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Biography of Andreas K. Brandvold

Andreas K. Brandvold was born in Alvdal Norway on August 18, 1861. He was the son of Knut Avelson and Sigrid Troan Andresadatter. He came to the United States about 1887 and lived at Dalton MN, which is near Fergus Falls MN. There, he married Guddlaug Jordmoen who was also born in Alvdal Norway on August 8, 1868. They were married on October 18, 1891 in Dalton MN.

They had five children:

Later his family moved to Clearbrook MN where he was a farmer. He donated lumber for the building of the Seljord church there. His children were confirmed there also. His obituary states that a prominent Clearbrook resident died. He died on March 5, 1939. Guddlaug died later that year on July 30, 1939. They are buried at the Seljord Cemetery.

Andreas had three brothers, Iver who stayed in Norway, Lars and Avle and two sisters Anne and Carrie. Lars also lived and farmed near Clearbrook. He married Ingrid Erlandson and they had several children.

Avle, a life-long bachelor, lived in the Fergus Falls area and worked as a laborer. He died on Feb 6 1931.

Anne was married to Lars Stortroen when she came to the U.S. with several young children, Knut, Siri, Jens, Ingar; Signe, Andrew and Leonard were born in the United States. Lars died in 1897 and is buried at Wilton MN, which is near Bemidji MN. Also buried there are his sons Ingar and Andrew. Anne later married John Johnson. After John's death in 1926, she lived with Lars and Ingrid. She made quilts by hand and was a sweet person. Anne died in 1946.

Carrie Brandvold is much of a mystery to me. I only know that she was full of fun and zest with round red cheeks, laughed a lot and was very slim.