Lake County MIGenWeb Content Guidelines

Lake County  MIGenWeb Content Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines for posting to the Lake County MIGenWeb. I am always looking for information on Lake County genealogy that will make your search successful. Unfortunately, not everything that I receive is appropriate for the web site. I will try to notify you of and ask if you can correct the problem and re-submit the information.

Copyright Permission: I can only post material published after 1923 in the U.S. and Canada with specific written permission of the copyright holder. If you provide me with written permission to reprint the material from the copyright holder, I will be glad to post your information.

No questions about living persons: Please do not include information about other living people to protect their privacy. It is OK to include information about yourself but please respect the privacy of others on the Internet. See Myra Vanderpool Gormley’s article titled  “Oxymoron: Privacy and the Internet” on this important topic.

This MIGenWeb site is non-commercial: Please do not post commercial messages, fee-for-service postings, advertising or related links, etc.

Lake County genealogy: There needs to be a clearly stated connection to Lake County. If you are unsure about what Michigan county to post your query in, try MIGenWeb’s  Queries for Unknown Michigan Counties page.

For a good natured look at writing effective queries, checkout Gary Lee Phillips’ article  ”Writing Better Queries.”

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