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In March and April, 1996, a group of genealogists organized the Michigan Comprehensive GenealogyDatabase.The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Michigan, where collected databases would be stored. In addition the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index.
  At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page. My name is Jan Cortez and I'm your host for Muskegon County. Please contact me if you would like to contribute to this database. If you would like to host a Michigan county, including this web site, please contact me.

Welcome to the Muskegon County MIGenWeb project. My name is Jan Cortez and I am honored to be your host. Although I don't live in Muskegon, my goal is to make information on this area available to others with roots in Muskegon. I hope to get others involved in making this happen. If you have uncopyrighted material that you would be willing to share, have access to materials that could be posted on this website, or are willing to transcribe material to put on the site, I would like to hear from you!  Keep an eye on this site as I will always try to have a couple of new projects in the works- Click on See What's New to  see the most recent additions and projects in the works. I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to hearing from people that would like to become involved... maybe you!

Jan Cortez

Muskegon County MIGenWeb is dedicated to Patti Norton former host of the site, for all her hard work. 1959-2013. May she rest in peace.

This website was last updated 5 February 2016

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  • Just Beginning Your Family Tree?? 
  • Where To Find It
  • Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Family Trees
  • Muskegon Lookup Library
  • Help! Have access to Muskegon resources? Can you spare some time to help fellow researchers?Email me!Jan Cortez
  • Includes a Bibliography of Books on the Area
  • Maps and Land Records of Muskegon County
    Muskegon Maps and Places
  • Muskegon County Placenames
  • Map of Muskegon County 
  • Michigan's Center for Geographic Information Muskegon Township Plat Map
  • Map Directory for Muskegon Co. Points of Interest 
  • Historical Maps of Muskegon 

    Land Records
  • Michigan General Land Office Records (Muskegon)
  • Bureau of Land Management (Land Records)
  • Land Survey methods used in Michigan
  • Also, see link to and info on Muskegon Co. Registrar of Deeds on Resources page.
  • Muskegon Resources
  • Muskegon County Libraries & Resources 
  • Muskegon County Clerk's list of County, City and Township Offices
  • List of Muskegon County Cemeteries
  • Muskegon Genealogical Society's Cemetery Indexes
  • Churches of Muskegon County 
  • Funeral Home Listing
  • Muskegon County Genealogy Resource Center Web Site Offsite link, use back button to return.
  • Genealogists and Researchers 
  • Muskegon History
  • Muskegon County Early Days Includes the Railway Station, Schools and early maps
  • Pioneers of Muskegon County 
  • Visit Schools of Muskegon circa 1888
  • The Last Livery Information from the Greater Muskegon Historic Association
  • The Old Indian Cemetery Information from the Greater Muskegon Historic Association
  • Lumber Barons- The Martin Ryerson Family Information from the Greater Muskegon Historic Association
  • Carmen's Corner
  • History of Muskegon-Index to the Township Histories
  • Summertime Amid Muskegon's Lakes 1908 
  • Montague Area Centennial 1867-1967 Index A-G, H-N, O-Y

    Pioneer Society Reports-
  • Part 1 Forming the County, 
  • Part 2-The Centennial History of Muskegon
  • Part 3- Saw Mills,
  • Part 4- Early Settlers
  • Part 5- Early Settlers (continued)
  • Part 6-Schools, Churches and the Post Office
  • Part 7-The Press, Muskegon Harbor, Miscellaneous and Conclusion

    Advantages of Muskegon, MI and Surrounding Area 
  • Part 1
  • Part 2-History of Michigan
  • Part 3-History of County & Town of Muskegon 
  • Part 4- City of Muskegon
  • Part 5-Churches and Y. M. C. A.
  • Part 6- Social Societies, Associations, Etc.
  • Muskegon School Information
  • Said and Done-1918 Yearbook of Muskegon High 
  • Muskegon January, 1933 Graduating Class
  • Muskegon Heights, 1948 Graduating Class
  • Mouth of White River School, Montague Pictures 1926 and 1929
  • Muskegon Data
  • Dibean Marriage Database
  • Muskegon County Marriage Records- Liber II 
  • Registered Log Mark Holders of Muskegon County
  • Holton Centennial Surname Index 1871-1971 

    Census Data
  • Michigan Census Links
  • 1820 Michigan Territory Census
  • 1830 Michigan Territory Census
  • 1850 Ottawa County Census
  • Michigan 1870 Census Index Search (includes some images)
  • 1894 Civil War Veterans & Widows State Census (MFHN)
  • 1860 Muskegon Federal Census Surname Listing 
  • Muskegon County transcribed Census records-
  • 1860 Entire County Completed!
  • 1870 Entire County Completed!
  • See also various Muskegon Census being worked on by-
  • Muskegon County Genealogy Resource Center Web Site 
  • 1880 Census Index on FamilySearch Genealogy Service Web Site (link on left side of page)

    Military Data
  • Muskegon Military Info
  • Civil War Martyrs of Muskegon County
  • Muskegon County Pensioners 1883 
  • Part 1 Muskegon & N. Muskegon
  • Part 2 Other Post Office listings
  • Muskegon County WWII Soldiers
  • Muskegon County, MI Korea and Vietnam Casualties and MIAs
  • Michigan Military Info
  • Michigan in the Civil War
  • Michigan State List for the Korean Conflict(NARA)
  • Michigan State List for the Vietnam Conflict(NARA)
  • National Archives Search site - enter War Casualties and Michigan
  • Muskegon Families
  • Family Tales.....Bios from Muskegon County and links to personal pages
  • Muskegon Co, MI Migrations Project.....Part of the Michigan Migrations Project by Patrick Hays
  • Myrtie Moore Smith's Scrapbook Part 1, Part 2
  • 1880 Diary of Susie Errington
  • Muskegon County Obituaries
  • Who Are We? 
  • Rippey Photo Studio-Who Are We II?
  • Montague "Lunch Bunch"
  • The Muskegon County Firehouse Page
  • Researchers Meet In Muskegon!!
  • May 2000
  • Portrait and Biographical Record of Muskegon Index
  • Muskegon County Neighbors
  • Newaygo County GenWeb Site
  • Kent County GenWeb Site
  • Oceana County GenWeb Site
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    You are our [an error occurred while processing this directive] visitor since October 24th, 1999-- thanks for stopping by!

    Muskegon River
    Carmen Carter
    06 Jul 1910 - 30 Jan 2000

    Winding through the hills and valleys
    Through wood lot and pasture land,
    Flows the beautiful Muskegon,
    Fairest river in the land.
    Time dimmed trails along the shore line
    Tell us that in days of old
    There a chieftain may have wandered
    Or a princess may have strolled.
    Some other trails, dim and moss grown
    Long ago were logging roads
    Where river men in days gone by,
    Hauled their many heavy loads.
    The river men are long since gone
    And the loggings days are too.
    But now, as though in memory
    Sweet violets bloom so blue.
    The violets bloom and wither
    As the seasons come and go
    But the river just keeps going
    Never pausing in its flow.
    Ever onward through the ages
    Lovely river grace our land.
    Gift of beauty, the Muskegon,
    Work of art by God's own hand.

    If you have information to contribute to this site, or questions- Email me-

    I would like to extend a BIG thank you to Monica Erickson for all her hard work on the Muskegon website. She has left me with a great site to work from!


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