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Thursday, January 1, 1880 

New Year’s Day.  I resolved to begin the new year right and kept it by lying in bed till 7 o’clock in the morning.  Did the kitchen work and then mended the rest of the time.  Went to prayer meeting in eve first time four months. 

Friday, January 2, 1880

Went with Cousin Nelia to have the babies’ pictures taken.  Helped Cousin Amalie make Fes (sic) pants.  Leissa sent me match-safe.  Mattie is coming tomorrow P.M.  Held Clarence and mended shoes, got supper, did up the work.  C. Sq.  is reading “Carried by Storm” by Mrs. Flemming.
Saturday, January 3, 1880
 Got breakfast, ate it, did up the kitchen work, made cookies, mopped.  P.M. did the dishes, my     room work, dressed for Mattie.  7 P.M., Mattie, Aunt Melissa, & Addie are come.  I’m happy they all remembered me at home.  The Aunts sent me a new book.
Sunday, January 4, 1880
Went to church this A.M.  Aunt M. went with us. Mr. Barnhart preached: text Luke 23, 43.   Quarterly meeting.  Partook of the Sacrament, by the grace of God.  I am striving to live a true Christian life.  Now am going to write Helen.  H. G. J. are Christians.

Monday, January 5, 1880

Evening.  First day of school.  Take up grammar in place Physi (sic).  Couldn’t go to school this afternoon on account of whooping cough in family.  Went to Dr’s office.  Hattie and Seymour are engaged.  I hope they will be happy. Chancy has been a naughty boy.

Tuesday, January 6, 1880

I’m tired and cross to-night and don’t want to study but I must. Grace Reade is better.  Nellie Kelly is back at school.  Could not get my grammar today as there were none at Bakers.  Tomorrow will be washing day.  I don’t like that.

Wednesday, January 7, 1880

I did not read my “Crumbs of Comfort” last night and things have gone wrong today.  Got up at 6 in the A.M., lighted fires, went to washing. Cousin A got break (breakfast), went to school.  M. hung up clothes.  4 P.M. cleaned kitchen, got supper.

Thursday, January 8, 1880

Grace R. back at school again.  I was one minute tardy this afternoon, carelessness.  Stayed to Society tonight, Nellie Collins elected Editor because Julie R. resigned.  She resigned not expected.  We have got to be examined tomorrow.  I dread it. 

Friday, January 9, 1880

Did not get up until after seven this morning.  Mr. Aims visited the school today.  We had writing this morning, examination Geography this afternoon.  Johnie Smalley was married Tuesday to Miss Bloome they sent us some wedding cake.  I didn’t give or receive help on examination.

Saturday, January 10, 1880

Baked pies, cookies, Rolled fried cakes, did up the Saturday’s work. Aunt Melissa and Cousin Nelia came in the afternoon.   I mended in the evening.  Had callers.  Frank W’s birthday.  Had a letter from father.

Sunday, January 11, 1880

This has been a lonely Sun(day).  It rained.  M & I were about sick, didn’t go to church.  Have written to G, L & E and Belle Seamen.  Now I am going to study my Sunday school lesson and then am going to bed.

Monday, January 12, 1880

Cousin Chancy went away this noon to be gone the rest of the week.  M & I went to Mr. Engle’s to their 6 hr. wedding this evening.  Had a nice time, got acquainted.

Tuesday, January 13, 1880

Aunt Melissa lighted the fire this morning and went to washing.  We got the white clothes all ready to hang out before breakfast.  I’ve been almost sick all day and am going to bed.

Thursday, January 15, 1880

My birthday.  A beautiful day, a beautiful evening for my new year.  It is very windy tonight, we can hear L(ake). Mich(igan) roar and tremble quite plainly from here.  I only made two mistakes in my dictation exercise. 

Friday, January 16, 1880

Warm but cloudy.  Aunt Maria’s birthday, she is 76. Mattie is almost sick with a cold.  I hope it is nothing more. Mrs. Collier was here tonight.  Mr. & Mrs. Engle called this evening.  I missed on ‘diminution’ tonight. 

Saturday, January 17, 1880

Mattie was sick with cold all day.  We were going down to have one of her teeth drawn but Grace Reed came to call on me and it was to (sic) late.  Mrs. & Miss Gustin called on Aunt MM & I called on Mrs. J. Smalley

Sunday, January 18, 1880

I have been sick all day and did not go to church or Sunday School. Mattie has felt better today.  I have been studying S. S. lesson for next S.  It is Mat (Matthew) 4, 1-11.  Christ tempted of Satan.  I am going to bed.

Monday, January 19, 1880

Written Friday.  Was sick all day and did not go to school all day.  Finished reading The Talisman, learned my Grammar lesson for next day, played Authors and mended my stockings in the evening.  Went to bed.

Tuesday, January 20, 1880

Written Friday.  We washed (word scratched out) then I went D. Goucher  emptied 2 washed tubs.  I got breakfast – ate it – washed dishes, went to school, carried an excuse to Mr. Gayley, Staied (sic) to Society after school. 

Wednesday, January 21, 1880

Written Friday.  Cousin A. & Clarence, Uncle G & Aunt M went to Mrs Gustin & Mrs Davis.  Mrs. Collier was here after school.  I lent her my Father’s Talisman and Cousin Addie’s umbrella.  Good night.

Thursday, January 22, 1880

Written Friday.  Went to school, was thoroughly provoked at G. Read, so was Mary A. because she wanted us to finish our story during work.  Went to lecture, it was splendid.  Theme.   Homer wrot (sic) the story.

Friday, January 23, 1880

Written Saturday.  Was examined in Arithmetic, oral & written, in the morning.  Uncle G. and Aunt M. came from Twin Lakes.   I think Aunt Melissa the lovlyest  (sic) woman I ever saw or knew.  She has done me so much good. 

Saturday, January 24, 1880

Helped do up the Saturday work.  Got ready for company, Mrs. Davies, Mrs Gustin, and Miss Gustin were here to tea. Miss G is very nice.  She wears a wig.  Mattie & Uncle G are playing dominoes.  Received a letter from Belle Seamant this morn.

Sunday, January 25, 1880

Went to church this morning.  The text was Psalms XIX 8-10.  I did not like the sermon much.  I am very tired tonight and not going to church.  I wonder if I shall ever be a good girl.

Monday, January 26, 1880

This has been ‘blue Monday’.  Cousin A was cross. Mr. Houseman read our standing.  I was 53, and he was cross, Gayley was cross and so was I.  I don’t know but I may have to go down in the Grammar School.

Tuesday, January 27, 1880

Clarence has been sick all day,  better tonight.  Uncle, Aunt went away today.  It has been just lovely all day.  This light is horrid. 

Wednesday, January 28, 1880

Written Friday.  Cold and windy.  I don’t remember much what I did except finish the ironing.  Clarence was a little better. Mattie has the headache.  I made one mistake in spelling.  We had a nice long letter from Mother.  They all write nice letters but Mother’s are best.

Thursday, January 29, 1880

Written Friday.  Cold, rainy and windy; a dismal day.  I am learning to parse and to understand Radicals and Proportion.  We went to Dr. Vester’s for tea.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Clarence is worse has high fever. 

Friday, January 30, 1880

A horrid day, rainy, cold and the winds goes clear through.  Clarence is very sick with pneumonia.  We had our paper read this afternoon.  It was super fine.  Cynie meant originally a littly (sic) growling, snapping cur.

Saturday, January 31, 1880

Written Wednes(day).  Windy and raw.  Mattie went to Teachers meetings from there to town, bought her a dolma (sic)(?) it is very plain and very pretty.  I was sick after supper consequently did study much.  (Probably meant did NOT study much)


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