Lake County Reminiscences

Marlborough - A Ghost Town

Submitted by
Cindy Kurland

Just south (I think) of the village of Baldwin, Lake Co., Mi. past where the old Drive Inn theater used to stand, there is a ghost town. The Real Marlborough country. I was fortunate as a child to have this massive fortress of concrete ruins to play among and lucky we never got hurt.

There was a blacksmith's shop, and several other buildings with huge basements in some that were as deep as twenty feet or more. You could see the remains of a once thriving factory that supported this town called Marlborough. North Lake holds the remains of a barge they sunk in the middle of a channel that the company dug. They sank it when the company closed shop.

They used to drag the surrounding lakes for a substance called marl,(hence the name Marlboro)which was used in the process of making cement. When the company closed, the town of Marlborough died. Everyone left the area. Someone else owns the ghost town now and there is a huge 10 or 20 ft fence around the whole thing.

You can no longer play within the ruins of Marlborough. I understand trespassers will be arrested by law.

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