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  • The property of Glasgow Village was acquired in 1838 by Dr. William Carr Lane. Dr. Lane wasborn in Pennsylvania and attended medical school in Philadelphia. He came to St. Louis wherehe practiced as a physician. In 1822 St. Louis was incorporated and in 1823 he was elected thefirst Mayor of St. Louis. Dr. Lane had their children, a son who died, Sarah who married William Glasgow, Jr., and Anne who never married. William and Sarah Glasgow had the following children:

  • Mary who became Mrs. Charles Branch whose daughter is Mrs. A.W. Jones living in Webster Groves.

  • William, whose daughter is Mrs. George Kimball Conant Sr. of Clayton.

  • Anne never married.

  • Susan married Dr. Norman Bruce Carson. Their son William is Glasgow Bruce Carson a retired professor from Washington University living in University City.

  • Twins - Dr. Frank A. who never married, and Allan C. who has a son Charles living in California, two daughters Mrs. Leland Chivvis and Mrs. George W. Lane both residing in St. Louis.

  • Sarah married Mr. Newton R. Wilson.

  • Grandfather William Glasgow and his wife Sarah who lived on the old Lane property named the farm "Bienveinue" which means "welcome" in French. The farm extended from the river to Portland Cement Company on the South and Chain of Rocks Park on the North. The family of Glasgow gave the ground to the City. Lookaway Drive was formerly called Carr Lane Drive. Grandfather Glasgow had a grape vineyard on the slopes facing the river. He founded the American Wine Company which later became Cooks Champagne, recently sold to Schneley (?) who are moving their facilities to Fresno California.

  • Later the heirs decided to sell the "Bienveinue" farm. They requested their attorney contact someone to handle a suburb planning project. The attorney contacted Mr. Miles H. Carpenter who was living in California. Mr. Carpenter came to St. Louis, met the Glasgow family, and started development of Glasgow Village in 1949. Mr. Carpenter did the layout of our Village and selected Scottish street names in the fulfillment of the Glasgow family wishes. The Village consists of 500 acres in Glasgow Village and 100 acres in Glasgow Hills. Later Mr. Carpenter sold out to Mr. C.T. Wilson.

  • The street names are taken from places and Clans in Glasgow, Scotland. The word Clan or Clann simply means children, i.e. the decedents of the actual of mythical ancestor from whom the community claims descent. The following descriptions were obtained from the Municipal Information Bureau in Glasgow, Scotland. Mr. Miles H. Carpenter, Mrs. Tom Curtis, Mr. William Glasgow B. Carson, and Mr. George W. Lane assisted in the research.

  • CAMERON: A clan called Cameron of Glasgow which later assumed the name of Glasgow. The Clan Cameron is described as "Fiercer than Fierceness itself". The Cameron Clan is related to the Glen Nevis, MacSorlies. The present chief Sir Donald W. Cameron, K.T.C.M.C., 25th Chief of the Clan. Crest: A dexter arm embossed in armor, the hand grasping a sword. All proper. Badge: Oak, Crowberry. War Cry: Chlanna nan con thigibh a sos's gheibh sibh feoil, (sons of the hounds, come here and get flesh) Pipe music: Piobaireachd Dhonuill Duibh. There is a Clan Cameron Society with headquarters in Glasgow.

  • ROSS, CRAWFORD, ESTIDGE, AND DUDLEY are all related to the Clan Cameron.

  • ROSS: The Clan Ross take their name from the province of Rossand designed in Gaelic as Clann– Andrais. Crest: A hand holding a garland of laurel proper. Badge: Juniper. Pipe music: The Earl of Ross' March.

  • RENFREW: Second largest county located in the central part of Scotland, directly South of Dumbarton County.

  • CATHNESS: County located in extreme Northeast par of Scotland.

  • CALLOWAY: The Southwestern lowlands are often referred to under their ancient title of Galloway and contain some of the most impressive scenery in the whole of Scotland. This is the area above all, where the term "lowlands" seems most inappropriate. Galloway by reason of its comparatively isolated situation, well to the West of the main traffic routes, makes a strong appeal to those holiday makers who seek the peace and seclusion that are not always to be found in he more frequented areas.

  • LANARK: A County directly East of Renfrew County. The City of Glasgow is within the County of Lanark.

  • LANCASHIRE: A Township within Lanark County.

  • PRESTWICK: City located in Ayr County, seaport town at the Firth of Clyde.

  • GRETNA: The Western boarders. Those who travel Northwards by the road from Carlisle almost invariably make their first stop in Scotland at Gretna Green, an unpretentious little village which was formerly the goal of enterprising runaway couples from England. Under the Scottish law that existed before 1865, all that was needed to constitute legal marriages was a declaration before two witnesses of willingness on either side. Residential qualifications were not necessary. The Blacksmith at Gretna Green, for a consideration, would hastily perform the rough and ready formalities.

  • MAC DOUGALL: Name of a Highland Clann. They take their name from Dugall, son Somerled, from whom they are descended. Crest: An arm in armor embowed fessways couped, proper, holding a cross crosslet fitchy, gules. Badge: Bellheath, Cypress. War Cry: Buaidh no bas. (Victory or death) Pipe music: Casteal Dhunolla. (Dunolly Castle) There is a Clan MacDougall Society with headquarters in Oban, Scotland.

  • MIDLOTHIAN: County East of Lanark County.

  • BANFF: County Central Northeast part of Scotland.

  • BALMORAL: Community in Aberdeen County. The Balmoral Tartan was designed by H.R.H. the Prince Consort and was used in many ways by Queen Victoria when making gifts to her friends. It was in general use in the royal family household when Queen Victoria visited the Highlands. It is now reserved for the sole use of the Royal Family.

  • TAY: Large lake in Perth County called Loch Tay. The Tay valley, near Dunkeld, Perthshire is beautiful.

  • PRESLEY and SHEPLEY: Mr. Hirst from the Municipal Information Bureau in Glasgow, Scotland says, "Shepley defeats me. as for Presley, I can only imagine that Elvis, like so many Americans, has a Scottish Granny". (Shepley is the Continuation as Shepley from Bellefontaine Road). However, one of the heirs mentions that Presley comes from Presley Carr Lane, father of Dr. William Carr Lane. It is also a river or bay in Scotland.

  • BREAMER: Village in Aberdeen County.

  • DUNKELD: Town in Perthshire on the Tay River.

  • LOTHIAN: East and West Lothian County.

  • PERTHSHIRE: County Central in Scotland.

  • CRAMPIAN: A ridge of hills in the central Highlands of Northern Scotland.

  • MOIDART: District located in the Southwestern part of Inverness County.

  • BEN NEVIS: The highest point in Scotland, also the highest point here in Glasgow Village.

  • GLEN GARRY: A valley in Inverness County. Also, a glen garry is a small cap with ribbons on rear side, usually worn with kilted uniform. Family name Alexander, Clan MacAlister, MacDonell of Glengarry.

  • TRONGATE: Commercial center of Glasgow. Glasgow became a great commercial center of the world in the 18th Century when the merchants, know as "Tobacco Lords", did business with the Colonies in America. The Tobacco Lords marched along the plain stones, the only paved portion of the Trogate, in three-cornered hats, scarlet cloaks, and silver mounted canes. When the Colonies became the United States of America, the Tobacco Lords faded like smoke. The Trongate still holds memories of them. Trongate adjoins the commercial center of Glasgow Village.

  • MAC DUFF: Clan MacDuff, who had a law whereby certain privileges were attached to individuals within nine degrees of kin to MacDuff. Earl of Fife is regarded as a privilege which belonged to Clan MacDuff.


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