pillars of honor

What is Pillars of Honor?

“Pillars of Honor” is a non-profit group whose purpose is to bring back the dignity of Civil War veterans by ensuring the pillars (headstones) where they rest are in good condition. Veterans who never had a stone will be honored by receiving a granite headstone upon a family member/descendant's request in writing. Military and historic headstones that are worn, broken beyond repair, missing or vandalized can be replaced free of charge by the Veteran’s Administration upon receipt of proper proof of military service as well as proof of the current condition of the headstone.

Every Civil War veteran buried in township cemeteries throughout the State of Michigan will be documented by photographing each headstone currently in existence and assessing it’s condition. Photographs will be placed online. Binders will be placed in local libraries and township offices. The Committee strives to ensure the memory of our Union soldiers is never forgotten. Their original headstones have either worn down to illegible text or have fallen into disrepair. Most of the original stones were made of either sandstone or marble (a soft porus material). These did not hold up to years of wear and tear.

The work of “Pillars of Honor”is endorsed by the John A. Logan Camp No. 1 SUVCW and the Henry S. Jenks Chapter National Society Daughters of the Union, 1861-1865 and is comprised entirely of volunteers whose only desire is to continue to uphold the honor and dignity that is due the veterans of the greatest civil war every fought on the grounds of these United States.

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