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The Thomas Gaffney Collection
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Thomas Gaffney, father of the present Port Huron Museum's Curator of Collections, T. J. Gaffney, was a history buff and collector. His extensive postcard collection, focused on Michigan, St. Clair County, and Port Huron, began in the early 1960s and grew until it was one of the largest of its type in existence. Some of his collection now graces the walls as framed art in buildings around town. In a eulogy in his honor by Sandy Duffy, he was fondly refered to as a "History-Keeper," as someone concerned that people remember and record history. His appreciation for the past had him likened to other area historians such as Jenks, Carlisle, and Pierce. He encouraged the City's efforts to restore its period architecture. The city's first Antique & Classic Boat Show was due in part to his involvement in the city. His passion for history also encompassed his family tree, its branches stretching across the Atlantic from Cavan, Ireland.

Though he continues to be sadly missed by those who knew him, this page is a small gesture to share that which he held so dear, the history of Port Huron and its environs.

Springer & Rose
"The One Price Clothiers, Furnishers and Hatters"
205 Huron Avenue

When Mr. Gaffney opened his men's clothing store in the former building used by Springer & Rose, he discovered a collection of old receipts, catalogues, and various artifacts from the 1920s and 30s. Many items were beyond salvage and were reluctantly discarded. Below you will find links to some of what he was able to rescue.


Aarons & Company, (of New York, NY) - [Panama and Body Hats] - (19-MAR-1929)

Abo & Popkin, (of New York, NY) - [tuxedos, cutaways, full dress, and fancy vests] - (27-DEC-1930)

Acme Pants Matching Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [pants] - (13-MAR-1929), (29-JAN-1930)

Adler & Company, (of New York, NY) - ["Adler's $1.50 Glove"] - (envelope), (19-JUL-1917: 1, 2, 3), (07-AUG-1917), (09-AUG-1917), (26-OCT-1937), (22-NOV-1937)

Alexander & Company, (of Reading, PA) - [fur hats] - (11-FEB-1931)

Alligator Company, (of St. Louis, MO) - ["Alligator Waterproof Clothing"] - (05-APR-1937), (12-APR-1937)

Alvord Glove Company, (of Mayfield, NY) - ["None Better" gloves] - (05-NOV-1937)

American Express - (claim check #6839)

American Hosiery Company, (of New Britain, CT) - [fine knit goods: underwear, knitted coats, and bathing suits] - (27-MAR-1931)

American Suspender Company, (of Cincinnati, OH) - [suspenders, garters, arm bands, belts, and belt buckles] - (05-JUN-1929)

American Trouser Company, (of Pittsburgh, PA) - ["Atco Trousers"] - (23-MAR-1937)

Art Fashion Clothes, (of Baltimore, MD) - [fine clothing for men and young men] - (18-FEB-1937)

Baker & Company, (of Detroit, MI) - ["Makers of Set-Rite Neckwear"] - (14-JAN-1929), (31-JAN-1929), (15-OCT-1929), (08-NOV-1929)

Baker Company / Richardson, Baker & Co., (of Port Huron, MI) - [plumbing & heating supplies] - (01-DEC-1937)

Baldwin & Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [cash & package carriers] - (04-OCT-1929), (11-MAY-1937)

Barton Brothers, (of Port Huron) - [sanitary plumbers / heating engineers] - (13-JUN-1929), (09-JUL-1929)

Beacon Manufacturing Company, (of Providence, RI) - ["Beacon Blankets" / cotton blankets] - (pages: 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Beecher, Peck & Lewis, (of Flint, MI / Port Huron, MI) - [cellophone, satinette & twine] - (26-FEB-1937), (27-SEP-1937)

Berkeley Square Clothes / Padi Clothes Company, (of Philadelphia, PA) - [suits & trousers] - (27-MAY-1937), (30-SEP-1937)

Boderman Clothing Company, (of New York, NY) - ["Makers of Supreme Bilt Clothes" / men's and young men's clothing] - (07-JAN-1929: 1 and 2)

Boright, C. F. (of Sandusky, MI) - [personal letter] - (03-AUG-1933)

Botany Worsted Mills, (of Passaic, NJ) - [neckwear] - (26-APR-1937), (15-JUL-1937), (01-SEP-1937), (13-SEP-1937)

Boyce-Lazarus Company, (of Johnstown, NY) - [fine dress gloves] - (27-NOV-1937)

Bradley Knitting Company, (of Delavan, WI) - [sweaters, jerseys, bathing suits, scarfs, caps, children's suits, sport and golf socks, gloves and mitts] - (04-FEB-1929), (05-APR-1929), (07-MAY-1929), (12-OCT-1929)

Brigham-Hopkins Company, (of Baltimore, MD) - [straw hats] - (01-MAY-192?), (26-APR-1930), (05-MAY-1930)

Brown & Wells, Inc., (of Boston, MA) - [cravat makers] - (16-FEB-1931), (14-MAR-1931)

Brown Paper Goods Company, (of Chicago, IL) - ["Makers of Econ-O-Mail One Piece Window Envelopes"] - (17-JAN-1929)

Brummer & Son, Inc., (of New York, NY) - ["Crown Trousers"] - (11-JUN-1929), (20-JUN-1929)

Burroughs Adding Machine Company, (of Detroit, MI) - [adding machines] - (02-JUL-1929), (02-JAN-1937)

B. V. D. Sales Corporation, (of Chicago, IL / New York, NY) - [pajamas & swimsuits] - (04-AUG-1930), (13-SEP-1937), (20-SEP-1937)

Campbell Box & Tag Company, (of South Bend, IN) - [stock alteration tags] - (20-MAY-1937)

Canadian Observer Limited, (of Sarnia, ONT) - ["only daily newspaper in Lambton County"] - (May 1937)

Carhartt Overall Company, (of Detroit, MI) - [overalls] - (01-FEB-1929), (25-FEB-1929), (18-MAR-1929), (20-MAR-1929), (30-MAR-1929), (11-APR-1929), (28-JUN-1929), (12-NOV-1929)

Carter Sign Service, (of Sarnia, Ontario, CAN) - ["Makers and Painters of High Grade Signs of All Kinds" / show cards and banners] - (13-MAR-1929)

Cheney Brothers Manufacturers, (of South Manchester, CT) - ["Cheney Silks" & cravats] - (18-FEB-1929: 1 and 2), (21-FEB-1929), (19-JUN-1929: 1 and 2), (29-OCT-1929: 1 and 2), (17-MAR-1937), (02-NOV-1937), (04-NOV-1937)

Chicago Rubber Clothing Company, (of Racine, WI) - [reversible coats] - (25-MAR-1937)

Chicago Uniform & Cap Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [uniforms, caps, regalia, and lodge supplies] - (29-MAY-1936)

Cluett, Peabody & Company, Inc., (of Detroit, MI) - [arrow collars, shirts, handkerchiefs, and athletic underwear] - (27-SEP-1909), (26-JAN-1929), (18-FEB-1929), (07-MAR-1929), (18-MAR-1929), (21-MAR-1929: 1 and 2), (10-APR-1929), (23-AUG-1929), (10-SEP-1929), (16-SEP-1929)

Cohn & Company, (of Rochester, NY) - ["Superba Cravats"] - (08-MAR-1937)

Colombian Panama Hat Company, (of Cleveland, OH) - [importers and finishers] - (07-FEB-1929), (13-JUN-1929), (02-JUN-1937)

Cooper Underwear Company, (of Kenosha, WI) - [underwear] - (11-SEP-1928: 1, 2, and 3), (10-DEC-1928), (13-DEC-1928), (03-JAN-1929), (09-JAN-1929), (18-MAR-1929), (23-APR-1929), (26-APR-1929), (25-MAY-1929), (27-MAY-1929), (12-JUN-1929), (25-JUN-1929), (11-JAN-1930), (16-NOV-1937), (19-NOV-1937), (24-NOV-1937), (27-NOV-1937), (29-NOV-1937)

Crofut & Knapp Company, (of South Norwalk, CT) - ["Knapp Felt Hats"] - (25-JAN-1929), (08-FEB-1929), (13-FEB-1929), (05-MAR-1929), (22-JUN-1929), (13-JUL-1929), (14-AUG-1929), (28-JUL-1930), (29-JUL-1930), (08-AUG-1930), (12-AUG-1930)

Curlee Clothing Company, (of St. Louis, MO) - ["100% Pure Wool Velvet Finish Blue Serge Suit"] - (30-JUN-1937)

Dancyger Safety Pin Ticket Company, (of Cleveland, OH) - [alteration tags] - (14-JAN-1929), (25-APR-1929), (21-APR-1931)

Dennison Manufacturing Company, (of Framingham, MA) - [office paper products] - (18-APR-1929)

Detroit Suspender & Belt Company, (of Detroit, MI) - ["Apollo Belts & Suspenders" & garters] - (23-JUN-1930), (26-JUN-1937)

Doniger & Company, Inc., (of New York, NY) - [sweater sets & "importers of sportswear"] - (18-OCT-1937: 1 and 2), (29-OCT-1937), (01-NOV-1937), (10-DEC-1937), (15-DEC-1937), (30-DEC-1937)

Duffie-Dawson Furniture Company, (of Port Huron, MI) - [furniture, stoves, rugs, and general home furnishings] - (29-JUL-1929), (30-JUL-1929), (10-AUG-1929)

Duke, MacMahon & Company, (of New York, NY & Passaic, NJ) - [handkerchief manufacturers and importers] - (27-FEB-1917: 1 and 2), (10-AUG-1918)

Dutchess Manufacturing Company, (of Pughkeepsie, NY) - ["Dutchess Trousers"] - (strap), (30-OCT-1928), (10-MAY-1929), (11-JAN-1930), (14-FEB-1930), (28-FEB-1930), (16-APR-1930), (19-JUN-1930), (28-JUL-1930), (20-AUG-1930), (16-SEP-1930), (17-SEP-1930), (07-OCT-1930)

Edson, Moore & Company, (of Detroit, MI) - [wholesale dry goods] - (07-MAR-1930), (20-MAR-1930)

Essley Shirt Company, Inc., (of New York, NY) - ["Trubenized Collars"] - (19-NOV-1937)

Everson Electric Shop, (of Port Huron, MI) - [electrical contractors: fixtures, appliances, supplies, and radio dealers] - (05-OCT-1928)

Express Company (envelope)

Fashion Park Clothes, (of Rochester, NY) - ["Spatter Mist-Proof Coat"] - ("Fashion Chatter Monthly," February 1916)

Faultless Manufacturing Company, (of Baltimore, MD) - [pajamas, nightshirts, and underwear] - (11-JAN-1929), (24-JAN-1929), (27-AUG-1929), (28-AUG-1929), (19-SEP-1929), (24-NOV-1930), (29-NOV-1930)

Fechheimer Brothers Company, (of Cincinnati, OH) - [uniforms, headwear, and equipment, such as firemen hats] - (envelopes: 1 and 2), (order/measurement form / back), (Ready-Made Uniforms for Traction, Chauffeurs, Laundry, Bakery, Delivery, including G. A. R. uniform - Section: 1 and 2, Material Sample Card, Booklet Cover of Material Samples, Price Sheet), (22-APR-1927), (06-MAR-1929), (15-MAR-1929), (06-JUN-1929: 1 and 2), (08-JUL-1930)

Fownes Brothers & Company, (of New York, NY) - [gloves] - (22-NOV-1937)

Finestone-Hahn Company, Inc., (of Boston, MA) - [cloth hats and caps] - (14-JAN-1929)

Frank & Meyer Neckwear Company, (of St. Louis, MO) - ["Regalo," "Regal Cravats," & "Adjusto Ties"] - (31-OCT-1929), (07-NOV-1929), (23-OCT-1930), (06-DEC-1930)

Frost Company, Inc., (of Boston, MA) - ["Velvet Grip" hose supporters and "Boston Garters"] - (14-JUN-1929), (04-OCT-1929)

Gantner & Mattern Company, (of San Francisco, CA) - ["Gantner" swimsuits, wikies, sweaters, sportswear, and knitwear] - (01-MAY-1937)

Gerhard Suspender Company, (of Milwaukee, WI) - [suspenders] - (03-JUN-1929), (03-OCT-1930)

Gibberman Brothers & Company, (of Chicago, IL) - ["Makers of Sincerity Clothes for Men, Young Men & Students"] - (07-APR-1937), (09-APR-1937)

Given Manufacturing Company, (of East Chicago, IN) - ["Good Trouser Specialists"] - (07-JUL-1936)

Glover Company, (of Dubuque, IA) - [pajamas, shirts, and sportswear] - (22-DEC-1937: 1 and 2)

Goodall Company, (of Cincinnati, OH) - ["Genuine Palm Beach Cloth / Suits"] - (03-JUN-1937), (09-JUN-1937)

Goodwear Knitted Sportwear Company, (of New York, NY) - [superior grade sweaters & novelty knitwear] - (22-SEP-1937), (05-OCT-1937)

Gordon & Ferguson, Inc., (of Saint Paul, MN) - [mack coat & vests] - (22-JAN-1929), (21-OCT-1929), (10-DEC-1937)

Grammercy Mills, (of Philadelphia, PA) - [textile fabrics] - (27-NOV-1929: 1 and 2)

Grand Trunk Railway System, (of Port Huron) - [freight carrier] - (14-DEC-1920)

Gutman & Sons, (of Philadelphia, PA) - [suits & shorts] - (14-OCT-1936), (02-FEB-1937: 1 and 2)

Hafey & Company, (of Saginaw, MI) - [hosiery, underwear, and knit goods] - (01-DEC-1932)

Hamilton Carhartt Company, (of Detroit, MI) - [coats] - (01-OCT-1930), (24-OCT-1930)

Hansen Manufacturing Company, (of Milwaukee, WI) - ["Hansen Gloves"] - (14-JAN-1929), (17-JAN-1929), (04-FEB-1929), (15-APR-1929), (28-AUG-1929), (11-NOV-1929), (21-NOV-1929), (14-MAR-1930), (08-DEC-1930), (11-DEC-1930)

Hart, Schaffner & Marx, (of Chicago, IL) - [shirts and trousers] - (tie and shirt boxes with glassine liners / Christmas boxes), (21-JAN-1929), (28-JAN-1929), (22-FEB-1929: 1 and 2), (26-FEB-1929), (14-MAR-1929), (20-MAR-1929), (22-MAR-1929), (27-MAR-1929: 1 and 2), (28-MAR-1929), (30-MAR-1929), (02-APR-1929), (04-APR-1929: 1, 2, 3, and 4), (09-APR-1929), (10-APR-1929), (17-APR-1929: 1 and 2), (18-APR-1929), (06-MAY-1929), (13-MAY-1929), (15-MAY-1929), (21-MAY-1929), (27-MAY-1929), (31-MAY-1929), (10-JUN-1929), (22-AUG-1929: 1 and 2), (31-AUG-1929), (04-SEP-1929), (05-SEP-1929), (06-SEP-1929), (09-SEP-1929), (11-SEP-1929), (13-SEP-1929), (16-SEP-1929), (17-SEP-1929), (20-SEP-1929), (24-SEP-1929: 1 and 2), (27-SEP-1929: 1 and 2), (28-SEP-1929), (30-SEP-1929), (03-OCT-1929), (04-OCT-1929), (07-OCT-1929), (11-OCT-1929), (12-OCT-1929), (14-OCT-1929), (18-OCT-1929), (21-OCT-1929: 1 and 2), (22-OCT-1929), (23-OCT-1929), (28-OCT-1929), (31-OCT-1929), (05-DEC-1929), (20-DEC-1929), (06-JAN-1930), (07-JAN-1930: 1 and 2), (17-JAN-1930), (04-JUN-1934), (04-MAY-1937), (06-MAY-1937), (30-NOV-1937), (01-DEC-1937), (02-DEC-1937), (03-DEC-1937), (06-DEC-1937), (07-DEC-1937), (08-DEC-1937), (09-DEC-1937), (13-DEC-1937: 1 and 2), (15-DEC-1937), (22-DEC-1937: 1 and 2), (27-DEC-1937), (29-DEC-1937), (31-DEC-1937)

Heller & Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [collars, cuff links, and other accessories] - (18-MAR-1929), (25-OCT-1929), (06-NOV-1930)

Hewes & Potter, Inc., (of Boston, MA) - [suspenders, garters, belts, vestoffs, and the "Spur Tie," a type of clip-on bowtie] - (28-FEB-1929), (25-APR-1929), (26-APR-1929), (04-OCT-1929), (06-APR-1937), (16-NOV-1937)

Hickok Manufacturing Company, (of Rochester, NY) - [belts, buckles, and beltograms] - (15-JAN-1929), (28-MAR-1929), (16-NOV-1929: 1 and 2)

Hirsch & Son, (of Brooklyn, NY) - [mens lounging robe] - (undated)

Hodgman Rubber Company, (of Framingham, MA) - ["Zephrweight Waders"] - (08-MAY-1929)

Hoffman & Company, (of New York, NY) - [brocaded leisure robe with Skinner satin collar] - (02-NOV-1929)

Home Roofing & Siding Company, (of Port Huron, MI) - [roofing & siding] - (24-APR-1937)

Hork Brothers Neckwear Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [men's neckwear & mufflers] - (04-MAR-1937), (06-MAR-1937)

Hughes, Private William G. - [personal letters] - (01-MAR-1931), (04-MAR-1931)

Hut Neckwear Company, (of New York, NY) - [neckwear] - (08-FEB-1929), (12-MAR-1929), (10-JAN-1930), (14-MAR-1930)

Ideal Cap Manufacturing Company, (of Cleveland, OH) - [cloth hats and caps] - (22-JUL-1920), (29-JUL-1920)

Improved Manufacturing Company, (of Ashland, OH) - [raincoats for men, women, and children] - (14-JAN-1929), (15-APR-1929), (27-FEB-1930), (02-OCT-1930: 1, 2, and 3), (04-OCT-1930: 1 and 2), (08-OCT-1930), (20-OCT-1930), (19-DEC-1934), (09-NOV-1937)

Insurance Company of North America, (of Philadelphia, PA) - [insurance] - (undated)

International Handkerchief Manufacturing Company, (of New York, NY) - ["Sealpackerchief"] - (14-MAR-1929), (18-JUL-1929), (18-DEC-1929), (30-MAR-1930), (13-MAR-1937), (06-DEC-1937)

Interwoven Stocking Company, (of Martinsburg, WV & New Brunswick, NJ) - [socks] - (envelope), (19-NOV-1917), (01-NOV-1918 / back), (13-NOV-1918), (20-NOV-1918: 1, 2, and 3), (02-DEC-1918), (05-MAR-1929), (20-NOV-1929: 1, 2, and 3), (02-MAR-1937: 1 and 2), (05-MAR-1937), (12-JAN-1938)

Ionia Corporation, (of Ionia, MI) - ["Fine Weatherproof Garments for Men, Women and Children" / rubber specialties] - (18-DEC-1929)

Ionia Rubber Company, (of Ionia, MI) - [rubber coats] - (18-OCT-1929)

Jacobson & Sons, (of New York, NY) - ["The Shirt House of America"] - (02-MAY-1929: 1 and 2), (21-MAY-1929), (13-JUN-1929), (03-DEC-1929), (04-DEC-1929), (05-DEC-1929), (07-DEC-1929: 1 and 2), (09-DEC-1929), (12-DEC-1929: 1 and 2), (03-JAN-1930), (02-JUN-1930), (04-JUN-1930), (16-JUN-1930: 1 and 2), (03-JUL-1930: 1 and 2), (16-JUL-1930)

Jake's Tire Shop, (of Port Huron, MI) - [tires, accessories, and tubes] - (08-SEP-1929)

Jantzen Knitting Mills, (of Portland, OR) - [swimsuits] - (07-MAY-1929: 1 and 2), (17-MAY-1929: 1 and 2), (29-MAY-1929), (10-JUN-1929: 1 and 2), (05-JUL-1929: 1, 2, and 3), (18-JUL-1929), (09-AUG-1929), (13-MAY-1931: 1 and 2)

Kunstadter Brothers, (of Chicago, IL) - [] - (12-JUL-1920)

Kuttnauer Apron Specialties, (of Detroit, MI) - [union made men's aprons, oversleeves, cooks' and shop caps] - (19-SEP-1929)

Kwiathowski, Joseph B. - [personal letter] - (12-APR-1930)

Lamb Knit Goods Company, (of Colon, MI) - [sweaters, bathing suits, gloves, mittens, hockey caps, and specialties] - (27-NOV-1934)

Larned, Carter & Company - [overalls] - (22-APR-1920)

Lee & Cady, (of Bay City, MI) - [suede & leather jackets] - (17-MAR-1937: 1 and 2)

Leinkram Neckwear Company, Inc., (of New York, NY) - [cravat maker] - (28-FEB-1931)

Leshmer, Inc., (of Philadelphia, PA) - ["La-Salle Shirt"] - (07-FEB-1929)

Lester Udell, (of New York, NY) - [men's and young men's suits, topcoats, and overcoats] - (01-OCT-1937)

Levy Cap Manufacturing Company, (of Detroit, MI) - [hats] - (17-JUN-1937)

Maccabees, (of Detroit, MI) - [personal letter from "Rache"] - (06-DEC-1933)

Mallory Hat Company, (of Danbury, CT) - [fur, felt, and straw hats] - (11-JAN-1929), (30-JAN-1929), (31-JAN-1929: 1 and 2), (14-JUN-1929), (03-JUL-1929), (11-JUL-1929: 1 and 2), (21-JUL-1930), (31-DEC-1930)

Manchester Shirt Company / Miller Brothers Company, (of Philadelphia, PA) - [shirts] - (09-JUN-1930), (30-SEP-1930: 1 and 2)

Manolis Manufacturing Company, (of Chicago, IL) - ["Ideal Spats & Shoe Novelties"] - (01-NOV-1937)

Marks Furs, (of Detroit, MI) - [fur coats] - (18-JAN-1930), (27-JAN-1930), (30-JAN-1930), (09-APR-1931)

Matthes & Company, (of New York, NY) - [tuxedos and dress suits] - (08-APR-1929), (02-JAN-1930)

Metcalf Neckwear Company, (of Cleveland, OH) - [men's neckwear] - (04-JUN-1929)

Meyerhoff, Son & Company, (of Pottstown, PA) - ["Ben Franklin Brand Shirts"] - (09-APR-1917), (10-AUG-1918)

Moorhead Knitting Company, Inc., (of Harrisburg, PA) - ["Monito Socks"] - (03-JUL-1930)

Nirenberg Sons, Inc., (of New York, NY) - ["Nonpareil" high grade shirts] - (27-JAN-1937), (02-FEB-1937), (11-FEB-1937), (18-OCT-1937), (02-DEC-1937)

Novelty Cap, (of Detroit, MI) - [civilian & uniform caps] - (21-MAY-1937)

O. K. Cleaners & Dyers, (of Port Huron, MI) - [cleaners & dyers] - (31-JAN-1931)

Ohio Textile Products Company, (of Mansfield, OH) - [suspenders, belts, and garters for men] - (09-APR-1929)

Ornstein & Rice Company, (of Cincinnati, OH) - [neckwear] - (21-FEB-1929), (27-JUN-1929), (16-OCT-1929), (09-NOV-1929)

Orris Knitting Mills, (of Cincinnati, OH) - [knitted outerwear for sport] - (11-MAR-1929)

Parsons & Parsons Company, (of Cleveland, OH) - [waterproofed fabric collars and cuffs] - (13-FEB-1929), (05-MAR-1929), (29-JUL-1929), (17-MAR-1930), (22-OCT-1930)

Patterson Company, (of Port Huron) - [jewelers and opticians] - (19-MAR-1928)

Payette Neckwear Company, (of Detroit, MI) - [neckwear] - (06-SEP-1929), (16-OCT-1929), (16-NOV-1929)

Peckham-Foreman, Inc., (of New York, NY) - ["Travelo" knit jackets & swimsuits] - (27-FEB-1930)

Perfection Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [muffs, racks, caps, dusters, tickets, hangers, etc.] - (03-SEP-1929), (06-APR-1937)

Phillips-Jones Corporation, (of Detroit, MI) - [collars] - (26-JAN-1929)

Pioneer Suspender Company, (of Philadelphia, PA) - ["Pioneer-Brighton" garters and arm bands, "Pioneer" suspenders, belts, jewelry belt buckles, and "Kazoo" athletic suspender waists] - (14-JUN-1929), (14-FEB-1930)

Port Huron Credit Bureau, (of Port Huron, MI) - [retail credit] - (March 1930), (September 1930: 1 and 2)

Puritan Knitting Mills Corporation, (of Altoona, PA) - [knitwear] - (24-MAR-1937), (27-MAR-1937), (15-JUN-1937)

Rice-Stix Dry Goods Company, (of St. Louis, MO) - [shirts] - (22-JUN-1917), (16-JUL-1917), (09-JAN-1930)

Richards Company, (of Dayton, OH) - ["Better White Duck Clothing"] - (04-MAR-1930)

Roehm-Roehm Company, (of Dayton, OH) - [pants] - (31-MAY-1929), (13-DEC-1929)

Rosenwald & Weil, Inc., (of Chicago, IL) - [business suits, evening clothes, overcoats, raincoats, and summer clothing] - (05-JUN-1929)

Rothschild Brothers Hat Company, (of St. Louis, MO) - [hats, "All the New Ones All the Time" / "Longley Hats"] - (03-MAY-1929), (27-OCT-1929)

Rudofker's Sons, (of Philadelphia, PA) - [tuxedos and fancy vests] - (03-NOV-1937)

Schlesinger & Sons, Inc., (of New York, NY) - [high grade uniform caps] - (30-JUL-1937)

Sherman Bows, (of New York, NY) - ["Botany Bows"] - (07-MAY-1937)

Sheuerman Brothers, Inc., (of Des Moines, IA) - [overcoats, mackinaws, topcoats, and blouses] - (22-JUN-1929), (20-DEC-1929)

Signal Shirt Company, (of Racine, WI) - [shirts] - (03-MAY-1929: 1 and 2)

Slidewell Neckwear Company, Inc., (of New York, NY) - [neckties] - (19-APR-1929)

Spalding & Brothers, (of Detroit, MI) - [athletic outfitters] - (04-MAY-1929)

Spiegel Brothers, (of New York, NY) - [men's neckwear] - (17-APR-1931)

Springo Suspender Company, (of Adrian, MI) - ["Springo Suspender"] - (16-FEB-1929)

Stein & Company, (of Chicago, IL) - ["Paris Garters"] - (25-MAR-1929), (21-MAY-1930), (30-SEP-1930), (09-NOV-1937), (04-DEC-1937)

Stephenson Electric Company, (of Port Huron, MI) - [fixtures, heating devices, light & power wiring, electrical supplies, motors, construction materials] - (16-DEC-1929), (12-DEC-1930)

Stetson Company / Kensington Hats, Inc., (of Philadelphia, PA) - [hats] - (06-MAY-1930), (30-JAN-1936: 1 and 2), (03-FEB-1936: 1 and 2), (06-APR-1937), (19-MAY-1937), (01-JUN-1937), (15-OCT-1937)

Street's Battery & Auto Electric Service, (of Port Huron, MI) - [Prest-O-Lite Batteries & Stromberg Carburetors] - (06-NOV-1930)

Stylepark Hats, Inc., of Philadelphia, PA - ["Stylepark Hats"] - (15-FEB-1929), (28-JUN-1930), (18-JUL-1930), (29-AUG-1930), (16-AUG-1935)

Superior Hat, (of St. Louis, MO) - [hat manufacturers, importers, and exporters] - (14-APR-1937)

Swank Products, Inc., (of Chicago, IL) - [collar buttons & cravat chains] - (08-NOV-1937), (09-NOV-1937), (15-NOV-1937), (11-DEC-1937)

Syslin, R. - (25-JUN-1907)

Times-Herald Company, (of Port Huron, MI) - [newspaper] - (30-SEP-1937)

United Autographic Register Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [business systems] - (20-MAY-1930), (17-JUN-1930)

United States Rubber, (of Detroit, MI) - [rubber manufacturer] - (10-SEP-1929), (23-OCT-1929)

unknown - (partial receipt)

VanBaalen, Heilbrun & Company, (of New York, NY) - [bathrobes, house coats, and dressing gowns] - (21-JAN-1929), (11-DEC-1929)

Vevaco Products, Inc., (of York, PA) - ["Dr. Hawkins Belts"] - (27-JUN-1928)

Wallen & Company, (of New York, NY) - [coffee] - (05-APR-1929)

Wallkill Hat Works, (of New York, NY) - [hats] - (20-JUL-1929)

Warder Paper Box Corporation, (of Dunkirk, NY) - [paper boxes] - (31-OCT-1929)

Washington Manufacturing Company, Inc., (of Nashville, TN) - [work shirts, dress shirts, work pants, overalls, and children's play suits] - (12-MAY-1937), (11-JUN-1937)

Watkins, Phillip / P. J., (of Frederick, OK) - [personal letter] - (L. Higer & Son slip), (01-JAN-1927)

Webber, George F., (of Detroit, MI) - [sweaters, bathing suits, knitted specialties, supplies for bathing pools & beaches] - (18-OCT-1929), (21-OCT-1929)

Weitz & Company, Inc., (of New York, NY) - ["Westberry Topcoats & Overcoats"] - (27-FEB-1937)

Western Hosiery Company, (of Chicago, IL) - [gloves, hosiery, and underwear] - (23-AUG-1929), (30-OCT-1929)

Wilson Brothers, (of Chicago, IL) - [haberdashery] - (08-APR-1929)

Wovenright Knitting Company, (of Cleveland, OH) - [knitwear] - (05-OCT-1937)