Photographs and Postcards from Lake County

Photograph [n.d.] of Adams Express office. (l) Kenneth U. Blass (r) unidentified.

Postcard of Baldwin, Michigan looking down main street and dated 1-9-09 to Mrs. C. H. Rose of Evart, Michigan from “L. L.”

Photograph of steam locomotive and crew [n.d.]. Caption “Traverse City Local Freight at Peacock”.

Photograph [n.d.] of Lake County Bank with unidentified people.

Postcard captioned “Vandenberg School 1916  K.U.B.” [Kenneth U. Blass]

Postcard of Caplan store, Baldwin Michigan dated 7-12-1910 to Glenn Wilkinson of Sparta, Michigan from Floss. 

Probably Florence Updegraff granddaughter of Jesse and Sarah Bradford; later the wife of Glenn Wilkinson.

Caplan store is on southeast corner of Main Street [Michigan Avenue] and Baldwin Road.

Postcard of  Baldwin Michigan dated 10-26-1910 to Glenn Wilkinson of Sparta, Michigan from Floss.  Store on left of photo is the “Gambles” store on the northeast corner of Main Street [Michigan Ave] and Baldwin Road. Caplan’s store is second from left in photo.

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