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Following is a list of publications of the Midland Genealogical Society that are available for purchase:

  Title Price
1 Midland County, Michigan Obituary Index, 1872–1927 $20 plus $3 shipping
2 Midland County, Michigan Obituary Index, 1928–1950 $20 plus $3 shipping

Midland County, Michigan Obituary Index, both volumes #1 & #2

$35 plus $5 shipping
4 Midland County, Michigan Obituary Index, 1951-1982 $40 plus $5 shipping
5 Midland County Michigan Marriage Records 1855-1910 including Groom & Bride Indexes. SB $30 plus $5 shipping. HB= $55+$5.
6 Midland County Records CD (See description below) $25.

To Order a book make checks payable to Midland Genealogical Society.

Send to: Midland Genealogical Society BOOK: PO Box 2421, Midland, MI 48641-2421.


Midland County Records CD

This is a collection of some Midland County Records that have been compiled and extensively edited by Ora Flaningam. It is available in PDF format on a compact disk. The collection is mainly out of print books from our society, Harold Moll, and Ora Flaningam. Included are: "Midland County Cemetery Records", 1981, "Midland County Census 1850-1894" (1983), "Midland County Obituary Index 1872-1927", "Midland Pioneers", vol 1 (1999) & Vol. 2, "Midland County Probate Index 1850-1900", "Early Saginaw Valley History", Bethany Indian Mission 1843-1855", "Bethany Indian Mission 1851-1868", "In the Wilderness With the Red Indians", "Account Book of Charles H. Rodd", "Indian Build a Birch Bark Canoe", and "Index to First Families of Midland County".

Online Publications

The following publications are available for viewing online:

  • Midland County, Michigan Obituary Index, 1928–1950
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