Cast of Characters
2007 Oaklawn Cemetery Tour

October 7, 2007

Cast of Characters

Dr. Guy Culver was a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School.  Dr. Culver came to Stockbridge in 1927 and started Rowe Memorial Hospital in 1931.  Dr. Culver delivered 2,000 babies.  Dr. Culver was a veteran of World War I anda former village president.  (Dr. Culver was portrayed by Alex Radloff.)
Francis Cobb, along with her husband Roland, was a veteran of World War II.  Mrs. Cobb served as an officer and a nurse in China, Burma and India and worked at Mason General Hospital for 25 years.  (Mrs. Cobb was portrayed by Barbara Krusinski.)


Photo Not Available Jane Rose and her husband Milnor were original settlers in Stockbridge Township, entering land in section 16.  The Roses became close friends with Indian Chief Johnny Okemos, who is visiting with them this evening.  (Mrs. Rose is portrayed by Colleen Redfield and Chief Okemos by Bertrand Haenggi.)
Abigail (Dutcher) Clark was the first white child born in White Oak Township.  After her first husband, George Wilson, died in the Civil War, she married Elias Clark who was a very successful Stockbridge builder.  (Mrs. Clark was portrayed by Susan Morris.)
After working for Kelly Photography for a short period, Miss Daisy Chapell opened her own studio on East Main Street in 1902 and was in business until 1943, when ill health forced her to retire.  Miss Chapell photographed most of the people in Stockbridge at one time or another.  (Miss Chapell was portrayed by Suzi Greenway.)
Photo Not Available William Wright was born in Plainfield, Michigan and obtained degrees from Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) and Pennsylvania State University.  Mr. Wright was a professor at Cornell University before returning to Stockbridge to serve as township supervisor and to write the history of Stockbridge.  (Mr. Wright was portrayed by Richard Ramsdell.)
Alvah Cronkhite was a veteran of World War I and former Stockbridge township supervisor and township clerk  (Mr. Cronkhite was portrayed by Eddie Davenport.)
George McArthur was born in New York, was a veteran of the Civil War, and was a nineteenth century boot and shoe maker.  (Mr. McArthur was portrayed by William Reynolds.)
Mr. Lucius Bowdish served in the Civil War and lost his right arm at the Battle of the Wilderness where his brother, Corridon, died.  Despite this handicap, Mr. Bowdish farmed just south of Stockbridge until he died in a brush fire in 1916.  (Mr. Bowdish was portrayed by Jeff Boyer.)


George Hurst as portrayed by Vern Schrock.
Sarah Howell as portrayed by Kathy Schroder.
Anna Fink as portrayed by Mary Schrock.
Jacob BeVier as portrayed by Doug BeVier.
Sgt. Orin K. Brownell as portrayed by Stacy Childs.
Tour Guides:  Cynthia Grostick, Yvette Hugan, Janet Pendell, and Diane Wilson.
Tent Workers:  Bruce BeVier, Mary Joan McArthur, Betty Turner, John Turner, and Ruth Wellman.