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This is the alternate index of the MIGenWeb Saginaw County Site. Many of the files were moved during the first part of the year and the main index (looks like this one) is on the new space.  Please bookmark when you get there as the index is updated more often.

Saginaw was known as an Indian trading post as early as in 1815, Louis Campau being then engaged there as an Indian trader. Subsequently other individuals engaged in bartering with the Indians for their furs and pelts, giving in exchange blankets, whisky, beads, etc. In September, 1820, a treaty was concluded with the Chippewas, by which they ceded all that portion of country, the southern boundary line of which passed through Oakland county, running north-east to Lake Huron and west into Livingston county, then north to the head waters of Thunder Bay river. Saginaw county was included in the district thus ceded. In 1822, two companies of United States soldiers were stationed where Saginaw City now stands, for the purpose of protecting the fur trade and watching the movements of the Indians. The troops were afterwards withdrawn on account of the supposed unhealthfulness of the climate. In 1824 the American Fur Company established a trading post there, and, three years thereafter, Gardner D. Williams established himself there as an Indian trader. The families of Louis Campau, John B. Cushway, and Mr. Williams, being the only white residents of the county. It was not until 1836 that Saginaw City began to attract the attention of adventurers, and since then it has grown gradually, and has for many years been the county seat. The first settlement on the east side of the Saginaw river was made on the 4th day of July, 1847, by Curtis Emerson, Esq., and company. In the spring of 1848, the settlement was organized under the name of Buena Vista. In 1855, it was incorporated as the village of East Saginaw, and on the 15th of February 1859, it was chartered as a city. With the development of the lumber interest, the county began to settle, and villages sprung up along the valley. But the future growth and wealth of the county will depend chiefly upon the salt manufactures. With an inexhaustible supply of the best brine in the world, and every facility for manufacturing salt cheaply, and conveying it to market, large towns can scarcely fail to spring up, demanding the products of an extensive and thickly settled agricultural district.   more.......

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