Northville Genealogical Society

Serving Northville, Canton, Livonia, New Hudson, Novi, Plymouth, South Lyon,

Walled Lake,Westland, and Wixom


Listed below are names and death dates for persons who are Northville residents or have Northville roots. There are obituaries on file.

You may request a scanned copy of an obit to be emailed for a $5.00 fee or a snail-mail copy with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a $5.00 fee. After your check is received, your obit will be sent.

Please address and mail the check to:  Northville Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 932, Northville, MI 48167-0932



Last Name First Name Death Date
Ifversen Douglas P 7/31/1994
Ifversen Marguerite E. 5/26/2000
Imsland Engla V. Peterson Puckett 10/1/2009
Imus Glenna Lucille Clark 12/24/2003
Ingle Allen C 11/13/1999
Inglis Mary Louise 8/6/2009
Inoue Kimio 4/27/2000
Intihar Victor H. 7/28/2001
Irwin Carroll W 2/6/1993
Irwin Lawrence E 5/21/2004
Isbell Gilene N. Ellcessor 8/02/2002
Isenberg Thelma Mae 1/18/2001
Isenberg Charles R. May 1963
Jablonski Patricia Ann ca 5/28/1987
Jablonski Rosemonda M. 2/17/2000
Jachimovich Gladys Boring 11/07.2001
Jack E Keith, Jr. 1/9/1992
Jacka Naomi Ann Robinson n/a
Jackson Donna Miriam Lee Baum 4/14/2008
Jackson Donna Rushlow 9/25/1990
Jackson Iris Marie ca 3/23/1986
Jackson Marion n/a
Jackson Marion 5/22/1905
Jackson John S. 9/19/1897
Jacobs Arthur C 8/22/1992
Jacobs Beatrice M 4/8/1993
Jacobs Leland B, Dr. 4/4/1992
Jacobson Arvid Werner n/a
Jacobson ElizabethBrock 5/17/1997
Jacox Julia n/a
Jagdmann Vivian H 3/18/1996
Jagusch Melena C. 4/07/2006
Jahn Arthur F 10/13/2006
Jakee Audrey Padgett 1/13/2004
Jameson Robert L. 1/09/1997
Janchick Michael H 3/29/2003
Janetzke Arthur A. 6/7/2006
Janick Dolores "Dee" Roberts 2/14/2004
Janke William n/a
Janz Hildegarde E 5/29/1994
Jarrett Phyllis A. 3/03/2006
Jarvis Emily S. Schwartz 1/18/2009
Jarvis Ethel M. 8/26/1999
Jarvis James H. 8/25/2001
Jasinski Bernice Henk 9/08/2002
Jaska Karen K  10/13/2004
Jaskot Stanley H 2/15/2003
Jaye Theresa C. 8/08/2002
Jendrisak Joseph E 6/2/2005
Jenkins Cecilia J. 2/13/1997
Jennes Marie S. Raymor 5/07/1999
Jennings Marki Ann 9/10
Jerome Alice Warner 6/2'
Jerome Ruth Owens 1971
Jex F. Marie Cooper 1/05/1997
Joels Frederick D. 9/04/1997
Joerin Harold W, Dr. 10/19/1995
Johnson Ada M Simmons 5/26
Johnson Alex Eric 10/29/2006
Johnson Alex H. 7/16/1936
Johnson Carl H. 6/14/2001
Johnson Charles H 4/22/1932
Johnson Charles W 1/26/1993
Johnson Daniel n/a
Johnson Elsie Natalie 4/16/1993
Johnson Emma Alken Dubuar 2/2/1936
Johnson Genevive Knapp n/a
Johnson Gladys V. Ford 6/29/1977
Johnson Mae D 11/28/1990
Johnson Margie A. Davis 1/11/2001
Johnson Martha B 10/29/1990
Johnson Minnie n/a
Johnson Moody, Sheriff 9/9/1975
Johnson Neal William ca 10/29/1989
Johnson Ralph H 11/17/1994
Johnson Ralph R. "Rip" 10/30/1991
Johnson Ruth Christensen n/a
Johnson Selina Key 1/21/1991
Johnson Syble D Moss 11/28/2003
Johnson W G Dr. 7/19'
Johnson William G 4/7/1905
Johnson William Pitts 12/15/1919
Johnston Charley W ca 10/26/1978
Johnston George H n/a
Johnston Glenn 5/1/1993
Johnston Roger W 1/1/1994
Johnston Roy W 12/9/1993
Johnston Stanley 1/03/1997
Joki Audrey Wood 7/31/1994
Jonas Robert V 10/9/1992
Jones Albert  Edward, III 3/18/1991
Jones Donald L. 4/02/2002
Jones Dorothy 9/7
Jones Gwen F  6/5/2004
Jones Lillie Mae Rork 3/13/1999
Jones Marie J. 7/12/1997
Jones Mary Janette  ca 7/20/1926
Jones Mary M "Peggy" 11/8/2005
Jones Shirley M ca 1/6/1974
Jones William T. 2/26/1938
Jorae Edna L. Downer 1/17/1997
Jorae Edna Lucille Downer 1/17/1997
Jordan Ruby M 7/18/1994
Jordon Marueen S Fedeson, Dr. 12/19/2001
Joslin Elizabeth "Betsy" 4/26/1988
Joslin Myra n/a
June Jean B Brown 11/28/2007
Junod Alice M. Litzenberger 3/3/1983
Junod Aubrey Sidney "Sid" 10/19/1993
Junod Frank N ca 9/19/1981
Junod Jack A 11/9/1995
Junod Patricia L 1/20/1994
Junod Vivian J ca 1/24/1981
Justice Debra Kay Liddle 3/9/2007
Justus Henry Thomas 4/09/1997
Justus Lillian L.Klein 7/18/1999