2008 Oaklawn

2008 Oaklawn

Cemetery Tour


The Third Annual Oaklawn Cemetery Tour took place at the Oaklawn Cemetery on Sunday, October 5, 2008.  A fun time was had by all.  The following residents were there to greet visitors:

Ettie Bowdish (portrayed by Robyn Johnson) is interred in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Waterloo Township.  She was visiting her brother-in-law, Rob Brown, who was in the hardware business.  She was a member of the first graduation class of Stockbridge High School and a correspondent for the Stockbridge Brief-Sun.  Mrs. Bowdish died in 1908 giving birth to her second daughter.
Susan Standish (portrayed by Susan Morris) and her husband Anson came to Stockbridge from New York in 1836 and settled two miles north of the village.  Mr. Standish is descended from Miles Standish.
Ephraim Wheaton (portrayed by Eddie Davenport) is interred in North Stockbridge Cemetery.  He is visiting his great granddaughter, Addie Wheaton Van Buren.  Mr. Wheaton is a veteran of the Revolutionary War, serving as a fifer in Captain Dean's Company.  He came to Michigan in 1836 at the age of 76.
Reverend Edwin Stephens (portrayed by grandson Dutch Ramsdell) was born in England and came to Michigan in 1900 to work in the copper mines in the Keweenaw Peninsula.  Shortly after, he felt a calling and became a Methodist minister.  He preached in many places, coming to Stockbridge in 1928 and remaining here until his death.
Myrtle Watson (portrayed by Barbara Krustinski) and her husband Lacy came to Michigan from Royalton, Kentucky in 1942.  They were in the retail business in Kentucky and had a general store on East Main Street in Stockbridge.  After Mr. Watson died in 1967, Mrs. Watson continued the business until her retirement in 1971.
Elsie Bradshaw (portrayed by her daughter-in-law, Helen Bradshaw) was born in Ireland and came from Detroit to Stockbridge with her husband Clyde in 1941.  They bought the building at 125 North Clinton Street in 1946 and went into the grocery business.  When Mr. Bradshaw died in 1955, Mrs. Bradshaw continued the business for many years.
Orin Ives (portrayed by Bill Reynolds) was born in Pennsylvania and lived in New York before coming to Unadilla Township in 1837.  He is a veteran of the War of 1812, including the Battle of Lundy's Lane.
Helen Mitteer (portrayed by Suzi Greenway) was born in Putnam Township and grew up on the family farm near Gregory.  She attended school at Michigan State Normal College in Ypsilanti and came to Stockbridge to teach in 1930.  Here she met her husband, Bob.  Upon marriage, they resided on the family's centennial farm.
Curtis White (portrayed by David Lindermer) and his brother-in-law, David Glenn, were in the automobile business for many years, taking over a family business begun in 1913.  Mr. White holds bachelors and masters degrees from Michigan State University.  He served as a weatherman with the United States Army Air Force during World War II.  Mr. White is portrayed by David Lindermer.
Orin Brownell (portrayed by Bryan Johnson) was born in New York.  Mr. Brownell came to Michigan at an early age.  He served as a sergeant with the Twentieth Michigan Infantry during the Civil War.  He was in business in Stockbridge after the war before moving to California where he died in 1906.
Cameo Appearances
Hattie McArthur as portrayed by her granddaughter Ruth McArthur Bessey
No photo available Arthur & Beatrice Wilde as portrayed by Terry & Phyllis Wilde Ward
Maryetta (Decker) Howell (visiting from Plainfield) as portrayed by her great-great-great granddaughter Erica Childs visiting her daughter-in-law Sarah Howell as portrayed by Ruth Camp Wellman
Hubert Bearss, World War I veteran, as portrayed by Stacy Childs
Dr. Sydney and Hattie Beckwith as portrayed by Don and Kathy Coudreit


Photos courtesy of Jeff Wilson.  Tour guides were Cindy Grostick, Yvette Hugan, Janet Pendell, Colleen Redfield, and Diane Wilson.  Tent Workers were Mary Joan McArthur, Betty Turner, and John Turner.

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