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Perry-Graham Cemetery

This cemetery is location between Parma and Albion, Jackson County, Michigan.

Original DAR location described as between Parma and Albion.
Ref: Cemeteries of Jackson County, Michigan; page 424. Compiled by DAR. The transcription for the Internet was done by Paula J Bedell, Munith, MI.
Abreviations used by PJB: s/o son of; w/o wife of; d/o daughter of.


James P, s/o L D and S d 7-2-1865, 21 yr. 5mo. 7 da Soldier-GAR standard on grave
John, d 11-22-1848, 61 yrs
Clowah, w/o John d 10-14-1844, 54 yrs
Lorenzo, d 11-20-1848, 59 yrs
Samuel, d 11-19-1863, 73 yrs (pensil-43 yrs)
Porter, d 7-18-1859, 22 yrs (pensil-1839)
Andrew, d 5-10-1865, 35 yrs
Mary J, w/o N B d 5-19-1879
N B, broken slab
Frank, s/o N B and Mary J d 2-25-1856, 1 mo. 3 da
Samuel B, s/o N B and Mary J d 5-24-1852, 3 yr. 8mo.
Daniel W, s/o O W and Sephrenia d 10-18-1865, 19yr. 3 mo. 20 da
Sephrenia, w/o O W d 8-10-1849, 27 yrs
O W, d 6-27-1888, 73 yrs
James, d 8-8-1849, 55 yrs
Slevia U, d/o O W and Sarah d 8-31-1865, 7 yr. 7 mo. 30 da
Lorina F, d/o O W and Sarah d 8-30-1865, 3 yrs
Ida M, d/o O W and Sarah d 2-7-1861, 9 mo. 22 da
Jennie M, d/o O W and Sarah d 8-27-1865 1 yr.

Death certificates or obituaries may be available through the Jackson County Clerk, the Jackson District Library, or the Jackson County Genealogical Society

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