Jackson County Michigan USGenWeb Project Surname Index

Jackson County Michigan USGenWeb Project Surname Index

This page is designed to provide an index to the Jackson County Queries page and to help genealogists researching the same surnames within Jackson County to get in touch with each other.
Entries are alphabetical; you can use the Alphabet Index below, or your browser's "Find" command to search for a specific surname.
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G-N Surnames
G-N SurnamesResearchers Name and Address Link to Page
  GALLUP   Kathie MacGregor Donahue, A.G. Query
  GARRED   Linda Hopp Query
  GARRED/GERRED   Linda Hopp Query
  GEMBERLING   Maggie Query
  GERMAN   Phyllis Ceratto Evans Query
  GIBBENS   Judy Conklin
  Godfrey   David Godfrey Query
  GOWING   James Hamilton
  GRANT   Judith A Altug Query
  GRAY   Alta M. Oben Query
  GREEN  Bill Seaton Query
  GREENE   SenecaJ Query
  GRIFFIN   Tim Kirwan Query
  GRIFFITH   Maggie Query
    Joe Griffith Query
  GRINDALL   Jeff Lintner Query
  GRINER   Brenda Callahan Query
  GRINNELL   David Grinnell
  GUINAN   Dawn Mark Query
  GUNSAULLUS   Wilda Marshall Brown Query
  GWATKIN   Deborah Gosselin Query
  HADLEY   John F. Kehring Query
  HAEHNLE   Bernice White Query
  HAGAMAN   David Grinnell
  HAIGHT   Sara Hartung Query
  HAIR/HAIRE/HARE   Sue Swartzmiller
  HALE  Denise Reynolds
  HALL   Debra Eddy Query
  HAMMILL   Jack Hammell Query
  HAMMOND   Michael Hoch Query
    Alzina Egbert Query
  HARDING   David Arntsen
  HARLAND   John T. Harland
  HARLOW   Colleen Stokes Query
    Colleen Stokes Query
  HARPER   Debra Eddy Query
  HARRIS   Richard Harris Query
   Susan Rowe Query
  HART   Nancy J Chambers Query
  HARTLEY   Mary Gillett Query
  HATT   Debra Eddy Query
  HAVEN   Karen Albright Query
  HAVENS   Judith A Altug Query
  HAWES   Pat Zipper
    Don Patton na Hawkins
  HAWLEY   Marge Lukacsko Query
    Judith A Altug Query
    Marje Lukacsko Query
  HAY   Colette Wood Mazey
  HAYDEN   Mary Yamamoto
  HAYES   Eric Alli Query
  HAYNES   Paulette Haynes Query
    Paulette Haynes Query Page
  HEMMINGER  Vera Hemminger
  HENDRY   andy and alice Query
  HIBBARD   Mary Gallivan
  HILL   Sandy Newport Ellefson Query
    Scot Reed
  HILLS   Jeanette Chase Query
  HOAG   Rathbun
  HOARD   Sandra Lewis
  HOBART   Jennifer Wheeler Query
  HOLBROOK   Alice Griffith Query
  HOLCOMB  Al Williams Query
  HOLDEN   Mary Lou Bachman Query
  HOLFORD   Debra Eddy Query
  HOLMES   Richard Blanton Query
   Carol Swensen
  HOOKER   Judith A Altug Query
  HORSLEY   Jack Cameron Query
  HOWELL   Debra Eddy Query
  HUNTER   Margaret James Query
  HUNTLEY   Mary Gallivan
   Carol Swensen
  HUNTOON   Allan Abrahamse Query
  HURLBURT  Cindy Stanton
  JACKSON   Debra Eddy Query
    Marian Mizner Zevallos Query
  JACKSON   Toni I. Benson
  JENNINGS   Mike Cartwright Query
  JEWELL  Cindy Walton
  JOHNSON   Vicky Query
  JOHNSTONE   Janice Krivsky
  JONES   Sherranlynn Kincaid Nichols Query
  KEMP   Janice Krivsky
  KERWIN   Tim Kirwan Query
  KEYZER   Austin Wilgus Query
  KILPATRICK   Bernice White Query
  KINCAID   Dawn Query
  KING   Debra Eddy Query
    Nancy Westenfield
  KNAPP   Denise Perkins Ready
  KNICKERBOCKER  Marc Archer Query
  KNOX   Pat Zipper
  KOCH   Carol Gregory Wright
  KYES   Ronald L. Kyes Query
  LADD   Richard Lee Query
    tqhvd Query
    dick lee Query
  LaFLEUR   Doris Balesky Kennard
  LAMOUNTAIN   Karen Davis Query
  LANDIS   Lee & Jean Loomis
  LARZELERE   Jonathan E. Bloom
    Jeanne Larzalere Bloom
  LASAGE  Debbie Howard Query
  LAURENZ   Doris Balesky Kennard
  LAWLOR   Bernice White Query
  LAWRENCE   Bill Kurtz Query
  LAYCOCK   Debra Eddy Query
  LEE   Nancy Wach Query
    Sallie Austin Query
  LENNOX/LENOX   Carol Stevens Query
  LEWIS   Diane &-Jerry Parsons Query
    HelenL Query
    Kathie MacGregor Donahue, A.G. Query
  LOCKHART   Norma Heiman Query
  LOGAN   Joan Somers Query
  LOOMIS   Lee & Jean Loomis
  LOSEY   SenecaJ Query
   Denise Reynolds
  LUCAS   Sandra Lewis Query
  LUCK   John T. Harland
  LUTHER   Bill Kurtz Query
  LUTZ   Sandra Lewis
  MacKINDER   Lori Fredona Query
  MAIN   Jim Ulberg Query
  MALCOM   Donna Meszaros Query
  MALLOCK   Jo-Ann Willits
  MANLEY   Dawn Query
  MARKHAM  Phil Anderson Query
  MARSH   Nancy Wach Query
  MARSHALL  Vera Hemminger
  MARTIN   Mary Gillett Query
  MASON   Allan Burton Query
  MATTISON   SenecaJ Query
  MAUTE   Carol Gregory Wright
  McCABE   Theresa Magiera
  MCCALL   SenecaJ Query
  McCONELL   Katy Korpi
  McCOURTIE   Richard Welch Query
  McCREERY   David Grinnell
  McCULLOUGH   Kathy McCullough Query
  McCULLY   Eric Alli Query
  MCDONALD   Gary J Olson Query
  MCELLIOTT (ELLIOTT)  Carol Swensen
  MCGRAW   Austin Wilgus Query
  McLEAN   Kellie Lundgren
  McQUILLAN   Judy Conklin
  MEAD   Debra Eddy Query
  MEDES   Amy Campbell Query
  METZ   Bernice White Query
  MIGRANTS   Jacy Myrick Query
    Eva Myrick Query
  MILLARD   Joan Somers Query
  MILLER   Steve Graves
  MINCKLER   Carol McKellar Query
  MITCHELL   Colette Wood Mazey
  MONAGHAN  Carol Ring Query
  MOON   Gail Brown Query
  MORRIS   Terry & Teri Cleaveland Query
  MORRISON   Gary J Olson Query
  MUIR   Michael Disorbo Query
  Murphy   Stephanie Buchanan Query
    Judy Conklin
    Jay Deeben
  MUZZY  Ed Easlick Query
  MYRICK   Jacqueline Kalinauskas Query
  NEEDHAM   Jacqueline Kalinauskas Query
    Jacqueline Kalinauskas Query
  NEFF   Margaret James Query
  NORTH   Nancy Westenfield
  Norton   William Lyons Query
  NOWAK  Al Williams Query

This list will be updated frequently!

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