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"My forefathers didn't come over on the Mayflower, but they met the boat."

- Will Rogers

Birth, Death and Obituaries


Leelanau Co. Native Americans Births 1867 - 1920 (off site)


Baraga Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1882

Chippewa Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1876

Emmet Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1875

Houghton Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1875

Menominee Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1875

Oceana Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1875

Ontonagon Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1876

Leelanau Co. Native Americans Deaths  1867-1900 (off site)

Schoolcraft Co. Native Americans Death Index 1867-1880



2004 Obituaries
Obit Date
Elizior C. Morin
27 Feb 2004
Mary M. Decota
4 Mar 2004
Kenneth Bressette
8 Mar 2004
Patricia Ann Kemppainen
25 Mar 2003
Harriet C. Geroux

8 Jun 2004

John Asher
19 Oct 2004
Roger Kauppila 
22 Oct 2004
Ronald Gardner
25 Oct 2004

2003 Obituaries
Obit Date
Bernard Reffruschinni
1 Jan 2003
John T. Steadman, Sr.
1 Feb 2003
Georgianna Emery

9 Feb 2003

Clifford Loonsfoot
19 Feb 2003
Marion L. Lucas
26 Feb 2003
Violet Robinson
7 Apr 2003
Mildred D. Cadeau
24 Apr 2003
Margaret J. Carlson
28 Apr 2003
Lawrence E. Miller
29 Apr 2003
Edward A. Brisson
18 Jun 2003
Wm 'Bill' Mayo
10 Sep 2003
Sarah Froberg
27 Sep 2003
Sandra Dowd
22 Oct 2003
Carol Kay
22 Oct 2003
Judy Miron
14 Nov 2003
Myrtle E. Gauthier
5 Dec 2003
Lloyd Hugo
30 Dec 2003

2002 Obituaries
Obit Date
James Cardinial, Jr.

18 Jun 2002

Stephen Bedell
20 Jun 2002
David D. Kroupa
7 Jul 2002
Alice Curtis
8 Jul 2002
Wayne C. Brisette
20 Jul 2002
Byron A. Barbano
16 Aug 2002
Helen Madosh
4 Sep 2002
Helen Ruth Lindahl
11 Sep 2002
Darwin L. Kroupa
24 Oct 2002
Russell T. Nesberg Sr.
11 Dec 2002

2001 Obituaries

Obit Date

Raymond G. Trevillion, Jr.
13 Mar 2001
Mary E. Conners
11 Apr 2001
Alice Hadden
6 May 2001
Louis Picard, Sr.
20 May 2001
John M. Piskorz
30 May 2001
Evelyn Onkala
30 May 2001
Rease Premeau
29 Jun 2001
Albert Brunk
9 Jul 2001
Gary Miller
19 Jun 2001
James Emery
6 Nov 2001
Randal K. Rantanen
4 Dec 2001

Misc Obituaries

Catherine DuForce 29 May 1966

Onnie "Martha" Virta - 30 Jan 1979

Wm "Boyzie" Jondreau - 30 Jan 1979

Misc Obits Baraga, Co. 2001-2003


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At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page. My name is Rose Edwards and I'm responsible for Native Genealogy in Michigan. Please contact me if you would like to contribute to this database. If you would like to host a Michigan county, please contact Joan Brausch.

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