John WACHTEL Homesite - Maryland
John Wachtel Family Home Site
Washington Co, Maryland
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Story of the
Wachtel Homesite
and Cemetery

1820 Sale Notice
New Location
the Gravesites

Log House Remains

Log House Remains - front

Food Storage Cellar

Springhouse Remains

Log House Remains - right side

Log House Remains - left side

Creek View from right side of Log House

Wachtel Family Cemetery

Wachtel Family Cemetery also

John Wachtel's Tombstone

Elizabeth Wachtel's Tombstone

Sarah Wachtel Stine's Tombstone

Benjamin H. Wachtel's Tombstone

Some Sunken Stones

Unreadable Tombstones

More Tombstones

Back side of a later Barn

Outbuildings by Landfill

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