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McNaughton Cemetery

Section 25, Blackman Township, behind the Hillcrest Cemetery, located on Elm Ave., Jackson, Michigan.
As recorded by the D.A.R., Sarah Treat Prudden Chapter of Jackson, Michigan.

*note* This cemetery was started by Robert Mc NAUGHTON and is a very beautiful spot, but uncared for. There are a number of unmarked graves, some of which seem to have attention as there were flowers for Memorial Day. Cemetery is not used now, except now and then on one of the old lots. The Mc NAUGHTONS have a very fine monument in the back part of the cemetery, upon a hill. ----as described by the transcriber for the D.A.R. Sarah Treat Prudden Chapter, who copied this cemetery. *Note* The Hillcrest Cemetery (as of 1998) Memorial Park is now trying to clean up the old cemetery, and wishes anyone with further information to contact them. They will arrange tours of the old Mc NAUGHTON Cemetery, on request.

BARTON, Statira E., 1834-1898
BLAKE, Luzella, 1892-1908
BLAKE, Ernest, 1895-1900
BLAKE, Samuel W., 1829-1895
BLAKE, Frances (his wife), 1838-1896
CHRISTMAN, George H., (soldier), 1828-1895
CHRISTMAN, Elizabeth (wife), 1831-
CRITTENDON, Albertson, 1829-1907
CRITTENDON, Martha Jane (wife), 1832-1888
CROUCH, Henry, Artificer, 1 N.Y. Mtd. Rifles, Co. K., Soldiers Marker, 1823-1907.
CROUCH, Electa W. (wife), 1832-1914.
FEZER, Louie K., 1866-1897.
GAYLORD, Henry, 1846-1896.
GEORGE, Thomas, 1850-19--.
GEORGE, Fanny (wife), 1851-19--.
GEORGE, Edward (son), 1877-1889.
GEORGE, Margaret (dau.), 1889-1890.
JONES, David B., 1841-1905.
JONES, Mary(wife), 1848-
JONES, Thos. J. (son), 1874-1887.
(born FURNDALE, looked like S.D.)
JONES, Sarah(dau.), 1883-1896.
MC KAY, George, 1822-
MC KENZIE, Barbara(wife), 1830-1894.
MC NAUGHTON, Charles Douglass, Mar. 27, 1849.
MC NAUGHTON, Sarah Orcutt, Sept. 12, 1812-June 25, 1836.
MC NAUGHTON, Moses, Apr. 6, 1836 - May 20, 1836.
MC NAUGHTON, Robert, Sept. 14, 1767 - Jan. 7, 1845.
MC NAUGHTON, Isabella Watson, Feb. 12, 1768 - Aug. 21, 1856.
Little Mary - no dates.
MAXON, Ioan, 1879-1890.
MUNSON, James A., 1823 - 1886.
MUNSON, Charlotte (wife), 1839-
MUNSON, James A., Jr., 1881-1887.
MUNSON, Oscar, 1878-
MUNSON, Lucy (wife of Oscar), 1877-1908.
POTTER, Arthur V., 1868-1900.
PUTMAN, Jay, 1851-1893.
PUTMAN, Catherine M., (wife), 1851-1893.
SCARBOROUGH, Emily M., (wife of Fred), 1870-1892.
SEEGAR, Jesse O., 1877-1907.
WAGER, Henrietta Angeel, 1831-1889.
WAGER, Nancy G., mother, June 18, 1880, 78 yrs., 4 mos., 12 das.
WAGER, Phillip W., 1828-1889.
WAGER, Hulda L., (wife), 1832-
WAGER, Joshua S., (son of P.W. and H.L.), 1876-1880.
WAKEMAN, Albert E., Mar. 28, 1891-Apr. 7, 1891.
WAKEMAN, Waiva (dau. of A.E. and A.), June 27, 1884 - June 7, 1903.
WINANS, Louisa, (wife), 1832-1888.
WINANS, George W., 1822-1888.
WINANS, Lewis G. (son of C.E., and S.V.), 1886-1887.
WHEDON, mother, no dates
WHEDON, Mercie, no dates

NOTE: These listing were made in the 1930's by members of the DAR. This cemetery is not believed to be in modern use.

Death certificates or obituaries may be available through the Jackson County Clerk, the Jackson District Library, or the Jackson County Genealogical Society

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