Jackson County Michigan USGenWeb Project Surname Index

Jackson County Michigan USGenWeb Project Surname Index

This page is designed to provide an index to the Jackson County Queries page and to help genealogists researching the same surnames within Jackson County to get in touch with each other.
Entries are alphabetical; you can use the Alphabet Index below, or your browser's "Find" command to search for a specific surname.
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O-Z Surnames
O-Z SurnamesResearchers Name and Address Links to Page
  O'DELL   Paula J Bedell Query
  OLES   Norma Heiman Query
  OLEVER   Joe Griffith Query
  OLIN  Theresa Raby Query
  OLREE   Bigtapir Query
  ONDERDONK   Carol Griswold Salli Query
  ORDISH   Robert DeVowe Query
  ORRISON   Kathy Townsley Query
  OSTERELE   Sandy Wertz Query
  OSTRANDER   Cindy Hohlstein Query
  PALMER   SenecaJ Query
    Rose Marie Anderson Query
  PARKS   Carol Slotnick
  PARMETER   Joyce Hambleton Whitten Query
  PARROTT   Brett Parrott Query
  PATERSON   Karen Albright Query
  PAYNE   Nancy Westenfield Query
  PEAKE  Ed Easlick Query
  PEARSON   Cornelia Warner Query
  PELHAM   Scot Reed
  PERKINS   Denise Perkins Ready Query
  PERRINE   pwarden Query
  PETERSON   Scot Reed
  PHELAN   Mary Lou Bachman Query
    mary phelan Query
  PHILLIPS   Rose Marie Anderson Query
  PICKLES   Curt Sanders Query
  PIERSON   Nancy Westenfield
  POTTS   Toni I. Benson
  POUKE   Carolyn Schultz Zenoniani Query
  PRESTON  Lee Loomis
    Scot Reed Query
    bob preston Query
  PULTZ   Nancy Westenfield Query
  PURCHASE   Denise Perkins Ready Query
  PUSER   Michael Playford Query
  QUICK   Nancy Wach Query
  QUIVEY   Bobbie Snow
  RANDOLPH  Cindy Walton
  RAWSON   Scotty Rawson
  RAYMOND   SenecaJ Query
    Rose Marie Anderson Query
    Denise Reynolds
  RECORD   Ron Kyes Query
  REDNER   Lee & Jean Loomis
  REED   Scot Reed Query
    Tami Wells Query
   Mindy Reed Query
    Scot Reed
    Norman Stephan Query
  REPASZ   Bernice White Query
  Rickard   Donna Brooks
  ROBBINS   Nancy Westenfield Query
    Nancy Westenfield Query
    Nancy Westenfield Query
  ROBERTS   Bonnie Beck Query
  ROBINS   Nancy Westenfield Query
  ROGERS   Joyce Erickson
  ROOT   Paulette Haynes Query Page
  ROSE  Vera Hemminger
  ROSS   April Richardson Query
  RUSSELL   Sandy Phillips Query
    Denise Perkins Ready Query
  SACKET  Marc Archer Query
  SAVAGE   April Richardson Query
  SCHEPERS   Kellie Lundgren
  SCHULTZ   Carolyn Schultz Zenoniani Query
  SEAMANS-SIMMONS   Joanne Pezzullo Query
  SECORD   Joan Somers Query
  SEGER   Ellen Seger Query
  SEID   LnMSeid Query
  SEVIER   Austin Wilgus Query
  SHANKS   April Richardson Query
  SHATTUCK   Nancy Westenfield
  SHAVER   Nancy Westenfield Query
  SHELDEN   Charles H. Shelden, Jr. Query
  SIMON(S)   John M. Hammell Query
  SIMONS   Jack Hammell Query
  SMELL  M.J.Whitehead Query
  SMITH   Debra Eddy Query
    David Grinnell
    JanieCD Query
    Nancy Wach Query
    Scot Reed
    Norman Stephan Query
    Beth Wibe Query
    Jay Deeben Query
    Judith A Altug Query
   Debbie Howard Query
    Bill Kurtz Query
  SOPER  Theresa Raby Query
  SOUTHWICK  Cindy Walton
  SPINK  J Nevills Query Page
    Colleen S. Query
    Colleen Stokes Query
  STANFIELD   Joan Somers Query
   Cheryl Stanfield
    Dianna L. Alaniz Query
    Dianna L. Alaniz Query
  STEIMEL   Eric Alli Query
  STEVENS   Debra Eddy Query
    SenecaJ Query
    Rose Marie Anderson Query
  STIMER   Rachel Stimer-Hoffman
  STODDARD   Bonnie Beck Query
  STONE   Allan Abrahamse Query
  STRIKER  Cheryl Stanfield
  SWARTZWALTER   Richard Blanton Query
  SWEET   Phyllis Ceratto Evans Query
  TENNANT   Colleen TENNANT Mulligan Query
  THATCHER   Sue Swartzmiller
  THOMAS   Colleen Stokes Query
  THOMPSON   James E. Thompson Query
  THORNE   Grace (Eva) Thorne Smith Query
  THORP  Debbie Howard Query Page
  TOMLINSON   Chris Vaughn Query
  TODD   Colleen Stokes Query
  TOWNER   Scot Reed Query
    Scot Reed
  TRIPP   Bob Tripp Query
    James C. Tripp
  TRUE   Pat Dietrich Query
  Tyler   Tyler Montgomery Query
    Maggie Query
  UNDERWOOD   Lee & Jean Loomis
    Denise Reynolds
  VAN DeCAR   Janice Krivsky
  VANDUSEN   Norma Harkness Query
    norma Query
  Van Houten   Tyler Montgomery Query
  VAN NORWICH   Marcia C Steele Query
  VAN ORDEN   Jim Ulberg Query
  VEDDER   Rose Marie Anderson Query
  VIDITO   Jacqueline Kalinauskas Query
  VINING   Lee & Jean Loomis
  WAGNER   Kathie MacGregor Donahue, A.G. Query
    Kathie MacGregor Query
  WARNER   Maggie Query
  WARREN   Nancy Wach Query
    Lisa Warren Query
  WASHBURN  Carol Ring Query
    Sherranlynn Kincaid Nichols Query
  WATERS   Ronnie Aungst Query
  WATSON   Debra Eddy Query
    Jim Cameron Query
  WAY   Mary Gallivan
  WEATHERWAX   Wayne E. Weatherwax Query
  WEBBER   John M. Hammell Query
  WEBSTER   Barbara Dean Query
  WEEKS   Betty Thomas Query
  WELCH   PP5963 Query
  WELLMAN   SenecaJ Query
  WERTZ   Sandy Wertz Query
  WESTON   David Arntsen
  WHEELER   Paul Bench Query
   Carol Swensen
    Steve Graves
  WICKWIN   Ron Kyes Query
  WHITNEY   Barbara Black Query
  WIELAND   John F. Kehring Query
  WICKWIRE   Ronald L. Kyes Query
  WILCOX   Norman M. Hardin Query
    Jacqueline Kalinauskas Query
    Richard Welch Query
  WILLEY   Maggie Query
  WILLIAMS   Dianne G. Jonas Query
    Sandy Newport Ellefson Query
   Al Williams Query
    Bonnie Beck Query
  WILMART  Debbie Howard Query Page
  WILSON   SenecaJ Query
    Rose Marie Anderson Query
  WINCHELL   Kathie MacGregor Donahue, A.G. Query
  WINGAR   Ronald L. Kyes Query
  WINSLOW   WhiNick Query
  WOLCOTT   SenecaJ Query
  WOOD   Colette Wood Mazey
  WOODLIFF   Jack Hammell Query
  WOODMANCY   Dave Davisson Query Page
  WOODWARD   Alta M. Oben Query
  WOODWORTH   Joyce Erickson
  WOOLEY   Maggie Query
  WOOLUMS   Debbie Carpenter Query
  WRIGHT  Cindy Stanton
   Al Williams Query
  WRIGHT   Barbara Dean Query
  YOUNG  Carol Swensen Query
    Sherranlynn Kincaid Nichols Query
    Elizabeth Mary Pulver Query
    Debbie Carpenter Query
    Ron Kyes Query
  YOUNGLOVE   Grace Younglove Hudson Query

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