Research Assistance (Query) Fee Schedule

We would be glad to help you with research on your St. Clair County families, and realize that everyone’s needs are different, so we are offering the following graduated research schedule. Please review the following schedule and send the appropriate fees, depending on your research needs. Also, include any necessary information to help with your research request, such as charts or information that you have already located regarding the family for which you are requesting help, so we do not duplicate work you have done already. Please send a SASE (or email) for any inquiries that don’t fit within the following choices and we will respond to your request with a price quote.


If you know the death date and need an obituary
If you know the marriage date and need newspaper announcement
If you want a census lookup and have the township and census page number
If you want a copy of one WWI Draft Registration Card
If you want one source (one book, one census, one city directory, one record, or one other source) checked for one person
If you want a vital record lookup, with book and page number known
Retrieval of one certified copy of one marriage or one death record if date is known ($5 + $10 court fee)


If you need an obituary or other newspaper item without a known date
If you want a census lookup for one person or family without known location
If you want a vital record lookup, without providing the book and page number
If you want every listing for one surname (excluding common surnames), in one source (list one source – could be cemetery records, newspaper indexes, marriages records, biographical books, etc.)
Retrieval of one certified copy of one marriage or one death record if date is not known ($10 + $10 court fee)


If you would like us to search available sources which are appropriate for your request for one individual/family with a report and copies of any findings.

“Available Sources” may include these and/or other sources:
  • The 3 biographical books for St. Clair County (Jenks, Andreas, Bowen).
  • Each census for the time period this person was in St. Clair County.
  • Transcription of death and marriage records for time period applicable for this person.
  • Available St. Clair County plat maps for the time period given.
  • Newspaper searches for this person during time in St. Clair County.
  • Copies of newspaper articles that may include obituaries, weddings, etc.
  • Cemetery records of St. Clair County, if applicable for this person.
  • Funeral home records if available for the person you requested.
  • Probates, naturalizations, land records, draft cards, city directories, and/or additional sources which are appropriate for your request.

Please Note: It may take some time for you to receive the results of your research request. All requests are dependant on other requests already received and the volunteer’s available time. Waiting time is less for a lookup or a Simple Search, but expect a detailed search to take some time as many sources are checked. Be assured your search results will be sent as quickly as possible.
Please contact the SCCFHG for questions or additional information.