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Iosco MIGenWeb

Iosco County Funeral Records

Contributed by Doris DeMet

Date; March 24, 1934 
Deceased: Elizabeth E Sheehan

Charged to: Mrs M.A. Wilkins. 

date of funeral:  3/29/1934 Thurs. 

Services at: Catholic Cemetery East Tawas

clergyman: Rev. Kichoff of E.Tawas

Certifying Physician: Dr. A.E. Luckhardt of Chicago, Ill. 

death; March 27, 1934, Chicago Ill.   68yr 9mo 6da 

money rec; by H. Klenow

Date; Jan 1. 1920 
Deceased:  Grace Irish

Charged to: Claud Irish of Bay City, MI 

date of Funeral; Jan 10 1920. 

Res;  Bay City,   PofD; Bay City 

date of death  Jan 7, 1920 

occ: Housewife,


dofb: May 6, 1889 Tawas, 

age; 30yr8mo1da 

Name of Father; Ruben Smith-bp-Canada, 

mother: Lottie Mayland-bp-Tawas City

Date; March 20, 1901
Items to Bill:  Mrs. Wm. Irish

Bill renderd to  MR. Hall- Whittemore, 

Deceased;  Wm. Irish

last res: Hemlock Rd. 

age 49 

dod; March 20, 1901

date of burial; March 22 1901, 

Funeral at, House of M.E. Whittening, Reno,

Other:  Died in Whittemore, Mr. Halls Home 

left 3 children and wife.

Deceased: Addie May Buck 
ordered by: Henry R Buck

 2yr 2mo, 

died: Mar 11 1894 

buried: Mar 13, 1894

Deceased:  Bridget Rooney
Ordered by: Mrs. Stokan


died: Mar 12, 1894 

buried:  Mar 13, 1894

Deceased:  Mrs. Cadarette
ordered by: Archie Cadarette


died: Apr 5, 1894 

buried;  Apr 7, 1894

Deceased: Martha Tripp 
ordered by:  August Tripp

age 2yr, 

died: Apr 29, 1894 

buried May 1 1894

Deceased: Willie Brown 
ordered by: Geo Brown (Hale town bridge)

age 7yr, 

died May 9, 1894 

buried: May 11,1894

Deceased:  Infant Still born
ordered by: Wm. ?ivison

died May 25, 1894 

buried May 25, 1894

deceased: John Anderson
Ordered by: H.&E. L? Cor

age 35 

died May 28, 1894 

Buried May 30, 1894

Date; Jun 9, 1919 
Deceased;  Evelyn Lucille Ecker

Charged to : Nick Ecker of McIver 

funeral service: Home 

time of funeral 12pm, 

clergyman:  A.M. McDowell of Turner 

date of birth; Sept 21, 1905     age 14yrs 9mos 9days. 

father: Nick Ecker bp Canada 

 mother; Dell Arn bp; Canada.

Date Feb 4, 1939 
Deceased; Baby-Irish

charge to Claude Irish, Tawas City #R2., 

dod;  Feb 4 1939

dofb; Feb 4, 1939 

date of funeral Feb 4,Sat. 3pm

pofd;  Grant twp. 

physchian J J Austin,M.D., Tawas City

father: Claude Irish-bp: Whittemore 

mother: Elba Sanensen-bp- Willingston,No Dakota, 

interment Tawas City.

deceased;  Mrs. Lael
ordered by: Philip Lael(Whittemore) 


died: March 6 1894, 

Buried; March 8 1894

Deceased:  Louisa Kirpatrick
ordered by: Robert Kirkpatrick


died: March 7, 1894, 

buried; March 8, 1894

Deceased:  Ernest August Schultz
ordered by: E.A. Schultz

age: 54y

died:  Mar 12, 1894 

buried Mar 15, 1894

Deceased: Winnie Cook (daughter) 
ordered by: Robt Cook

age 2yr,

died Mar 21, 1894 

buried: Mar 23, 1894

Deceased:   Hattie Sel??on
ordered; M.H.Cliff

age 12,

died  Apr 22, 1894 

buried  Apr 24, 1894

Deceased: Mrs
Ordered by: John Gleasnt


died: May 6,1894 

buried:  May 8, 1894

Deceased:   Baby
ordered by: James Ecker

Died; May 17 1894 

buried: May 18, 1894

Deceased : Lecta Perrigle 
ordered by: Nelson Perrigle Jr. 


died: May 28, 1894 

buried May 30, 1894

deceased :  Elgin Ross
ordered by Mr. Ross


died  June 17, 1894 

Buried June 19, 1894

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