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Genesee County Marriage Index to 1934   

The Flint Genealogical Society has worked with the Genesee County Clerk's office to create an index of marriage license records from 1867 through 1934.
This project is a work-in-progress and there are still some typos and other errors.
As a convenience to aid in research, we decided to make this index available even though we know it is not 100% completed.
Below this description is a table covering all names in our index (Over 50,000 marriages).
For each marriage there are at least 2 entries in the index - one for the groom's surname and one for the bride's surname. If the bride's maiden name did not match her current surname (2nd marriage) we created another entry for the bride's maiden name making 3 entries in our index for that marriage.

The listing for each name is formated as follows:
Name1 One of the names on the license (if this is an additional maiden name entry the surname on the license will be shown in {brackets}
G/B Is Name1 the Groom or Bride
Name2 the other name on the license
B/G Is Name2 the Bride or Groom
MaidenName Only shown if the bride's maiden name is different than her current surname.
Book Volume number where record was found
Page Page number of record within the volume
Record Local number of record
Date_Marr Date of the marriage

If you find a marriage and would like more information from the license see the bottom of this page for options.

Surnames starting with:
Aaaa-Aezz Afaa-Alld Alle-Amic Amid-Angt Angu-Athd Athe-Azzz
Baaa-Bakd Bake-Bank Banl-Barn Baro-Bdzz Beaa-Becz Beda-Belk
Bell-Bent Benu-Bilk Bill-Blac Blad-Boiz Boja-Bouz Bova-Brad
Brae-Brig Brih-Brov Brow-Broz Brpa-Bumz Buna-Burq Burr-Buty
Butz-Camo Camp-Caro Carp-Casq Casr-Chao Chap-Chen Cheo-Claq
Clap-Clhz Clia-Cold Cole-Coln Colo-Cooj Cool-Cooo Coop-Cour
Cous-Cran Crao-Cron Croo-Culz Cuma-Curz Cusa-Dauz Dava-Davn
Davo-Dela Delb-Devz Dewa-Disz Dita-Douf Doug-Dulz Duma-Dzzz
Eaaa-Edzz Eeaa-Emem Emen-Ezzz Faaa-Fazz Fbaa-Fifh Fifi-Fles
Flet-Fosj Fosk-Fray Fraz-Fulh Fuli-Gann Gano-Geid Geie-Gilb
Gilc-Godv Godw-Gors Gort-Grav Graw-Grie Grif-Gunk Gunl-Halk
Hall-Haml Hamm-Harq Harr-Haru Harv-Hayc Hayd-Hemr Hems-Herr
Hert-Hilk Hill-Hinf Hing-Hola Holb-Hooz Hopa-Hour Hous-Hudk
Hudl-Huqz Hura-Insz Inta-Jauz Java-Johm John-John Joho-Judr
Juds-Kelk Kell-Kerr Kers-Kinj Kink-Knif Knig-Krom Kron-Lajz
Laka-Lapo Lapp-Laws Lawt-Lemm Lemn-Ligh Ligi-Lond Lone-Lubz
Luca-Lzzz Maaa-Mals Malt-Marr Mars-Maso Masp-Mcaz Mcba-Mcct
Mccu-Mcgq Mcgr-Mclh Mcli-Mekz Mela-Milk Mill-Mill Milm-Mont
Monu-Morq Morr-Moxz Moya-Mydz Myea-Newa Newb-Norf Norg-Ofzz
Ogaa-Oslz Osma-Pals Palt-Parr Pars-Pecj Peck-Petd Pete-Phil
Phim-Polh Poli-Powe Powf-Prov Prow-Rand Rane-Reff Refh-Ricd
Rice-Riez Rifa-Robh Robi-Roge Rogf-Ross Rost-Russ Rust-Sane
Sanf-Schl Schm-Scot Scou-Sevh Sevi-Shek Shel-Shor Shos-Sinn
Sino-Smit SmithA-H SmithI-Z Smit-Spax Spay-Stao Stap-Stev
Stew-Ston Stoo-Suff Suga-Swis Swit-Tayl Taym-Thol Thom-Thoq
Thor-Tomo Tomp-Trok Trol-Tzzz Uaaa-Vanc Vand-Verg Verh-Wagm
Wagn-Wals Walt-Wasg Wash-Weia Weib-Wess West-Whis Whit-Wicj
Wick-Wilk Will-Will Wilm-Winr Wins-Wooc Wood-Wras Wrat-Yenc

Once you have found an individual and would like more information you may do one of the following. Lookup and copying charges will apply ($3 per record which is split between the Genesee County Clerk and the Flint Genealogical Society). Checks should be made out to the Flint Genealogical Society, in US Funds.
  1. To have the Flint Genealogical Society mail you non-certified copies of marriage records send your To:
    Genesee County Clerk - Genealogy
    Genesee County Court House
    900 S. Saginaw St.
    Flint, MI 48502

  2. Visit the Genesee County Court House on Fridays between 9:30am and 4:00pm. See Court House Information.

  3. Order a certified copy of the marriage license from http://www.co.genesee.mi.us/clerk/ the Genesee County Clerk's web site.

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