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The Flint Genealogical Society has worked with the Genesee County Clerk's Office to create an index of the RedBook death records from 1867 through 1930.
As a convenience to aid in research, immediately below is an index of all names in our red book index (Over 49,000 names). The listing for each name includes the volume, page and record number in which it was found. NL in the volume column means we found death information from some other source but name was not listed in the RedBooks

Surnames starting with:
Aaaa-Aezz Afaa-Alld Alle-Amic Amid-Angt Angu-Athd Athe-Azzz
Baaa-Bakd Bake-Bank Banl-Barn Baro-Bdzz Beaa-Becz Beda-Belk
Bell-Bent Benu-Bilk Bill-Blac Blad-Boic Boid-Bouz Bova-Brad
Brae-Brig Brih-Brov Brow-Broz Brpa-Bumz Buna-Burq Burr-Buty
Butz-Camo Camp-Caro Carp-Casg Cash-Chao Chap-Chen Cheo-Claq
Clar-Clhz Clia-Cold Cole-Coln Colo-Cooj Cook-Cooo Coop-Cour
Cous-Cram Cran-Crnz Croa-Culz Cuma-Curz Cusa-Dauz Dava-Davn
Davo-Dela Delb-Devz Dewa-Disz Dita-Douf Doug-Duna Dunb-Eajz
Eaka-Edzz Eeaa-Emem Emen-Ezzz Faaa-Fazz Fbaa-Fifh Fifi-Flov
Flow-Fosj Fosk-Fray Fraz-Fulh Fuli-Gann Gano-Geid Geie-Gilb
Gilc-Goeb Goec-Gors Gort-Grav Graw-Grie Grif-Gunc Gund-Halk
Hall-Haml Hamm-Harq Harr-Hars Hart-Hatt Hatu-Hear Heas-Henc
Hend-Herr Hers-Hilk Hill-Hinf Hing-Hola Holb-Hone Honf-Houf
Houg-Hoxz Hoya-Hukz Hula-Hutb Hutc-Irzz Isaa-Jefe Jeff-Johm
John-John Joho-Joyz Joza-Kelk Kell-Kerr Kers-Kinj Kink-Knif
Knig-Kuaz Kuba-Lama Lamb-Larf Larg-Lawr Laws-Leme Lemf-Licz
Lida-Lofz Loga-Lovh Lovi-Lysg Lysh-Maln Malo-Marr Mars-Masn
Maso-Maye Mayf-Mccn Mcco-Mcdn Mcdo-Mcgt Mcgu-Mcld Mcle-Mcvd
Mcve-Merr Mers-Milk Mill-Mill Milm-Mons Mont-Morf Morg-Mosd
Mose-Munn Muno-Nasn Naso-Newm Newn-Nors Nort-Ocgz Ocha-Ostr
Osts-Pals Palt-Park Parl-Pauk Paul-Perk Perl-Pets Pett-Pieq
Pier-Poll Polm-Powd Powe-Pris Prit-Radd Rade-Razd Raze-Reim
Rein-Ricg Rich-Rild Rile-Robh Robi-Rogd Roge-Rosd Rose-Rudc
Rudd-Rybz Ryca-Sang Sanf-Schk Schl-Scos Scot-Seek Seel-Sham
Shan-Shel Shem-Sicj Sick-Skim Skin-Smis Smith (A-F) Smith (G-L)
Smith(M)-Smit Smiu-Spax Spay-Staf Stag-Steq Ster-Stim Stin-Stow
Stox-Sutg Suth-Sytd Syte-Tayl Taym-Thol Thom-Thom Thon-Todc
Todd-Toym Toyn-Tryn Tryo-Tzzz Uaaa-Vanc Vand-Vauf Vaug-Wadd
Wade-Wall Walm-Warr Wars-Webs Webt-Wesn Weso-Whis Whit-Wiaz
Wiba-Wilk Will-Will Wilm-Wins Wint-Wooc Wood-Worf Worg-Yeaf

If you have found an individual and would like more information you may do one of the following. Lookup and copying charges will apply ($3 per record which is split between the Genesee County Clerk and the Flint Genealogical Society). Checks should be made out to the Flint Genealogical Society, in US Funds.

  1. To have the Flint Genealogical Society mail you non-certified copies of death records send your To:
    Genesee County Clerk - Genealogy
    Genesee County Court House
    900 S. Saginaw St.
    Flint, MI 48502

  2. Visit the Genesee County Court House on Fridays between 9:30am and 4:00pm. See Court House Information.

  3. Order a certified copy of the death certificate from http://www.co.genesee.mi.us/clerk/ the Genesee County Clerk's web site.

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