2010 Oaklawn

 2010 Oaklawn

Cemetery Tour


The Fifth Annual Oaklawn Cemetery Tour took place at the Oaklawn Cemetery on Sunday, July 11, 2010.  A fun time was had by all.  The following residents were there to greet visitors:

Rhoda Bevier (portrayed by Susan Bevier) - Mrs. Bevier was born May 26, 1824 in Locke, New York.  She was the grand-daughter of Stephen Hopkins, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Mrs. Bevier married Jacob Bevier July 23, 1851 in Waterloo, NY.  Together they migrated to Michigan and settled in the Stockbridge area where Jacob was the town blacksmith.  They had six children.  Mrs. Bevier died in 1894 twenty years after husband.
Eliza Reason (portrayed by Susan Morris) - Elizabeth was the wife of Fayetta Reason who built the house that became the funeral home.
Orin K. Brownell (portrayed by Nick Carpenter) - Born in New York, Mr. Brownell came to Michigan at an early age.  He served as a sergeant with the Twentieth Michigan Infantry during the Civil War.  His letters home have been published into a book, and give a chilling description of a soldier's life in the Civil War.  Mr. Brownell was in business in Stockbridge after the war before moving to California where he died in 1906.
Ira Wood (portrayed by Jeremy Muraf) - Mr. Wood, in association with Silas Beebe, helped establish the village of Stockbridge.  Mr. Wood was one of the first Justices of the Peace, was a member of the first school board, and was commissioned to build the first school house in the village.  Prior to 1889 and the opening of Oaklawn Cemetery, burials were made in a private cemetery owned by Mr. Wood on Wood Street.
Daisy Chappell (portrayed by Suzi Greenway) - After working for Kelly Photography for a short period, Miss Chappell opened her own photography studio in East Main Street in 1902.  She was in business until 1943 and photographed most of the people of Stockbridge at one time or another.
Jane Rose and Chief Okemos (portrayed by Colleen Redfield and Bertrand Haenggi) - Mrs. Rose and her husband, Minor, were original settlers in Stockbridge Township, entering land in section 16.  The Roses became close friends with and aided the Indian Chief, Johnny Okemos, who is visiting with them this evening.
Clarabelle Glenn (portrayed by Mavis Schaff) - Mrs. Glenn was born in the Chelsea area and grew up on the farm.  She received her teaching certificate from County Normal in Ypsilanti.  Married Ralph Glenn and settled on the Glenn Centennial Farm on Dutton Road.  She was a farmer's wife and mother of three.  Mrs. Glenn in her later years did much mentoring of the underprivileged.
Silas Beebe Jr. (portrayed by Dutch Ramsdell) - Mr. Beebe is one of the founding fathers of the Stockbridge Village.  He kept a diary of his visit to Michigan in 1838, when he purchased the town site of Pekin from Elijah Smith.  He was named a special commissioner to carry out the provisions of the laws of 1835-36 including an Act to lay out and establish a road from Dexter to the Clinton County seat.
Wilmont Reeves (portrayed by David Lindemer) - Mr. Reeves was born in Stockbridge in 1883 and became a successful businessman and a pioneer in the automotive industry.  He purchased the Ford dealership in Stockbridge in 1910 and built the brick building that bears his name in 1916.  He sold out the dealership in 1922 but maintained his factory where he manufactured frame extensions for automobiles of many makes.
Isaac Quigley (portrayed by Bill Reynolds) - Mr. Quigley is visiting his great great grand-daughter, Ardie Collins, from Mt. Hope Cemetery in Waterloo.  Mr. Quigley, born near Trenton, New Jersey, was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, joining his uncle's company at age 15.  Mr. Quigley was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth and was present at the Battle of Yorktown.
Cameo Appearances
Elijah Smith portrayed by Lynn Osborne
Abbey Dutcher Clark portrayed by Yvette Hugan
Frances Cobb portrayed by her daughter, Linda Humrich
Clyde Sibley portrayed by Clair Risner
Reverend Theo B. Williams and his helper portrayed by Dick and Sally Long.  Rev. Williams renewed marriage vows to couples in the tour groups.  Each couple who renewed their vows had a certificate to record their family tree.

Photos courtesy of Tom Koselka.  Tour guides were Cindy Grostick, Janet Pendell, Jennell Quinn, and Marcy Tracy.  Tent worker was Mary Joan McArthur.

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