Webber Township Cemetery/Pleasant Plains Cemetery Transcription

These Cemeteries are connected, only one sign stands.  The sign is for Webber Township Cemetery.  Webber Township Pleasant/Pleasant Plains Pleasant is in the Baldwin, Michigan area of Lake County. 

If you are doing family tree research on any of these people, please contact me by e-mail, I have further information on almost all of the names below.  Photo’s Of These Graves Can be provided.

This partial transcription has been done by Chi Rouse AislynHaze@comcast.net


Ina Bell                         Wife Of

                                    D.O. Avery                           (Stone Is Old, Hard to see the date)



Andrew L.                    1902-1946

103rd Grand Master

Independent Order Of Oddfellows Of Michigan


Died in Office January 9, 1946

Age 43 Years

John U. Bradford            Dad

                        John U.


                                                                                                Shared Marker (married).

Anna E.                        Mom

Charles C.                    Tec 3 US-ARMY

                                    World War II                                      Military Marker


Clara M.                       Grandmother


Elsie A.                                    1899-1982

                                    Married:  October 18, 1916                 They share the stone.

Jesse N.                       1894-1975

Emma S.                       Daughter of J&S Bradford


                                    July 23, 1882

                                    Aged 7 years 6 months, 13 days             (Stone is cracked, so age may be wrong)

Eva G.                          1904-1952

Florence                       Daughter Of J. & L. Bradford

                                    May 20, 1898-June 1, 1900

Frank                            1833-1917

George                         August 28, 1869-June 13, 1940

George N.                     Father


Gladys D.                     July 26, 1915-September 16, 1995

They share the stone (married).

Albert E.                       May 21, 1915-August 20, 1998

Harry W.                      Son


Jesse                            March 31, 1825-March 17, 1900

John A.                         Father


Lillian F.                       1867-1946


                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Jesse                            1867-1942


Mary E.                        1932

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Charles C.                    1924-1975

Edna                             Mother


Nancy E.                      January 18, 1955-November 8, 1993

Nina J.                          1909-1978

                                    Beloved Wife Of

                                    Andrew Bradford

Richard E.                    October 19, 1901-

                                    December 19, 1905

Sarah                            1833-1917

Vera B.                                    1888-1970

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married).

Elgar W.                       1887-1953

Violet C.                       Mother



Arthur J.                       1886-1956

Arthur I.                       1924-1979

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Virginia M.                   1925

Cleta E.                                    1905-1963

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Clarence I.                    1896-1967

Frankie                         Son Of

                                    F. & S. Drilling


                                    April 5, 1889

                                    Aged 5 Days

Larry Duane                 Son

                                    February 25-27, 1947                            Infant Marker

Lawrence                     Son Of

                                    F. & S. Drilling

                                    November 13, 1892


                                    11 Years, 11 Months, 20 Days

Milo R.                         August, 1927

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Barbara A.                   December, 1931-July, 1991

Sarah                            1859-1953

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Fred W.                        1854-1930

Willard G.                     1894-1950

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Eva Avery                    1897


Paul D.                         PFC US ARMY

                                    World War II                                      Military Marker

                                    August 31, 1919-September 20, 1998

Paul D.                         1919-1998                                         Same man from above.

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Emma M.                     1921-1995


Anthony L.                   1933-1993


Ginger Elaine                Our Little Angel

                                    January 25- February 17, 1950                                    Infant Marker

                                    God Gave Us But 24 Days

Marguerite F.                May 26, 1915-May 25, 1970



Ewald H.                      1872-1955

                                                                                                Shared Marker (married)

Mary A.                       1882-1965

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