Theodore and Mary (FLEAGLE) STARNER's Photo Album, Carroll Co, Maryland
Family Photo Album

of Theodore N. STARNER and Mary S. FLEAGLE

Taneytown area, Carroll Co, Maryland

1st Photo

(RT on back)

2nd Photo

3rd Photo

Photo by W.C. Bell,
York, PA

4th Photo

and niece, Helen - Yonkers, NY

5th Photo

by Krichton Studio
Westminster, MD

6th Photo

Mary Elizabeth (Mark) Fleagle
w/o Benjamin

7th Photo

Edward W. Fleagle
Photo by Aufrecht Studio,
on Broadway, NY

8th Photo

Paul N. BANKARD? and
Everill (GAMBER)
w/ son, Paul Jr

9th Photo - Helen E. Fleagle 1906

Edward FLEAGLE's first child

10th Photo

Photo by Baldwin,
Westminster, MD

11th Photo

Photo by Luerd's?,
Hanover, PA

12th Photo

Photo by L. Mumper,
Gettysburg, PA

13th Photo

14th Photo

Raymond, Benjamin, Clara and Ralph LeRoy
ch/o Sarah Alice (Fleagle) & Charles W. DAVIDSON

15th Photo

Photo by D.A. Frommeyer,
Hanover, PA

16th Photo

Photo by Theo. J. Myers,
Pleasant Valley, MD

17th Photo

Calvin R. KOONTZ and
wife, Susanna FRITZ
Lee Co, Illinois - c1910

18th Photo

Photo by Bergman,
York, PA

19th Photo

wife Annie STARNER
in front

20th Photo


21st Photo

Edward FLEAGLE Jr.
Yonkers, NY

22nd Photo

Photo by Mumper,
Gettysburg, PA

23rd Photo

Photo by D.A. Frommeyer,
Hanover, PA

24th Photo

Memorial Card

25th Photo

26th Photo

27th Photo

28th Photo

Theodore N. STARNER - c1879
Photo by H.T. Slaugenhaupt,
Littlestown, PA

29th Photo

Theodore N. STARNER
and son, Arthur STARNER - c1901

30th Photo

Theodore N. & Mary S. STARNER
d/ Mary and baby Cora - c1901

31st Photo

32nd Photo

Photo by H.T. Slaugenhaupt,
Littlestown, PA

33rd Photo


34th Photo


35th Photo

36th Photo

Photo by H.T. Slaugenhaupt,
Littlestown, PA

37th Photo

38th Photo

39th Photo

40th Photo

41st Photo

R. S. SEISS (page from bio?)

42nd Photo

Howard & Annie BANKARD
& children on Bankard Homestead

43rd Photo

44th Photo

Photo by Bell, York, PA

45th Photo

46th Photo

George Benjamin Fleagle Jr
at 15 months in 1919

47th Photo

48th Photo

49th Photo

Photo by Mitchell,
Westminster, MD

50th Photo

Elmer W. FLEAGLE - c1890
Yonkers, NY

51st Photo

Norman G. STARNER - c1893
sister, Maudie B. STARNER
ch/o Laura Belle (Hyser) & Harvey STARNER

52nd Photo

Photo by H.H. Helwig,
Pleasant Valley, MD

53rd Photo


54th Photo

Photo by Thomas Strone

55th Photo

Edward FLEAGLE's children
Helen & Edward Jr. - c1914

56th Photo

Maggie (FLEAGLE)
& Edward H. WINTER - c1908

57th Photo

Elmer FLEAGLE - early 1900's

58th Photo

59th Photo

Annie Belle (McGUIGAN) & John F. FLEAGLE
ch/ Walter A. & Myra Belle - c1908

60th Photo

Mazura (FLEAGLE) LEWIS' son,
Elmer W. LEWIS - c1921 Detroit

61st Photo

and Howlan MILLER

62nd Photo

at FLEIGLE Gravesite
Photo by Caro, York, PA

63rd Photo

Baust/Emmanual Church
SE of Taneytown, MD near Tyrone

64th Photo

Barn Raising

65th Photo

FLEAGLE? Gathering

66th Photo

FLEAGLE Gathering
Nov 11, 1923

67th Photo
Mazura (Fleagle)
w/o Arthur Eugene LEWIS

Michigan (see #60)

68th Photo

Robert Thomas DRAKE,
s/o Sarah E. (Miller)
& William H. DRAKE - 1912

69th Photo

Elmer W. Fleagle
w/ Mabel (Swart) - c1905

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - Many thanks for the pictures contributed by cousin, Millie Arentz; pictures and family research by my dear aunts, Irma Davis and Annie Belle Davis. This site would not be possible without their contributions.
(Many of these photos have not been identified. Please contact me if you can help.)

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