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Wright Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Section 30, Parma, Jackson County, Michigan.

Ref: Cemeteries of Jackson County, MI. pages 421-423
The transcription for the Internet was done by Paula J Bedell, Munith, MI
Abbreviations used by PJB are: w/o wife of, his wife; s/o son of; d/o daughter of; i/o infant of.


Amy, d 06-12-1867 Age: 90yr
Grace A., d/o O G and M T 1873-1889
Sarah, 1818-1889
Alvah, d 04-20-1877 Age: 70yr 7mo 5da
Corpl. Ransom, 14th Mich. L A No dates
Adaline, b 05-08-1843 d 04-02-1907
Ezra H., b 03-13-1866 d 02-10-1888
Lewis A., b 11-01-1869 d 05-04-1902
Fraehney, d 07-11-1875 Age: 46yr
Ezra, 1809-1885
Charity, 1811-1884
Aletha, 1850-1879
Catherine A., w/o David d 10-10-1855 Age: 28yr 5mo
Charles, s/o J and C 1899-1903
Grandma, 1822-1905
Myra L., d/o of J H and A M d 01-10-1851 Age: 2yr 6mo 3da
Infant son, d 06-12-1850 Age: 16da
Joseph H., 1832-1901
Mary F., w/o J H 1831-1909
Betsey E., i/o J H and M F 1862-1877
No name infant, 1862 Age: 5mo
Allen V., s/o J H and M F 1860-1898
Ransom, d 08-15-1858 Age: 63yr 1mo 18da
Cornelia, w/o R d 02-26-1887 Age: 80yr 10mo14da
Ebenezer, d 10-17-1862 Age: ?yr 8mo
Elizabeth, w/o E d 06-06-1857 Age: 71yr
William P., d 03-22-1853 Age: 60yr 2mo
Elvira, d/o E and (?H) d 01-15-1863 Age: 20yr 4mo
Mary Kreutzer, w/o Eben 1825-1903
Eben, d 05-26-1884 Age: 71yr 10da
Little Mac, s/o E and M d 12-06-1862 Age: 1mo 22da
Daniel R or (H)., d 09-12-1874 Age: 66yr 22da
Elisabeth, w/o Daniel d 01-21-1873 Age: 79yr 3mo 28da
Andrew J., 1835-1901
Julia A., w/o A J d 05-13-1867 Age: 27yr 3mo 17da
Mary, d/o A J and J A d 04-18-1864 Age: 19da
Henry, d 01-24-1871 Age: 63yr 9mo
Mary, w/o Henry d 03-17-1858 Age: 53yr 9mo
Marvin, s/o H and M d 10-02-1843 Age: 5mo 26da
Herbert, s/o H P and H L d 04-12-1863 Age: 16yr 1mo 1da
Hylon, s/o H P and H L died age 13yr 4mo 5da
John, s/o Francis and Mary ?
Hezekiah, d 07-20-1860 Age: 69yr 6mo
Joshua B., d 04-15-1855 Age: 35yr
James, d 01-16-1876 Age: 78yr 8mo 10da
Cassandana, w/o James d 07-31-1871 Age: 67yr 10mo 5da
Ida Louisa, i/o C and H d 02-19-1855 Age: 1mo 2da
Charles F., s/o C and H d 11-10-1854 Age: 4yr 5mo
Josephine M., d/o C and H d 11-09-1854 Age: 3yr 8mo
Ann Gertrude, i/o L W and S S d 02-25-1855 Age: 3mo
Charlie, 1865-1908
Lawrence, 1867-1883
Christopher, 1874-1874
J Adam, 1841-1846
Sarah M., w/o Hiram T d 08-30-1853 Age: 22yr
Henry, d 02-08-1863 Age: 75yr 6mo 17da
Polly, w/o Henry d 09-15-1868 Age: 71yr 6mo 6da
Prudence, 1831-1904
John W., b 05-08-1804 d 10-26-1868
Margery, w/o John W b 02-21-1810 d 01-29-1890
George, Sgt. Co. I 6th MI Artillery b 03-27-1836 d 02-29-1864
Sophia, w/o George b 02-14-1847 d 06-21-1851? Not correct
George A., s/o J and A P d 02-19-1872 Age: 1yr 3mo
Tenant W., b 01-15-1832 d 02-19-1895
Loretta, w/o T W b 12-26-1832 d 03-08-1915
Ida A., w/o F B, 1864-1903
Mary, w/o Charles, b 03-10-1884 Age: 36yr 10mo 26da
Elsie, d/o C and M C, 6yr 7mo 19da
Harry S., s/o C and M C, 9-26-1881 date pensiled in Age: 7mo 26da
Selah, d 05-14-1851 Age: 62yr
Rebecca, w/o Selah, d 02-26-1874 Age: 71yr
Laura A., w/o L, d 07-31-1854 Age: 24yr
James, b 11-06-1807 d 01-28-1857
Anna (W?), w/o James, b 06-10-1809 d 08-22-1885 Age: 77yr 2mo 12da She was also second wife of M Tiffany
Frank L., s/o C S and A R, b 08-30-1870 d 12-16-1885
Effie Ann, d/o Jos. and Marie, d 02-27-1871 Age: 1yr 2mo 3da
Henry W., 1847-1906
Infant son of L T and J, 1900
John, d 10-05-1861 Age: 68yr 7mo 12da
John, d 11-04-1890 Age: 86yr 11mo 15da
Catherine, w/o John, d 03-15-1887 Age: 80yr 8mo 15da
Polly L., d/o A L and H, d 11-15-1835 Age: 2yr 1mo
Caroline, d/o A L and H, d 05-22-1843 Age: 1mo 19da
George W., 1828-1855
Caroline, w/o George, 1829-1905
SMOYER: no name 1802-1875
Emily, w/o O P, d 01-29-1870 Age: 31yr 10mo 29da
Truman House MOTHERíS Grave No dates or name of mother. One lot had three markers but no last names on them. One was marked Father, another marked Mother and the other marked Ellen.
Daniel, d 01-31-1877 Age: 90yr 11mo 17da
William, b 10-08-1875 d 01-14-1901
Sophia, w/o Frederick, d 03-14-1848 Age: 68yr
Thurston, d 06-25-1850 Age: 31yr 7mo
Tina, w/o George W., d 01-02-1868 21yr 10mo
Hannah E., d/o D E and S, d 03-22-1845 Age: 4mo 26da
Lorinda Houseman, w/o James K, b 02-21-1842 d 05-10-1863
D E, b 04-27-1812 d 11-20-1900
Sarena, w/o D E, b 05-25-1816 d 03-17-1910
Nathan E, d 04-14-1874 Age: 35yr 11mo 18da
Smith W., d 09-27-1853 Age: 21yr 9mo 27da
Mary E., w/o Albert, d 08-09-1871 Age: 22yr 3mo 5da

NOTE: These listing were made in the 1930's by members of the DAR. This cemetery is not believed to be in modern use.

Death certificates or obituaries may be available through the Jackson County Clerk, the Jackson District Library, or the Jackson County Genealogical Society

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