Port Huron
Catherine Lane, 15, Port Huron
William Weaind & Abigail Richmond, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

4 July 1852
John Flake, 22, Port Huron
Abigail Richmond, 18, Port Huron
Peter Schram & Catherine Schram, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

11 July 1852, Port Huron
George M. Snyder, 27, Port Huron
Lucinda Allen, 17, Port Huron
James C. Taylor & Juliett Allen; William Taylor, Minister

23 May 1852, China Twp
John Nessoth, 35, Casco Twp
Feby Harriman, 28, China Twp
Henry Hammond & Horace Hammond; George Clark, JP

21 Aug 1852, Cottreville
David Barnes, 22, Cottreville
Adaline Huffmaster, 18, Cottreville
Frederick Huffmaster & Elisha Barnes; Frederick Blood, JP

20 July 1852, Newport
Barney Sweeny, 23, Newport
Mary Delisle, 20, Newport
O.R. Ruil, R.R. McNiff & A.F. Locke; Frederick Blood, JP

7 Aug 1852
Paschal LaFarra, 20, Clyde
Mary Boucher, 22, St. Clair
Joseph Bouchard & Mary LaFarra, both of Clyde; L. Kilroy, Catholic

28 Aug 1852, St. Clair
Peter Welcome, 25, Port Huron
Elizabeth O'Rorke, 17, Port Huron
Edward Welcome & Adaline Casley, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy

29 Aug 1852, Port Huron
Charles Hovey, 31, Port Huron
Maria Prout, 22, Port Huron
John Farr & Sarah Ann Farr, both of Port Huron; William Taylor, Minister

5 Sept 1852
Robert Guest, Canada West
Abigail Baly, Canada West
Robert McCuin & Martha Stafford; C.H. Wise, JP

22 Sept 1852, China Twp
William Stephson, 23, Clay Twp
Susan Mariah Webster, 20, Clay Twp
E. Clark & A.E. Clark, both of China; George Clark, JP

24 June 1852
P.H. Rikirt, 26, Newport
Amanda A. O'Neal, 20, Newport
Henry O'Neal & Margarette Reed; Elijah K. Grout, Minister

22 Sept 1852, Casco Twp
Charles H. Topping, 22, Casco Twp
Nancy A. Wheeler, 18, Columbus Twp
Manson Farrer & Richard Truman; E.K. Groute, Minister

29 Sept 1852, St. Clair
Joseph McHimans, 36, St. Clair
Sarah Mills, 22, Canada West
John McHimans & Betsy McHimans, both of St. Clair; Andrew Palmer, JP

19 Oct 1852, St. Clair
Barzilla Wheeler, 59, Clyde
Esther Maltby, 54, Clyde
Peter Bochaw & Jane Maltby, both of Clyde; Andrew Palmer, JP

11 Oct 1852, Burchville
Dennis McCarthy, 60, Burchville
Joanna Corcery, 44, Burchville
Jenis McCarthy & Margaret Connell, both of Burchville; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 Oct 1852
Henry Morrison, 41, Moore Twp, Canada
Ann McKeller, 35
Clarissa Tuthill & Anna Tuthill; George Tuthill

6 Sept 1852
George McKay, 21, St. Clair Twp
Elizabeth Kitchen, 18, St. Clair Twp
Elizabeth Anderson & Ann N. Arnold; J.N. Arnold, Minister

17 Oct 1852, St. Clair Twp
George Smith, 22, Columbus Twp
Frances Smith, 18, St. Clair
W.W. Mather & Daniel Stewart; J.M. Arnold, Minister

9 Sept 1852, Clyde
Stephen Knapp, 32, Port Huron
Caroline Kinysley, 18, Clyde
Ralph Wadhams, John Beard & wife & C.R. Haynes; H.E. Beard, JP

26 Nov 1852, St. Clair
Alexander Duplante, 20, St. Clair
Antevenet Attuc, 18, St. Clair
Henry Duchun & Adaline Duplante, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 Sept 1852
Casper Scroceppel, 36, China
Charlotte Schmidt, 28, St. Clair
Margaret Schriner & Joseph B----sster; Miles, JP

10 Oct 1852, St. Clair Twp
Frederick Straup, 26, St. Clair
Catherine Bader, 22, St. Clair
Christian Hubel & Christian Hober; Miles, JP

2 Oct 1852, St. Clair Twp
Angus McDonald, 22, St. Clair
Matilda King, 18, Clay
David Edwards & Daniel Delamater; M.H. Miles, JP

11 Dec 1852, St. Clair
John Vickery, 19, Port Huron
Jane Maltby, 19, Clyde Twp
Barzilla Wheeler & Esther Wheeler, both of Clyde; Andrew J. Palmer, JP

26 Feb 1852, Cottreville Twp
William McDough, 21, Wallaceburg, Canada West
Sophia Burtch, 18, Wallaceburg, Canada West
John Littleton & Catherine McDonald, both of Wallaceburg, Canada West; D. Cottrell, JP

13 May 1852, Cottreville Twp
Duncan Cameron, 23, Sombra, Canada West
Aleanor Cameron, 18, Sombra, Canada West
David Ailman, of Sombra, Canada West & Margaret VanAllen, of Dawn, Canada West; D. Cottrell, JP

11 July 1852, Cottreville Twp
Gregory McDough, 21, Wallaceburg, Canada West
Margaret Jacobs, 17, Wallaceburg, Canada West
John McDough & Mary McDough, both of Sombra, Canada West; D. Cottrell, JP

12 Aug 1851, Cottreville Twp
Peter Dupra, 67, Cottreville Twp
Catherine Duchene, 36, Cottreville Twp
Mariella Brown & Dominique Mini, both of Cottreville; D. Cottrell, JP

2 Aug 1851, Cottreville Twp
Darius Johnson, 19, Sombra, Canada West
Deborah Crandle, 22, Westminster, Canada West
Janus? Crandle & William Ward, both of Sombra, Canada West; D. Cottrell, JP

19 Dec 1852, Cottreville Twp
Henry Stover, 45, Sombra, Canada West
Margaret Winters, 24, Chatham, Canada West
David Wilman, of Sombra, Canada West & William Stewart, Chatham, Canada West; D. Cottrell, JP

23 Nov 1852
Patrick Manion, 20, St. Clair
Mary Adamson, 26, St. Clair
James Adamson & Mary Donahoe, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

21 Sept 1852, Algonac
Thomas Terry, 60, Chesterfield
Mrs. Marth Lewis, 36, Chesterfield
Horace Beers & Alice Beers; John K. Smith, JP

4 Nov 1852
Arthur Beaubien, 35, Zorro, Canada West
Mary Jane Lionover, 20, Zorro, Canada West
Joshua Beaubien & Anna Smith; John K. Smith; JP

4 Nov 1852, Algonac
Joshua Beaubien, 25, Zorro, Canada West
Jane McIntosh, 20, Zorra, Canada West
Arthur Beaubien & Anna Smith; John K. Smith, JP

30 Nov 1852
David Hill, 24, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Batton, 18, Sombra, Canada West
David Johnston & Allice Bathony?, both of Sombra, Canada West; John K. Smith, JP

11 Jan 1852
John M. Henderson, 20, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Eliza McDonald, 18, Sombra, Canada West
William Henderson & Elizabeth O'Larry, both of Sombra, Canada West; J.K. Smith, JP

1 Jan 1853, St. Clair Twp
Joseph Rain?, 30, St. Clair
Cresenda Maer, 26, St. Clair
Margaret Schriner & Maria C. Meibs; M.H. Miles, JP

30 Jan 1853, St. Clair Twp
Kasper Brown, 30, St. Clair
Maria Wetyman, 18, St. Clair
Marcus Schornstin & Margaret Schriner; M.H. Miles, JP

13 Dec 1852
Edward Campbell, 21, Port Huron
Elizabeth Wade, 22, Port Huron
Martha Bedford & Julia Brown; Hiram Law, Minister

7 Nov 1852, at minister's house
William Taylor, 23, Middletown, Wood County, Ohio
Henrietta Elvira Grout, 16, Newport
Dr. B.F. Collins & Amasa Reist, Jr.; E.K. Grout, Minister

19 Dec 1852
Peter F. Tully, 25, Newport
Louisa Knapp, 17, Newport
Zaul Ward & A.A. Gilchrist; E.K. Grout, Minister

10 Feb 1853, St. Clair
George McKay, 20, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Wallace, 16, Sombra, Canada West
George Booth & May McKay; M.H. Miles, JP

21 Nov 1852
Smith Cambell [Campbell?], 26, Cottreville
Harriet Bell, 24, Cottreville
Isaac Smith & Jane Smith, both of Cottreville; D.D. Odell, JP

3 Nov 1852
George W. Owen, 25, Cottreville
Joanna Folkerts, 19, Algonac
Charles Folkerts & Emily Owen; Elisha House, Minister

13 Nov 1852, home of James Bennett, Riley Twp
William Henry Levenworth, 22, Armada
Melissa Briggs, 18, Armada
James Bennet & his wife, Helen, both of Riley Twp

26 Dec 1852, home of Russell Peters, Columbus
Orin A. Newbery, 20, Lenox, Macomb County, Michigan
Urminda Peters, 22, Columbus Twp
Russell Peters & his wife, Sabina, both of Columbus; James J. Durfee, JP

7 Feb 1853, Clyde Twp
Peter Laturno, 25, Clyde Twp
Priscilla Esther Huff, 17, Clyde Twp
Joseph Laturno & Peter Boshaw, both of Clyde Twp; Andrew J. Palmer, JP

7 Feb 1853, St. Clair
Louis Parent, 24, Palmer
Adeline Duplante, 18, Palmer
Francis Derose & Philomela Duplante, both of Palmer; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 Feb 1853, St. Clair
Edmund Peck, 16, Clyde Twp
Martha Gerard
Charles Peck & Mary Ann Gerard, both of Clyde Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 Feb 1853, St. Clair
Charles Boshaw, 22, Clyde Twp
Mary Laforras, 17, Clyde Twp
Moses Bolo & Julia Laforras, both of Clyde Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic

8 Feb 1853
Isaac Hubbard, 24, Port Huron
Mary Vickery, 19, Port Huron
Theodore Hubbard & Gilbert Vickery, both of Port Huron; B.E. Engle, Minister

8 Feb 1853
Horace Sturdevant, 30
Elizabeth Clifferton, 25
George B. Whitman & Mrs. J.C. Whitman, of Port Huron; E.B. Engle, Minister

22 Feb 1853
Benjamin Hall, 24, Port Huron
Rachel Derney, 17, Port Huron
A. McDonald & Martha Ward, both of Port Huron; E.B. Engle, Minister

23 Feb 1853
James Pollock, 22, Lexington
Mary Jane Pollock, Lexington
Henry Agnew & James Ervie, of Canada West; E.B. Engle, Minister

20 March 1853, China Twp
Thomas Grahamn, 28, Columbus Twp
Matilda F. Parlton?, 17, China Twp
Lawrence T. Remus? & George W. Carleton; M.H. Miles, JP

17 March 1853, St. Clair Twp
Alexander Jerikeil?, 33, St. Clair
Ann Wight, 23, Moore, Canada West
Maria C. Miles & Margaret Schriner; M.H. Miles, JP

10 March 1853
Daniel E. Morgan, 22, Brockway Twp
Mariah Gordon, 17, Brockway Twp
Clair Washburn & Euriah Morgan, both of Brockway Twp; Walden Ward, JP

2 Feb 1853
Edward Hurbert, 25, Detroit
Caroline Ogden, 21, St. Clair
Robert C. Goodson & Nancy Jerome, both of St. Clair; Milton Ward, Trinity Church

14 Dec 1852, St. Clair - [listed twice, 2nd lists Sophia as 16, with witness S.D. Arnold]
Gilbert Rose, 22, St. Clair
Sophia Stone, 15, St. Clair
Levi Barber & S.E. Arnold; J.M. Arnold, Minister

16 Jan 1853, St. Clair Twp
Levi Wolvin, 28, St. Clair
Ellen Trevior, 20, St. Clair
M.W. Hull & Catherine Hull; J.M. Arnold, Minister

23 Jan 1853, China Twp
James P. Werden, 20, China Twp
Esther Houstin, 15, China Twp
John Werden & Esther Werden; J.M. Arnold, Minister

25 Feb 1853, St. Clair
William Bubbs, 28, St. Clair
Rhoda Day, 20, St. Clair
Levi Barber & Samuel Hubbard; J.M. Arnold, Minister

3 March 1853
William Morris, 23, Wales Twp
Matilda Thomas, 18, Wales Twp
Harriet E. Cole & Oscar Bartlett; Benson Bartlett, JP

1 Jan 1853
Allen McDougall, 40, Port Huron
Eunice Crist, 34, Port Huron
L.S. Bedford & M. Bedford; Hiram Law, Minister

1 March 1853
Alexander McGregor, 31, Port Huron
Catherine Farice, 24, Port Huron
Peter McGregor & May McGregor; Hiram Law, Minister

19 Jan 1853
Duncan Campbell, 23, Canada West
Phoebe Anger, 19, Burchville
Alex Bowman & Eliza Schedefell; C.G. Wise, JP

18 Sept 1853, China Twp
John Pickard, 24, Newport
Priscilla Wrightman, 18, Newport
L.S. Remes & W.H. Soyer; J.S. Clark; JP

13 May 1853
Patrick Keogh, 27, Emmett Twp
Mary Ann Mury, 17, Emmett Twp
John Jackson & Annie Smyth, both of Emmett Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic

31 May 1853
Samuel Riffenburgh, 22, Cottreville Twp
Agnes Cottrell, 18, Cottreville Twp
George Riffenburgh & May Wite; Reuben Warner, JP

1 May 1853
John Carpenter, 22, Berlin Twp
Sarah Terry, 18, Berlin Twp
Calvin H. Smith & Sarah S. Smith, both of Berlin Twp; John B. Frost, JP

11 May 1853
John Adamson, 19, St. Clair
Bridget McMurray, 17, St. Clair
John Roundtree & Ellen McCormick, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

4 May 1853, St. Clair
Walter W. Davis, St. Clair
Hannad A. Estabrook, St. Clair
George M. Tuthill, Minister, Congregational

8 May 1853, St. Clair
Michael Blake, 23
Ann Maria Christ, 24
Patrick Ryan & Ellenor Ryan, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

16 May 1853, Casco Twp
Augustus F. Holliday, 28, Casco Twp
Mary F. Sloteman, 20, Casco Twp
Stephen A. Finton & Lovisa Finton, both of Casco Twp; William Finton, JP

26 May 1853, St. Clair
Philip O'Mara, 25, St. Clair
Anne Howe, 22, St. Clair
James Murphy & Catherine Needom, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

28 May 1853
Daniel Robbins, 27, Port Huron
Joanna Hurley, 19, Port Huron
Eliza Helner & Mary A. Saff; Hiram Law, Minister

31 May 1853
John Newbery, 24, Burchville
Sarah A. Anger, 16, Burchville
Robert Newbery & Clark Strevel; C.H. Wise, JP

3 May 1853, St. Clair
J.W. Campfield, 43, Port Huron
Maria E. Johnson, 28, St. Clair Twp
W.B. Bona & ? Bona; J.M. Arnold, Minister

1 May 1853
A.J. Matherson, Burchville Twp
Adelia Calkins, Burchville Twp
G.H. Gardiner & A.P. Sexton; James Parlie, JP

17 Feb 1853, Newport
Silas White, 24, Newport
Savena Swane, 17, Newport
William Slade & Elizabeth Slade, both of Newport; E.W. Grout, Minister

30 May 1830
John Natter, 29, St. Clair
Ann Parlee, 17, St. Clair
Mathias Parlee & Margaret Allen, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

1 Aug 1853, China Twp
Warren H. Johnson, 20, Canada
Elizabeth A. Carll, 17, China Twp
Mr. & Mrs. R. Johnson, of Canada West; James D. Clark, JP

6 April 1853, St. Clair
John Johnson, 21, Clyde Twp
Annie Letourneau, 16, Clyde Twp
Peter Letourneau & Zoe Letourneau, both of Clyde Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic

12 April 1853
Charles Spademan, 29, Cottreville
Catherine Schriner, 24, China Twp
Fred Schriner & Teabole Schriner; Frederick H. Blood, JP

13 April 1853, Emmett Twp
George Parker, 28
Mary Herneck, 16
Daniel Coffin & Jane Coffin; John H. Westbrook, JP

13 April 1853
Thomas H. Donihoo, 28
Jane C. Luce, 26, Port Huron
Mrs. A.E. Engle & Mrs. D. Eason, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

10 May 1853
William Bridges, 22, Plympton, Canada
Ann Barker, 22, Plympton, Canada
Joseph Harvey & Susannah Barker, both of Plympton; G.B. Engle, Minister

8 July 1853, Port Huron
Samuel Morehead, 22, Port Huron
Mary Mitchell, 16, Port Huron
Leonard Causley & Edward Liddy, of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

6 April 1853
James Morash, 26, Clyde Twp
Rosanna McDermott, 20, Clyde Twp
George Morash & Catherine Frains, both of Clyde Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic

11 April 1853, St. Clair
Lambert Pelett, 49, Port Huron
Mary Magdelene Peter, 32, Port Huron
William LeBlanc & Sophia Goodwin, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

26 July 1853
Robert Goodson, 29, St. Clair
Nancy Herome [Jerome], 26, St. Clair, [P: Horace Jerome & Nancy Reed]
John A. Sanborn & Isabelle S. Sanborn, both of St. Clair; Milton Ward, Minister

5 April 1853, Emmett Twp
Benjamin Coffin, 34, Emmett Twp
Jane Herrick, Emmett Twp
D.M. Stockwell & Allen Bills; Walden Ward, JP

13 April 1853
James McIntire, Worth Twp, Sanilac County, Michigan
Mary Ann Siggins, Burchville Twp
Joseph Pettey & Silas McCauley, both of Burchville; James Parlee, JP

19 April 1853
Elijah Scedgell, 24, Burtchville Twp
Hannah Anger, 26, Burtchville Twp
Edward Elwich & Jacob Anger, both of Burtchville; C.H. Wise, JP

2 June 1853
David Campbell, 36, Berlin Twp
Elvira Gould, 36, Berlin Twp
Galloway Freligh & Hannah Fredligh, both of Berlin Twp; J. Cogshall, Minister

16 June 1853
Peter Crane, 29, Port Huron
Bridget Sexton, 19, Port Huron
James McAvery & Ann Sexton, both of Port Huron, L. Kilroy, Catholic

9 June 1853
Richard O. Farrell, 23, Clyde Twp
Ann Casey, 21, Clyde Twp
Patrick Casey & Margaret Casey, both of Plymton, Canada West

25 June 1853, Cottreville
James B. Palmer, 24, Detroit
Sarah A. O'Dell, 21, Cottreville
T.W. Jones & D. Jones, both of Cottreville; E. House, Minister

9 June 1853, China
Thomas Somer, 22, Canada West
Mary Cole, 18, Canada West
Jane Clarik & Phache I. Remer, both of China; James S. Clark, JP

9 May 1853, St. Clair
William H. Mills, 24, St. Clair
Mary A. Ralph, 18, St. Clair
William Taylor & Sarah Taylor, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

24 June 1853, St. Clair
Antoine Esperaner, 22, St. Clair
Elizabeth Dugun, 19, St. Clair
Elizabeth Arnold & Sophia Belline; J.M. Arnold, Minister

30 June 1853
Adam Hensner, Newport
Mary Diem, China
J. Krehbeil, Minister

4 June 1853, St. Clair Twp
Anteon Maer, 28, St. Clair Twp
Catherine Westrick, 19, St. Clair Twp
Maria C. Miles & Margaret Schriner, both of St. Clair Twp; M.H. Miles, JP

15 July 1853, St. Clair
Joseph Lewis Louis, 23, Port Sarnia
Margaret Forbes, 18, Canada West
George Hammre, of St. Clair & George H. McIntire, of China; James E. Clark, JP

26 May 1853
John Joseph Maul, 31, Ira
Bernado Oswald, 25, Ira
Robella Cock & John Trohlen, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

2 March 1853
Warren Thompson, 21, Lynn
Isabella Smith, Lynn
Layfaitta Alverson & David Donaldson, both of Lynn

20 July 1853, Columbus
Henry Hreuse, 22, Wales Twp
Margaret Kotch, 23, Wales
Peter Kelly, of Columbus & Bridget Halprin, of Wales; L. Kilroy, Catholic

23 Dec 1852
William Stocks
Carity EvelineWilkins
Mary McKee & John Stocks; Uno S. Crellne?, Baptist

19 Jan 1853
James Ard
Lavina Martin
William Moore & Catherine Moore; Uno S. Crellne, Baptist of Port Huron

10 April 1853
Danial M. Messer
Helen E. Bean
J.B. Messer & Mary Messer; Uno S. Crellne, Baptist of Port Huron

25 July 1853
William J. Winicent, 36, Port Huron
Mary Walters, 23, Port Huron
Simon B. Brown & George Hammer, both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

13 June 1853, St. Clair
Alexander Morrison, Moore, Canada West
Margaret McLean, Moore, Canada West
George M. Tuthill, Minister

15 June 1853
Jackson Barrett, Pontiac
Frances A. Fuller, St. Clair
George M. Tuthill, Minister

20 Jan 1853
Reuben Smith, 41, Cottreville
Ann Staley, 36, Cottreville
Alvinia Lindsay & Catherine Haly, both of Cottreville; Reuben Warner, JP

15 July 1853
John Wooley, 23, Port Huron
Martha Newell, 22, Port Huron
Maleon McKay & Ellen Nicholson; Hiram Law, Minister

25 July 1853, China
Orrin Smith, 32, Newport
Grace Ryan, 25, Newport
Michael Ryan & Bridget Ryan, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

16 May 1853, Ira
Francis E. Fortin, 19, Ira
Catherine Pelc, 18, Ira
Paulitee Fortin & Martin Pelc, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

4 July 1853
John J. London, 20, Clyde
Sarah Case, 16, Port Huron
Samuel McChardey & Margaret Agnew; Hiram Law, Minister

2 July 1853
George Doty, 29, Port Huron
Mary McVeelar, 23, Port Huron
John Cruckshanks & Jane Doty; Hiram Law, Minister

5 July 1853, Ira
Robert Meldrum, 24, Chesterfield
Pauline Robertjeanne, 21, Chesterfield
James Meldrum & Elizabeth Robertjeanne, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

1 July 1853
Robert Busly, 23
Mary Nellsden, 15
Sallama Euur?, a lady in the township of Emmett; John H. Westbrook, JP

28 Aug 1853, St. Clair
Thomas Jones, 22, Cottreville
Pheby Boman, 18, Cottreville
M.H. Miles & Tetus B. Palmer; J.M. Arnold, Minister

28 Aug 1853, St. Clair
Charles Boman, 21, Cottreville
Clarissa Crampton, 18, St. Clair Twp
Marcus H. Miles & Titus B. Palmer; J.M. Arnold, Minister

2 Feb 1854
John Halpin, 27, China
Mary Ann McNulty, 23, Cottreville
Mary Halpin & James McNulty; L. Kilroy, Catholic

1 Feb 1854
Solm. McFag, 19, Sanborn, Canada West
Susan Swain, 16, Sanborn, Canada West
S.W. Backer & A.B. Clough; J.H. Blsel, JP

15 Feb 1854
Zepheniah Carswell, Troy, Oakland County, Michigan
Elzina Bellnap, 17, St. Clair Twp
Benjamin Basttett & Angleina Basttett; Benson Basttett, JP

22 Dec 1853
William H. Wasden, 23, China
Malissa E. Lindsay, 18, China
Charles Wasden & James Tappen; George Clark, JP

25 Dec 1853, home of A.E. Pattes, Burtchville
Erastus Fick, 21, Burtchville
Fedelia Monsor, 21, Burtchville
A.S. Pattes & C.H. Birc; Nelson Pattes, JP

21 Dec 1853
Jacob Peer, Algonac
Mariah Eastwood, St. Clair
John Nichol & Samuel Bisnt; N. Eastwood, Minister, St. Clair

1 Dec 1853
Erastus Dickinson, 29, Columbus
Huldah Langley, 20, St. Clair
Jas. McConel & Hosnech Dickinson; A.J. Palmer, JP

11 Jan 1853, Cottreville
Duncan McLane, 26, Sombra, Canada West
Mary McDonald, 25, Sombra, Canada West
A. McLane & Duncan McLane; D. Cottrell, JP

22 June 1853
Gorden McIntire, 23, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Lacsoid, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Daniel Little & M.E. Cottrell; D. Cottrell, JP

25 Jan 1854, St. Clair
William Hardick, 22, Moore Twp, Canada West
Jane Shaw, 15, Moore Twp, Canada West
H.H. Haskell & H. Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

29 Jan 1854, Burchville Twp
John Parle, 23, St. Clair Twp
Maria Boman, 16, St. Clair Twp
William Bowman & Andriae Bowman; Jas. Partie, JP

20 Jan 1854, St. Clair
Thomas Crowley, 23, Emmet
Catherine Herrington, 18, Emmet
Patrick McGinn & Ann Marie Buth; L. Kilroy, Catholic

24 Jan 1854, St. Clair
Samuel Degossey, 19, Moore Twp, Canada West
Margaret Stanly, 19, Moore Twp, Canada West
Joseph Parker & Jane Stanley; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 Jan 1854, St. Clair
Thomas Gerry, 24, Cottreville
Phillis Bartrand, 18, China
Francis Bartrand & Mary Garry; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 Jan 1854
Mathias Stein, 21, St. Clair
Katherine Firon, 21, St. Clair
Peter Bell & Anna Naturyen; L. Kilroy, Catholic

31 Jan 1854
Edward McDonnell, 33, Burchville
Elizabeth Thoder, 21, Burchville
Daniel Trickee & Ellen Trickee; L. Kilroy, Catholic

23 Jan 1854
Patrick Meagher, 29
Bridget Fitzgerald, 18, China
William Meagher & Mary Craig; L. Kilroy, Catholic

18 March 1854, home of David Lown, Riley
Martines Bartly, 27
Sara Ann Contine, 24
David Lown & Peeter Contine; Cornelius Spain, JP

23 March 1854
George F. Collins, Pitsfield Twp, Washington County
Alvisa Gould, St. Clair
George Casleton & Sedrick Hibborn; N. Eastwood, Minister, St. Clair

4 March 1854
Adna Allen, Columbus Twp
Mary Burchem, 17, Brockway Twp
Hiram King & Ephriham Burdick; Benson Bartlett, JP

25 March 1854
James O. Johnson, 22, Ira
Julia Ann Basney, 17, Ira
Jos. Johnson & David Johnson; Ira Marks, JP

11 March 1854
Menzes Folkerts, 27, Ira
Wilhelmina Kurzmin, 21, China
Theodore Kuzeman & Th. Folkerts; John Schromforth, Minister

7 April 1854, Bellriver
Charles Scheoter, 26, China Twp
Dorothy Zalner, 18, China Twp
Jacob Koble; John Schormforth, Minister

30 Dec 1853
Edwin M. Carter, 22, Berlin
Mary A. Blanchard, 17, Berlin
George Frost & Charles Serter; Joseph Holt, Minister

5 April 1854, Swan Creek
Jean Baptist Lafonte, 23, Ira
Catharine Lalonde, 21, Chesterfield
Michael Lalonde & Catherine Grum; Ch. Chambille

7 April 1855
Daniel L. Knight, Illinois
Annice Sim, Port Huron
N.R. Mulford & Sct. Jones; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

4 May 1845
William McSarty, Canada West
Mary Ann Beemer, Canada West
Rodwick McSarty & John Beemer; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

26 May 1854
James W. Neuman, Canada West
Marie Spring, Canada West
Malcolm McKay & Duncan Cameron; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational, Port Huron

1 July 1854
John Holland, Port Huron
Lucy Haggerdon, Port Huron
Capt. Haggerdon & J. Hollan; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

3 Aug 1854
Charles C. Terry, St. Clair
Elizabeth Davis, St. Clair
Obed Smith & Laura E. Palmer; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

17 Aug 1854
John Little, Monroe
Fannie Cummings, Port Huron
Joseph Heald & Alfred Bailey; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational, Port Huron

23 Aug 1854
Donald McKay, Canada West
Isabella Stavely, Canada West
A. Samuel & W. Pickering; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

31 Aug 1855
Jacob Houghton, Port Huron
Elizabeth Caldwell, Port Huron
E.R. Bennett & Sarah Caldwell; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

10 Oct 1854
Charles Phillips, St. Clair
Jane Geel, St. Clair
John Phillips & Thomas Bate; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

26 Oct 1854
James Taylor, Canada West
Jane Milland, Canada West
Frances Hurnes & E. Milland; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

11 Sept 1855, Port Huron
Francis Simmons, Newport
Ameline Scott, Port Huron
Tomas Herbert & William S. Simons; I.P. Minney, JP

8 Nov 1854
E.R. Budd
Jane Hollon
John Bailey & Sarah Bailey; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

6 Dec 1854
Joseph Smith, Port Huron
Harriet Barrett, Canada West
Samuel S. Boyce & George Barrett; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

14 Sept 1855
Richard Dixon, Canada West
Jeanette Gilmont, Canada West
E.S. Wastell & M.A. Wastell; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

31 May 1855, Port Huron
Samuel Bagley
Harriet A. Edison
A.E. Engle & Miss D. Edson; G.B. Engle, Minister, Episcopal

23 May 1855
Henry McKinzy
Lucinda Taylor
George B. Engle & D. Edson; G.B. Engle, Minister

6 Aug 1855
John McIntosh
Murilla Gould
Mrs. A.W. Comstock & Louisa Comstock; G.B. Engle, Minister

6 Aug 1855
G. Anson Wixon
Margaret Blackwell
D. Delamuter & Sarah Delamuter; G.B. Engle, Minister, Episcopal

25 Aug 1855
William Darein
Eliza McNeil
D.P. Baker & Sophia Baker; G.B. Engle, Minister

30 Sept 1855, Port Huron
John Styox, 35
Ann Wahley, 18
J.K. Wahly & Mary Wahly; G.B. Engle, Minister

3 Oct 1855
John Lankin
Abigail Frazer
Elisha B. Carlson & James Stephenson; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational

23 July 1855, St. Clair
Daniel Stringer, 29, St. Clair
Bridget Farrell, 23, Port Huron
James Murphy & Catherin Laucks; L. Kilroy, Catholic

15 Oct 1855, St. Clair
Patrick McManns, 23, Warwick, Canada West
Jane Frafford, 19, Warwick, Canada West
Jane Derry & Sarah Derry; L. Kilroy, Catholic

24 Sept 1855, Newport
Joseph Geriner, 29, Newport
Elizabeth Reichl, 37, Newport
John Palmer & Mary Kobal; L. Kilroy, Catholic

11 Sept 1855, St. Clair
John Sprey, 26, St. Clair
Cathrine Fastbinder, 25, St. Clair
Christian Fastbinder & Margaret Baker; L. Kilroy, Catholic

6 Aug 1855, Ira
Louis Biscornet, 30, Ira
Frances Bruso, 19, Ira
Joseph Surfee & Margrite Bruce; Ch. Chambille

16 Oct 1855, Swan Creek
Joseph Bluy, 23, Chesterfield
Amese River, 28, Chesterfield
Aburndine Sausier & Michael River; Ch. Chambille

3 Sept 1855
Joseph Maill (Maul), 33, Chesterfield
Marie L. Zink, 32, Chesterfield
Klus Faur & Pierre Shutte

2 July 1855, Ira
Eusebe Greiner, 22, Ira
Marie Rivard, 22, Ira
Michael Rivard & Philominn Gammon; Ch. Chambille

1 Oct 1855, Cottreville
Joseph Henry, 22, Sombra, Canada West
Ellen Moore, 19, Sombra, Canada West
Samuel Ward & David Wescott; Zail Ward, JP

Married 6 July 185-, Algonac, recorded 15 Jan 1855
George McKinzey, 24, Canada West
Hannah Trexler, 18, Canada West
Joseph Crable & Horance Beers, both of Algonac; John K. Smith, JP

Recorded 15 Jan 1855
Manassus DeLour, 21, Wayne County, a Sailor
Mrs. Christine Cottrell, 27, Algonac
J.K. Smith & Ephriam Summerfield, both of Algonac; John K. Smith, JP

22 July 1854, St. Clair
Adam Gr-n Miller, 27, St. Clair
Mary C. Berger, 22, St. Clair
Marcus Shomstein, of St. Clair & Maria C. Miles, of Algonac; M.H. Miles, JP

Married 23 July 1853, St. Clair, recorded 18 Jan 1855
John Koyl, 26, St. Clair
Barbery Meyer, 27, St. Clair
Frederick Brookner & Maria C. Miles; M.H. Miles, JP

20 Aug 1854, St. Clair
John Wingert, 28, St. Clair
Grosany Wagner, 26, St. Clair
Marcus Shomstein & Maria C. Miles, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

27 Nov 1854, St. Clair
Porter Chortie, 20, Clay
Hannah Geer, 23, Clay
Maria C. Miles, of St. Clair & Elizabeth Johnston, of China; M.H. Miles, JP

13 Aug 1854, St. Clair
Gustave Strauss, 30, St. Clair
Rosine Heuber, 24, St. Clair
Frederick Strauss & Marcus Shomstein, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

21 Nov 1853, St. Clair
John Linzer, 29, St. Clair
Elizabeth Stein, 24, St. Clair
Sarah P. Chamberlin & Maria Louisa Judson, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

29 Oct 1854, St. Clair
Zosshar Evakim, 28, St. Clair
Theresa Nailue, 23, St. Clair
Anthony Meyer & M.C. Miles, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

29 Oct 1854, St. Clair
George Eberly, 34, St. Clair
Anna Schmidt, 21, St. Clair
Anthony Meyer & M.C. Miles, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

29 Oct 1854, St. Clair
John Heisler, 27, St. Clair
Josessha Newyhriser, 23, St. Clair
Anthony Meyer & M.C. Miles, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

14 Oct 1854, St. Clair
Michael Eberly, 23, St. Clair
Mary Eutreas, 24, St. Clair
Fanny Weitzman & George Weitzman, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

7 Oct 1854, St. Clair
Adam Enghart, 32, St. Clair
Margarit (Martha) Mitchker, 22, St. Clair
Fanny Weitzman & Mary Brown, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

14 Sept 1853, China
Sidney Allen, 26, St. Clair
Harriett Peeke, 18, China
Michael Duchene, Jr., of St. Clair & William Allen, of China; M.H. Miles, JP

7 Sept 1853, St. Clair
Charles Heuber, 27, St. Clair
Fredericka Zapff, 23, St. Clair
Frederick Strauss & Marcus Shomstein, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

31 Aug 1854, St. Clair
Thaddeus Spencer, 29, New York City
Martha Storrs, 28, St. Clair
Alonzo Allen & Mary Allen, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

20 Nov 1854, St. Clair
Robert Minnis, 26, St. Clair
Bridget Nester, 22, St. Clair
Martha Judson & Elizabeth Johnston, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

29 Nov 1854, St. Clair
Thomas Spaulding, 25, St. Clair
Ellen McMullen, 18, St. Clair
George W. Carlton & Ann McMullen, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

28 Nov 1854, Burtchville
William Thomas, 25, Burtchville
Isabella Hunter, 21, Burtchville
Thomas Whaley & Nelson Cameron, both of Burtchville; James Parlin, JP

31 Dec 1854, Burtchville
Daniel Matherson, 31, Burtchville
Frances Brown, 19, Burtchville
Eber Lewis & A.P. Sexton, both of Burtchville; James Parlin, JP

11 Jan 1855, home of William Goodwin, Clyde
Frederick Brinkman, 26, Clyde
Matilda Andrews, 18, Clyde
Marrion Goodwin & Jane Allen; William R. Goodwin, JP

20 June 1854, home of Frederick Woulen
Lewis Fishsha
Jane Belman
Frederick Woulen & John Bean; William R. Goodwin, JP

4 July 1854
George Brown, 24, Clyde
Hannah Milligan, 21, Clyde
Charles Taylor & wife, both of Clyde; William R. Goodwin, JP

17 Dec 1854
Thomas Redgrave, 25, Clyde
Eliza Jane Ball, 19, Clyde
Walter Slingerland & Fidelia Slingerland, both of Clyde; William R. Goodwin, JP

11 Nov 1854, China
Myron Kinyon, 30, China, [P: Phineas Kenyon & Polly Fuller; b. Bolton, Warren Co, NY]
Sarah Mitchell, 18, China
Emily W. Owen & Martha B. Fitch, both of China; T.C. Owen, JP

21 Jan 1855
Alfred Lynn, 21, St. Clair
Hannah Cummings, 17, St. Clair
Titus V. Pierce & Bray Willey; William Cook, JP

2 Nov 1854, Newport
Joseph Lavalle, 18, Newport
Flavia Laffray, 22, Newport
Alexander Godere & Zol Borrow, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

3 Nov 1854, Newport
William Meagher, 25, Newport
Margaret Conlon, 22, Newport
Michael Conlon & Ann Margaret Gallagher, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

13 Nov 1854
John Kenny, 26, Emmet
Mary Ann Gallagher, 18, Emmet
Patrick Nolan & Elisha Hyde, both of Emmet; L. Kilroy, Catholic

25 Nov 1854
John Bill, 20, St. Clair
Catherine Bloom, 23, St. Clair
Jacob Bloom & Gertrude Bill; L. Kilroy, Catholic

28 Jan 1855, St. Clair
Peter Raymond, 22, Clyde
Sarah Wheaton, 15, Clyde
Antoine LaForest & Sarah Pettiplace, both of Clyde; Andrew J. Palmer, JP

Married 9 Nov ----, Clay, recorded 3 Feb 1855
Daniel Crow, 23, Dover, Kent County, Canada
Laura A. Crow, 15, Dover, Kent County, Canada
Nathan L. Smith & Daniel Hodge, both of Clay; Isaac Kline, JP

Married 27 Jan ----, Algonac, recorded 3 Feb 1855
Charles Gilbert, 30, Algonac
Cordelia Tuttle, 20, Algonac
Mary Smith & Timothy Allen, both of Clay; Isaac Kline, JP

30 Jan 1855
Hiram Ames, 21, Algonac
Lura Desmond, 21, Algonac
Charles Stewart & Poll R. Woodward, both of Algonac; Ira Marks, JP

4 Feb 1855
James Warwick, 24, Macomb County, Michigan
Almira Chase, 17, Casco
Ira Marks, Jr. & James Marks, both of Clay; Ira Marks, JP

24 Nov 1854
Thomas Caldwell, "of lawful age", St. Clair
Elizabeth Jenkins, "of lawful age", St. Clair
Mildred Parker & Anna Tuthill; George M. Tuthill, Minister

8 Feb 1855
Cyrus Miles, 26, St. Clair
Ann Eliza Carleton, 26, St. Clair
Edward Carleton & Timothy Barron; George M. Tuthill, Minister, Congregational

1 Dec 1854
Peter Boice, 26, Port Huron
Bridget Atkinson, 20, Port Huron
John Atkinson & Jane McGime, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

14 Jan 1855, St. Clair
William Moran, 28, Newport
Sarah Daly, 18, Canada
Patrick Moran & Margaret Moran, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

22 Jan 1855
Thomas Brandon, 27, Emmet
Margaret Dunigan, 21, Emmet
Jeremiah Lynch & Mary Carrol, both of Emmet; L. Kilroy, Catholic

31 Jan 1855, St. Clair
John Brown, 36, China
Theresa Brondhall, 25, China
Peter Sever & Anna Crondella; L. Kilroy, Catholic

1 March 1855, St. Clair
Owen Williams, 28, St. Clair
Eliza Robinson, 22, St. Clair
James W. & Susannah Campin; William Cook, JP

1 Jan 1855
George Augustus Butterfield, 20, Clay
Nancy Jane Crable, 20, Clay
Garrett Stewart & Sarah Stewart, both of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

4 March 1855
Bruitford Tappan, 20, Casco
Mrs. Louisa Smith, 16, Cottreville
Charles Smith & Agnes Baird; Daniel Hart, JP

12 March 1855
John Dudley, 21, St. Clair
Eleanor Gould, 20, St. Clair
Horace Kickinson & Reddick Hubbell, both of St. Clair

4 March 1855, Burchville
David Reece, 26, Lexington, Sanilac County
Cynthia Potter, 15, Lexington, Sanilac County
Joseph Pettys, of Burchville & John Case, of Lexington; J. Parlin, JP

26 Feb 1855, Algonac
William McDermand, 30, Canada
Martha Moore, 23, Canada
N.D. Smith, of Algonac & George Moore, of Canada

3 Jan 1855
Cleman T. Fisher, 25, Dover Twp, Canada
Jane Donaldson, 22, Dover Twp, Canada
William Fisher & Walter Fisher, both of Algonac

3 Feb 1855
Arthur McMauley, 19, Dover Twp, Canada
Nancy Fisher, 18
William Fisher & Walter Fisher, both of Algonac; Isaac Cline, JP

24 Feb 1855
William Ross, 20, Algonac
Jane Hood, 17, Dover, Canada
N.D. Smith & William Fisher, both of Algonac; Isaac Cline, JP

24 Feb 1855
Andrew Rathburn, 21, Clay
Mary Smith, 17, Algonac
N.D. Smith & John Smith, both of Algonac; Isaac Cline, JP

25 March 1855, Clyde
Titus Pierce, 28, Clyde
Mary Thompson, 22, Clyde
John Thompson & Mary Thompson; William Cook, JP

6 Aug 1854, Port Huron
Reubin Savoy, 20, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Mary M. Millan, 20, Port Sarnia, Canada West
John Gre & Christi Beton; G.B. Engle, Minister

27 Sept 1854
John Stocks, 28, Port Huron
Elizabeth Brown, 28, Port Huron
Valentine Stocks & Jane Brown, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

1 Nov 1854
Gideon Greggs, 23, Lexington
Jennet Campbell, 18, Lexington
John Williams & Sarah Williams, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

28 Nov 1854, Port Huron
John Buzzard, 22, Port Huron
Electra Arnold, 20, Port Huron
Harriet J. Arnold & James Pickering; G.B. Engle, Minister

22 Dec 1854
Samuel Mitchell, 25, Lexington
Eliza Fry, 24, Port Huron
Rachael Fry & John Williams, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

31 Dec 1855, Port Huron
William B. Spencer, 25, Port Huron
Mary Cameron, 18, Port Huron
John Cameron & Catherine Cameron, both of Clyde; G.B. Engle, Minister

18 Jan 1855
Armer Potter, 26, Canada West
Mary A. Aiken, 23, Canada West
Charles Martin & James Aiken, both of Canada West; G.B. Engle, Minister

26 March 1854, Port Huron
James Hall, 40, Port Huron
Susan M. Rafferty, 27, Port Huron
C.W. Gillespi & Thomas Davis, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

21 March 1855, Port Huron
Eno L. Freeman, 26, Richmond
Emily A. Hawkins, 24, Richmond
Desia Edson & Howard C. Bristol, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

7 Jan 1855
John McPherson, 27, Clyde
Permelin Campfield, 33, Clyde
William Dodge & Mary Dodge; William McKeeby, Minister

19 Jan 1855
Augustus Allan, 38
Candeu Ross, 50
James Erity & Carolyn A. Erity; William McKeeley, Minister

5 April 1855
Henry I. Brown, Lynn
Charlotte Skeels, Lynn
Andrew Kelly & Eliza Sprug, both of Lynn; William H. Allison, JP

17 March 1855, Bell River
William Wamel, 24, Newport
Mary Elizabeth Breitenvache, 26, Newport
Jacob Schwary & Henry Hekan, both of Newport; John Schweinfurth, Minister

11 Jan 1855
Richard Cole, St. Clair
Mary McDonald, St. Clair
Edward Hodgson & Mary Jane Hodgson; Nelson Eastwood, Minister

21 March 1855
Charles E. Warden, China
Cardine Weeks, China
Alfred Weeks & Soviner Weeks; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

11 Feb 1855
William Monso, 23, Port Huron
Victoria Bartrand, 17, China
Francis Crosley & Julia Ann Bartrand, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

10 Feb 1855
William Clyne, 26, Burchville
Catherine O'Conner, 20, Worth Twp, Sanilac County
John O'Conner, of Worth & Jane Ryan, of St. Clair County; L. Kilroy, Catholic

17 Feb 1855, St. Clair
James Derry, 28, Clyde
Sarah Hays, 22, Port Huron
John Harry & Jane Ryan, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

18 March 1855, Burchville
Judson A. Garey, 22, Port Huron
Cathurina Lane, 17, Port Huron
D.A. Caspwill & E. Lewis, both of Burchville; James Parlin, JP

18 March 1855, Burchville
John Case, 28, Lexington
Emily Stevens, 17, Lexington
Randolph Case & David Ruce, both of Lexington; James Parlin, JP

3 March 1855
Joseph Gerard, 33, Moore, Canada West
Ellen Dolson, 20, Chatham, Canada West
Richard E. Fowler & William A. Burton, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

6 May 1855
Joseph Siler, 29, St. Clair
Anna Smeul, 24, St. Clair
George Eberly & Edwin C. Miles, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

6 May 1855
John Peck, 41, St. Clair
Ann Eberly, 38, St. Clair
George Eberly & Edwin C. Miles, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

29 Jan 1855
Joseph Kreimur, 32, Ira
Helen Weishort, 26, Ira
Joseph Lishtel & Maria Lishtel, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Pastor, Swan Creek

5 Feb 1855
Paul Gonyon, 26, Chesterfield
Elise Roe, 17, Chesterfield
Clovis Roe & Virginia Roi, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

5 Feb 1855
Clovis Roi, 24, Chesterfield
Vergenie Loiselle, 17, Chesterfield
Oliver Duchene, of Ira & Marie Loiselle, of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

12 Feb 1855
George Hetty, 45, Ira
Henrietta Basney, 27, Ira
David Bisinet & Sara Mothin, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

18 Feb 1855, Riley
Daniel Hewitt, 45, Riley
Ann Gooding, 20, Riley
John Howe & Harriet Deland; Josiah Gooding, JP

28 Feb 1855, Riley
Winslow H. Buich, 25, Riley
Mary E. Sovreign, 16, Riley
Mary Gooding & John Meyers, both of Riley; Josiah Gooding, JP

9 May 1855, Kenokee
James W. Preston, 28, Kenokee
Samantha J. Thomas, 17, Kenokee
Enos W. Tresley & Russell Presley, both of Kenokee; Waldron Ward, JP

No date given
John Shurp, 47, Lynn
Mrs. Julia Ann Garris, 35, Riley
Ellwan Scovill (age 25) & Marcus Scovill (age 27); George W. Chilson, JP

2 March 1855
Herman Eastman, 38, Algonac
Harriet Peer, 38, Algonac
Ira Meriks, Jr. & James Murks, both of Ira; Ira Marks, JP

4 March 1855
Edward Harrison, 27, Cottreville
Sarah Jane McDonald, 20, Cottreville
William L. Marks & Adaline Boyton, both of Cottreville; Ira Marks, JP

4 March 1855
Henry Wright, 29, St. Clair
Julia Gurny, 22, St. Clair
Mr. E. Gurny & Frank Gurny, both of St. Clair; Obel Smith, JP

24 April 1855
Charles Adams, 22, St. Clair
Emily Thayer, 22, Kimball
Nelson Pratt & James O'Dell, both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

23 April 1855, Algonac
John Wilkinson, 29, Algonac
Almira Akins, 14, Algonac
William Akin (father of Almira-gave his consent), Austin Bostick, Testumiah Desmond & others;
J.W. Geer, JP

17 June 1855, Cottreville
Leonard Suppleman, 25, Cottreville
Eliza Simons, 17, Cottreville
Anna Smith & James Smith, both of Cottreville; Daniel Hart, JP

1 July 1855
Henry Brichaler, 26, Newport
Christina Bluz, 22, Newport
Joseph Schwaber, of Newport & William Lar, of Roseville; John Schenfurth, Minister

21 April 1855
Albert P. Bernis, 23
Jane A. Webb, 17
Henry Webb, Rosa Webb & David Dove; H.E. Bunce, JP

8 June 1855
John Mure, 26, Almont, Lapeer County
Jeanette Hamilton, 21, Berlin
William Hamilton & Allen ?; Cha. Kellogg, Minister

8 July 1855
Merrit Briggs, "of sufficient age", Wales
Bridget O'Meura, "of sufficient age", Kenokee
Ira Briggs & William Perry, both of Wales; John Lamb, JP

21 April 1855, St. Clair
Michael Kelly, 22, St. Clair
Catherine Needorn, 18, St. Clair
John Riudon & Anna Connoly, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

20 April 1855
Patrick Gilmartin, 30, Port Huron
Hanorel O'Callaghan, 29, Port Huron
John O'Callaghan & Francis McCormick, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

29 April 1855, Burchville
William Gallagher, 23, Emmet
Margaret Kelley, 18, Emmet
Thomas Donahue, of Port Huron & Catharina Kelly, of Emmet; L. Kilroy, Catholic

13 May 1855
William A. Cottrell, 30, Cottreville
Elizabeth Turk, 19, Cottreville
L. Kilroy, Catholic

28 July 1855
Jonathan Breeke, 32, Cottreville
Jane Shurman, 26, Cottreville
Daniel E. Solis & Charles F. Loomis, both of St. Clair Twp; M.H. Miles, JP

23 May 1855
Matthew Courin, 35, Canada
Isabella Brown, 42, Canada
Sara Kline & Francis Chostie, of Algonac

12 July 1855
Archibald McDugal, 26, Canada
Elizabeth Jane Vincent, 22, Canada
John Kendal, of Clay & Peter Vincent, of Canada; Isaac Kline, JP

1 July 1855
John H. Dewey, 30, Canada
Margaret E. Brown, 17, Canada
John Price, of Canada & Sarah Price; I. Kline, JP

2 July 1855, Algonac
Richard C. Palmer, 23, Canada
Amanda Jane Wilson, 18, Canada
Jacob Kendall & John Kendall, both of Clay; I. Kline, JP

2 July 1855
Richard F. Green, 22, Canada
Mary Jane Palmer, 19, Canada
Jacob Kendall & John Kendall, both of Clay; Isaac Kline, JP

12 Aug 1855, St. Clair
George H. Rowley, 24, St. Clair
Eliza E. Downs, 16, St. Clair
Daniel Rowley & George Bron; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

18 June 1855, St. Clair
Charles W. Bayley, 22, St. Clair
Lucy Ann Wheeler, 18, St. Clair
G.W. Carleton & Silas Finn; N. Eastwood, Minister

26 June 1855
Samuel H. VanWarmer, 29
Betsy Russell, 21
Anson W. Peters & Harriet Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Minister

Date not given
Henry B. Wileler, 22, Moore, Canada West
Elizabeth Edwards, 23
Dr. F.B. Collins & Charles Edwards; N. Eastwood, Minister

6 June 1855
Mark Hopkins, St. Clair
Ann Jasperson, St. Clair
George Jasperson & Samuel Hopkins; N. Eastwood, Minister

28 May 1855
Michael McCarron, 28, Port Huron
Marry Kenny, 21, Port Huron
William Kirwin & Elizabeth Gahen, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

24 May 1855
Lambert Minne, 25, China
Philomene Dupleinte, 16, St. Clair
Nelson Dupleinte, of St. Clair & Catherine Minne, of China; L. Kilroy, Catholic

13 June 1855
Thomas D. Donahue, 27, Port Huron
Ellen Kelly, 28, Port Huron
Patrick Gilmartin & Winifred O'Callaghan, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

22 May 1855
Joseph Murphy, 30, Emmett
Maria Kennedy, 18
Patrick Foley & Anne O'Brien, both of Emmett; L. Kilroy, Catholic

22 May 1855
Robert Clury, "of lawful age", Memphis
Margaret Linch, "of lawful age", Memphis
Thomas Ingersoll & Chat. Carvell; George M. Tuthill, Congregational Minister

26 June 1855
George Watson, 25
Ann Coleman, 22
Rose Larkin, of St. Clair & Ann McMullen; George M. Tuthill, Minister

31 July 1855, St. Clair
John Bourne, 30, Saginaw
Eliza Winn, 24, St. Clair
Reuben Moore & Stephen Moore; George M. Tuthill, Minister

2 July 1855
Lincick? Angel, 25, Port Huron
Mary Roberts, 16, Port Huron
Jospeh Pawkets & Pholomein Roberts, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

4 July 1855
Edward Rooney, 22, China
Honora Sullivan, 21, China
John Harris & Jane Ryan; L. Kilroy, Catholic

16 July 1855
John O'Rorke, 24, Town 12, Sanilac County
Jane Hart, 24, Town 11, Sanilac County
Patrick O'Neil & Catherine Ann Foul, both of Town 11, Sanilac County; L. Kilroy, Catholic

29 July 1855
Daniel Lashbrooks, 28, Wales
Mariah Foster
J. Markell & N. Lashbrooks; Sidney Bowlly, JP

9 Sept 1855
Simon Filmore, 24, Armada, Macomb County
Barsheba Hathaway, 18, Armada, Macomb County
Jasper Lafever, of Berlin & Albert Sperr; Amon N. Freeman, JP

10 Nov 1853
Joseph Hueld, Port Huron
Mary H. Baily, Port Huron
W.P. Mitchell & John Whitman; W.P. Wastell, Congregational Minister

16 Nov 1853
Malcolm McKery, Port Huron
Ann Cleryton, Port Huron
Mr. McKellar & John Donaldson; W.P. Wastell, Congregational Minister

8 Feb 1854
Samuel Youhill, Canada West
Mary G. Creumner, Canada West
Jos. Wastell & Ross Baker; W.P. Wastell, Congregational Minister

22 Feb 1854
J.C. Perry, Detroit
E.W. Westbrook, Port Huron
L. Westbrook & L. Perry; W.P. Wastell, Congregational Minister

5 June 1853
Abner Hayward, 24, Columbus Twp
Eliza Ann Parker, 21, China Twp
John M. Oaks & Harriet Oaks, both of China Twp; N. Eastwood, Baptist

28 Aug 1853
Thomas Taylor, Jr., 25, St. Clair
Mary Ann Shepherd, 25, St. Clair
John Banvie & E.T. Hannah, both of St. Clair; N. Eastwood, Minister

17 Aug 1853
Joseph Fulcher, 29, Port Huron
Sarah Beedham, 21, Port Huron
John L. London & Sarah London; Hiram Law, Minister

15 Aug 1853
Andrew Jackson Cummings, 24, St. Clair
Frances Elizabeth Woodsworth, 23, St. Clair
S.B. Brown & Benjamin Woodsworth, both of St. Clair; G.B. Engle, Episcopalian

31 Aug 1853
Joseph A. Sterns, 21, Port Huron
Margaret Wright, 18, Port Huron
Sarah Putman & Almira Harris; Hiram Law, Minister

30 Aug 1853
Amasa Philips, 22, Ingham, Ingham County
Caroline Young, 19, Columbus Twp
Lester Cross & Alva Cross; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

22 May 1853
William Ames, 21, Clay Twp
Adelia Desmond, 16, Clay Twp
Ira Marks, Jr. & James Marks, both of Ira Twp; R.A. Marks, JP

8 June 1853
William B. Haywood, 45, Clay Twp
Augusta Siagmann, Clay Twp
James Marks, of Ira Twp & William Little, of Macomb County; R.A. Marks, JP

21 July 1853
Walter Smith, 36, Cottreville
Sarah Flood, 19, Cottreville
William Hunt & Reuben Smith, both of Cottreville; R.A. Marks, JP

1 Aug 1853
John A. Callaghan, 25, Warwick, Canada West
Catherine Kelly, 20, Warwick, Canada West
James O'Brien & Johanna Kenny, both of Warwick, Canada West; L. Kilroy, Catholic

6 Nov 1853
Charles Current, 31, Plympton, Canada West
Ellen McGrath, 26, Plympton, Canada West
James McGrath & Mary McGrath, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

16 Aug 1853, St. Clair
Michael Cuttle, 20, St. Clair
Catherine Murphy, 18, Port Huron
Charles Evans, of St. Clair & Elizabeth Campbell, of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

8 Sept 1853
Alexander Christie, 23
Mary Lynch, 18, Port Huron
James Murphy & Sara McAvell, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

8 Oct 1853, Port Huron
William Carson, 28, Port Huron
Margaret Dunn, 21, Port Huron
John Dunn & Jane Whaten, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

3 Oct 1853, St. Clair
John Bizarillon, 41, Port Huron
Emené Bone, 27, Port Huron
Patrick Kelley & Anne Fisher, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

13 Sept 1853
Regis Derosier, 23, Port Huron
Julia Gumbille, 19, Port Huron
John Maybelle & Elizabeth Maybelle, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

13 May 1853
James Ramage, 25, Dover, Canada West
Jane A. Bunbas, 16, Dover, Canada West
Patrick McCartie & S.L. Smith, both of Algonac; John K. Smith, JP

14 May 1853, Algonac
Samuel Sherwood, 35, Algonac
Mrs. Hannah Burt, 42, Algonac
Elizabeth Lock & George Mariann, both of Algonac; John K. Smith, JP

5 June 1853
Howard Hartinburgh, 23, St. Clair
Emeline Stewart, 21, China Twp
Horace Beers & Alice Beers, both of Algonac; John K. Smith, JP

25 Oct 1853, China
William Brown, 25, Canada West
Mary E. Somes, 22, Canada West
Samuel Somes, of Canada West & Jane Clark, of China Twp; J.S. Clark, JP

15 Sept 1853, Algonac
Lewis R. Boyton, 20, Cottreville
Sarah E. Kendall, 19, Algonac
Oliver Kendall & Betsey Kendall, both of Algonac; Elijah K. Grout, Minister

20 Sept 1853, St. Clair
Anderson Witherall, 20, Sombra, Canada West
Elizabeth Elwood, 16, Sombra, Canada West
Hamlet Sales & Hannah Clark, both of St. Clair Twp; Obed Smith, JP

14 Oct 1853
John Duncan, 30, Canada West
Margaret Rhody, 30, Canada West
A.H. Bartly, of St. Clair & J.N. Peabody, of China Twp; J.S. Clark, JP

15 July 1853
George Wadsworth, 22, Wales Twp
Ann Lashbrooks, 18, Wales Twp
James Frye & Jacob Markell; Benson Bartlett, JP

26 Oct 1853, St. Clair
Herrick J. Burnham, 26, Sombra, Canada West
Jane Rollinson, 21, Cottreville
W.J. Burnham & J.S. Burnham; J.H. Burnham, Minister

28 Aug 1853
Hiram Palmater [Palmateer], 22, Burtchville
Jane Ann Newberry, 15, Burtchville
Richard Newberry & Sarah Ann Beal, both of Burtchville; Richard Beal, Methodist Minister

9 July 1853
John E. Waldron, 54, Port Huron
Phoebe Bryce, 44, Port Huron
William H. Granger & Louis McKeeby; William McKeeby, Minister

11 Feb 1845, Port Huron
Silas Nelson Ruby, 21, Port Huron
Emily Jane Kellog, 17, Port Huron
John Obryen & Patrick Brady; Joseph Minie, JP

2 Nov 1853, Ira Twp
Theodore Meldrum, 21, Ira Twp
Sophia Lavigne, 19, Ira Twp
Gabriel Lafrense & Christina Greemer; Ch. Chambille, Swan Creek

26 Nov 1853
Jowl Swyger, 33, St. Clair
Francisca Umlauff, 30, St. Clair
Joan Umlauff, of St. Clair & Theresa Swyger, of Ira Twp; Ch. Chambille

29 Aug 1853
Peter Duthaine, 37, Chesterfield
Josphie Roi, 24, Chesterfield
Charles Charbrane, of Ira Twp & Levor Roi, of St. Clair; Ch. Chambille

25 Nov 1853
Francois Laforche, 22, Chesterfield
Monique Champagne, 17, Chesterfield
Richar Laforche & Helene Champagne, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

2 Nov 1853, Ira Twp
Antoine Rivard, 21, Ira Twp
Archange Lavigne, 18, Ira Twp
Jean Lavigne, of Ira Twp & Elizabeth Rivard, of Detroit; Ch. Chambille

18 Sept 1853, St. Clair
Jerome Geranet, 26, Clyde Twp
Sarah Smith, 15, St. Clair
Benoni Sampson & Ambrose Geranet, both of Clyde Twp; Andrew J. Palmer, JP

6 Sept 1853
William Blount, 45, Cottreville
Hannah Guthrie, 35, China Twp
Hugh O'Neil & Tery Ann O'Neil, both of China; T.C. Owen, JP

15 March 1854
Charles Stewart, 23, Clay Twp
Mariah Stewart, 18, Clay Twp
A.P. Stewart & John Stewart, both of Clay; E.V. Grout, Baptist Minister

27 Aug 1853, China Twp
John Jones, 25, Cottreville
Mary Cambill, 18, Cotterville
George Clark & George Jones, both of China Twp; George Clark, JP

26 Oct 1853
Joseph C. Newman, 29, St. Clair
Clarisa Harrington, 22, St. Clair
Henry Harrington & Margaret Harrington; both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

24 Oct 1853, China Twp
Joseph Lockwood, 27, Berlin Twp
Phoebe Brainard, 19, Berlin Twp
Parker Webster & D. Smith; William Cook, JP

2 Sept 1853, Port Huron
John Rodney, 22, Canada West
Jannett Patterson, 21, Canada West
Alexander Rody & William Doelds, both of Canada West; G.B. Engle, Episcopal Minister

18 Oct 1853, Port Huron
William E. Hunt, 24, Canada West
Sarah Frowman, 21, Canada West
A.E. Engle & May McGrath; G.B. Engle, Episcopal Minister

23 Oct 1853
Harrison Kelly, 35, St. Clair
Mary Crocket, 16
John Mitchell & George Clay; George Clark, JP

13 Oct 1853, Berlin Twp
Thomas Wells, Almont, Lapeer County
Eliza Lee, Berlin Twp
Catherine Howell & Mrs. Rice; George W. Pond, JP

24 Oct 1853, in her father's house
T.W. Main, 25, China Twp
Lois A. Westbrook, China Twp
A.H. Westbrook & A.G. Westbrook

8 Nov 1854, Newport
Matthew O'Brien, 29, St. Clair
Alein Cox, 21, St. Clair
S.M. & J.S. Grant, both of Newport; E.K. Grout, Minister

16 Oct 1853
Charles Geer, 26, Clay Twp
Elizabeth Chortie, 23, Clay Twp
Charles L. Poole & William Woodloff, both of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

1 Jan 1853
Schuyler Stewart, 28, Clay Twp
Mary Harson, 19, Clay Twp
Alford Allen & Garret Stewart, both of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

17 Oct 1853
David Welman, 24, Port Huron
Elizabeth J. Bagel, 19, Port Huron
Jacob Raidal?, of Cottreville & Martha B. Fitch, of China; T.C. Owen, JP

31 Oct 1853
G.W. Carleton, St. Clair
Eliza Mather, St. Clair
H.H. Mather & B.W. Jenks; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

7 Nov 1853, St. Clair
Albert Miller, 29, Sombra, Canada West
Nancy Keafie, 24, Sombra, Canada West
Patrick McNamara, of St. Clair & Mary Stringer; Obed Smith, JP

26 Nov 1853
George St. Joyce? Gordon, 39, Port Huron
Viginia St. Marie, 19, Moore, Canada West
George Bon Enfant & Mary St. Marie, both of Moore, Canada West; L. Kilroy, Catholic

14 Nov 1853
Arthur Mitchell, 32, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Sarah Hinds, 27, Port Sarnia, Canada West
George McKellard & George Newton, of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

24 Nov 1853
Charles Mooney, 24, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Catherine M. Perrow?, 18, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Daniel Mooney & Mary Rankin, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

24 Nov 1853
John Pollack, 25, Canada West
Margaret McCall, 23, Canada West
David Moony & Mary Rankin, both of Port Huron - (No Minister Given, though see entry above)

20 Nov 1853, Brockway
John Perry, 20, Brockway Twp
Mary A. Dodge, 19, Brockway Twp
Harlow Marsh & Edward T. Miller, both of Brockway; Saul L. Bogie, JP

17 Nov 1853, Newport
Abraham Clymenhazin, 21, Newark, Canada West
Mary Kelly, 18, Barkshantie, Sanilac County
William Meagher & Bridget Meagher; L. Kilroy, Catholic

29 Nov 1853
Stephen Balmer, 22, Brockway Twp
Betsy Middleton, 18, Brockway Twp
Lena Marx & Agnes Balmer, both of Brockway; Samuel L. Bogie, JP

21 Nov 1853, China
Archibald Cooly, 53, China Twp
Mary Willson, 50, China Twp
Augustus Van Buren, of St. Clair & William Cooly; J.S. Clark, JP

28 Dec 1853, Riley Twp
Hiram Hand, 23, Riley Twp
Hellen Drum, 16, Riley Twp
James & Hannah Drum; William McKeely, Minister

24 Dec 1853, Casco Twp
Charles Shultz, 25, Casco Twp
Hannah Kenning, 18, Casco Twp
H.M. Toppin & Mesaula Willson, both of Casco; Albert Toppin, JP

4 Dec 1853, at the office of the JP
Leonard Long, Ira Twp
Margaret O'Neil, Ira Twp
Henry O'Neil & William Simmons; Godfrey Dosocher, JP

21 Feb 1854
Joseph Carr, 24, Moore, Canada West
Jane Cunningham, 24, Moore, Canada West
Hamilton Haselness & John Cunningham; George M. Tuthill

23 Dec 1853
James McFarland, 24
Nancy Bertte (Bontte), 20
William C. Alverson, JP

8 Jan 1854
Eleser B. Spraye, 41
Mary A. Bruer, 41
William C. Alverson, JP

28 Feb 1854, St. Clair
Henry Duchene, 18, St. Clair
Lucy Minnie, 18, China Twp
Elie Daniel, of St. Clair & Elmyra Duchene, of China; L. Kilroy, Catholic

28 Feb 1854
John Reynolds, 28, China Twp
Elizabeth Kinny, 20, St. Clair
Cornelius Hiffeiman & Mary Reynolds, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

12 Feb 1854
Charles Bouche, 22, Clyde Twp
Phibia Cole, 16, St. Clair
Joseph Merrit & Mary Cole, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

16 Feb 1854
Peter Pasaelis, 29, Palmer
Lea Roy, 23, Palmer
John B. Minard & Elizabeth Roy, both of Palmer; Peter Paul Lefesur

13 Feb 1854, Ira
Jean Baptist Lavigne, 21, Ira
Adelaide La Magdeline, 18, Ira
Victor Bonnet & Julia Meldrum, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

9 Jan 1854, Ira Twp
Edwardes Lafosche, 22, Chesterfield
Magurite Cain, 24, Chesterfield
Alexandrin Savem & Caesuse Lafosche, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

25 April 1854, St. Clair Twp
George McCormick, 25, Clyde
Mary Jane Evans, 23, St. Clair
Anna H. Tuthill & Emily H. Babcock; George M. Tuthill

13 April 1854, China Twp
Robert Henry Jenks, St. Clair Twp
Mary S. Clark
Capt. John Clark & Bela W. Jenks; George M. Tuthill

27 Feb 1854, Ira Twp
Joseph Chevales, 26, Chesterfield
Margurite Cinegal, 39, Chesterfield
Louise Goulethe & Eleas Foulain, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

30? Feb 1854
Grabsiel Lapensi, 23, Ira
Christina Grenier, 17, Ira
Joseph Lapense & Sulceones Lapense, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

27 Feb 1854, Ira Twp
Joseph Lowell, 23, Chesterfield
Folfi Trudo, 17, Chesterfield
Tosse Kutset, of Ira & Marie Lowell, of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

23 Feb 1854
Regis Yemon, 22, Ira
Eugenie Ebert, 17, Ira
Louis Ebert & Adelaide LaMagdeline, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

13 May 1854
Henry Ruff, 21, St. Clair
Magdeline Grunnelle, 23, St. Clair
George Frink & M. Schosurtin, both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

19 Aug 1853, St. Clair
Joseph Elliott, Moore Twp, Canada West
Cathosine Hardness, Moore Twp, Canada West
Anna H. Tuthill & Jane Simpson; George M. Tuthill

27 Oct 1853, St. Clair
John Courtney, Moore Twp, Canada West
Thuszy Bradwell, Moore Twp, Canada West
Anna H. Tuthill & Elizabeth Jenkins; George M. Tuthill

27 Oct 1853, St. Clair
Angus Courtney, Moore Twp, Canada West
Jennet McAsh, Moore Twp, Canada West
Anna H. Tuthill & Elizabeth Jenkins; George M. Tuthill

9 April 1854, Burchville
Thomas Dart, 25, Burchville
Elizabeth O'Conner, 18, Burchville
Don A. Cogswell & Eber Lewis, both of Burchville; James Parlin, JP

9 May 1854, Burchville
James H. Hastehorn, 21, Lexington
Mariah Bisbee, 18, Lexington
G.J. Parker & Levi Mitchell, both of Lexington; James Parlin, JP

27 June 1854, Port Huron
Robert Houstin, 24, St. Clair Twp
Elizabeth Anderson, 24, St. Clair Twp
Edward Trisbee, of Port Huron & Jane Anderson, of St. Clair; J.S. Sutton, Minister

28 June 1854
Edward Armstrong, 45, Euphemia, Canada West
Hariet Buroughs, 16, Euphemia, Canada West
J.S. Sutton

2 July 1854, St. Clair
Charles Beckwith, 26, St. Clair
Sarah Moffet, 16, China
J. Armstrong & E.J. Armstrong, both of St. Clair; J.S. Sutton

14 Feb 1854
Thomas Burgess, 55, China
Margaret Babcock, 43, China
Abigail Clark & Olive Harrington; George Clark, JP

23 Nov 1855, home of Alfred Dodge
Afred Dodge, 30, Brockway Twp
Violetta Reed, 20, Brockway Twp
Samuel L. Boyce & Stephen Balmer, both of Brockway; John Grinnell, JP

3 April 1854, China
Harmon S. Parson, 43, China
Nancy Minnie, 25, China
Lambert Minnie & Henry Duchin, both of China; E.K. Grout, Minister

8 April 1854, Newport
Nelson Delisle, 23
Ann Eliza Drouillard, 18
John Drugon & Louise D. Saph, both of Cottreville; E.K. Grout, Minister

Recorded 6 June 1854, Newport
William Walts, 24
Ruth Matilda Shaw, 29
Marcus Johnson, of St. Clair & A.B. Clough, of Newport; E.K. Grout, Minister

30 May 1854
John Damouth, 23
Marrette Williams, 15
Mary Ann McCane & Hellen McCane, both of Newport; E.K. Grout, Minister

2 May 1854
Thomas Briess, 26, Brockway
Arreet Jury, 20, Brockway
William & Sarah Jury; James Mearwees?

5 June 1854, St. Clair Twp
Thomas Salman, 23, Canada West
Eliza Barstow, 24, St. Clair
James Barstow & Belly Barstow; George M. Tuthill, Congregational Minister

9 May 1854, Clyde
Joseph Carnahan, 26
Mary Dixon, 21
Salmon Kingsly, Penn Rugsby & Harriot Miller; H.E. Kiem, JP

16 April 1854, Clyde
Mark C. Moulton, 26
Hannah A. Smith, 15
Edward F. Bunce, Eliza Beim & James L. Balmer; H.E. Kiem, JP

14 April 1854, China
John Brock, 21, China
Mary Knobs, 21, China
Peter Dichin & Gattford Duchin, both of China; John Schwenfurth, Minister

2 May 1854, Clyde
Mattesson A. Fenton, Clyde
Hannah Hieks, Clyde
Barney Austin & Mary Ann Austin; Michael Plant, JP

23 March 1854, Clyde
Edward Vincent, Clyde
Agnes Atkins, Clyde
Michael Plant & Garret Allen, both of Clyde; Michael Plant, JP

3 June 1854, Clyde
John Turner, Clyde
Margaret Parsons, Clyde
Michael Plant & Mary Parsons, both of Clyde; Michael Plant, JP

4 July 1852, Clyde
J.J. Harrington, Port Huron
Adeline Carpenter, Port Huron
Michael Plant & Margaret Plant, both of Clyde; Michael Plant, JP

1 May 1854, Clyde
Thomas Holt, Clyde
Harriet Merritt, Clyde
Garret McNutt & wife, Alvina Jane; Michael Plant, JP

26 June 1854, Clyde
John Lane, Clyde
Mary Shoefelt, Clyde
Sylvester Sischo & wife, both of Clyde; Michael Plant, JP

Married 1852, recorded 27 July 1854
David Nevin, Clyde
Ann Gellman, Clyde
Peter McPharles & Ann Nevin, both of Clyde; Michael Plant, JP

6 July 1854, China Twp
William Wansch, 27, China
Barbara Mansinger, 23, China
John Goldman & philip Mansinger, both of St. Clair; John Schweinfurth, Minister

5 June 1854, Port Huron
Joseph Binette, 24, Port Huron
Clemence Gelino, 22, Port Huron
Louis Munro & Lena Bond, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

19 June 1854, St. Clair
Mathius Wathes?, 22, St. Clair
Anna Hanson, 17, St. Clair
Peter Hanson & Mary Hanson, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

26 June 1854, St. Clair
Benjamin Barron
Elizabeth Lavallee, 26, Newport
John Rogers & Phebis Lofersea, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

10 June 1854, St. Clair
Jeremiah O'Sullivan, 29, Town 14, Sanilac County
Ellen Class, 23, Town 14, Sanilac County
Michael Class, of Town 14, Sanilac County & Stephen Parks, of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

1 Aug 1854, St. Clair
Thomas Kane, 35, Cottreville
Bridget Manion, 25, Cottreville
Owen Kane & Mary Ann Kane, both of Cottreville; L. Kilroy, Catholic

3 Aug 1854, Columbus Twp
James Mackey, 18, Detroit
Lucy Ditworth, 21, Columbus Twp
James Ditworth & Margaret Ditworth, both of Columbus; L. Kilroy, Catholic

22 June 1854, St. Clair
Joseph Schnell, 31, China Twp
Thursa Francis, 18, China Twp
Peter Francis & Margarite Francis, both of China; L. Kilroy, Catholic

29 May 1854, Newport
Peter Minnie, 28, Newport
Julia Mastha?, 42, Newport
Antony Thomas & Elizabeth Lavalle, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

18 June 1854
James Boss, 23, Clay
Maseque Careot, 21, Clay
James Marks & L.B. Marks, both of Ira; Ira Marks, JP

15 July 1854
Mesell C. Tovin?, 25, Port Huron
Ann M. Youngs, 18, Port Huron
Norel T. Farr, of Port Huron & Lirlin Cross, of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

7 Sept 1854
Joseph James, 27
Mary McCloud, 16
Joseph Brown & Caroline Brown; Obed Smith, JP

14 Sept 1854
Joseph L. Massum?, 27, Clyde
Elizabeth Chasining?, 17, Clyde
James Harrington & Trudy Harrington, both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

20 Aug 1854, Clyde
Demois Bateshaw, 22, Chatham, Canada West
Lydia Skinner, 17, Clyde
Porter Chortie & Catherine Chortie, both of Clyde; A.P. Stewart, JP

17 Sept 1854, Clyde
Charles Babbitt, 23, Clyde
Marrilla Bradshaw, 17, Clyde
Peter Perry & Mary Perry, both of Clyde; A.P. Stewart, JP

23 Oct 1854, Clyde
Michael Beauchamp, 17, Clyde
Caroline Duprez, 16, Clyde
Michael Beauchamp & Caroline Beauchamp, both of Clyde; John Kimball, JP

30 July 1854
Amos G. Tennant, 23, Cottreville
Chaseta A. Wyman, 19, Macomb County
George Clark & Abigail Clark; George Clark, JP

1 June 1854, Berlin
Alexander Tubles, 27, Oxford, Michigan
Lucinda Rogers, 29, Berlin Twp
J.J. Gould & John Brooks, both of Berlin; Thomas M. Gould, JP

8 Oct 1854, St. Clair
William A. Bryce, 21, St. Clair
Arabell S. Morse, 18, St. Clair
A.E. Morse & L.E. Morse, both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

24 Oct 1854, St. Clair Twp
John Hadden, 38, Moore, Canada West
Isabella McKinnon, 25, Moore, Canada West
Hamilton Hardness & Mordock McKinnon; George M. Tuthill, Minister, Congregational

4 July 1854
Elisha North, 21, Burtchville
Amelia Whitford, 16
Lewis Brown, of Clyde Twp & Sarah Brown, of Clyde; Nelson Potter, JP

28 Sept 1854
John Hyslop, 23, Brockway Twp
Hanah Henderson, 16, Brockway Twp
C.M. Haywood & John M. Henderson, both of Brockway; Nelson Potter, JP

2 Aug 1854
Robert H. Conrad, Trenton, Wayne County
Mary Eliza Levengood, St. Clair
Benjamin S. Hammond & Sarah VanWagoner; N. Eastwood, 1st Baptist, St. Clair

20 July 1854
Henry C. Carleton, White Lake, Oceana County
Rhena Jones, St. Clair
George Pahna & Henry C. Morrell; N. Eastwood, Minister, Baptist

3 Sept 1854, Brockway
Oliver Heath, 23, Brockway Twp
Ester Oles, 21, Brockway Twp
Ruben Oatman & Sarah Ann Hayes; Waldren Ward, JP

16 April 1854, Columbus
George C. Stephenson, Columbus Twp
Nancy Maria Meubon, Columbus Twp
Hosea Fuller & William Fuller; Allen MacLean, Baptist Minister

27 Sept 1854
Joseph Beach, 32, Wales Twp
Jane Mansfield, 23, Riley Twp
John Mansfield & Elizabeth Mansfield; William McRuby, Minister

11 Aug 1854
August Wissman, 26, Casco Twp
Dorothea Beters, 26, Detroit
Fredrick Zimmonde? & William Zimmonde?; John Schromforth, Methodist Episcopal Church

4 Jan 1854, Newport
Gottlieb Bote, 23, China
Wilhelmina Weller, 27, China
Fredrick Siliker & John Reiter; John Schweinfurth, Minister

26 Sept 1854
Hiram Slove, 21, Newport
Harriet Peer, 18, Algonac
Mary I. Chapman & Rosetta A. Trepp; William T. Chapman, JP

25 Sept 1854, Ira Twp
Jason S. Holt, 25, Canada
Eliza Downing, 20, Canada
Mary J. Chapman, of Ira & Rosetta A. Trepp; William A. Chapman, JP

13 Aug 1854, Newport
Joseph Dufrain, 38, Canada West
Eliza Lengren, 27, Canada West
Mrs. S.M. Grout & Mrs. H.E. Taylor, both of Newport; E.K. Grout, Minister

20 Aug 1854, Newport
Peter Reckman, 30, Newport
Sarah Ann White, 18, Newport
A. & E. Reckman, of Newport; E.K. Grout, Minister

4 Sept 1854, Newport
John Syville, 55, Newport
Mary Ann Barnes, 51, Newport
S.M. & P.G. Grout, of Newport; E.K. Grout, Minister

1 Nov 1854, St. Clair
Charles Lindsay, 30, Casco Twp
Ann Shinley, 18, St. Clair
B.S. Freeman, of Casco & Thomas B. Cury, of St. Clair; Albert Toppin, JP

8 Nov 1854, Columbus
George M. Denio, 22, Casco
Margaret Hunt, 19, Columbus
John Hunt, of Columbus & H. Maria Toppin, of Casco; Albert Toppin, JP

8 Oct 1854
Josiah Donalson, Riley Twp
Fanny E. Cross, 16, Riley Twp
John Howe & Emaline Gooding; Josiah Gooding, JP

3 Oct 1854
William Haven, 25, Clyde Twp
Lucinda Ingraham, 21, Clyde Twp
Benjamin Mallory & wife, of St. Clair; Andrew Palmer, JP

20 June 1854
Joseph Chadwick, 23, Burchville Twp
Sarepta Ann Hartwick, 18, Worth Twp, Sanilac County
William Chadwick & Nelson Potter, JP, both of Burchville; Abraham Sloat, Baptist Minister

15 Nov 1854, Newport
Moses Beach, 23, Newport
Elizabeth R. Wrightman, 18, Newport
Abran Wrightman & Nelson Wrightman; Fredrick H. Blood, JP

20 Oct 1854, Newport
Gillman Wilson, 21
Eliza Ruston, 18, Howard, Kent County, Canada West
Edmond Wilson & E.M. Blood; Fredrick Blood, JP

3 Dec 1854, Newport
Henry Buckinham, 25, Newport
Alvina Blakesly, 31, Newport
John McCaren & Mary Ann MacCaren; Fredrick H. Blood, JP

13 Oct 1854, Belleriver
Alford Wuench, 29, St. Clair
Fredrika Schwarz, 22, St. Clair
William Wuench, of China & Emma O. Churn; John Schweinfurth, Minister

12 Nov 1854, Newport
Asal? Balsten, 20, Newport
Gertie Mary Jacobs, 21, Newport
Henry Balsten & George Balsten; John Schweinfurth, Minister

26 Oct 1854
Andrew Eber, 32, China
Mary Bachmann, 23
George ? & Fillas Rott, both of China; John Schweinfurth, Minister

5 Oct 1854, Algonac
Solomon H. Baslard?, 22, Clay
Betsey Ann Cooper, 20, Clay
Isaac Kline, JP

2 Sept 1854
Roswell Herrick, St. Clair
Elizabeth Herrick, St. Clair
C.A. Estus & B.F. Collins; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

20 Nov 1854, Burtchville
John Reeves, 22
Mary A. Camel, 18
Stephen and Peter Reeves & Clarissa A. Camel; H.E. Bunce, JP

27 Dec 1854, Brockway
Clark Strevel, 26
Jane E. Gardner, 32
James Baluve, Harvey Twitchel & Celia Twitchell; H.E. Buce, JP

31 July 1854
January Goulette, 18, Chesterfield
Julia Genaw, 19, Chesterfield
Louis Goulette & Marion Gino; Ch. Chambille, Pastor of Swan Creek

10 Sept 1854
John Goss, 28, China
Marie Hegier?, 28, China
Henry Schastie & Ernest Bruman, both of China; John Schweinfurth, Methodist Episcopal Minister

22 Feb 1854
Joseph Marcerau, 41, Ira
Hermione Rose, 36, Ira
Baptiste Rose & Marie Laponsie, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

18 Aug 1854
John McLean, 27, Moore Twp, Canada West
Marion McCreu, 16, Moore Twp, Canada West
M.A. Miles & William Oakes, both of St. Clair; George M. Tuthill, Congregational

11 June 1854
Jacques Meldrum, 21, Chesterfield
Sophia Delaunay, 20, Chesterfield
Leon Delaunay & Emil Meldrum, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

17 July 1854
Amada Faucher, 22, Ira
Catherine LaGrave, 22, Ira
Berrian Faucher, of Ira & Julia LaGrave, of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

18 March 1854, Brockway
Sidney Barns, 25, Brockway Twp
Jane Lury, 17, Brockway
Thomas & Eli T. Lury; Waldron Ward, JP

4 July 1854, Clyde Twp
Charles Taylor, 25
Elizabeth Goodwin, 19
E.F. Bunce, Eliza Bunce, George Brown & David Mitton; H.E. Bunce, JP

25 Dec 1854
Henry Wolf, 36, St. Clair
Mary Meice, 25, St. Clair
John Olinan & John Brigan, both of St. Clair; John Schweinfurth, Minister

15 Sept 1854, China
Martin Beutet, 27, China
Marie Kock, 17, China
Gottfried Beutet & Frederick Koch, both of China; John Schweinfurth, Minister

10 Sept 1854, China
Henry Hegier, 36, China
Sophia Miller, 27, China
N. Schater & Ernest Brennan, both of China; John Schweinfurth, Minister

28 May 1854
Oliver Rock, 19, Cottreville
Nancy Lipscomb, 16, Cottreville
John Donaldson & Margaret Donaldson, both of Cottreville; Tubal C. Owen, JP

10 Aug 1854, Cottreville
Lewis Ober, 23, St. Clair County
Nancy Vincent, 23, St. Clair County
Charles E. Owen & Oliver Rock; T.C. Owen, JP

24 Dec 1853
Samuel Burgess, 22, Chicago, Illinois
Mary Swayne, 16, Cottreville
David Gallagher & Silas Wight; D.D. O'Dell, JP

3 Jan 1854
Pheneas H. Clark, 24, Cottreville
Antoinette Vaughn, 16, Cottreville
Patrick McGeorge & George Grummond; D.D. O'Dell, JP

3 Jan 1854
David Cooley, 21, China
Eliza Mills, 19, China
Stephen Parlton & Luther Flood; D.D. O'Dell, JP

22 Jan 1854
Nelson Rikeman, 20, Cottreville
Elizabeth Juzett, 16, Cottreville
David F. Morse & Mary Morse; D.D. O'Dell, JP

16 April 1854
Isaac Laffrey, 19, Cottreville
Beuly Blanchard, 16, Cottreville
Abram Rikeman & Nelson Rikeman; D.D. O'Dell, JP

22 July 1854
James Hawley, Clyde
Barbara Linkleder, Clyde
Ira Fuller & James Roberts; Benson Bartlett, JP

13 Aug 1854
William Valentine, Clyde
Sophia Beer, Clyde
Sylvester White & James Westwell; Benson Bartlett, JP

12 Nov 1854
Charles Lashbrook, Jr., Wales
Martha Bowen, Wales
A.H. Heiger & Jonathan Boyer; Benson Bartlett, JP

5 July 1854
O. Sweet, Emmett Twp
Louisa Cooley
? Cooley & Julienno Grisswell; John Grisswell, JP

13 May 1854
Thomas A. Fisher, 35, Algonac
Mrs. Frances Palmer, 31, Algonac
Samuel B. House & wife, of Algonac; John K. Smith, JP

20 July 1854
Archibald Whittin, 22, Algonac
Sophia Gray, 23, Algonac
S.W. Kinney & wife; John K. Smith, JP

15 Aug 1854
Dolphus Leaman, 21, Chatham, Canada West
Julianna LeGuce, 19, Chatham, Canada West
Dolphus Auren & J. LeGuce, both of Chatham, Canada West; John K. Smith, JP

26 Oct 1854
Joseph Johnston, 23, Darius, Canada West
Elizabeth Batton, 20, Darius, Canada West
Jeremiah Stafford & Barsheba Stafford, both of Darius, Canada West; John K. Smith, JP

1 May 1850
James Fay, 32, Moore Twp, Canada West
Mary Eliza Westfall, 21, Clay
Tobins Westfall & Margaret Westfall, both of Clay; John K. Smith, JP

4 July 1850, Algonac
George W. Sesson, 31, Detroit
Mary Wellman, 18, Cottreville
William Dewey & wife, of Cottreville; John K. Smith, JP

31 Oct 1855, St. Clair
John Johnston, Port Huron
Emma S. Innis, St. Clair
John Johnston, Sr. & Andrew Blaikie, both of St. Clair; George M. Tuthill

29 Oct 1855, Lynn
Simon P. Murphy, 26, Lynn
Almina G. Edgerly, 18, Lynn
O.C. Murphy & Sidney F. Allison, both of Lynn; William J. Walker, JP

21 Oct 1855, Casco
Charles B.J. Finton, 22, Casco
Elizabeth Fraisure, 16, Casco
William Finton & Stephen Finton, both of Casco; Albert Topping, JP

30 Sept 1855, Columbus
Aaron Dennis, 24, Casco
Lucy Hunt, 23, Columbus
John Hunt, of Columbus & N.B. Black, of Casco; Albert Topping, JP

19 Nov 1855
Joseph Palen, 22, Kimball
Sarah Pettiplace, 18, Kimball
George Graves & B.R. Mallory; Obed Smith, JP

17 Nov 1855, Greenwood
Nathaniel Heath, Richmond
Betsey Oatman, Greenwood
Lincoln Small, JP

26 Nov 1855, Burchville
A.P. Sexton, 32, Burchville
Sarah E. Gardner, 18, Burchville
G.B. Whitman & S.V. Cogswell; James Parlin, JP

3 Nov 1855
William McCall, Burchville
Mary Ann Chamberlin, Burchville
William Facer & Eliza Facer, both of Burchville; A.P. Sexton, JP

25 Nov 1855, China
James Butlin, China
Lydia Ann Elderkin
George Clark, JP

17 Oct 1855
John P. Sanborn, Port Huron
Mary A. Wastell, Port Huron
J.W. Sanborn, M.S. Gillett, E.R. Smutzer & C. Stockwell, all of Port Huron; W.P. Wastell,

21 Oct 1855
George Hartman, Jr., Port Huron
Maria Holland, Port Huron
A. Palmer & G. Hartman, Sr.; W.P. Wastell, Minister

24 Oct 1855
Horace Baker, Port Huron
Mary A. Minnie, Port Huron
Joseph Wastell & R.S. Baker; W.P. Wastell, Minister

29 Oct 1855, Algonac
James Pound, 22, Port Huron
Mary Crimmons, 23, Algonac
John St. Clair & Miron Williams; I. Kline, JP

18 Nov 1855, Algonac
Simon Hamit, 45, Algonac
Margaret Lawrence, 38, Algonac
Oscar Hamit & Sarah Kline, both of Algonac; Isaac Kline, JP

14 Oct 1855, Cottreville
Truman E. Butler, 23, Ira
Mrs. Sarah E. Green, 20, Cottreville
E.H. Butler & Lucy Butler; W.W. Eastman, Minister

25 Dec 1855, China
Thomas Senter, 22, Detroit
Sarah Congdon, 17, St. Clair
John D. Senter & Paul D. Warren, William Cook, JP

27 Sept 1855
Robert Wollson, 46, Columbus
Sophia Brinderwold, 35, Columbus
T. Brinderwold & John Vought; Lester Cross, JP

27 Oct 1855
Henry Clark, Ira
Jane Smith, Cottreville
? Smith & Catherine Campbell; Daniel F. Hart, JP

7 Jan 1856, China
Matthew Rankin, China
Eliza Cook, Canada West
John Johnston, Sr. & John Rankin; George M. Tuthill, Congregational Minister

7 Jan 1856, China
James Stephenson, St. Clair
Eliza Canfield, St. Clair
Matthew Rankin, Samuel Webster & Alpheus Earle; George M. Tuthill, Minister

4 Jan 1856, St. Clair
John Walker, 24, Inniskillen, Canada West
Julia Dupee, 16, Inniskillen, Canada West
John Dupee & Hannah King; George M. Tuthill, Minister

10 Jan 1856, St. Clair
John Vanston, Port Huron
Isabella J. Ball, Port Huron
D.E. Solis & D.B. Cummings, both of St. Clair; George M. Tuthill, Minister

7 Aug 1854, Port Huron
Edward Houl, 22, Port Huron
Cecelia Branymore, 16, Port Huron
Joseph Depuis & D. Brandymore, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

13 Aug 1854, St. Clair
Mathias Giles, 28, St. Clair
Anna Clare, 18, St. Clair
Patrick Buckley & Margaret Serin, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

23 Oct 1854, Newport
John Earth, 39, Newport
Mary Ann Brill, 30, Newport
Michael Marker & Mary Myer, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

20 Oct 1854, Emmett
Thomas Breen, 34, Emmett
Mary Kelly, 24, Emmett
Joseph Murphy & Bridget Kelly, both of Emmett; L. Kilroy, Catholic

1 Dec 1855, Kenokee
Henry Webb, Jr., 23
Ann Wittington, 17
Henry and Rosa Webb & Albert Bemis; H.E. Bunce, JP

22 Jan 1856, Ira
Pautet Sir, 25, Chesterfield
Julia Rivard, 19, Chesterfield
Pierre Sir & Ann M. Meldrum, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille

17 Oct 1855, St. Clair
Hugh Manion, 35, Elwers?, Sanilac County
Catharine Clarke, 28, Sanilac County
Frederick Fwain?, of St. Clair & Hammond Mullen, of Sanilac County; L. Kilroy, Catholic

29 Oct 1855, Newport
Thomas Byrns, 28, Newport
Susan McKernan, 19, Newport
Henry Kobul & Mary Kobul, both of Newport; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 Jan 1856, Port Huron
Clovice, aka Rufus Brandymore, 23, Port Huron
Exahile Moore, 22, Port Huron
Thomas Ellery & Adaline Brandymore, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

8 Jan 1856, St. Clair
Francis Bartrand, 24, Newport
Rose McMullen, 18, St. Clair
William Duchane, of China & Ann McMullen, of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

4 Nov 1855, Port Huron
Albert Derosier, 31, St. Clair
Celestin Laprise, 41, St. Clair
Leimburt Peptiete & Caroline Petitte, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

27 Nov 1855, St. Clair
Francis O'Rorke, 18, Clyde
Martha O'Farrell, 20, Clyde
Peter Laforge & Bridget Laforge, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

11 Nov 1855, St. Clair
Anthony Link, 31, St. Clair
Barbara Thimbler, 34, St. Clair
Anthony Myre & Catherine Coyle, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

22 Jan 1856, Ira
Charles Manville, 27, Casco
Adelaide Bernier, 19, Casco
Pierce Manville, of Casco & Ira Belanger, of Ira; Ch. Chambille

1 Jan 1856, house of Am Heusel
Edward Meser., 28, Newport
Margaret Klingle, 18
Andrew Heusel, of China; Daniel Noyer

31 Dec 1855, Clay
George Day, 33, Clay
Sarah Lauridge, 20, Clay
Nathan D. Smith & William M. Carter, both of Clay; Isaac Klein, JP

31 Jan 1856, St. Clair
Charles Bagrely, 27, St. Clair
Caroline Metzger, 18, St. Clair
Frederick Strauss & Francis Kliny, both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

31 Dec 1855, house of Joseph J. Gould
Sanford Brinells, Berlin
Loretta A. Gould, Berlin
John Whitcomb, Sabin S. Gould & others; George W. Pond, JP

16 Oct 1855, St. Clair
Patrick McLaughrin, 20, Moore Twp, Lambton County, Canada West
Frances Munton, 19, Moore Twp, Lambton County, Canada West
John McLaughrin & Mary Kane, both of Moore Twp, Lambton County, Canada West; L. Kilroy,

1 April 1855, Riley
Darius Baker, 46, Riley
Elizabeth Scovill, 21, Riley
Benjamin Scovill & Margaret Scoville; Josiah G. Gooding, JP

27 May 1855
Benjamin Starks, 24, Riley
Harriet Baker, 19, Riley
Daniel Hewitt & Emeline Gooding; Josiah G. Gooding, JP

31 Dec 1855
Alfred Barber, 21, Burchville
Mary Ann Powers, 23, Burchville
Mary Powers & Sarah E. Sexton; A.P. Sexton, JP

2 Jan 1856
John A. Storey, 46, Burchville
Adeline Dart, 29, Burchville
Guilford Williams & Alzina Crawford, both of Burchville; A.P. Sexton, JP

2 Jan 1856
James J. Brower, 26, Burchville
Mary Buckner, 19, Burchville
William Dell & Benjamin Jackson, both of Burchville; A.P. Sexton, JP

10 March 1856
Abraham Walker, 20, Burchville
Darthia Provost, 17, Burchville
George B. Whitman & H.O. Parker; A.P. Sexton, JP

3 Dec 1855, Brockway
John White, 28
Maria Hamman, 16
Edwain Frich & Angleine Lewis; John Grunell, JP

21 March 1856, Berlin
William Collins, 22, Berlin
Dolly Ann Smith, 21, Berlin
Joel P. Muzzy, of Almont & James N. Smith, of Berlin; E.S. Bering

25 Oct 1855, St. Clair
Jacob Piper, 22, St. Clair
Adelaide Dunton, 16, St. Clair
Alexander D. Boman & Sarah J. Boman, both of St. Clair; W.G. Stonex, Methodist Episcopal

3 Jan 1856, St. Clair
John Aldinger, 28, Newport
Elizabeth Petchell, 30, Newport
Augustua Solty & Olive Dolson, both of Newport; W.G. Stonex, Minsiter

24 Nov 1855, house of Joseph Deval, Brockway
Orvil Comer, 22
Amina Allin, 17
Joseph Deval & Mrs. Allen; John Gunnel, JP

19 Feb 1856
Edward Kelsey, 24, Detroit
Harriet Mather, 22, St. Clair
George W. Carleton, Isaac Clark & Benjamin Farrington, all of St. Clair; W.G. Stonex

24 Dec 1855, Kenokee
John Youngs, 33, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan
Mary Harthman, 27, Clyde
Boswell Edgecombe & Charles Shurbse, both of Clyde; Waldron Ward, JP

22 Dec 1855, Ira
Pierre Bernier, 26, Casco
Emilie Dorthea Madel, 18, Casco
Joseph Bernier & Louise Madel, both of Casco; Ch. Chambille, Minister

14 Jan 1856, Ira
Joseph Sarga, 30, Ira
Maria Soulat, 18, Ira
August Corbat, of Casco & Francis Sargat, of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Minister

9 Oct 1855
William Cummings
Mrs. Rachel Hall
T.H. Griffith & Mrs. A.C. Griffith; G.B. Engle, Episcopal Minister

22 Oct 1855
Samuel Allison, Canada West
Jane Stewart, Canada West
Robert Manson & George Baird, both of Canada West; G.B. Engle, Minister

2 Dec 1855
W.W. Pettingill, Port Huron
Malissa Hyde, Port Huron
Ella Pettingill & Abigail Tousley, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle

13 Dec 1855
Samuel Smith, China
Anna Mitchell, China
William H. Soyer & Sarah Soyer, both of China; G.B. Engle, Minister

31 Dec 1855
Fred S. McKee, Port Huron
Catharine Morrison, Port Huron
Henry Wilcox & Harriet Wilcox; G.B. Engle, Minister

27 Oct 1855
Charles Balcone, 28, Port Huron
Ellen Smith, 30, Port Huron
Margaret Potts, Martha Hamilton & Thomas Potts; I. Freund, Minister

28 Nov 1855, St. Clair
William Wiggins, Moore, Canada West
Christina Simpson, Moore, Canada West
John Farghenson & Anna Tuthill; George M. Tuthill, Congregational Minister

3 Feb 1856, St. Clair
George Husel, 34, St. Clair
Ann Maria Fuchs, 27, St. Clair
Frederick Lanzer & Andrew Husel; Daniel Never

7 Feb 1856, Berlin
Elihu Hall, 40, Metamora, Lapeer County, Michigan
Sarah Tilden, 17, Berlin
Charles L. Christy, Hugh Reed, Samuel Robb & others, all of Berlin; George W. Pond, JP

11 Jan 1856, St. Clair
Terrence Donnelly, 30, Warwick, Canada West
Marie Mulony, 16, Warwick, Canada West
John McKenna & Margaret McKenna, both of Warwick, Canada West; L. Kilroy, Catholic

24 Jan 1856, St. Clair
Cornelius O'Driscoll, 27, St. Clair
Mary Coyle, 21, St. Clair
Hugh Coyle & Catherine Coyle, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

8 Jan 1856, St. Clair
Fidus Charles Red, 36, St. Clair
Mary Grondul, 33, St. Clair
Antony Myre & Marie Myre, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

3 Feb 1856, Port Huron
Thomas Inwright, 28, Plympton, Lambton County, Canada West
Margaret Cronin, 17, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Michael Cronin & Ann Cronin, both of Canada West; L. Kilroy, Catholic

6 April 1856
Lemuel W. Gurny, 23, Port Huron
Mary M. Gardener, 16, Burchville
William McDonald & George H. Gardener; A.P. Sexton, JP

9 Feb 1856
Mr. Hurrt, Moore, Canada West
Julia Story, Moore, Canada West
Ed. W. Russell & Ann H. Tuthill; George M. Tuthill, Minister

9 April 1856
Alfred Stocks, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Bertina Jane Simpson, Corunna, Canada West
Jane Simpson & Jane Rupert, both of St. Clair; George M. Tuthill, Minister

17 April 1856, St. Clair
William Masey, St. Clair
Marsilla Cockran, St. Clair
Patrick Masey & Hannah Masey; M.P. Wehrle, Catholic

8 April 1856, house of Mr. Seifer
John Seifer, 30, St. Clair
Mrs. Eliza Froa, 19, St. Clair
Peter Frederick & Ludwig Drenier, both of St. Clair; Daniel Noyer

10 April 1856
Frederick Lindow, 22
Hanna Schreiner, 26
John Rheder & Theobold Schreiner, both of St. Clair; Daniel Noyer

20 March 1856, house of Strauss
Frederic Sehl, 25
Catharine Strauss, 26
Andrew Husel & F. Selbaugh; Daniel Noyer

14 April 1856
Christopher Schulze, 30, St. Clair
Wilhelmina Gildenstein, 31, St. Clair
John Schulze & Christian Gildenstein; Daniel Noyer

24 Jan 1856
William McClain, 41, St. Clair
Margaret Grouse, 24, St. Clair
William Luck; N. Eastwood, Baptist Minister

7 March 1856
Alonzo W. Lindsay, 23, China
Ann Houston, 15, China
J.P. Worden & Harriet Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Minister

1 Jan 1856
Henry Luck
Harriet Oakes
Edward Luck & Eliza Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Minister

1 Jan 1856, St. Clair
Frederick Sowers, 41, St. Clair
Christina Hubel, 42, St. Clair
Joseph Ebert & Charles Byschdoss, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

19 Jan 1856
Nicholas Huffmeister, 58, Newport
Archange Cottrell, 58, Newport
Richard Cottrell & Zoa McQueens; M.P. Wehrle, Catholic

4 Feb 1856
Fridolin Gunti, Newport
Elizabeth Bieermahter, Newport
Joseph Franz & Margaritte Franz; M.P. Wehrle, Catholic

24 March 1856
Antoine Kuhn, Newport
Cressens Daenble, Newport
F. Joseph Wolf & Theresa Kornmeier; M.P. Wehrle, Catholic

10 April 1856, Algonac
Simon Smith, 29, Cottreville
Mary Christy, 19, Cottreville
James Johnston & Sarah Russell, both of Clay; Isaac Klein, JP

2 May 1856
Charles Gurny, 20, China
Mary Belknapp, 17, China
Thomas Rowny & Elizabeth Rowny, both of St. Clair; Obed Smith, JP

20 March 1856
David Shepherd, 23, Sombra, Canada West
Anna Tullock, 22, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Huntoon, of Newport & Mary A. Stonex, of St. Clair; W.G. Stonex, Minister

27 May 1855, house of James Stalker, Burchville
John Smith, 23, Canada West
Malinda Parcher, 23, Burchville
James Stalker & Almira Stalker, both of Burchville; Nelson Potter, JP

28 July 1855, house of John Sloot, Burchville
John E. Sloot, 45, Burchville
Sarah Sloot, 41, Burchville
Silas Sloot & Eldon Sloot; Nelson Potter, JP

8 Aug 1855, Burchville
John Evens, 30, Caradoc, Canada West
Alvina Hardy, 19, Burchville
John Hardy & John Potter; Nelson Potter, JP

13 Jan 1856, house of E. Raymond
Martin McFall, 41, Burchville
Rebecca Clute, 26, Burchville
E. Raymond & H.C. Potter; Nelson Potter, JP

27 April 1856
Samuel J. Lewis, 42, Dryden, Lapeer County, Michigan
Lucy M. Edgerton, 29, Berlin
Warren Hill & Joseph Palmer; Cyrus Churchill, Minister

18 March 1856, Brockway
Edward Finch, 26, Brockway
Abigail Lewis, 23, Brockway
Moses Lewis & James Lewis, both of Brockway; Henry Burnham, JP

4 Feb 1856, Ira
Louis Goulette, 19, Chesterfield
Helen Champaign, 20, Chesterfield
Maglorre Champaign & Melic Champaign; Ch. Chambille, Catholic

4 Feb 1856, Ira
Alexander Chartier, 21, Ira
Jennet Bonney, 19, Ira
Victor Bonney & Archange Chartier, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Catholic

4 Feb 1856, Ira
Charles Chartram, 26, Ira
Virginia Loiselle, 19, Ira
William Chartram & Neenic Loiselle, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Catholic

4 Feb 1856, Ira
Benjamin Fortier (Fauchier), 20, Ira
Catherine Derosiers, 18, Casco
Charles Pacquet & Philomena Derosiers; Ch. Chambille, Catholic

20 March 1856
John Drouillard, Cottreville
Charlotte Harick, Cottreville
David Barns & Sarah Barns; Daniel F. Hart, JP

17 May 1856, Clay
Timothy Fuller, 27, Clay
Caroline M. Chortie, 17, Clay
Porter Chortie & Elizabeth Chortie; J.W. Geer, JP

18 May 1856, Methodist Episcopal Church
George Wurme, 40, St. Clair
Anna M. Haibega, 26, St. Clair
John Ottman & Sarah Marker; D. Noyer, Minister

28 April 1856, house of Mr. Shunk
Fritz Emig, 24, Newport
Catherine Shunk, 18, China
Frederick Schreiner & Henry Volmar; D. Noyer, Minister

16 May 1856, Lynn
William McDanile, 21, Lynn
Ruth E. Dennis, 20, Lynn
Samuel Smith & Andrew Kelly, both of Lynn; William J. Walker, JP

10 March 1856, Kimball
Augustua E. Gacy, 24
Lovina E. Bowers, 20
R. Tangley & Joseph Minor; Orlando Sanborn, Minister

20 March 1856, Clyde
John P. Filley, 30, Eaton Rapids
Uloplpho? Bigfield, 31, Clyde
Samuel Beagle & Cemantha Spears; Orlando Sanborn, Minister

20 May 1856, Clyde
Edward Burgess, 22, Clyde
Harriet Been, 19, Clyde
John Been & George Been; Orlando Sanborn, Minister

1 June 1856, Lakeport
Thomas G. Potter, 24, Port Huron
Bedelia Lynch, 17, Burchville
Sarah E. Sexton, of Burchville & Norton Hollister, of Worth, Sanilac County; A.P. Sexton, JP

29 March 1856
Joseph Brelow, 27
Fanny Hawk, 22
John Minor & Freelick Minor; Obel Smith, JP

7 June 1856, Greenwood Twp
Patrick Cotter, 30, Emmett
Bridget Kelley, 34, Emmett
Edward Magruer & Mary Kelly, both of Emmett; L. Kilroy, Catholic

3 June 1856, St. Clair
Colleen Chevallier, 19, St. Clair
Mary Ann Prutt, 17, St. Clair
Henry McIntyre & Phillis Roberts; L. Kilroy, Catholic

5 May 1856, Port Huron
John Duff, 35, Plympton, Lambton County, Canada West
Elizabeth O'Callaghan, 22, Port Sarnia, Canada West
James Sheridan & Bridget Harrow?, both of Port Sarnia; L. Kilroy, Catholic

20 May 1856, St. Clair
Robert Belaur, 22, St. Clair
Margaret Conners, 21, North Sanilac County
John Harris & Mary Dooly, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

18 May 1856, Williamsburg Twp, St. Clair
Moses Byrus, 21, North Sanilac County
Bridget O'Conners, 18, North Sanilac County
Timothy McArthur, of North Sanilac County & Catherine Clyne, of Burchville; L. Kilroy, Catholic

15 April 1856, Port Huron
Christopher Hand, 23, Port Huron
Martha Skellington, 19
Thomas Skellington & Margaret Hand, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

10 April 1856, Burchville
Michael Burns, 30, Sanilac County
Catharine Kelley, Port Huron
John Morden & Elizabeth Kelley, both of Emmett; L. Kilroy, Catholic

2 April 1856
William Dechune, 23, Hay, Lambton County, Canada West
Anne McMullen, 19, China
Francis Duchene & Maria McMullen, both of China; L. Kilroy, Catholic

31 March 1856, St. Clair
Francis Duchene, 56, China
Margaret Rondeaux, 42, Port Huron
Ibert? Bertram & Elenor Bertram, both of China; L. Kilroy, Catholic

1 June 1856, Port Huron
John Thibo, 22, North Sanilac County
Johanna O'Connell, 18, North Sanilac County
Bartholomew McCarthy & Margaret McCarthy, both of North Sanilac County; L. Kilroy, Catholic

5 March 1856, house of Henry Paling, Kimball
Henry Paling, 60
Hannah Meriah Poluck, 20
Henry Gould & Cordelia Paling, both of Kimball

28 Feb 1856
Duncan McKenzie
Sarah McFarlan
Hugh McKenzie & Donald Livingston, both of Canada West; G.B. Engle

15 March 1856
Thomas Saunders
Eleanor Hume
George Lucus & Ellen Lucus; G.B. Engle

8 March 1856
George Huckron?, Jr.
Jane McCardle
James McCardle & Elizabeth Gruhares?; George B. Engle, Minister

18 June 1856
George H. Spencer, 29, Wales
Amira Lashbrook, 16, Wales
Russel Dutton & Lydia Dutton; John Lamb, JP

8 June 1856, Clyde
Peter Peterson, 23
Lena Clark, 21
Harvey Potts & John M. Stevens; H.E. Bunce, JP

11 March 1855, Columbus
Hozea Fuller, 24, Columbus
Sarah Jane Weeks, 18, Columbus
David Weeks & Solomon Fuller; William P. Russell, Minister

31 May 1855, Riley
Harvey Coburn, 38, Riley
Lois S. Hubble, 22, Wales
S. Hand & Alvin Babcock; William P. Russell, Minister

4 July 1855, Riley
Enoch Frymire, 25, Richmond
Mary Ann Welch, 18, Riley
Aaron S. Welch & Edmund Newcomer; William P. Russell, Minister

19 July 1855
Orin M. Southwell, 21, Riley
Sarah A. Smith, 18, Riley
Ezekeil Smith & John Meerisfield; William P. Russell, Minister

14 Nov 1855, Riley
James S. Severance, 21, Riley
Lavina Pool, 17, Richmond
Abram Burt & Mary J. Besse; William P. Russell, Minister

19 Dec 1855, Riley
Hiram Armstrong, 26, Riley
Mary A. Rix, 27, Riley
William Rix & Cadisla Armstrong; William P. Russell, Minister

6 Feb 1856, Columbus
George W. Carter, 22, Amador
Mary Ann Simmons, 18, Columbus
Clark R. Hull & Agnes Grahman; William P. Russell, Minister

5 March 1856
Nathan B. Clark, 25, Casco
Julia E. Topping, 17, Casco
Horace Clark & Henry Topping; William P. Russell, Minister

20 June 1856
Frederick Becur, 29, St. Clair
Margaret Englehardt, 23, St. Clair
Edward Moses & Martha Riley; D. Noyes, Minister

10 June 1856, Ira
Edward Croley, Chesterfield
Catharine Croley, 17, Chesterfield
Cornele Croley & Ann Boyle, of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille, Catholic

8 May 1856, Ira
Jean Baptiste Doal, 38, Chesterfield
Mariah Anna Willich, 36, Ira
Francis Joliet & Luther Babe; Ch. Chambille, Minister

14 April 1856, Ira
Francis Fortin, 22, Ira
Louisa Buisson, 16, Ira
Archange Chartier & Victor Bonnet; Ch. Chambille, Minister

14 April 1856, Ira
Joseph Gilbert, 45, Ira
Angleic Faucher, 26, Ira
Bernard Lambert & Susan Faucher, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Minister

17 Aug 1856, German Methodist Episcopal Church, St. Clair
Michael Sherryger, about 29, St. Clair
Sophia Ingleburt, about 30, St. Clair
Frederick Lanzer & William Barrier; Daniel Noyes

7 Aug 1856, St. Clair
Francis Gobel, 23, Port Huron
Sarah Caldwell, 21, Port Huron
Daniel Solis & L.B. Brown; W.G. Stoind?, Minister

25 May 1856, Clyde
John McCormick, 44, Clyde
Sarah Riley, 34, Clyde
O. Sanborn, Minister

14 July 1856, Columbus
John Hunt, 27, Columbus
Adelia Jones, 24, Columbus
Daniel Jones & Dennis Jones, both of Columbus; Albert Topping, JP

22 July 1856, St. Clair
Edmund Carleton, Jr., 40, St. Clair
Catharine Ann Jones, 26, St. Clair
Leonard Smith; M.H. Miles, JP

30 July 1856, Clay
Simon McCoy, 21, Clay
Sarah Geer, 21, Clay
Joseph E. Geer & Charles Geer, both of Clay; Isaac Kline, JP

6 May 1856, Algonac
Truman Cook, 65, Clay
Maria Wiloby, 41, Clay
James Jackson & Oliver Revalus, both of Algonac; Isaac Kline, JP

20 July 1856, Clay
Azel Abel, 26, Clay
Ann Perry, 21, Clay
Peter Perry & Harry Ainsworth, both of Clay; Isaac Kline, JP

19 June 1856, Kenokee
John Dorsey, 23, Kenokee
Mary Carl, 18, Emmett
James Dorsey & Daniel Kelly; Henry Burrdrum?, JP

7 July 1856, Port Huron
Osacar A. Wilson
Catharine Hogan
Mrs. Hogan & & Mrs. A.E. Engle, of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

24 Aug 1856
Lorenzo Smith
Louisa Vickery
G.B. Engle, Jr. & D. Edison; G.B. Engle, Minister

26 Aug 1856, Port Huron
Alexander McDonnell
Ann Anderson
William Hull & D. Edison; G.B. Engle

8 Sept 1856
Henry Fairburn
Maragaret Ludyaw
James Fands? & Margaret Cameron, both of Canada West; G.B. Engle

7 Sept 1856
Henry Dudd, 27, Newport
Louisa Bruner, 20, Newport
Joseph Noblet & Godfried Driens; D. Noyes, Minister

4 Aug 1856, Lynn
William Martindale, 25, Lynn
Harriet S. Sharp, 19, Lynn
John Martindale & George Sharp, both of Lynn; William J. Walker, JP

7 Sept 1856, China
Jacob Allen, 27, China
Delia Cleveland, 18, China
George Clark & Abigail Clark; George Clark, JP

30 Aug 1856, China
Richard Simmons, 24, China
Cary Arlington, 16, China
John Simmons & Richard Arlington; George Clark, JP

4 Sept 1856, St. Clair
Legrin Plou, 22, Port Huron
Margaret Dechan, 17, St. Clair
William Dechan & Charlotte Dechan, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

11 July 1856, St. Clair
Alexander Dechan, 19, St. Clair
Luan Derosh, 16, St. Clair
George Derosh & Margaret Derosh, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

26 July 1856, Columbus
Thomas Crowley, 25, Emmett
Anne Foley, 26, Riley
Peter Foley & Margaret Foley, both of Riley; L. Kilroy, Catholic

5 Aug 1856, Port Huron
John Murphy, 25, Port Huron
Anne Gahan, 20, Port Huron
John O'Callaghan & Patrick Kilroy, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

7 June 1856, Ira
August Corbat, 26, Casco
Josephine Latour, 14, Casco
Gerueun Cruperd & Jeane B. Laturno, both of Casco; Ch. Cambille, Minister

29 July 1856
Sebastian Kirpnor, 24, Chesterfield
Ann Maria Sutterbach, 21, Chesterfield
Antoine Kirpnor & Maria Nudeshall, both of Chesterfield; Ch. Cambille, Minister

7 June 1856, Ira
Auguste A. Perin, 22
Angeline Meldrum, 21
David Meldrum & Aurelia Meldrum; Ch. Cambille, Minister

7 June 1856, Ira
Joseph Giard, 20
Alia Boyer, 21
Charles Pacquet & Matilda Faucher; Ch. Cambille, Minister

21 Oct 1856
Joanneud Schofer, 30, Detroit
Gertrude Weidenback, St. Clair
Jacob Weidenback & Ann Weidenbach; M.P. Wehrle, Catholic

29 Aug 1856, Newport
Josephinn Forsha, 28, Detroit
Sophia Tibo, 17, Port Huron
Joseph Recore & Fluvice ?, both of Newport; M.P. Wehrle, Catholic

1 July 1856, Newport
Joseph Frunz, 25, Newport
Mary Joanne Indress, 21, Newport
Valentine Indress & Margaret Franz, both of Newport; M.P. Wehrle, Catholic

18 Oct 1856, Wales
John P. Tradewell, 24, Clyde
Polly P. Davidson, 22, Wales
Joseph H. Dutton & Valentine James, both of Wales; James Gibbs, JP

7 Sept 1856, Columbus
J.B. Muelleituer [Muhlitner], 33, Casco
Maria Sattler, 24, Columbus
Louis Seahard & John Bogt; Albert Topping, JP

23 Sept 1856, Clyde
John Conger, 28
Henrietta Bumes, 19
Henry Bumes & Henry Conger; H.E. Bunce, JP

27 Oct 1856, Kenokee
Charles Whittington, 22
Jane Whittington, 19
John R. Wesbrook & Margaret Whittington; H.E. Bunce, JP

19 Sept 1856, Columbus
Recuse Coquette, 32, Port Huron
Elizabeth chason Duchurnce, 23, Port Huron
John O'Donnell & Peter C. Ducherne, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

29 Sept 1856, Columbus
Michael Duchene, 56, Columbus
Archange Basset, 56, Columbus
Henry Duchene & Lucy Duchene, both of Columbus; L. Kilroy, Catholic

12 Oct 1856, St. Clair
Norbert Sweath, 27, Clyde
Julia Laforce, 17, Clyde
Anthony Laforce & Sarah Robbins, both of Clyde; L. Kilroy, Catholic

6 Oct 1856
Alfred Foche, 23, Port Huron
Isabelle Casler, 16, Port Huron
Francis King & Mary Bellimere, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

3 Oct 1856, Port Huron
George Gnives, 23, Port Huron
Charlotte Duchurnor, 17
Alexander Moore & Margaret Landrau; L. Kilroy, Catholic

25 Nov 1856, St. Clair
Peter Seymour, 20, St. Clair
Mary Bloomer, 19, St. Clair
John Belle & Mary E. Dishler, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

12 Oct 1856, St. Clair
John Meagher, 40, Port Huron
Winifred Kennedy, 30, Port Huron
Patrick Kelley & Henrietta O. Mard, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

8 Dec 1852
Nelson Gould, 26, Burchville
Melissa Facer, 14, Burchville
Edwin Lown & Louis Facer; G.P. Minne, JP

19 Nov 1854, Port Huron
John Clark, 23, Port Huron
Mariah Franklin, 22, Port Huron
R.B. Dunton & Mary Ann Wilcox; Joseph P. Minne, JP

26 July 1847, Port Huron
Mark Matteson, 25, Port Huron
Eliza Locke, 18, Port Huron
Lucius Beach & Henry Harrington, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

19 Sept 1854, Port Huron
Alex Western, 42, Lambton, Canada West
Allesie Gleund?, 40, Warwick, Canada West
Eliza Meueder? & Peter Whertson; J.P. Minne, JP

9 June 1855, Port Huron
Isaac Knapp, 21, Port Huron
Mary Dunken, 17, Port Huron
David Robins & Adam H-----?; J.P. Minne, JP

11 June 1855, Port Huron
Janus Kinney, 23, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Esther A. Leonard, 19, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Henry Hull & Henry Leonard; J.P. Minne, JP

7 Jan 1856, Port Huron
Benjamin Wright, 30, Port Huron
Ann Rose, 19, Port Huron
George Walker & Caroline Bevelhaul; J.P. Minne, JP

8 Jan 1855, Port Huron
Charles Benjamin, 25
Mariah A. Carpenter, 25
Daniel Harrington & Edward Petit; J.P. Minne, JP

28 Feb 1856, Port Huron
John McClarety, 25, Plympton, Canada West
Mary Runkin, 21, Plympton, Canada West
Angus McClarety & Malcolm Thompson; J.P. Minne, JP

3 Dec 1856, Port Huron
Henry Mahue, 24, Cottreville
Balch Blanchard, 18, Cottreville
Mary Ann McArthur, of Port Sarnia; J.P. Minne, JP

1 Dec 1855, Port Huron
Philip Labone, 22, Port Huron
Barbery Apple, 21, Port Huron
Standish Maxfield & Andy Carrington, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

6 Oct 1856, Port Huron
Henry F. Hundricke, 27
Charlotte A. (Augusta H.C.A.) Pussier, 20, Port Huron
Edgar White & Henry J. Bockius, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

23 March 1856
Daniel Baker, 25
Rachael Ray, 18
Stuart S. Sintors & H. Hobbs, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

6 Oct 1856, Port Huron
John Assman, 28
Mary Stitts, 27
Henry Smith & Andrew Assman; J.P. Minne, JP

2 May 1846
William Facer, Burchville
Eliza Clkins, Burchville
Benjamin Facer & Sarah Whitford, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

18 Oct 1852, Port Huron
David Ross, 28, Burchville
Susana Teeple, 21, Burchville
Susan Wolf & Cordelia McClure; J.P. Minne, JP

25 Sept 1850
John S. Center, 24, Port Huron
Susan Spungenburgh M., 21, Port Huron
Stanton Philips & L.F. Chamberlin; J.P. Minne, JP

24 Dec 1852, Port Huron
Stephen W. Kenney, 40
Minerva Laten, 28
Isaac W. Tyson & William R. Garvy; J.P. Minne, JP

24 Dec 1853, Port Huron
Absolom Tobur, 25, Woodstock, Canada West
Charlotte James, 24, Port Huron
Sophia Askins & Thomas Aistrop; J.P. Minne, JP

8 Aug 1854, Port Huron
Nicholas Henry, 42, Plympton, Canada West
Jane Dorsen, 44, Plympton, Canada West
Joseph Rogers & Mary Brady; J.P. Minne, JP

10 May 1854, Port Huron
John Griffin, 22
Catharine Carroll, 28
Ann Cribbins & Elizabeth Cribbins; J.P. Minne, JP

14 May 1849, Port Huron
Elijah Burch, 22, Burchville
Alice Jane Dill, 17, Burchville
William Dell & Mary Ann Minne; J.P. Minne, JP

11 Nov 1849, Port Huron
Albert McKnight, 23, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Mary Ann Poland, 21, Port Sarnia, Canada West
Garrett Morrett & Almira Buse; J.P. Minne, JP

17 May 1855, Port Huron
Henry Smith, 22
Rachael Williams, 18
John Williams & Ansen Wolf; J.P. Minne, JP

21 April 1855, Port Huron
John King, 22
Elizabeth Marmiller, 17
Thomas Fluett & J. Minne, of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

6 Dec 1854, Port Huron
William M. Stuart, 24, Worth, Sanilac County
Sarah M. Hathaway, 19, Worth, Sanilac County
J.W. D----? & Cynthia Wills; J.P. Minne, JP

16 Nov 1854, Port Huron
William Keghman, 24
Martha Davis, 18
Daniel Keghman & Hannah Davis; J.P. Minne, JP

4 Dec 1854, Port Huron
Theodore Kaesmeyer, 24
Catharine Weisle, 18
Edwin Kesmeyer & Gotlieb Weisle, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

23 Dec 1854
Charles Rankins, 22
Yorte Shutes, 24
Benjamin Munkee & Ustice Munkee, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

6 Oct 1856, Port Huron
Christian Munke, 34
Fredericka O. Pressien, 29
Edgar White & Henry J. Bockin, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

25 Nov 1856, Port Huron
Joseph Northcott, 22
Eliza Snellgrove, 17
Charles Raylor & John Perry, both of Clyde; J.P. Minne, JP

25 Dec 1856, Port Huron
William McClude, 25, Port Huron
Jane Earles, 19, Port Huron
John Earles & Jane Williams; J.P. Minne, JP

9 Aug 1852, Port Huron
Barney Callaghan, 33
Melvina Norton, 16
Richard Norton & Rose Norton, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

9 Sept 1856, Port Huron
Lemuel Haskins, 23, Port Huron
Elizabeth Dennis, 21, Port Huron
Robert Montgomery & Jane Dennis; J.P. Minne, JP

22 March 1856, Port Huron
Stuart S. Sinton, 25
Hannah B. Loring, 28
Silas Brown & Adaline Branymore; J.P. Minne, JP

24 March 1856, Port Huron
Peter Degassey, 30, Moore, Canada West
Victoria Swiat, 28, Moore, Canada West
Robert Flick, of Moore, Canada West; J.P. Minne, JP

26 March 1856, Port Huron
John Picket, 27
Mary J. Stevens, 17
John M. Davidson & James Davidson, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

23 Sept 1855, Port Huron
Solomon Thebo, 48, Canada West
Mary Apploack, 28, Arnbryh, Canada West
Hugh Sampson, of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

23 Sept 1854, Port Huron
Thomas Willis, 22, Blanchard, Canada West
Ellon Karr, 18, Blanchard, Canada West
Thomas Hutton & William Willis; J.P. Minne, JP

4 Feb 1848, Port Huron
Silas N. Ruby, 21, Port Huron
Emily Jane Kellogg, Port Huron
John O'Brien & Patrick Brady; J.P. Minne, JP

22 Nov 1851, Port Huron
Elezam M. Miller, 22, Sanilac County
Clarissa Baker, 21, Sanilac County
George Ingle & Sarah B-onstem?; J.P. Minne, JP

4 Jan 1849, Port Huron
Richard McArcher, 23
Colarte Ann Rombly, 18
Lewis Trombly & Edward McGowan; J.P. Minne, JP

31 July 1856, Port Huron
Moses Moore, 23
Sarah J. Davidson, 22
James Davidson & Mary Moore; J.P. Minne, JP

17 March 1856, Port Huron
John Williamson, 20
Ann Calvert, 19
John Edwards & William Calvert; J.P. Minne, JP

18 July 1855, Port Huron
Jacob Yerex, 24
Martha Pearle, 18
James Pickering & Asa Larnard, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

19 Oct 1856, Port Huron
Wilson Johnson, 39
Susan Wholf, 44
Dwyer D----- & Orlando Ingles, both of Port Huron; J.P. Minne, JP

25 Nov 1853, Port Huron
Frederick Henbert, 30, Port Huron
Mary Holmes, 18, Port Huron
Thomas Nichols; J.P. Minne, JP

20 Aug 1854, Port Huron
Richard Lafory, 20
Susannah Loomis, 16
S. Wolf & Richard Wolf; J.P. Minne, JP

Recorded 27 Dec 1856
John Wallace, 27, Port Huron
Adaline Barbour, 19, Port Huron
Richard J. Knauts & Delilah Ann Knauts

21 Nov 1856, Ira
Alexander Bethui, 31, Ira - [Bethuy]
Adelaide Gosselin, 24, Ira
Regis Yernam & Henrietta Goenier, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Minister

11 Oct 1856, Ira
Louis Allard, 21, Ira
Octavi Landry, 16, Ira
Godreid Durocher & Jacques Mussier, of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Minister

16 Nov 1856, Ira
Alphonse Hebert, 21, Ira
Margaret Hebert, 22, Ira
Benjamin Latour, of Casco & Marie Hebert, of Ira; Ch. Chambille, Minister

26 Nov 1856, Ira
Joseph L. Ami, 20, Ira
Marie Genaw, 15, Chesterfield
Julien Lapenser, of Ira & Theresa Hasargae, of Chesterfield; Ch. Chambille, Minister

13 Nov 1856, Ira
Desiser VanSlambrouk, 24, Chesterfield
Therese Maria Blome, 21, Chesterfield
Charles VanSlambrouk, of Chesterfield & Felix Deneweth; Ch. Chambille, Minister

8 July 1856, Clay
Theodore Hancock, 24, Clay
Caroline Crable, 18, Clay
Garrett G. Stewart & Jane McQueen, both of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

12 Oct 1856, Algonac
Hamilton Cranston, 26, Canada
Flora McDougal, 25, Canada
John Kelly & George A. Perry, both of Algonac; Isaac Kline, JP

25 Nov 1856, St. Clair
Ezra Rust, Newport
Emma B. Mather, St. Clair
H.H. Mather & George M. Carleton; George M. Tuthill, Congregational Minister

28 Oct 1856, St. Clair
George M. Barnard, Detroit
Anna W. Rice, St. Clair
Henry Whiting & George W. Carleton, both of St. Clair; George M. Tuthill, Minister

23 Nov 1856, St. Clair
George Sills, 31, Moore, Canada West
Frances Rector, 18, Port Huron
James Provost & Josephine Crippen; George M. Tuthill, Minister

18 Sept 1856, Port Huron
Edward Inslee, Port Huron
Lodemin Walker, Port Huron
Joseph Minnie & Mina Walker; G.B. Engle

16 Nov 1856, Port Huron
Gilbert Vickery, Vicksburgh
Kate Foster, Vicksburgh
Julius Carrington & Elizabeth Carrington; G.B. Engle

24 Dec 1856, Port Huron
Thomas Finley, Port Huron
Sarah Crossett, Port Huron
James Brown & Waldo Comstock, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle

21 Oct 1856
Horace W. Dickinson, 27, Columbus
Mary E. Carleton, 19, China
Dr. B.F. Collins & Mrs. H. Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Minister

4 Dec 1856
Hugh Trapp, 26, Moore, Canada West
Ann Hall, 30, St. Clair
F.B. Collins & William Wacy; N. Eastwood, Minister

6 Dec 1856
Lucus Wacy, 21, Mt. Clemens
Hannah A. Fawx, 18, St. Clair
N. Fawx & Sarah A. Wacy; N. Eastwood, Minister

21 Dec 1856
Emanuel Elsworth, 21, St. Clair
Mary Hines, 19, St. Clair
Lucy M. Arnold & Harriet Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Minister

18 Sept 1856
John Piper, 31, Wales
Lutina Woolworth, 18, St. Clair
F.B. Collins & Harriet Eastwood; N. Eastwood, Minister

21 Sept 1856
George Brown, St. Clair
Mary Eliza Leach, St. Clair
Horace Hungerford & William Leach; N. Eastwood, Minister

17 Feb 1857, Clay
Edward Poole, 26, Clay
Loisa Hancock, 20, Clay
Thomas Poole, Francis Chortie & others; J.W. Geer, JP

14 Dec 1856
Alvin Stevens, 20, Burchville
Malissa Jones, 17, Burchville
Charles Potter & Chancy Conger; Abraham Sloat, Baptist Minister

29 Dec 1856, Burchville
James Martin, 24
Loisa Chadwick, 17
Samuel Martin & Edward Potter; Abraham Sloat, Minister

14 Dec 1857, Burchville
Benjamin Baker, 22
Clarissa Fuller, 17
James Fuller; Abraham Sloat, Minister

21 Dec 1856
David Bowlby, 25, Wales
Saloma Lashbrook, 24, Wales
Cynthia Lamb & August Lamb; John Lamb, JP

28 Dec 1856, Greenwood
Isaac Kilgore, 27, Greenwood
Jane Roberts, 19
Rufus Small & John Seecrist; Calvin M. Hayward, JP

7 Oct 1835
Adam Gaffield, Cramake, Upper Canada
Irena Hubble, Cramake, Upper Canada
Isaac Mer & Richard Brayman; Richard Scott

5 May 1854, Riley
Mordecai Lester
Lucinda Forshee
Henry Rix, JP

30 Aug 1856, Wales
Samuel Stewart
Louisa Campbell
Henry Rix, JP

2 Nov 1856, Riley
Samuel Lester
Caroline Curtis
Henry Rix; JP

15 Feb 1857, Riley
John Ferguson
Sarah Snyder
Henry Rix, JP

24 Feb 1857, Columbus
William Stoadard
Caroline M. Lovejoy
Henry Rix, JP

31 Jan 1857
William Hawley, 22 (last Sept.), Columbus
Mary Brewer, 18 (last Nov.), Wales
Ranson O. Smith, of New York & Loisa Jeffers, of Riley; George W. Chillson, JP

25 Dec 1856
Robert Ford, 24, St. Clair
Rachal McKay, 19, St. Clair
Joseph Noble & C.W. Bartlett, both of St. Clair; A.R. Bartlett, Minister

5 Aug 1856
Thomas Bell, 25, Richmond
Mary M. McNutt, 18, Ruby
Isaac Rigg, of Richmond & Emma Campbell, of Columbus

30 Oct 1856, Riley
Henry W. Harris, 25, Richmond
Elizabeth Mansfield, 20, Riley
Ezekiel Smith & David Mansfield, both of Riley; William P. Russell, Minister

21 Dec 1856, Riley
Ezra Hazen, 38
Joanna Gleason, 34, Riley
Alexander Wattles & Joanna Wattles; William P. Russell, Minister

1 Jan 1857, Wales
Ephriam S. Williams, 22, Flint
Harriet C. Beach, 20, Wales
Horace A. Beach & Catherine Beach; William P. Russell, Minister

7 Jan 1857, Riley
Henry R. Gilbert, 24, Richmond
Ann Bishop, 21, Riley
Matthew Lynch & Artemus Cook, both of Richmond; William P. Russell, Minister

24 March 1857, Clay
Hiram F. Harsen, 31, Clay
Elisabeth Stewart, 20, Clay
John Kendall; A.P. Stewart, JP

12 March 1857, Clay
William Thorn Gill, 25, Clay
Emily Huffmaster, 19, Clay
James Johnston & Augustus Harsen, both of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

14 Feb 1857, Clay
Isaac Brebner, 23, Port Austin, Huron County, Michigan
Euphemia Gill, 18, Clay
Charles Kimball & Augustus Harsen, both of Clay; A.P. Stewart, JP

7 Jan 1857, Port Huron
William Sharpe, 24, St. Clair
Frances Adamson, 28, St. Clair
Thomas Cuttle & Bridget Manion, both of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic

18 Feb 1857
Charles L. Green, New Baltimore, Macomb County
Elizabeth Gibson, New Baltimore, Macomb County
Laura Chipman & Mary Chipman; Albert Gilchrist, JP

1 March 1857
James D. Westfall, 28
Martha Donaldson, 16
Joseph Phelps, Jane Westfall & others; J.W. Geer, JP

21 Feb 1857
Henry Fish, Newport
Elisabeth McIntire, China
J.N. Peabody & William Hart; George M. Tuthill, Congregational Minister

17 March 1857
Peter Walker, Detroit
Margaret Johnson, China
John Johnston & Alpheus Earle; George M. Tuthill, Minister

18 Feb 1857, Port Huron
Silas B. Brown, 33, Port Huron
Mancie A. Taylor, 25, Port Huron
Ira Elliott & Adeline Brandymore, both of Port Huron; A. Waldo Comstock, JP

11 Jan 1857, house of William Barber, Clyde
Garrette Barringer, 24, Clyde
Gerusha Barber, 19, Clyde
Charles Atkins & William Barber, both of Clyde; William R. Goodwin, JP

17 Feb 1857, house of Widow Campbell, Clyde
Edwin W. Goodwin, 19, Clyde
Olive Campbell, 25, Clyde
James Campbell & Marion Gibbs; William R. Goodwin, JP

19 March 1857, Ira
Richard Frederick, 24, Ira
Elizabeth Grandchamp, 16, Ira
Cornelius Spaine & Maxine Granchamp, both of Ira; Larkin Hatch, JP

15 March 1857, Kenokee
Sidney Hardy, 21, Kimball
Ann Eliza Demarest, 16, Clyde
Garrett Puffer, of Kimball & John W. Grustin, of Kenokee; Henry Burnham, JP

21 Jan 1857, Port Huron
Timoth Francis Aloysius Malone, 30, Town 14, Sanilac County
Rosemond Donnolson, 26, Town 14, Sanilac County
John O'Calaghan, of Port Huron & Bridget Donnolson, of Sanilac County; L. Kilroy, Catholic

6 Feb 1857, Burchville
Thomas Carroll, 19, Burchville
Margaret Twiss, 16, Port Huron
Edward Twiss, of Port Huron & Mary A. Carroll, of Burchville; L. Kilroy, Catholic

21 April 1857, Newport
Aaron Curly, 23, Sombra, Canada West
Eliza Cromwell, 24, Sombra, Canada West
Josiah Rush & Lucy Cromwell, both of Sombra, Canada West; William Duncan, JP

9 April 1857
Francis Burnham, 42, Clay
Sophia Deno, 29, Clay
David Cadot, Simon McCoy & others, of Clay; J.W. Geer, JP

15 March 1857, China
James Carroll, 35, China
Elisa McElroy, 28, China
Stephen Partlow & Lucretia Partlow, both of China; J.S. Clark, JP

27 April 1857, St. Clair
Napoleon Cottrell, 20, St. Clair
Almira Duchaine, 26, St. Clair
William Scott & Mrs. A. Scott, both of St. Clair; J.S. Clark, JP

5 April 1857, China
John A. Nicoll, 23
Elizabeth McNeil, 26
Archibald McNeil & Sarah B. Owen; T.C. Owen, JP

8 Feb 1857, Ira
Joseph Outenbagger, 36, Chesterfield
Barbara Bonekgill, 20, Casco
Joseph Titel & George Titel, both of Casco; Ch. Chambille, Minister

3 Feb 1857, Ira
Michael Tembler, 22, Chesterfield
Theresa Marsac, 18, Chesterfield
Julien Lapense & Julianna Lapense, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

23 Feb 1857, Ira
Jean Baptiste Lavalle, 28, Newport
Philomene Derosier, 16, Casco
Jean Baptiste Derosier, of Casco & Elizabeth Lavalle, of Newport; Ch. Chambille

10 Feb 1857, Ira
Patrick Rafferty, 21, Chesterfield
Bridget Gibbons, 20, Chesterfield
David Hayes & Marie Bapense, both of Ira; Ch. Chambille

22 April 1857, Berlin
James Banghart, 48, Richmond
Clarinda H. Sheldon, 50, Berlin
Simon P. Sirats & Sarah Sirats, both of Berlin; John Gray, Minister

15 Dec 1856, Algonac
David Brown, 26, Canada
Elisabeth Beattia, 19, Canada
Harmon Brown & Jane Beattia, both of Canada; Isaac Klein, JP

17 Jan 1857, Algonac
John Stanly, 25, St. Clair
Amelia McDonald, 18, St. Clair
Sarah Klein & Betsy Ann Hodges, both of Algonac; Isaac Klein, JP

20 Feb 1857
John McMillan, Canada West
Mary Stanly, Canada West
Duncan McKellar & Phebe McKellar; G.B. Engle, P. Episcopal Minister

3 March 1857
Gustavius Solty, Port Huron
Anna Schnapp, Port Huron
F. Shulte & Constantine Miller, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

4 May 1857
Charles Kennel, Wales
Mary O'Meare, Wales
James Davidson & Robert Crovath, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

11 May 1857
Israel Marsh, Port Huron
Rachel Mooney, Port Huron
Charles Mooney & Thomas Lusk, both of Port Huron; G.B. Engle, Minister

26 April 1857, St. Clair
Obed Smith, St. Clair
Mrs. Lucy Falkenburg, St. Clair
Harmon Chamberlin & Marcus Miles; George M. Tuthill, Minister

8 May 1857
Francis Spaulding, Moore, Canada West
Sarah Odlum, Moore, Canada West
A. Courtney & Anna Tuthill; George M. Tuthill, Minister

13 Dec 1857, Cottreville
Neil Brown, 21, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Battie, 19, Sombra, Canada West
Elizabeth Battie & James Battie, both of Sombra, Canada West; D. Cottrell, JP

22 April 1857, Cottreville
Lawrence Denman, 62, Henry County, Illinois
Margaret Burgess, 47, China
William Ward, of Sombra, Canada West & Harriet C. Cottrell, of Cottreville; D. Cottrell, JP

31 May 1857, St. Clair
Christian Fuchs, St. Clair
Mair Baumgarten, St. Clair
Henry Dake & Michael Wehmeier; George M. Tuthill, Minister

19 April 1857
Wanton Tripp, 23, Ira
Nancy Frazier, 20, Ira
Edwin Harrison & Betsy Hart; Daniel Hart, JP

25 March 1857, Riley
Charles D. Star, 40, Richmond
Sarah L. Kimball, 38, Riley
Joseph Sage & O. Rix, both of Riley; William P. Russell, Minister

13 May 1857, Riley
Charles H. Oaks, 23, Riley
Bashabe Hause, 21, Riley
Loban Hause & John J. Hause, both of Riley; William P. Russell, Minister

18 June 1857, St. Clair
Benjamin B. Bissel, 22, St. Clair
Mary C. Taylor, 21, Hamilton, Canada West
Benjamin Bissel & Nancy Bissel; William P. Russell, Minister

21 June 1857, Ira
Cornelius Spain, 20, Ira
Nancy Ann Blodgett, 15, Ira
Josiah Wellington & Laura Wellington, both of Ira; Larkin Hatch, JP

17 May 1857, Port Huron
Edward Power, 28, Kimball
Honora O'Laughlin, 17, Kimball
John Scholar & Mary Carcy, both of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic

29 June 1857, Columbus
Dennis Byrns, 23, Wales
Ann Ward, 18, Columbus
Patrick Maloy & Mary A. Crowley, both of Columbus; L. Kilroy, Catholic

19 May 1857, Cottreville
William Thomas, 30, Sombra, Canada West
Jane Love, 29, Sombra, Canada West
Mrs. P. Clark & Mrs. William Duncan, both of Newport; William Duncan, JP

4 July 1857, Cottreville
J.C. Lester, 27, Cottreville
Grace Wellman, 20, Cottreville
Mr. Lester & Mrs. Philander Lester, both of Cottreville; William Duncan, JP

4 July 1857, Cottreville
David Thompson, 40, St. Clair
Julia Ann Harris, 36, St. Clair
Samuel Harris & Grace Harris, both of St. Clair; William Duncan, JP

17 May 1857, Burchville
Amboes Snow, 57, Burchville
Mary Rose, 64, Burchville
Abel Hilburn & Eliza Markel; A.P. Sexton, JP

7 June 1857
Ephriam Nickerson, 23, Port Huron
Huldah Reed, 20, Port Huron
Thomas McCutchin & Mariah Ray, both of Port Huron; A.P. Sexton, JP

4 July 1857, Burchville
William Cambrey, 21, Lexington, Sanilac County
Lucina Meaker, 16, Lexington, Sanilac County
David Young & John Connor, both of Lakeport; A.P. Sexton, JP

5 April 1856, house of Henry Sheffer
William Ranson Sheffer, 19
Almira Matilda Banghart, 18
B.A. Tilloston & James McDonald; Abraham Sloat

1 Jan 1856
Henry Puck [Luck], 21, St. Clair, [P: William Luck & Jemimia]
Harriet Oakes, 20, St. Clair, [P: John Mead Oakes & Minerva Kenyon]
Edward Puck & Eliza Hayward; N. Eastwood, Minister

3 April 1864
Theopolis Levere, Clyde
Emily Robins, Clyde
Dolly Robins & Mary Lane; John Lamont, JP

8 Oct 1857, a Thursday
Henry Parker, China, [P: Henry Parker & Minerva Kenyon; b. Bolton Twp, Warren Co, NY]
Rosanna H. Haines, [P: George Haines & Rosanna; b. London, England]
D.K. Oakes & Mary Oakes; Silas Finn, Minister