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This page will be an archive of additions and corrections to the site.  Upon subsequent visits, this is the first page you'll want to have a look at since this is where I will enter all new additions, updates and corrections.

Should you discover any broken links in a section I've worked on, please let me know immediately.



30 Apr 2007 The Surname Register has been updated.  See a 2nd transcription of the Maple Grove Cemetery in Haight Township - this one submitted by Sheri Dahlstrom of Ontonagon County.  It would be to your benefit to compare the two.  Several corrections were made in the Greenland Cemetery records, thanks to a message from Yvonne Roehm.  Michael Genrich updating Interior and Barclay cemetery locations.  Cat Nielsen alerted me to broken links (the bane of of a webpage existence).  Without the watchful eyes of these four people, our site would be the poorer.  Many thanks to them all for their assistance and insight.
06 Aug 2006 The history of Ontonagon village is now online, along with an information page regarding the 1896 fire which contains links to 6 newspaper transcriptions.  Also, the Vertical File is now open.
02 Aug 2006 Welcome to the new design for the Ontonagon County GenWeb site!  I still have a few more things to add, but I'll continue working behind the scenes and try to get everything online as I can.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what you see.  Even more, I hope this site will assist you in your research.