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The Declaration of Intention [ henceforth DOI ] and the second, and SEPERATE form, the Petition for Naturalization [henceforth PFN]: The DOI is the first form filed. After the year of 1906 it has spaces for the immigrants: name, occupation, physical description, birth date, present residence, where emigrated from, what ship name emigrated on, last foreign residence, whether or not married, if married, a place for spouse' birth town/state/country. It also provides a space for renunciation of any allegience to any foreign country/ruler/government. It also has spaces for port of arrival info, date/year of arrival at that port. The immigrants signature. The immigranta picture MAY be affixed to the DOI. The PFN has spaces for almost the same EXACT info as the DOI. The PFN is the 2nd and LAST form filed. It also has an area for: children, and their name, date/place of birth, and residence of each child listed. NOW you are going to ask "Where can I find these forms?" It seems to be a little known fact that these forms are retained by the COUNTY COURT in which the immigrant filed for naturalization. Now you will wonder "How do I know WHICH County Court?" Here is a good rule of thumb: The immigrant USUALY filed in the very FIRST county they lived in [AFTER arrival in America] OR the county the immigrant resided in THE LONGEST. Many County Courts , TO THIS DAY, have the ORIGINAL DOI and PFN! If that COUNTY COURT does NOT have it, they will tell you where they sent the DOI and PFN. Also, I've heard these are available through NARA [ National Archives And Records Administration ], look through the URL's and they will help you with that. You MUST read Naturalization URL's to know what to look for. Women and Minor children were naturalized just by their husband/father becoming naturalized. Many men fighting in wars for America and serving in the armed forces were naturalized WITHOUT having to file the DOI and PFN. In Colonial days immigrants to America took an "Oath of Allegience".

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