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Miscellaneous Land Records
contributed by; Dianne G. Jonas, [email protected]
from; 'Early Land Records' by D.A.R.

On 15 June 1847 for the consideration of $20.00, Abel F. FITCH and Amanda R. FITCH, his wife, to Benjamin F. GLEASON, (residences not recorded), lots in the village of Michigan Center. Witnesses; M.W. SOUTHWORTH and Ami FILLEY. 55-98.

On 14 May 1846 for the consideration of $500.00, Aaron SUTFIN and Sarah E. SUTFIN, his wife, both of Somerset, Hillsdale Co., to John SUTFIN of Liberty Twp., land in Liberty Twp., Section 33. Also release of dower rights by Sarah E. SUTFIN for the consideration of $1.00. Witnesses; Abram VANDEBOGART and Mary VANDEBOGART. 55-222.

On 24 June 1841 for the consideration of $400.00, Andrew LONGYEAR of Ulster Co., N.Y. to Benjamin LONGYEAR of Grass Lake Twp., Section 21. Witnesses; Catharine LONGYEAR and Benjamin F. BURNETT. 55-366.

On 18 October 1849 for the consideration of $40.00, Joseph F. MOE and Sally MOE, his wife, both of Parma to Henry MARTIN of Sandstone, lots in the village of Parma. Witnesses; J.P. ROBBINS and Aaron ROACH. 55-375.

On 26 January 1848 for the consideration of $50.00, Chester BENNETT and Rachel M. BENNETT, his wife, both of Jackson Twp. to Isaac BENNETT of the same place, land in Summit Twp., Section 14. Bounded by property of Henry H. VANDERCOOK and Henry A. HAYDEN and Ransom E. ALDRICH. Withnesses; B.M. SHELDON and Philip THURBER. 55-406.

On 5 August 1843 for the consideration of $600.00, Margaret DUBOIS of Jackson Co., to Jane DUBOIS of the same place, land in Columbia Twp., Section 23, Witnesses; Sarah G. BYRNE and Fidus LIVERMORE. 55-427.

On 16 August 1845 for the consideration of $110.00, William H. VINCORE and Fanny M. VINCORE, his wife, both of Eckford, Calhoun Co., to Jeremiah W. PARMETER (residence not recorded), land in Concord Twp., Section 20. Witnesses; Sarah KELSEY and J.B. MARSH. 55-510.

On 28 October 1848 for the consideration of $600.00, William H. PECK and Lomira PECK, his wife, both of Columbia to John H.(?) TURK of Jackson Co., land in Columbia Twp., Section 31. Witnesses; George GATES and William HERINGTON. 55-524.

On 8 January 1849 for the consideration of $800.00, Stephen MILLS of Pitsfield, Washtenaw Co., to Lydia MILLS of Leoni, land in Leoni Twp., Sections 2 and 11. Witnesses; J.W. MILLS and James DOWNS. 55-562.

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