Chase First Congregational Church

Chase Congregational Church

Transcribed by Shanna Avery

Transcribed from original records in the "United Church of Christ. Michigan Conference records 1840-1975" collection at the Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Members and Date of Reception
Adams, Miss Mary, Mar. 10, 1888
Adams, Miss Sarah, Mar. 10, 1888
Adams, William, Oct. 25, 1885
Adams, Mrs. William, Oct. 25, 1885
Bigbee, Mrs. Pheobe, Sep. 28, 1873
Buck, Mrs. Anna, May 1906
Buck, Miss May, May 1906
Caldwell, Mrs. Addie, Feb. 1, 1884
Caldwell, Mrs. Ella, Dec. 10, 1899
Corwin, Mrs. Maria, Mar. 29, 1893
Clark, Mrs. Emaline, 1897
Fisher, Miss Bertha Dec. 1901
Furniss, George, May 10, 1885
Furniss, Mrs. Lizzie, May 10, 1885
Garbutt, Miss Grace, May 1906
Garbutt, Mrs. Libbie, Oct. 25, 1885
Griffiths, Miss Nellie, Nov. 5, 1905
Hagadone, Mrs. Cora, Jan. 1, 1899
Hoover, Mrs. Isabella, Mar. 29, 1893
Hoskin, Mrs. Addie Swain, Mar. 29, 1893
Hoskins, Mrs. Minnie Miller, Jun. 29, 1898
Hoskin, Nicholas, Mar. 29, 1891. Died Apr. 11, 1898.
Howland, Miss Kate, Dec. 1901
Howland, S. M. Jan. 1896
Howland, Mrs. S. M. Jan. 1896
Iden, Rev. and Mrs. A. J., May, 1906
Jarvis, Mrs. Mary, 1897
Joiner, Mrs. Martha, Mar. 26, 1876
Knevels, Mrs. Lucy, Apr 25, 1886
Lacey, Mrs. Mabel. Apr. 28, 1907.
Lathrop, Simeon, 1897
Lusby, Mrs. Mary
Messanger, Mrs. Delia, Jul. 7, 1878. Died Jul. 1910.
Mosteller, Mrs. Kate, Sep. 1, 1901
Murry, James, Mar. 10, 1888
Murry, Mrs. Nellie, Mar. 10, 1888
Nicol, Mrs. John, Mar. 29, 1893
Nicol, Mrs. Margaret, Mar. 29, 1893
Nicol, Murry, Nov. 5, 1905
Roadhouse, J. B. Sep. 7, 1890. Died Jan. 1907.
Roadhouse, Mrs. Jennie, Sep. 7, 1890
Robson, Miss Bella, Nov. 5, 1905
Robson, Nellie, Nov. 5, 1905
Rogers, Mrs. J. G., Sep. 28, 1873. Died 22 Feb. 1907.
Schwagert, Mrs.Maggie Furniss, Jul. 30, 1887
Sharp, Mrs. J. Mar. 8, 1891
Smead/Shepard Mrs., Dec. 1901. Died May, 1907.
Smith, Cephas, Nov. 1901
Smith, Mrs. Cephas, Nov. 1901
Smith, Mrs. Sarah
Spears, Harriett, Nov. 5, 1905
Spears, John, Sep. 7, 1890
Spears, Mrs. John, Sep. 7, 1890
Spears, Miss Louise, Oct. 1895
Tanner, Mrs. Jennie, Nov. 5, 1905
Tanner, Mrs. Minnie, Apr. 30, 1883. Died Aug, 1910
Vanderhoof, Mrs. Luella Messanger, Mar. 29, 1893
Wiggins, Miss Ruth, Nov. 5, 1905
Wilcox, Miss Daisy, Sep. 5, 1900
Wilcox, Warren P., May 10, 1899
Wilcox, Mrs. Warren P., May 10, 1899


Church Offices

Collins, E., Jun. 11, 1905
Howland, Samuel M., Jan. 1896
Kinney, G.W. Mar. 17, 1912
Kinney, Ira (Assistant Pastor) Mar. 24, 1912
Lincoln, George E., Jul. 27, 1902
Wilcox, Warren P., May 1, 1899

Adams, William, Apr. 1899, and Dec. 31, 1901, Jan. 18, 1907
Spears, John, Jan. 1898, Dec. 13, 1905

Sunday School Supt.
Adams, Wm. 1898, 1901, 1902, 1903
Spears, John, 1904, 1906/Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Caldwell assistants., 1907

Assistant Sunday School Supt.
Mrs. Furniss, 1898
Mrs. M. Tanner 1901
Rev. Wilcox 1902

Field, Mrs. 1898
Griffith, Nellie, 1901, 1903/Assistant Margaret Nicol, 1904, 1906/Margaret Nicol and
            Mrs. Field, assistant. 1907/Margaret Nicol and Harriett Spears assistants
Nicol, Margaret, 1902/May Buck assistant
Slote? Miss Mamie, 1900/Assistant organist Margaret Nicol.

Nicol, Margaret, 1907
Samis, Mr. Charlie, 1904
Smith, Mrs. C. H., 1898
Smith, Cephas Smith, 1901

Nicol, Margaret 1898

Church Board

Adams, Wm.
Collins, Rev. E.
Spears, John

Cadwell, Mrs. O.J., 1898, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907

Adams, Wm., 1903
Furniss, George, 1898
Murry, James, 1898
Nicol, Mrs., 1904
Spears, John 1898, 1901, 1904, 1907
Tanner, Jennie, 1907

Adams, Mrs. Wm., 1903
Garbutt, Libbie, 1906
Knevels, Mrs. 1898, 1901, 1902

Finance Director
Adams, Wm. 1902
Buck. Miss Anna, 1907/John Spears and Margaret Nicol assistants
Caldwell, Mrs. Nellie, 1904/John Spears assistant.
Mrs. Furniss, 1898, 1901
Nicol, Mrs. 1905
Tanner, Jennie 1906/John Spears assistant

Items of Interest from Church Minutes

The joint Committees of the Chase and Hersey Churches met with Rev. Huston and Bradley at Reed City on Monday, Jun. 13, 1898 to consider the proposed union of the two fields. After a full consideration of the needs of both fields the following motion was made by Rev. Bradley: Resolved that we submit to the churches for their consideration that they unite under the labors of our pastor that the pastor resides at Chase, that he give the church at Hersey Sunday morning service and the Chase church Sunday afternoon service. This was unanimously carried. N. S. Bradley, Scribe.

Jan. 4, 1899. Pastor Howland offers resignation.  Remain until Apr. 1, 1899. A note of thanks to Pastor for his labors and forbearance is given to which Pastor responds gratefully assuming church of his satisfaction with the fellowship but deems it expedient for him to go.  (He removed to Allendale Cong. Church.)

May 10, 1899. By Pastor’s request (Rev. Wilcox) church vote to hold prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings beginning the coming Wednesday.

Dec. 10, 1899. Observed the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.

Apr. 27, 1902. Letter granted Rev. W. P. Wilcox, wife and daughter Daisy and Pastor’s labor cease in Chase.

May 30, 1902. Pastor E. J. Ayer preaches memorial sermon and remains on the field a week as candidate for the pastorate of the Chase Cong’t. Church.

Jun. 27, 1904 Rev. George E. Lincoln closed his second year labor with the 1st Cong. Ch. Of Chase yesterday June 26, will discontinue coming until further notice is given him by church.

Jun. 7, 1908. Mr. Collins closed his pastorate at Chase.

Mar. 20, 1910. Rev. C. H. Harger Sunday School missionary visited Chase and preached morning and evening. His object in coming was to reorganize S.S. as is has been discontinued since Sep. 1909. We are to expect him again in the near future as a Supt. Could not be found at this time.

Apr. 17, 1910. Rev. Kinney of Baldwin organized S.S. with Nels Neilsen for Supt.

May 1910. Fund to get Church bell repaired.

Jun. 12, 1910. Observed Children’s Day. Rev. Kelly gave address. Rev. C. B. Fellows preached morning and evening.

Mar. 5, 1912. A meeting called by Rev. Kinney of Baldwin to consider the question of opening the Cong. Church and putting a pastor in parsonage. Resolved that we cooperate with the Baldwin Cong. Church and accept the Rev. G. W. Kinney as Pastor and Ira Kinney, his son, as assistant pastor to reside in parsonage at Chase.

Mar. 24, 1912. Ira Kinney began work as Assistant Pastor. Sunday School is reorganized, also Ladied Society.

Aug. 24, 1912. Ira Kinney closed his pastorate. Has accepted call to Baldwin Church.

Jun. 5, 1914. The notice having been previously given, a special business meeting of the First Cong. Church of Chase, MI was held Jun. 5, 1914, of which meeting it was unanimously voted to deed all the property of the above church over to the Michigan Congregational Conference, and the Board of Trustees was authorized to except? deeds to the Michigan Cong. Conference.



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