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Maguire Family History

I have put together a brief biograpy of my 2nd G.Grandfather, Constantine John Maguire, who was one of the early settlers of Jackson county.

Thought you may be able to use it for your Jackson County Archives.

Constantine John Maguire was born July 4th, 1787 in Exeter, Washington County, Rhode Island. He was the second born child, the only son, of John Maguire amd Sarah Slater Maguire.

In 1808, along with some of his siblings and neighbors, he migrated to Niagara County, New York where he took up farming. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and was one of the brave, intrepid volunteers who crossed the Niagara River, attacked the British in their entrenchments and participated in the glorious battles of Lundy's Lane and Fort Erie. He was one of a small reconnoitering party who gallantly returned the fire of the body of the British army that caused the death of Gen. Brock. He served under Capt. Rufus Spaulding from Sep. 8 to Dec 12, 1812. Taken prisoner at the battle of Queenstown and paroled before the close of the war in consequence of his being away from his regiment at the close of the war on parole he never received a discharge.

On July 31, 1814 he married Christina Darling, daughter of Joseph Darling and Huldah Cotton Darling. Constantine and Christina were both baptized on Oct. 26, 1817 by the Rev. John Blodget in the First Christian Church of Hartland, which later became Royalton.

Between 1815 and 1837 the first 9 of their 11 children were born in Royalton, Niagara County, New York. Thomas D. 1815, Ezra 1817, John B. 1818, Wealthy Paged 1821, Sarah 1824, Mary Jane 1827, Darius E. 1827, Sabrina 1834, Adelia 1837. The church records indicate that Christina, without Constantine, removed to Michigan in 1825, however she had 4 children born in Royalton New York between 1827 and 1837. Constantine and his family migrated to Blackman Township, Jackson County Michigan some time between 1837 and 1840, they show up in the Blackman census of 1840.

Here they continued to farm and in 1843 the last 2 of their 11 children were born, Emiline Junia and Julia Eveline. He obtained a land warrant in 1852, the first warrant was for 40 acres and the other 120 acres. Constantine John Maguire died 11 August 1854, in his 54th year, killed by a horse running away while he was driving on the highway. His wife, Christina Darling Maguire passed away May 2nd 1879.

Part or possibly all of the Maguire farm is now known as "the Maguire addition to Jackson Michigan.

They have descendants mainly in Michigan, Washington, Oregon, California, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, plus numerous other states all over the USA.

For more information contact Arlan Maguire

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