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Genesee County Birth Index 1878 to 1907   

The Flint Genealogical Society has worked with microfilm, which they purchased and donated to the Flint Public Library, to create an index of birth records.
Currently only 1878 through 1907 are indexed although the film starts with 1866.
This project is a work-in-progress. We have only indexed volumes 4 through 6 at this time.

Below is a table covering all names in our index (Over 10,000 births).
For each birth we have listed the birth year and volume it was found in.

If you find a birth and would like more information see the bottom of this page for options.

Surnames starting with:
Aa-Az Ba-Bk Bl-Bz Ca-Cn Co-Cz Da-Dz Ea-Ez
Fa-Fz Ga-Gz Ha-Hn Ho-Hz Ia-Iz Ja-Jz Ka-Kz
La-Lz Ma-Md Me-Mz Na-Oz Pa-Qz Ra-Rz Sa-Sl
Sm-Sz Ta-Tz Ua-Vz Wa-Wh Wi-Zz

Once you have found an individual and would like more information you may do one of the following. Lookup and copying charges will apply ($3 per record). Checks should be made out to the Flint Genealogical Society, in US Funds.
  1. To have the Flint Genealogical Society mail you non-certified copies of birth records send your To:
    Flint Genealogical Society
    P.O. Box 1217
    Flint, MI 48501-1217

  3. Visit the Flint Public Library. Map
    Flint Public Library web page.
    All of the microfilms donated by the Flint Genealogical Society may be browsed there.

  4. See our publication list if you are interested in the entire volume. These volumes will also be available at the Flint Public Library.

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